5 International Seminar on Science Education
Indonesia University of Education
Bandung, Nov 12 2011


Agus Muji Santoso, Elly Setyowati, Mumun Nurmilawati, & Sulistiono
Nusantara PGRI Kediri of University

Science learning will be given meaningful to the students if it be found by intensive process by
student. Based on previous study, the teachers were done protists topic by conventional practice
and paper oriented only, because there were teachers ability limitations. Lesson study has used
to solve this issue. This research was aimed to know the implementation of the improvement
inquiry learning based on scientific method. The improvement of assessment instrument was
done not only paper oriented but also to student ability when they were doing observation. This
research started January-February 2011 at one of Kediri private senior high school and lesson
study was done at three cycles. Data were analyzed by descriptive. The findings of this research
from 1 step up to 3 lesson study step shown that the student ability to: (1) formulate the
problem and hypothesis tended to increase (59%, 88%, 87%); (2) design the experiment tended
to increase (63%, 84%, 90%); (3) do the experiment (how to use and prepare the tools and the
materials correctly) tended to increase (65%, 88%, 97%); (4) arrange the paper based on their
observation tended to increase (60%, 91%, 96%).
Key words: student science literacy, protist topic, inquiry, lesson study
Today, there is strategic issue in education i.e. how to enhance and to keep teacher
professional (Moore, 2000; Stainer, 1997) included how to keep the Biology teacher professional
in private senior high school. Most of the teachers in private senior high school have a little
occasion to improve their ability in leaching and learning. Beside that occasion to keep their
professional had been main problem in school limitation, such us the teaching and learning
facilities and the special community to improve the teacher ability as the professional worker.
Lesson study is one of the teaching cooperation between teachers to teachers that
accommodate teacher’s potential (Susilo, 2010; Santoso et al, 2011). Lesson study can be used to
enhance teaching and learning ability (Hendayana, 2010; Susilo, 2010; Cerbin and Kopp, 2006).
There are a lot of finding by previous study showed that lesson study can improve the quality
teaching and learning on the class (Cerbin and Kopp, 2006).
Protist topic is one of basic science that speaking about the kind, characteristics, and their use
full to our life. In senior high school, the teachers were done this topic conventionally. Most of
teachers always do assessment about this topic by paper oriented i.e. using the final report of
student experiment and using multiple choice or/ and essay test to the student. This is supported
previous study by Khan et al. (2011) that most of the teaching and learning process will be done
by conventionally if there are many support capacity to do it. Those method that used by
teachers is not enough to support the student science literacy. Most of the teacher said that
ISBN 979-979-99232-4-0

and arrange the paper based on their observation (called the fourth evaluation or EV4). Do steps was done by a teacher model and the others have been being the observer.2 th 5 International Seminar of Science Education Indonesia University on Education th Bandung. and local excellence (Santoso et al. At the first cycle. Nov 12 2011 there were teacher and school limitation if they would like to improve their teaching and learning. METHOD This research was started January-February 2011 at one of Kediri private senior high school and lesson study was done at three cycles. 2011). design the experiment (called the second evaluation or EV2). Method model that used in this research followed steps scientific method. especially who wants to improve teaching and learning ability by collaborative to the other teachers. The design improvement consist of how ability of student to formulate the problem and hypothesis (called the first evaluation or EV1). The basic of inquiry approach implementation can be done by improving the lesson plan (Khan et al. support capacity of school (Gough. 2011). A teaching and learning process by teacher should integrate (Nola and Gurol. Based on that description. teachers have time limitation. student. 2005). Plan step was done by three Biology teachers to prepare the learning instruments based protist topic. According to the laws of teacher and lecturer of Republic Indonesia. Stainer. Mao and Chang. Hendayana.32. How the students using the material and tools laboratory correctly being focus of observer. That obstacle is limitation of teaching time in particularly who wants to get certificate program. Mao and Chang. 1993). Lesson study is suitable way to help the teachers who would like to improve their teaching and learning process by using inquiry approach in order to keep their competences. Most of the teacher who wants to enhance their competence will have some obstacles (Khan et al. such us local material as local excellence (Santoso et al. social. such us how to compile problems and hypothesis until how to present the findings. 1997) and accommodate the characteristic subject (topic that will be given to the student). 2011). Inquiry approach can be used by teachers to help the student get their competences standard (Wenning. This condition can not to support the teacher optimally. the teacher is professional worker who should full fill some specific requirements or competences (pedagogy. this study was aimed to know the impact of enhancing inquiry approach to protist topic by using lesson study as one of strategy to keep the teacher competences in limitation of capacity is interesting to investigate by comprehensive. such us improving the instrument to observe and measure student’s abilities. 2010. For examples are limitation the material and tools laboratory. 2011. 2010). 2011. The real impact is the teacher who got the certificate program has not enough time to improve their competence optimally. do the experiment (how to use and prepare the tools and the materials correctly) (called the third evaluation or EV3). professional. most of the students in private senior high school have low motivation to study. 1993) by accommodate their potential (Nola and Gurol. 2005. 2003). the teachers agree to use protist like plant (algae) as ISBN 979-979-99232-4-0 . and personality competence) (Susilo.

Every topic will be done by using lesson study and will be hold the kind four evaluations as well as mentioned previously. At the first lesson study cycle. this research showed that first evaluation (EV1) (to evaluate student’s abilities to formulate problem and hypothesis) tended to increase. it is increased up to 83% (red) and 87% (green) for second and third lesson study cycles. Reflection was done by team to discuss the findings for they were observing their student to each cycle for three times. 120% 100% Percentage 80% LS I 60% LS II 40% LS III 20% 0% EV 1 EV 2 EV 3 EV 4 Kind of Evaluation 5 International Seminar on Science Education Indonesia University of Education th Bandung. and EV4) in first until third cycle of lesson study. Furthermore. Included ability to choose and use local material in their design research. most of them will be found many difficult things. Data were analyzed by descriptive (using percentage) to know the impact of inquiry approach was used. Some the important things that should be considered to compile those instrument were topic characteristic and the instrument which will be used by student to design their research. According the observer and ISBN 979-979-99232-4-0 . EV2.3 main topic. At the second and third cycle will be used protist like animal (protozoan) and protist like fungal as basic topic. including the specific criteria that will be used to measure abilities students. Nov 12 2011 32. EV3. For example how to arrange problem sentence although their teacher has given the righ example. RESULT AND DISCUSSION In order to improving the instrument. Completeness of each evaluation (EV1. Based on the graph. mastering learning (in percentage) of this evaluation was 59% (well-marked blue). This finding was interesting to discuss. When the students were trying to formulate problem and hypothesis. The scope of inquiry approach that was enhanced by lesson study is focused in process of science literacy. lesson study team was done plan step to compile some preparation such us lesson plan.

The finding in this evaluation was showed that most of their procedure was not compiled correctly at first time. The number of student who was done like it up to 60% at the first lesson study. Secondly. The completeness of this ability was increased in second and third cycle up to 84% (red) and 90% (green). and up to 97% for they were doing three cycles. When the class was doing lesson study at protist topic for three times. The third evaluation (EV3) showed that the student ability to do their experiment tended increase from 65%. most of students did not recorded their experiment result by manual (drawing in their book or by digital camera). This completeness was increased up to 91% (for second cycle) and 96% (for third cycle). the students were decided their problem sentence experiment by not using interrogative sentences. This issue was solved in the second and third cycle by giving the true instruction to all of student. This condition made learning and teaching process more crowded. This means that the student ability to arrange their report can be enhanced by lesson study continuously. Nov 12 2011 model teacher notes. According student paper report. up to 88%. they will choose to ISBN 979-979-99232-4-0 . The impact most of the material which student needed should be bought. the student has a great motivation and has a good opportunity to look for the aspects that were be wrong. So. After the teacher model give the true answer and how to make a good problem and hypothesis. Based on problem and hypothesis sentence which had made by students showed (firstly) there was no correlation between one variable and to the other variables. Euglena viridis. He was done like it although he has right experiment guidance as his duties. At first time. For example there was student who take object glass and take sample of Spyrogira sp then observe it by using microscope before set up (prepare his microscope before). This condition has proved that their ability from the first cycle was 60%. and the other of protist like animal or fungal members. This research was showed that mastering learning to the first evaluation tended increasing in the next cycle. Based on observer notes showed that at fist time (first cycle). This condition has been being support to the student to try on and on to formulate problem and hypothesis for the next meeting. This can be caused it is first time experience for the students who at grade 10 in senior high school. (2) the students still not using local material when they compiled their experiment design. such us the picture of Spirogyra sp. This is not suitable with one of local excellence that has accommodated by the team of lesson study who had improved inquiry approach. The student ability to design their experiment (EV2) at the first cycle was 63% (well-marked blue). the problem and hypothesis that made can not identified the kind variable 32. For examples: (1) they were written focusing method of microscope after taking specimen from local material. the student ability to arrange the paper based on their finding for were doing experiment (EV4) tended increase. most of them were confused how to formulate a good problem.4 5 International Seminar of Science Education Indonesia University on Education th Bandung. the students never looking their design experiment when they were doing experiment. Most of them were confused what they should do at first time if they would like to do experiment although they have experiment guidance as the result of their duties.

May will consuming time (Cerbin. the students were using the previous report to help them to arrange the next duties (Khan. the completeness pattern (from EV1 until EV4) for three cycles of lesson study is interesting. According Khan et al (2011) that improvement of lesson study will be support to enhance student mastering to the topic learning. design experiment. the students used the first report paper which has correction by the model teacher to arrange: problem and hypothesis. until arrange report paper to present their result experiment. When the teacher find the standard mastering of the first until fourth evaluation was not good. The result in report paper will describe the student ability to do their experiment. 2006. The students will be unconfident leaner (Sobur.5 take the good protist picture from internet or from their reference books than using original picture based on their experiment. Then ability to design their experiment will given linear impact to the student when they were doing experiment (EV3). so that can help student to get achievement (Halloun. 2006). and arrange the paper based on their observation tended to increase from first step until third step of lesson study. the teacher can solve it collaborative (Cerbin. Johnson. 2002). 2010) and solved quickly. This way can help students to enhance their competence in protist topic. if they are prepare and do the procedure carefully they will got optimum result in their paper. 2006). do the experiment (how to use and prepare the tools and the materials correctly). According the observer notes. design the experiment. 2007). The teacher should be able to give brightness about the characteristics of scientific method. Nola and Gurol. CONCLUTION Based on this research can be concluded that the student literacy about protist topic can be enhanced by using lesson study. Nov 12 2011 32. One of the advise note. do experiment correctly. but if knowing the factor they will do it sooner. This is has showed in this research. 2003). 2011. This condition needs intensive and a great guidance continuously by a teacher (Staver. The percentage of EV1 (the student ability to formulate problem and hypothesis) at first cycle lesson study is comparable with the student ability to design their experiment (EV2). 2005) and most of this issue will be found in the teaching and learning that using inquiry approach (Mao and Chang. it is better if the instrument that used by Biology lesson study team should be improved. specially about the limitation or score range. Based on the graph. This issue will be serious problem. They are not confident with their experiment result. This was proved that student ability to formulate the problem and hypothesis. 1993). When the teachers were doing at first cycle there were many addition that should be discuss (Susilo. It is has important value in ISBN 979-979-99232-4-0 .th 5 International Seminar on Science Education Indonesia University of Education th Bandung. In order to increase their achievement.

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