Apparatus Name

Vernier caliper
Screw gauge
Solid cylinder
Meter rod
Hanging weight
Angle iron
Iron ball
Plumb Line brass
Iran stand


Weight box
Horizontal plane
Wooden block
Pan brass
Spring balance
Helical spring
Stand for helical
Physical balance
Brass ball
W00den bench
Half degree
Apparatus for MA


of inclined Small sphere Assorted Stop watch Volt meter Ammeter D C Battery (6 volts) Connecting wires Resistance box Rheostat Eureka wire Key .(one way ) Bar magnet Drawing board small 15no 04no 09no 09no O6no 60mt 08 09no 250gm 14n0 06no 15no .

Magnetic Compass needle Iron filling Resonance tube apparatus 3Tuning forks+only four no Rubbed pad Hypsometer copper Lead shots Calorimeter Pliers Planer mirror 60no 2(kg) 11no 3set+4n o 08no 07no 1 kg 05n0 06no 09no .

Concave mirror Optical bench Knitting needle Rectangular Glass slab Geometry box Convex Lenses Avometer Screw drivers Concave Lens Convex mirror Battery charger Drawing Board Stop watch Circular coil 16no 09n0 05no 16no 02n0 27no 01no 06no 28no 28no 01no 13no 16no 01no .

Apparatus Led’s Diodes Galvanometer Pinch cork Spirit level Free fall app Clinical Thermome0ter Glass prism Connecting wire Concave mirror Mirror strip Magnetic compass Geometry box 20no 10no 08no 05no 04no 08no 04no 31no 06mt 04no 17no 05no 1no .

(small) Up wright stand V stand O stand Adopter Diodes Resistance Soldering wire Soldering Iron Common pins Paper clips Room thermometer Large Charts different 10no 06no 06no 06no 02no 15no 30GRM 02no 06pkt 03 pkt” 2no 03no .

type Diode Jumper wire led Bread board I C 7408 I C 7432 Geometry box Grave stand app Semiconductor O R gate AND gate Connecting wire Fixed pulley app U Type magnet 5no 10foot 12no 09no 05no 05N0 02no 02no 04no 05no 05no 01pkt 05 05 .

Charts physics Drawing pins Semi circular slab RAY Box Laser Light Atwood machine app Force of table with 3 pulley Pendulum bomb stand Meldes app with pulley Sonometer with 03no 14pkt 05no 01no 01no 01no 01no 04no 04no 04no .

5kg Potentiometer app Power Supply 12 volt am Tungsten Filament Lamp App CAP apparatus (current and capacitor) NPN Transistor apparatus with 4meter Photocell apparatus 04no 02no 02no 02no 02no O4no .weight 2.

Charging and Discharging apparatus Cell box plastic (china) Jockey Pendulum Bomb set of 03 Iron Analytical Balance Ethanol imported Iron stand Biphenyl imported Tripod stand Sodium zeolite 02no 02no 10no 10set 05no 03lit 12no 250gm 19no 1LB .

500g 05no .local Wire gauze Strontium chloride Bunsen burner Carbolic acid Spirit Lamp Cinamic acid Spatula Test tube stand Bromine water Test tube holder Methanol imported Deflagrating spoon Tartaric acid Triangular files 05pkt 100gm 08no 1 38no 1lb 14no 18no 01LAB 09doz O5Lit 08no 1kg.

250g 01LB 50gm 05no 500gm 03mt 01LAB 1 1/4grs 1kg.250g 4750gm 01set .Zinc carbonate Calcium oxid 2-4 Dinitropheny HYdrazine Cork borer Diphenyl amine imported Rubber tubing Calcium oxide Test tube Barium chloride Glass tubing Bar fehling solution 1kg.

Glass rod Tollen regent Measuring flask Fructose solution 100ml Measuring flask250ml Gloves Measuring flask 1000ml Beaker 100 ml Pipette suker Measuring Flask 500 ml 02kg 01LB 08no 01LB 17no 05no 09no 26no 04no 04no .

Beaker500ml Burette stand iron Graduated cylinder10ml Chromatographic Jar plastic Graduated cylinder50ml Chromatographic Strips Graduated cylinder100ml Whiteman Filter paper 16no 06no 16no 04no 06no 04pkt 26no 03pkt .

Conical Falsk100ml Water Bath paper Conical flask250ml Ammonium oxalate Imported Gas Jar Lid Ferrous Ammonium sulphate Fusion Tubes Ammonium sulphate 06no 05no 11no 1kg 10no 01kg 4pkt5.5n o 10kg .

Capillary Tube Phenol Imported Reagent Bottle Calcium chloride China Dishes Potassium chromate imported Kips apparatus Aluminum Acetate Specific Gravity Bottle Potassium Nitrate Funnel-3# 05pkt 01kg 50no 01kg 23no 01kg 01no 01kg 14no 01kg 10no .

Sodium Sulaphate Beehive Shelves Ammonium Acetate Barium Sulphate 01kg 06no 01kg Ph paper Potassium Iodide Imported Litmus paper 13pkt 500grm 01kg 10+10pk t Urea Imported 01kg Filter paper sheets 02no Glucose Imported 01kg .

Dropping Bottle 60cc Benzoic Acid Thermometer(110) _c Benzophenone Glass Burette Sodium citrate Glass pipette Copper chloride Sodium hydroxide( Chemical) Lead Nitrate Ammonium 10no 01kg 30no 01kg 25no 01kg 30no 01kg 1.5Lb 01kg 2 1/2Lit .

hydroxide Sodium sulphate Sulphuric acid Magnesium sulphate HCL Potassium Carbonate imported Nitric acid Potassium hydroxide Carbon Tetrachloride 01kg 1lit 01kg 03Lit 01kg 05Lit 01kg 800ML .

Chloroform Ethyl Alcohol Benzene Naphthalene Acetamide Sodium chloride Lead Acetate Iron Sulphide Copper sulphate 1Lit 1.350g m Zinc Metal 03Lb Hydrogen peroxide 01Lit Manganese 675gm Dioxide Potassium 01kg .5Lit 40ml 1kg 1kg+200 1kg 02kg 1/4kg 2kg.

935g m 50grm 3kg.700g 15g 02lb 1.500g m 600gm 01kg 1kg.725 65g 02lit 01lb .Permanganate Potassium dichromate Cadmium chloride Calcium Carbonate Sodium bicarbonate phenolphthalein Sodium Carbonate Methyl orange Sulphur powder Calcium hydroxide Iodine Chloroform Mercury metal 1kg.

5lit Sodium hydroxide 1.Sulphuric acid 05lit Formiline 2.800gr m Pot hydroxide 1lb Match box 16pkt Candle 10pkt Potassium chlorate 400g Gas jar lid 02doz Cork rubber 10doz Sulphur powder 02lb Filter paper round 10pkt China dish 21no Spirit 08lit Iron powder 1.200g .

250g rm 1lb 40grm 06no 01lit 992g Page 128 che 980g .Acetic acid Ferric chloride Aluminum sulphate Silver nitrate Water porcelain trough Citric acid Acetamid Potassium sulphate Aluminium sulphate 2lit 1kg.

845g 400ml 1kg.5lb 10no 10no 1kg.400g m Potasium chlorate 100gm Pestle Morter 01n0 .Ammonium chloride Oxalic acid Copper oxide Round bottom flask Wolf bottle Potassium sulphate Acetic acid Ferrous Sulphate 1kg.775g rm 02kg 0.

Dry chemical powder fire extinguisher Black paper sheets Cotton wool Priodic table Dropper Copper plate Zinc plate Thistle funnel Crock wooden Mage dioxide Electrical balance(1_2)kg 01n0 02n0 03no 01no 23no 02no 02no 09no 1.5doz 01lb 01no .

Acetone Ether M/BOH/china Magnesium Ribbon Bar Magnets Gas Jar Pakistani Gas Jar cover Calcium Hydroxide Sand paper Chloral hydrate(MDH)chin a Cal actuate Wax Wick For sprit 02no 01lit 1oogrm 06no 06no 13no 01Lb 02no 500gm” 1Lb 01Lb 01pkt” .

lamp .