understand client needs and address them in order to fulfill their aspirations. Understanding the necessity for families living in SODIC West and the surrounding areas to have a social outlet which puts their entertainment. Ahmed Badrawi Managing Director .a unique meeting place for people who want to get the most from their social lives. landscaped squares and fountains. shops and small boutiques. safety and well-being first and foremost was our main objective. Set on the highest point of the Pedestrian Green Spine.Notes: Welcome to Westown Hub. and security infrastructure. This all adds up to a sense of destination . as well as vibrant nightspots. or call 16220 to set up an appointment. Westown Hub focuses on ensuring the safety and satisfaction of both tenant and visitor. From the contemporary design to the intelligent use of space. At SODIC. we pride ourselves in being able to tap into the heartbeat of the market. please drop by one of our Sales Centres. Westown Hub was conceived with that specific mindset. secluded spaces and a bustling public square. Westown’s first entertainment neighbourhood. cafes. courtyards and greenery you will find restaurants. The result is an urban oasis of tranquil. For more details on the development. Westown Hub is perfectly placed in Westown to become the focal point of SODIC West. Designed by leading architect Hassan Abu Seda with landscaping by Mona Hussein. Zamalek and Heliopolis. the thriving city centre and the vibrant community that surrounds it. and set among pedestrian-friendly. located in Sheikh Zayed.

15 . 1 Introducing Westown Hub Pg. 5 Design Pg. 3 Neighbourhood Pg. 7 Facts & Figures Pg. 13 Contact us Pg. 11 First Floor Pg.Table of contents Westown Westown Pg. 9 Ground floor Pg.

Everything is within walking distance. A modern utopia Westown is being designed by award-winning Egyptian and international architects. is the first taste of what is sure to become Sheikh Zayed’s premium business address. spacious and conducive for work. landscaped gardens. 2 . set within a secure. There’s a wide mix of sizes and spaces – perfect for multinationals and start-ups alike. Whether you live in Forty West or Westown Residences. you will be no more than a few minutes’ walk (or cycle ride) away from the city centre with its shops. each designed to be functional. dine in world-class restaurants day and night or simply take your children to the park for a day out. through meticulous master-planning the aim is to create a truly unique downtown in the heart of SODIC West. parks. Westown’s first business park. boutiques and high-street brands – Westown offers all the retail options you’ll need. 20km to the west of downtown Cairo. Traffic-free streets Westown is pedestrian by design. It has ‘Class A’ offices.620 square metres of land.. All are fully-equipped with the very latest cutting-edge technology. The inspiring architecture will have secured communal parks and green spaces promoting a healthy outdoor lifestyle. from the boutiques of Forty West piazza to the numerous restaurants and cafes in Westown Hub and The Strip. resulting in a safe haven for all to enjoy. restaurants. both from each other and from Westown Hub. Living in Westown Each residential neighbourhood in Westown has its own style and distinctive charm. from all encompassing wi-fi clouds in The Polygon to state-of-the-art fire fighting and security systems. businesses and nightlife. Westown is Sheikh Zayed’s ground-breaking new city centre. Piazzas.Westown SODIC West’s Downtown Westown Hub Entertainment for everyone Built on 1. restaurants. 1 Shopper’s paradise Fashion houses. gated community. with dedicateparking and roads meticulously designed to maximise mobility. Westown is an exciting new focal point for Sheikh Zayed that will give people a sense of safety. and fountains are built into the master-plan. Choices in Westown are endless . You can eat in buzzing little cafés.223. Unprecedented office space Westown will be one of Cairo’s most desirable work addresses. With its shops. there is something for everyone. homes and ‘Class A’ offices.from art galleries to children’s playgrounds and entertainment centres. The Polygon.

a unique meeting place for people who want to get the most from their social lives. as are vibrant nightspots and relaxing. Within the square. where could be better to have a small family retreat or catch up with friends and colleagues? Well-known brands and small boutiques are here too. shaded courtyards. Additionally. numerous restaurants and cafes. The place to meet Westown Hub is home to some of Cairo’s finest restaurants and cafés. landscaped squares and embellished with serene fountains and beautiful greenery. offering something different around every corner and creating a unique experience. arcades. giving visitors an unrivalled experience. ensuring safety and security for you and your loved ones at all times. It’s a place for people to live life to the fullest. Alive with ambition Be it international entrepreneurs shaking on business deals. This all adds up to a sense of destination . parks and pleasant family oriented public spaces. One-of-a-kind design The arrangement of five multi-leveled buildings around one central piazza creates truly unique retail spaces. Westown Hub is alive with ambition and full of life. Inside. and yet they flow seamlessly within a recognisable theme.Westown Hub The perfect life balance Whether relaxing. or families enjoying a day out. friends catching up over evening cocktails. greenery and even light have all been taken into account. shopping or socialising. 24/7 security will be in place. All this is made possible by the boutiques. Tiers. terraces. each building is different from the next. Westown Hub helps you make the most of life. high ceilings and large spaces continue the sense of light and openness. 3 4 . Set amongst pedestrian-friendly.

132 3. A short walk away Set on the highest point of the palm-lined pedestrian Central Boulevard.180 3.985 8. yet travelling between the two is easy. Strategically located between two of Cairo’s main thoroughfares it’s a world away from the congestion of downtown Cairo. Development Homes Family Members Beverly Hills 2.000 families 6 . Allegria. another eight-lane highway. Not to mention its central location between the campus of the British International School. Egypt’s main thoroughfare. And a planned light-rail stop will make the connection even easier. will link Westown Hub with downtown Cairo. The Polygon and Westown Residences. it’s just a few minutes’ drive to Westown Hub.Location and connectivity Westown Hub is perfectly placed in Westown. Westown Hub. Soon.955 Forty West 144 432 Allegria 1. Casa.396 The Polygon More than 250 offices More than 5. Taking into account these factors and its proximity to other Sheikh Zayed developments you begin to understand how this dynamic destination is set to be the social hub of SODIC West and Sheikh Zayed. Designopolis and The Strip. From there.540 Westown Residences 1. SODIC West and Sheikh Zayed to become the focal point of this vibrant new city centre and the thriving community that already surrounds it. is a short walk away from Westown’s Forty West. all encompassed within the SODIC West community. Well-connected Westown Hub benefits from superb transport links to central Cairo and wider Egypt.253 3. Beverly Hills.000 employees BISC New Vision School Beverly Hills School 5 More than 3. The 26th of July Mehwar runs from the heart of Cairo directly to the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.759 Casa 1. the Rod El Farag Mehwar.

Her work includes the design and furnishing of a range of hotels by the Red Sea. During that time. and hotels. An urban oasis Hassan Abouseda Architects Hassan Abouseda received his Bachelor of Science in Art & Design ('83) and Master of Architecture ('87) from M. design.I. and Orascom’s office in Morocco. In 2000. Individual buildings flow and merge to form five distinct blocks with a meandering structure linking them together. Abouseda decided to re-focus his practice on architecture and interior design.T. secluded spaces and a bustling public square – part city. Westown Hub seamlessly blends contemporary architecture with beautiful outdoor spaces. a furniture showroom and design studio in Soho. Mona Hussein has been the creative force behind some of the region’s most elegant houses. In 1994 he opened HAF. he was also teaching Furniture and Interior Design at Parsons School of Design. While working for a number of architectural firms in the Cambridge area. as well as apartments and restaurants in New York City. His projects include houses in Egypt. he also taught architectural design at The Massachusetts College of Art. Easthampton NY and Upstate NY. apartments. Mona Hussein Founder of the company Temple of Light. UAE. In 2009. The result is an urban oasis of tranquil. In 1990. Facts & Figures Designed by renowned Egyptian architect Hassan Abouseda and landscape architect Mona Hussein.Designed to the last detail Striking. Abouseda moved to New York City where he turned his attention to furniture 7 8 . part park and part shopping centre. Westown Hub sets a new standard in contemporary urban architecture. Mona Hussein was selected specifically for her extensive expertise in design and decoration. Abouseda moved back to Egypt where he established Hassan Abouseda Architects. unique and designed to the last detail. the Rotana Resort & Spa – Ras al Khaimah.

Facts & figures • Phase 1 of The Westown Hub has a BUA of about 16.500 sqm • Large children’s play area 3. • Four anchor stores. • Hosts over 47 units of varying sizes to cater to tenant mix.000 sqm.500 sqm • Roof decks & balconies • Dancing fountain & water features 10 Floorplans 9 . • Number of restaurants: 12 • Number of cafés: 8 • Number of shops: 23 • Large public Central Piazza 3.

3m2 168m2 D-19 D-23 A 88m2 77m2 97.67m2 E-25 96.3m2 74.5m2 A-5 90.88m2 100m2 B-9 E-31 E-26 160.3m2 A-1 100m2 Main Entrance SODIC West Entrance BISC 11 Anchor Tenant Retail & Services Café & Restaurant Kids Area 12 .5m2 100m 2 186.9m2 93.4m2 100m2 100m2 A-3 E-28 100m2 B-7 221m2 E-27 A-2 B-7 B-8 71m2 76.16m2 A-6 A 91m2 144.5m2 E-33 D-23 249.8m2 100m2 E-24 E-25 100m2 C-15 C-14 143.5m2 A-3 B-12 110m2 A-6 C 355m 2 46.7m2 B-13 A 50m2 B-13 142m2 A-6 B A-1 52.3m2 100m2 C-18 rt se De ia dr an lex -A iro Ca Parking E-24 100m2 129.4m2 A-2 194.9m2 E-26 B-8 B-9 72.8m2 C-17 E-32 72.8m2 99.7m2 E-29 153.5m2 C-16 D-23 D-20 C-17 ad Ro C-18 186.Ground floor D-21 3700m2 D-21 494m2 D-22 D-20 389.7m2 153.9m2 E-30 100m2 Parking B-11 B-10 100m2 100m2 150.7m2 105.5m2 77.5m2 A-4 125.

3m2 B-12 A-34 524m2 A-35 B-13 218m2 311.7m2 C-42 C-43 192m2 E-32 58m2 Outdoor 568m2 C-42 62m2 C-41 754m2 Two Levels B-40 100m2 E-31 B-39 B-40 Outdoor 552m2 100m 131m2 2 B-38 B-39 A-34 100m2 203m2 A-35 B-38 100m2 100m2 153.First floor D-22 Outdoor 1271m2 C-43 148.2m2 167m2 A-37 142m2 A-36 188m2 13 Anchor Tenant Retail & Services Café & Restaurant Kids Area 14 .

heights and number of floors used are for demonstration purposes only and may change in accordance with final designs and projects planning permissions. Zamalek Tel: +202 2737 6010 Heliopolis 46 El Thawra Street.westowncairo. 38 Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.com/hub For regular construction updates: www. Sheikh Zayed City.com/construction Or simply drop by one of our Sales Centres: Sheikh Zayed Km. facades.sodic. 6th floor Abou El Feda Office Building. 16 . designs. Giza Tel: +202 3857 1391/5 Zamalek 3 Abou El Feda Street. Heliopolis Tel: +202 2290 3491/2290 3597 15 Master-plans. floor plans. pictures and other visual materials.Be a part of Westown Hub Contact us: There are several convenient ways to contact us: Call on 16220 Visit our website: www.