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. Broccoli Although known as a gas-producing vegetable. to make the most of such vitamin’s wonders.7 Brain-Boosting Foodstuffs to Nourish the Body and Soul The mind works in ways unimaginable – well. you may also try adding other sources such as brown rice. we might ponder. and wheatbran for best results. as well as in preventing Alzheimer’s or dementia. we will be mentally alert whenever needed. 1. This food wonder likewise helps prevent brain decline. asparagus. for you might just have the solution on your local grocery store or backyard. Our minds are very powerful. Consider brown pasta. 2. but for the mind to function at its peak. Wholegrain Needless to say. This antioxidant helps in protecting us against free radicals. Take a look if you have a stock of pumpkin seeds and you’ve already got the solution! Taking in a handful shall help provide you a good amount of zinc to enhance your thinking and memory. It contains Vitamin K. Very powerful to the point that it can make or break our lives. Tomatoes Aside from being a great burger ingredient. 5. a supporter of healthy aging too. Concentrating on a task entails a steady flow of glucose in the blood going to the brain. everything I do. at first. Through these. leafy greens. this brain-boosting food does help enhance brainpower and cognitive function. 4. Pumpkin Seeds Craving to get your memory booster just yet? Not a problem. speak. tomatoes are also powerful sources of lycopene. at the end of the day. ‘brown’ cereals. we therefore need wholegrains containing a low glycemic index (GI). that’s right. and olives. living to the fullest. Nuts Your brain diet won’t be complete without a helping of nuts. To achieve this. Hence. and decide upon roots from my own thinking…” Yes. which are very rich in Vitamin E. Note that ingesting food with low GI helps you to have slow-releasing energy to keep you fuller for a longer time yet still provide adequate levels of energy needed throughout the day. eggs. especially for the elderly. we need to have ample amount of energy. we need to understand the best components of food that helps strengthen our minds. “Hey. Thus. seeds. as we think more deeply. However. We might not be able to digest the thought that everything sprouts from the mind. granary bread. 3.

Reach her via her website. aid in restoring cognitive function as a whole. memory. Salmon Aside from veggies. 7. help strengthen attention. Upon knowing these brain boosters. we also have a representative from the deep sea creatures for brain boosters.com. and beans. aside from maintaining good blood flow. and the others mentioned above. ** Author Bio: Celine Bernadette Francisco is a National Service Training Program. and follow her on Twitter @coeline . together with dark leafy greens. hopefully. we’ll also sport a healthier lifestyle and a more positive thinking. carbs. Soy Rich in iron. email her at celine@onthedotwriting.onthedotwriting. protein-rich food.com. building a better self and nation. www.6. Writing for the Web professor and nurse helping students and professionals alike with their goals: maintaining a healthier lifestyle. and building a better brand. but moreover on what we consume. soy. Consider eating salmon as well as other fatty fish as they’re filled with omega-3 fatty acids that help in building neurons or the building blocks of brain cells. The power of our minds does not only depend on what we think. These foodstuffs. and learning. This kind of fish also works wonders for pregnant women who aim to strengthen their babies’ cognitive development. meat.

This method makes use of a pattern of deducing information and allowing it to sink in one’s mind naturally. revising. Organization is key to becoming successful with your high school studies. It's a good idea to bookmark this guide for quick reference as your teachers take you through your various topics. this can be a habit leading to academic and work success. Reduce. and mindset.to two-and-a-half-inch row below. the Cornell Method makes use of five Rs: Record. Book Report Writing .   Studying's a Cinch! High school actually is a phase of transition from a less stressful kind of studying to a more stressful one. Check out this high school study guide created through a compilation of Bright Hub articles written to guide you throughout your high school subjects. book reports. techniques. These are essential when it comes to building effective study habits. do not forget your assignment instructions. high school students like you can breeze this stage. writing the first draft.A Guide to Studying High School Subjects (from http://www. Write. Check out this study guide as you strengthen your high school study skills. and Review. most importantly.brighthubeducation. This technique can be done by dividing your paper into three sections: a two-and-a-half-inch column at the right. Most importantly. Recite. this method stands for: Survey. Question. and the larger space on the left for your main notes. The Cornell Note-Taking Method A good combination with SQ4R. students like you can ace subjects in no time. Organizing Information When Studying To be more efficient when studying. it is a must that you first prepare your study materials.com/study-and-learning-tips/126318-adjusting-study-habitsto-high-schools-higher-demands/) written by: Celine Bernadette Francisco • edited by: Sarah Malburg • updated: 9/3/2012 High school does not need to be as difficult as you might think. Successful Essay Writing Tips and Tricks When composing essays for your different high school subjects you really need to master the basics of paragraph and essay composition until you can quickly crank out research papers. with the right tools. Recite. Reflect and Review. two. In the long run. and proofreading. SQ4R: An Interactive Study System Proven to be one of the most efficient ways to enhance study skills. Don’t forget the usual essay writing techniques: pre-writing. yourself. time management and motivation. However. and other writing projects. With good study habits. Read. your study area and.

To excel in this kind of writing. you will naturally be introduced to various writing formats that will include poems. too. Identify the differences between the different kinds of angles. Formulae and equations do not have to take their toll on you if you just practice. This is how biology works. and poetry analysis as you deal with poetry styles. again. Biology Basics Similar with every high school subject. and other principles and there's no doubt that you'll succeed in high school geometry! Trigonometry Functions High school trigonometry would best be understood if you learn the basics first. Just like cells serve as the foundation of life. Poetry Writing As a high school student. you need to learn the basics. Z. Learn their functions and descriptions and you'll just be fine as you encounter more of them through the more advanced chemistry lessons. Memorize which elements stand for Ca. keep trying until you reach the desired answer. you need to know the transitions between systems. Follow the system applied in this article for each kind of equation or formula and learn by trial and error. Thus what else could you do with those basic composition skills but to further enhance the perfect report? Do not forget to analyze the book or story well and. the postulates. length and time and you won't be lost in the numbers game in your particular science class. Basic Economic Terms . etc. Fundamental Quantities The principles of mastery also go true with learning the fundamental quantities. reciprocal functions. and even Biology. The examples provided will help! Geometry Fundamentals Geometry problems can just be a cinch when you learn the basic theorems by heart. learn the basic elements of the story. Chemistry. see to it that you learn the techniques in composing meaningful poems. Begin with the fundamentals and work your way through the more complicated lessons on the study of life. Pythagorean identities. Given the problems you need to solve.High school won't be complete without you writing a book report. It is important to know that tissues come after cells and the same goes for organ systems. Ni. Identify the differences between mass. Solving Algebra Equations Practice makes perfect. you can make it. Mastering the Periodic Table of Elements Apply the study skills you learned above as you learn the periodic table of elements in Chemistry. they follow tissues. of course. Take note of the poetic movements. Learn about the quotient identities. types of poems. Know that a right angle equals 90 degrees and you won’t be lost. for with practice. Keep algebraic formulas handy wherever you go so you can keep them in your head. and others as you master trigonometry by heart. These quantities are used in almost every science subject so these will also come in handy once you deal with subjects such as Physics. Confused of how the trigonometric identities function? Not a problem.

government studies. Bob. Dr. as long as you make use of the right study techniques. Do you have a trusty globe.hu/ba1969  Kizlik. your continent.S. consider searching for these basic tools. Effective Study Guide. cities. it is necessary to understand that whatever subject you are learning about. With your preferred learning style as well as your professor's teaching methods. you will surely find these devices handy as you learn about the world. Essential Geography Study Tools Before you begin studying for Geography. bear market. geographical dictionary and other reference materials? If not. http://www. determination. Sharpen Your Resolve With all of these basic high school study tips available. Match the study techniques mentioned above with these three traits and you’ll definitely go a long way. and lots more.htm. Identify what federalism means. atlas.Analyzing economics won’t be a burden if you understand the basic concepts such as bull market.com/studyout.adprima. as well as what the layers of the American government entail. . and other places you are studying about. and perseverance. Feel free to share this study guide with those you think would benefit from it and comment here if you have found this to be helpful. the key here is learning the basics and applying these to the more advanced concepts.  Image Credit for Notebook Paper: sxc. see to it that you also have a complete set of study tools. All these root from such fundamental principles. References  Image from Flickr. your keys to success will always lie on your will. Comprehensive US Government Study Guide Understanding the structure of the federal government as well as the different policies herein will not be as strenuous as you might think. Studying by English 106 under creative commons license. as you succeed in U. Thus.

here are the phases that you should go through:  Think about your goals for your content. increase conversion rate for more sales. an end goal. Efforts and money used in producing it will go to waste. It is necessary in providing you with solid ideas on how you’re going to level up from having not enough or too much content to having content that your audience will care about. and competitor’s content. . Content strategy development may consume more resources and time. To develop a content strategy that will work for your needs. Content marketing may be the rage today but blogging won’t cut it. What do you want it to accomplish? It could be to promote your product.com/the-perfect-recipe-in-content-strategy-development/) Putting something online isn’t enough to get you the traffic and attention that you want. search engine analytics. It is just like how you will feel more confident about heading to an unfamiliar destination with a GPS system. how they use their time spent online. Study the things that they like. You need a content strategy to provide useful content and to continually improve it. and most importantly detailed instructions on how to achieve that goal. a repeated process of planning that you use to manage every piece of content that you’ve created and published online. Your content should provide for your audience’s needs and business objectives. customer surveys. and more. unless you know what your audience wants. Content becomes useless when it isn’t what your audience is looking for.  Know your audience. raise customer awareness. or how you can prepare a complicated meal more comfortably with a recipe. but it will give you a strategic direction. You would know these things by reading blogs and forums related to your company or products and services.The Perfect Recipe in Content Strategy Development (posted on: http://onthedotwriting. and what their typical problems are and how you can resolve them.

subscribe to your blog or newsletter. you can develop a call-to-action for your content. share it. Again. . Find out if they comment more on photos than on text posts.  Monitor your content reach. These are simple tips that you can use to work out a content strategy. think about what they like seeing online.  Determine what type of content works best on your target audience. or spread it through social media. you need to master the concoction and prepare a hearty menu to delight your guests – and eventually make them come back for more. or if they like streaming videos rather than reading.  Develop a publishing schedule. Consistency in publishing your content will help your audience follow your posts better. order samples. reviews or blog posts or posting social media updates. How would you like the audience to act? By answering this question. You may tell them to sign up.  Decide where you will publish your content. Just like a delicious meal. or visit your website. Producing content now and abandoning it only to publish another piece months later won’t help in creating an impact on your audience. Make an editorial calendar for yourself. Think about how you want people to find it. Take into consideration how much time you can devote to creating articles. Measure the success of your content marketing to help you develop ways to improve it and learn more about your audience’s behavior.

usually with farmers who on the other hand depend on crops like rice and corn as their main income. the rich oceans and seas are their livelihood. since it would place them in double jeopardy—scarce number of species. The vast body of waters that usually surround these islands are so rich and teeming with several species of natural resources such as fishes. . if not all of them. and are those that make up a huge percentage of those below poverty line. Overfishing is a big no-no. but to these little islands. and also live to fish. from where they could directly get fishes. and the possibility of having no fishes to eat and sell. These people are basically from the lower-class society. They both are the key movers on the essential industries of agriculture and fisheries. but are also struggling to sustain for themselves since the government usually controls these sectors that are normally regarded as that of the minority groups. these water forms also give them sustainable source of income.Fish to Live. since fishing has naturally turned out to be their own way of life. These fishes are being sold at great costs. They all help each other to survive. when speaking of their occupation. their main occupation. It has been regarded as one of the most sustainable forms of livelihood. In poorer communities that thrive on fishing to survive life and feed themselves. and could help fishermen support their families and children. Fishing as Source of Income Apart from being a source of food. they usually sell these fishes on cheap prices. They fish to live. Live to Fish In many archipelagos. especially the rules that are bent on sustaining a healthy marine ecosystem. and are also in accordance to how well fishermen know and adhere to fishing laws and ethics. These fishing jobs are always highly dependent on the condition of the waters. These natural resources form the waters could be mere recreational matters and simple hobbies to many people. crustaceans and other sea creatures. despite the fact that they actually produce the staple food of several nations. fishing has been a consistent way of living. since their customers and buyers would most likely be in the same status they are. shrimps and crabs.

if you are to embrace fishing as you full-fledged work. but also money to buy the other necessities of today’s life. light bamboo fishing rods. fishing could be a very welcome distraction. Utilize budget baits such as leftover food from last night. while you could also use it as a sideline. It is a good past time. you could most probably make use of thrifty. It has been found out that since fishing technology has also evolved to adapt to the changing and now technologyoperated world. since you could also earn well from it. stale bread. . They do not only see the water as a venue of pleasure. Fishing for Relaxation When there is less money. and make them struggle even more. frugal yet surefire ways to catch good fishes that are great for both dinner and sales. It would surely allow you to take a breather. It would also be great if you get to know the demands of the present market so you could master how to catch these fishes that will eventually make you a lot of money. Market Changes and Fishing They see fishing as the sole way to live. but also make extra money in the process. but looks at it like they depend their lives on it. wine corks. and other possible baits that are readily available and unused at home. a time off the busy world so you could relax and unwind. the cost of this activity has also been watched closely to ensure that while enjoying. and making sure that you use the cheapest yet most effective ways to fish where you do not simply relax. because it not only gives them food. and would not really feel taxing like all other jobs since it is your passion. they also make money and somehow generate income. There had also been several studies and research projects that proved the relationship between poverty and fishing. Careful planning of how to fish. It has become almost natural for coastal areas to be the residential location of people who are less fortunate. Now. or perhaps even your main occupation. A significant trend has been noticed wherein the market changes also affects the lives of the fishermen.These people who fish to live and sustain the lives of their family see a much different perspective about fishing and the waters. and something you love to do.

4. Also look into the way you set your mind to the goal. it is not only the quantity of chow that we take in that has a direct correlation with the quality of our physique but also the type of food that we consume and the way we guzzle them. it is harder to lose weight now compared to a decade ago because of all the supersized hamburgers and extra large soda servings that we enjoy which were unavailable before. 3. However. Is it worth trying hypnotherapy? Do your needs require special help from a hypnotherapist? Consider these questions as you decide for your own weight loss routine.Hypnotherapy to Change Eating Habits: Does It Really Work? Most people are aware that the manner with which they eat directly affects their body size. To start. here are a few no-no’s if you want to dramatically change your eating habits: 1. you may be putting your body to nutritional deficiency risks which can heavily impact your mental and physical performance. you would find it very difficult to be honest with yourself when it comes to writing down the exact amount of food that you eat. To be able to effectively monitor your eating habits. Minimize the consumption of food or do away with eating altogether while watching the television. according to the US Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service. contrary to what most people think. Watch out on your protein intake. So if you are hell bent in attaining a healthy body. 2. It would even be more efficient if you ask a friend or someone who understands the importance of changing one’s eating habits to look at your journal and give out a tip or two on the eating habits that you have to work on and see if it matches your own inferences. And the low calorie intake dilemma does not end there because with extremely low calorie consumption. At times. In reality. Do not eat while cooking. the amount of food that we take in is diametrically proportional to the amplification in body size and weight. Nevertheless. Look at the food labels and read them. the body’s immune system is severely affected as well as the . Generally. if you dramatically reduce the amount of calorie that you consume and the amount falls down below the recommended healthy level. it pays to keep a journal of the food that you eat within a span of two weeks or even more and this entails listing down even the littlest potato chip that you ate. you have to first control your eating habits and even incorporate hypnotherapy to make it work. Refrain from prancing off to the fridge late at night and sneaking snacks into your room. but by looking at your precise food consumption will you be able to really come up with a comprehensive assessment on what you need to cut down on and map out a plan on how to change your eating habits. People just love munching on something and wolfing down on gallons of unhealthy drinks while intently watching a movie. you do not necessarily need to reduce your caloric intake to lose weight and in fact.

other body systems. all you need to do is auto-suggest to yourself that you can make it happen. And although you need not really stop eating your most favorite treats. Take note of the relaxation techniques used in hypnosis such as deep breathing. and experience for yourself the power of hypnosis to lose weight. consciousness control. . And that is the very reason why eating less does not automatically result in a healthy thinner body and what you have to do is watch out your portions and make sure you eat the right kind of food. That is one of the secrets to successful weight loss hypnotherapy. With the help of hypnotherapy you can likewise control your frame of mind. etc.