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Page 1 . all the time. building trades and related engineering works. Our objective is to provide our clients with an “I am assured” experience when we are chosen to execute their projects. Our project management and execution philosophy is:  We take pride in our delivery. Over the years. know-how and experiences in design and build solutions. the group has undertaken many challenging projects and accumulated skills. Our emphasis on clear communication and follow-through procedures ensures that client’s objectives are top priority in the planning and execution of all our processes.History & Philosophy Magic Hand Establishment Construction began as a general works contractor in. We also provide solutions as value-add services to our clients. Today. thus our clients can always be assured that only the most experienced and qualified people are serving them. project management services. Magic Construction takes on the role of main contractor for small to medium size projects and performs project management services to coordinates specialist trades for industrial/commercial projects.

provide safe working conditions and deliver quality work within reasonable time frame.  Create an innovative. entrepreneurial and empowered team to attain global bench marks. . Our Mission: To procure projects at competitive pricing.  Implement ISO-9001-2000 standards in all of its functional areas.  Strive for constant growth at pace with the time and upkeep a perpetual quest for advancement through innovations.Our Organization Structure: Management Team Commercial/ Project Admin / Finance Procurement Team Management Team Planning/Design Project Operations Our Vision : MHE’s vision is anchored on the Kingdom’s long-term program of fueling the growth of oil and gas exploration.  Foster a culture of caring. This vision can be achieved through the following objectives:  To run the company in a professional manner. Page 2 . trust and continuous learning while meeting the expectations of the Clients.

Gas & Water Pipeline Construction o Plants and Refinery Piping and Maintenance o Pipeline Rehabilitation and Maintenance o Pipeline & Associated Instrumentation and Electrical Works o Construction of Well pads.AREA OF EXPERTISE MHE’s Specializations o Oil. skid roads and asphalt roads o Pipe bending. size ranging from2‖ to 56‖ o Sheet piling and Thrust-boring works o Heavy Equipment Division o General Trading. operators and drilling companies in the following main areas:  Complete Well & Measurement Services  Industrial & Pipeline Rehabilitation Services  Drilling & Work-over Services  Down-hole Services  Down-hole Tools .Sales & Rentals  Down-hole MIT Special Tools  Down-hole Geophysical Instruments  Down-hole Treatment & Sensors . OIL FIELD SUPPLIES & SERVICES (GOSS) RHM & Sons Company-Trading Division has established on-going business projects with major oil & gas producers. Oil Field Supply and Services o Catering Service Division o Remote Terminal & SCADA system o Fiber Optic Cable Network o PDHMS & SWC THRUST BORING  Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)  Micro Tunneling GENERAL TRADING.

contractors. employees. All other personnel employed or agents within the territorial responsibility shall take the immediate measures in pursuance to the implementation of this policy. supply installation etc.Middle East  Pipeline Rehabilitation Services  GPS Tracking . H. . We assure that our management will provide the necessary people. manufacturers.Fleet Management  Specialty Oilfield Chemicals  Wellhead Maintenance Chemicals  Mud Engineering & Kill Mud Tank Services COMPANY POLICY Company Policy It is the aim and continuing effort of R. Al-Marri & Sons Co. equipment. and shall be responsible for the protection of all plants and equipment within their area of responsibility. do not endanger the health and/or safety of employees or properties. This policy is maintained by providing a safe working environment. vehicles and equipment. Hazard Identification RHM imposes a duty of care for persons in control of workplaces. Sales & Rental of Roller Reamers  Stabilizers / Back cut Sub  Heavy Equipment Sales  Heavy Equipment Test/Repair Services . All supervisory personnel shall do their best efforts to assure the safety of their workforce. tools and accessories to execute any work in as safe manner. a manual has been produced to outline the responsibilities of all the employees. Fulfilling these duties requires taking all reasonable practicable steps to ensure that all of works. Pursuant to this policy. suppliers and installers of plant and equipment in our workplaces. by adopting and following correct work procedure and by using the right and highly conditioned tools. designers. to maintain an efficient and high standard of Safety and Loss Prevention Program in order to avoid distress to persons and financial loss. from the management down to the labor pool level.

Human Resource Development is a continuous process in RHM. Technical.000 people including Managerial. Supervisory. technical and supervisory skills of its personnel and organizes fulltime residential executive development programs. We regard our workforce as our prime assets. Board of Director SN POSITION 1 Chairman 2 President 3 Chief Executive Officer 4 Directors TOTAL MANAGERIAL NUMBER . RHM currently employs more than 4. Skilled and Semi-skilled personnel. Technicians. The training program aims to accomplish an attitudinal change towards the concept of productivity and helps every employee identifies his role in accordance with the corporate mission. Operators. A full-fledged training department updates and strengthens managerial. RHM employs the finest engineering and management talents available recruited through a very stringent screening and testing.BUISNESS CONCEPT Human Resources RHM recognizes that the true measure of an organization’s strength is in the skill and team sprit of its people. Craftsmen.

SN POSITION 1 General Manager 2 Operations Manager 3 Finance Manager 4 HR Manager 5 Project Manager 6 Construction Manager 7 Procurement Manager 8 Contracts Manager 9 IT Manager 10 QA/QC Manager 11 Warehouse Manager 12 Safety Manager 13 Workshop Manager NUMBER TOTAL Supervisory & Office Staf SN POSITION 1 Chief Accountant 2 Accountant 3 Executive Secretary 4 Secretaries 5 Training Coordinator 6 HR Administrator 7 Computer Operator 8 Document Controller 9 Manpower Coordinator 10 Invoice Coordinator 11 Network Administrator 12 IT Personnel 13 Male Nurses NUMBER .

Civil 11 Site Engineer 12 Foreman. Electrical 15 Foreman. Hydrotest 18 Welding Inspector NUMBER . Mechanical 16 Foreman. Coating 13 Foreman. Instrumentation 17 Foreman. General 14 Foreman.SN POSITION 14 Material Supervisor 15 Material Man 16 Invoice Coordinator 17 Contracts Coordinator 18 Purchaser 19 Receptionist 20 Office Boy 21 Store Supervisors NUMBER TOTAL QC & Engineering Staf SN POSITION 1 Scheduler/Planner 2 Senior Qty Surveyor 3 Civil Engineer 4 Mechanical Engineer 5 Electrical Engineer 6 Instrumentation Engineer 7 Communication Engineer 8 Cost Engineer 9 QC Inspectors 10 Foreman.

SN POSITION 19 Coating Inspector 20 Instrument Technician 21 Surveyor 22 Work Permit Receiver 23 Splicer 24 Leadman 25 NDR/RTFI 26 Qc Material 27 Scaffolding Supervisor NUMBER TOTAL Technical & Support Staf SN POSITION 1 Workshop Engineer 2 Workshop Supervisor 3 Workshop Coordinator 4 Greaseman 5 Grinderman 6 Storekeeper 7 AC Technician 8 Camp & Catering Personnel 9 Carpenters 10 Scaffolders 11 Mason 12 Fabricators 13 Labour 14 Helpers (Craft) 15 Metal Worker 16 Painter 17 Stopaq Applicator NUMBER .

SN POSITION 18 Rigger 19 RTR Installer 20 Security Guard/Watchman 21 Steel Fixer 22 Welder. Pipe (Downhill. Tig 24 Sandblaster 25 Timekeeper 26 Upholsterer 27 Auto Electrician 28 Auto Mechanic 29 Automobile Engineer 30 Denter 31 Diesel Mechanic 32 Heavy Vehicle Driver 33 Light Vehicle Driver 34 Heavy Equipment Mechanic 35 Heavy Equipment Operator 36 General Mechanic 37 Machinist 38 Petrol Mechanic 39 Radiator Man 40 Tireman TOTAL OVERALL TOTAL RHM MANPOWER (DIRECT) RENTAL (LOCAL HIRE OF VARIOUS CATEGORIES) OVERALL TOTAL NUMBER . Uphill) 23 Welder.

Safety education. Aziz Street. PO Box 7960. Cross 12. training and right motivation are the secrets to MHE's attainment of “ Zero ” Accident safety Record in the performance and early completion of its completed and on-going projects. safety awareness. Registration No. Al Adama. Thus. Contact Us: MAGIC HAND ESTABLISHMENT. and liveable camp facilities for its manpower staff of highly trained workforce. Zip Code 32242 .: Incorporation Date: Address: Prince Nasir Abdul.SAFETY PROFILE : MHE's commitment to Safety is firm and aggressive. this company's attitude and dedicated endeavour for the safety of its employees have always resulted to the elimination of serious and fatal accidents and brought about a workable jobsite environment.

com .Tel: Fax: Email Address: info@magichandest.


Work Scope: Main Contractor for the project.contractor to make provisions for piping and equipment installation and commissioning. Works executed includes:       General Site levelling Micro-Piling New Drainage RC walled Tanks for waste treatment Structural Steel works Electrical works Include coordination with specialist sub. .