Framework Manger cannot import metadata from which of the following options:
Decision stream
XML data source
Impromptu catalogs
Excel sheet

2. Which of the following statements are incorrect?
I. a query subject can behave as a dimension in one query and as fact in another query
II. queries with more than 1 fact results in a stitched query
III. cognos identifies a query subject as fact based only on the measures
II only, I only , both I and II, III only
4. what is summary filter?
a filter applied to the detail
a filter applied to the grand detail
none of the listed options
a filter applied to the summary rows
5.What is template in query studio
a sample data set
standard which can be applied to all reports
a CSS sheet
6.What is meant by conditional styling?
format applied based on the filter
format applied based on the condition
format applied based on the user
7. For a company X, actual revenue and budget revenue are captured in 2 tables, fact_actual_revenue and
fact_budget_revenue, Both the fact tables are at different levels of granularity (fact_actual_revenue at month
level and fact_budget_revenue at quarter level) and there is one common time dimension. A report is created the
actual and budget revenue together. But the data for budgeted revenue is wrong. which of the following actions
should be taken to rectify the errors?
create determinants for month and quarter level
join the 2 fact tables into a single fact
create 2 time dimensions at FM
Need to create 2 separate reports as the required a single report
8. Which of the following are typically considered as reporting tools?
I. Cognos reportnet, II. Discoverer, III.BO, IV. Erwin
10. in a crosstab report the aggregation values are calculated by aggregated expressions based on which of the
following options?
aggregation type
aggregation detail
aggregation mode
9. Data source for Fm
Excel sheets
Decision stream
Impromptu catalog
10. Purpose of Gateway
Routes request to dispatcher
Routes request to Web server
Route request to dispatcher and routes request to web server

Which of the following cannot be set as a Governor in Framework Manager? No of columns to be selected in a query. How will u create the report with this column? cant be done override dimensions default option turned off 20.11. . 12. Different report content in different conditions c. which prompt shud we use? text value interval date 19. left outer joins 3cross product joins no of tables to be selected in a query. Conditional variables don’t effect on performance. query with 2 conditional variables.. both a and b 13. c. If a report want to include the data for the past 20 days . you are creating a crosstab report in which u have to show revenue column to zero. e. query with 2 conditional variables. Different format reports in different conditions b. In drill thru can u see one report in html and drilled thru in PDF T/F?? TRUE 14. by default zero value columns are not displayed. query with 2 conditional variables. Which will degrade the performance of a query? a. which is a context in analysis studio? Slicer Dicer Filter None 18. a. query with 2 conditional variables. d. b. How to suppress NULL values in the total? suppress NULL as total is NULL suppress NULL as total is 0 suppress NULL as total is NOT NULL suppress NULL as total is >0 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TRAINING EXAM DUMPS 1. Conditional Rendering (not conditional formatting) in cognos means. Which of the following is not done by framework manager? Answer: Report design 2.

. html item d. Metadata is present in Content Store 6. Before publishing a package. 12. ‘ ‘ low level. sessions e. tabular model e. content store. Report in query studio can be created (check box) a. with double query c. Work area of Query explorer has: Data items. Which can be converted to text item? a. ‘ ‘ high level. properties described at middle level. Column headers can be displayed in: a. filters 9. b. Query explorer is present in: Report Studio 14. blocks c. content access manager. with single query b. Database is present in Tier 3 7. Properties should not be declared. which will be checked? Answer: Cardinality 5. Dispatcher Functions a. crosstab. After submitting a query. What are the not best practices? (Check box question) a. maintain the metadata 16. content manager 4. without query d. Query data 17. can be accessed in report studio. 8. tables b. Load balancing . create business view of . Which is the primary security Component and where it is present? a. list c. d. data item. framework manager c. d. Model component in a Framework manager is used to (check box) a. content manager b. content manager. Query items ---- Report author 13. charts 10. create physical view of c. Report cannot be generated with query 15. c. detail level filters 11. b. b. with multiple queries. Dispatcher is present in Tier 2. d. e. what will be present in the toolbox? a. Data item b. summary level filters.3.

logging services e. Data items and Slicer e.Slicer b. Summary filter c. debug faults of page c. Filters b. In page layout we can have………. (Check box) a. none 31. What is conditional rendering? 32. 28. accepting requests c. Conditional explorer 20. restarting Services d. We can define parameter for drill through in (check box) a. parent reports c. Conditional formatting is done in conditional explorer 27. Components of Query explorer …………….All 29. Windows based tool . Data items c. excel c. cross lists 24. Sort sequence is done by: a. drill through b. lists b. Internationalization means ………. child reports b. Slicer d. Filter b. Answer: Declaring global users with their own languages 25. showing page layout format 22. d. pdf 19. prompt page 23.b. cross tabs c. framework manager in client side. Parameters are place holders for values 21. a multi dimensional object b. Query explorer b. Function of dispatcher and CGI 30. What is the Context in analysis studio? a. a & b d. HTML b. Condition variable scan be created using… a. Output file format in framework manager can be (check box) a. security services 18. What is a cube? a. charts d. Filter and data items 26. aggregated c. What is impromptu? a. What are not present in report studio reports? a.

37. Date 39.True 4. 38. 42. Main work is generation of IQD files n reporting d. 40. Chart creation 46. union c. All 36. 2&3 c. Scorecarding c. Report when saved as default IMR.b. Content store is in 3rd tier. Previous version of cognos 7 c. 2. Content manager is in second tier.tier. How many dispatcher are required to process a request Answer: 1 34. 3. What can be done in cognos? a. Drilling thru multiple packages b. Which of following is true? 1. Which is not possible in cognos? a. A package can contain multiple governors. Time d. Preview report is used for? prompt should be used? . Drilling from report to analysis studio. 1&2 b. Value e. Interval b. Can we Drill through from one studio to other different studio? Answer: a) Analysis studio to report studio b) Analysis to query studio c) All options Drilling can’t be done from report to any other studio. 41. Analysis trends d. intersect all d. Cognos is 3. Value in one prompt depends on the value selected by user in another prompt Ans. User wants to find out which products is not are not sold in last 10 days. --. Dashboarding b. Drilling from HTML to PDF report c. Which a. Cascading 44. d. a. Which is possible in analysis studio? a. Windows based Xmer and frame work manager. 33. intersect b. none 45. Text c. There is query item which is to accessed in query item 43. 1&3 35.

JavaScript.a. 53.(choose 3) Answer: Priority wisea. Data is accessed in _3__ tier. Which is basic building block of FM? Answer: DB layer 58.tier 2 52. 55. 56. In a query explorer on what sorting order can be done? Answer: data item and filter (maybe) 51. Cognos BI bus resides in what layers? Answer: application layer. Single access points the all inbound requests from gateway: Answer: Cognos connection 59. query studio b. analysis(maybe) Don’t give answer report studio. event(maybe) c. Which of the following is a data frame object? Answer: list. metric 54. singleton 50. repeater table. Where package is used? (Choose 3) Answer: Priority wisea. cognos reportnet b. To summarize row b. On grand total c. crosstab. Drill through parameters can be defined in (choose 3) 57. debugging and report designing c. debugging b. none 47. XML. chart. Detailed data 49. Erwin 48. ______is used for importing SQL queries in another report to current report. For web based Cognos what is used (choose 3) Answer: HTML. Summarize filter is used in which condition a. event e. query c. report studio b. Complex and advanced reporting can’t be done in____. Informatica d. report design d. . analysis d. BO c. repeater. More specific reporting tool a.

What are the components of FM? Answer: namespace. Which is mandatory in report page? Answer: a) Page header b) Page body c) Page footer 66. Can we use filters on conditional variables? Answer: Yes 71. project 68. What is used to hide precious data conditionally? Answer: a) conditional text object b) Conditional variable c) Style variable//if check box also add it d) Something. When two filters are added to a query the always work on which logic? Answer: a) AND together b) OR together c) Depends 62. Query studio can be used for__ (choose 3) Answer: a) ad hoc query analysis b) Data analysis check slide of Cognizant 65. If we have to show negative values in red which property will be used? Answer: Style variable 72. To which variable we can’t assign value? Answer: Boolean 63. Which of the following default template is not present when we open a new report? Answer: a) invoice b) Blank c) Chart d) Corporate something 67.60. For what purpose query explorer can’t be used? (Choose 1) Answer: a) To write SQL b) To modify the style of layout c) To view and add more dimensions. model. measures d) To generate query 61. Conditional variable can be defined in____ 64. 70. The values at the intersection of crosstab are _____ . Where package can be published? Answer: From a framework on server 69. facts.

Answer: a) compact b) Aggregated //answer if radio button c) Summarized 73. 74. You are a report author at the Great Outdoors Company. What do you mean by Cognos report reordering? Answer: a) Reordering column b) Reordering report objects c) Reordering column value 76. You are requested to create a crosstab report that shows the total revenue per year for each product line. Default format is: Answer: a) ASCII c) PDF b) HTML d) Text 86. Question on definition of dimension. Rendering option in cognos: Answer: I click the option it helps in style formatting and we can choose which objects should appear in final report. broken down by order method. By default. How will you change this default behavior to show a product even though revenue is not produced? Answer: a) Change the Allow Zeroes Option to YES b) Change the Override Dimension Info to YES c) Change the Default behavior to NO d) Cannot be accomplished 85. Which of the following object is not present in toolbox? 75. no row appears in the crosstab for that product line and year. 79. Analysis studio is use for: Answer: a) Trend analysis b) Chart creation 82. When one prompt gets value from other prompt then it is? Answer: a) Cascading . Answer: True/false 80. Which can not be used as a data source for framework manager? 87. b) 0 : n :: 0 :1 81. which sells sporting equipment. Which prompt we will use to calculate sales of last five days? Answer: a) Text c) Tim b) Value d) Interval e) Date 78. Dispatcher use to exchange information between web server and content manager. Stitched query Property related question Second option was regarding query item can act as a fact decided by measure. Summarize filter is used in which condition: Answer: a) To summarize row b) On grand total c) Detailed data 84. if no revenue was produced for a particular product line in a specific year. Framework joins types: Answer: a) 0:1 :: 0: n. 77.

Which is a query model object? Answer: Tabular object 97. 98. When publishing a package. You can create reports by including query items and objects from? Answer: Insertable objects pane 99. Which are optional items in page structure? Answer: a) Page header b) Page footer c) Query item 93. Where is locale defined? Answer: Reportnet 92. 91. From where we can change the foreground color? Answer: Foreground . The basic object of framework manager is: Answer: Query subject 89.b) Dependent c) Filter d) Other 88. what does it check for? Answer: Schema validation 94. Which is an example of conditional formatting? Answer: Changing the color & the font 102. In which tier the database is accessed? Answer: Tier 2 103. Dispatcher is written in which language? Answer: a) Java b) Java Servlet c) Java script d) VB e) Dotnet 100. Which is the entry point for inbound requests from web gateway? Answer: Dispatcher 101. Where will u define parameters drill thru option? (Choose 3) Answer: a) Child page b) Prompt page c) Filter d) Parent page 95. What is multi frame? Answer: Two or more data container in the same page. Complex advanced reports cannot be generated using (choose 3): Answer: a) Query studio b) Simple report studio c) Metric studio 90. Which cannot be done in query explorer? Answer: Defining conditional variables. Which of the following are true about namespace? (Choose 3) Answer: a) Namespace is like folders b) If you have two objects of the same type and have the same name then they are in separate namespaces c) It will be created in framework manager 96.

Which can be converted into text? Answer: Query data . What we have to use to change the color of text and to translate text in German? Answer: conditional style and conditional text 105.104.