Mathematics and Surveying

1) after the price of petrol went up by 10%,
pedro reduced his petrol consumption by
the same percent. By what percent would
his petrol bill be changed?
a) decrease by 10%
b) Decrease by 1%
c) Increase by 1%
d) increase by 5%
e) Increase by 2%
2) A square of side A is inscribed in a circle,
find the area between the circle and the
a) a2(π/2-1)
b) ¼( π-1)a2
c) (π-1)a2
d) (π/4-1)a2
e) (π+2)a2
3) It is between 3 and 4 oclock, and in
twenty minutes, the minute hand will be
as much after the hour hand as it is by
now behind it. What is the time?
a) 3:05 4/11
b) 3:04 4/11
c) 3:06 4/11
d) 3:07 4/11
e) 3:08 4/11
4) If 1/x, 1/y, 1/z are in A.P. find the value of
a) x+z/xz
b) 2xz/x+z
c) z-x
d) z/1(x+z)
e) 2x+2z
5) the quotient of a two digit number divided
by the sum of its digit is 4. if the number
is subtracted from the sum of the squares
of its digits, the difference is 9, find the
a) 36
b) 33
c) 30
d) 28
e) 34
6) the length of a side of rhombus is 5cm. if
the shorter diagonal is of length 6cm, find
the area of the rhombus?
a) 32
b) 24
c) 28
d) 36
e) 12
7) there are three short questions in math
exams. for each question, 1 mark will be
awarded for a correct answer and no work
for a wrong answer. if the probability that
mary correctly answers a question in a
test is 2/3, determine the probability that
mary gets 2 marks in the test.
a) 8/27
b) 2/9
c) 1/27
d) 5/9
e) 4/9

8) Maria is 36 yrs old. Maria was twice as old
as Anna was when Maria was as old as
Anna is now. how old is Anna now?
a) 22
b) 25
c) 24
d) 23
e) 4
9) the standard deviation of two numbers x
and y, where x>y is.
a) x+y/2
b) x2+y2/2
c) x-y/2

√ x2− y 2

e) x2-y2/2
determine the length of the line in
meters if there were 3 tallies, 8 pins and
the last pin was 9m from the end of the
line. the tape used was 50 m. long
a) 1875
b) 1713
c) 1584
d) 1236
e) 1909
this sides of a square lot having an
area of 2.25 hectares were measured
using a 100 m tape that was .04 m too
long. compute the error in the area in sq.
a) 18
b) 10
c) 15
d) 13
e) 16
if 1/x=a+b and 1/y=a-b find x-y
a) 2b/b2-a2
b) 2a/b2-a2
c) b2+a2/b
d) b2-a2/a
e) b2+a2/a
one side of a field measuring 75
meters is parallel to the center line of the
adjoining road. the other two sides which
are both perpendicular to the road are
125 and 150 m respectively. if the field is
to be divided into two parts of two equal
areas by another perpendicular line,
determine the length of the line.
a) 129.415
b) 125.415
c) 145.544
d) 138.067
e) 156.354
in what ratio must tea costing 24 per
kg be mixed with tea costing 34 per kg so
that a profit of 20% is made by selling the
mixture at 36 per kg
a) 2:3
b) 3:2
c) 1:2
d) 5:3
e) 4:6

Mathematics and Surveying
a line 100 m long was paced by a
surveyor four times with the following
data, 142, 145, 145.5, and 146. then
another line was paced for four times
again with the following results, 893,
893.5, 891, and 895.5
a) 635.685
b) 617.236
c) 654.158
d) 628.424
e) 689.598
in a two-peg test method od a dumpy
level, the following observations were
Set up near
Set up near
Rod reading 1.505
on A
Rod reading 2.054
on A
the line of sight is not in adjustment,
determine the correct rod reading on A with
the instrument still set up at B
a) .919m
b) .526
c) .825
d) .665
e) .715
transform r2 sin 2θ=6 into Cartesian
a) xy=2
b) xy=3
c) xy=4
d) xy=5
e) xy=6
the height of the cone is U. it contains
water to a depth of 2/3H. determine the
ration of the volume of water to that of
the cone
a) 19.27
b) 26.27
c) 8:27
d) 1:27
e) 5:27
a boy at 8:00 am started to walk at a
rate of 4 km/hr for 2 hrs and 45 mins,
after which a man followed to overtake
him with a rate of 4.5 km/hr for the first
gour, 4.75 for the second hour and
so on, increasing his rate by a quarter of
km each hour. find the time when the
man overtook the boy
a) 6:45 PM
b) 7:45 PM
c) 8:45 PM
d) 9:45 PM
e) 6:25 PM
let f(x)=(x+3)(x-4)+4. when f(x) is
divided by (x-k), the remainder is k. find k
a) -2 or 4
b) -1 or 3

c) -3 or 5
d) -1 or 2
e) -1 or 6
the daily wage of a technician and an
apprentice are in the ratio 2:1. in a day a
technician has to work 8 hours but an
apprentice only in 6 hrs. the hourly wages
of a technician and an apprentice is in a
a) 4:3
b) 8:3
c) 2:1
d) 3:2
e) 5:3
a circular rotunda passes through the
three points A(-4,3), B(2,1) and C(-2, -5).
determine the radius of the circular
a) 5.58
b) 3.26
c) 6.15
d) 7.15
e) 4.27
find the equations of the tangents to
the circle x2+y2=5 which make an angle
45 degrees with the x-axis
a) x+y=±√10
b) x-y=±√10
c) x-y=√10/2
d) x2+y2=±√10
e) x2-y2=±√10
the point of intersection of the
perpendicular bisector of the sides of the
a) circumcenter
b) centroid
c) eulers line
d) circul circle
e) non of these
the angle of a sector is 60° and the
radius is 2 cm. what is the area of the
a) 4/3 π
b) 60/ π
c) 2/3 π
d) 120
e) 150
the table shows the number of
students in two classes of a school and
their average marks in a test.
No of
Average mark
if the average mark of the two classes is
58, find x
a) 35
b) 42
c) 28
d) 32
e) 52
using polar coordinates, find the polar
equation of the path of a point which is

Mathematics and Surveying
equidistant from the points whose polar
coordinates are (2a, 0) and (a. π/2)
a) r=3a/2(2cosθ-sinθ)
b) r=3a/ (2cosθ-sinθ)
c) r=3a/2(2cos2θ-sin2θ)
d) r=3a/(2cosθ-sinθ)
a fruit vendor goes to market to buy
fruits for resale at her store. she spends
half her money for mangoes, and 1/3 of
which remains for bananas. she spends
P150 for other fruits and still has P200 left
from the amount she originally had. how
much money did she have at the start?
a) 1150
b) 1250
c) 1050
d) 1110
e) 1025

log 10 x x



=y find the value of y

a) y=xxlog10x
b) y=x2log10x
c) y=x2 log10(log10x)
d) y=x log10(log10x)
e) y=x log10
a hawker sold 100 egss. 80 of them
were sold at a profit of 30% while the rest
were sold at a loss of 40%. what is the
percentage gain or loss on the whole
a) a gain of 16%
b) a gain of 10%
c) a loss of 8%
d) a loss of 10%
e) a loss of 5%
the capacities of two hemispherical
tanks are in the ratio of 64:125. if 4.8 kg
of paint is required to paint the outer
surface of the smaller tank. then how
many kg of paints would be needed to
paint the outer surface of the larger tank?
a) 6.4
b) 5.3
c) 8.6
d) 9.6
e) 7.5
the bearing of a line from A to B was
measured as S. 16°30’ W. it was found
that there was local attraction at both A
and B and therefore a forward and
backward bearing were taken between A
and a point C which there was no local
attraction. if the bearing at AC was S
30°10’E and that of CA was N28°20’W,
what is the corrected bearing of AB?
a) S 18 24’W
b) S 18 15’ W
c) S18 25’W
d) S 18 22’W
e) S 18 20’W

In a throw of two dice, what is the
probability of obtaining a total of 10 or
a) 1/6
b) 1/9
c) 1/12
d) 1/8
e) 1/10
the wheel of a car revolves n times
while the car travels x km. thr radius of
the wheel in cm is equal to ________
a) 50000x/πn
b) 2πnx
c) 20000x/πn
d) 5πnx
e) 30000x/πn
a Quonset 18m long has a parabolic
cross section. its base is 12 m and its
height at the center is 6m. a flat
horizontal ceiling 3.70 m above the base
is to be constructed inside the hut. if the
ceiling will consist of wooden boards 25
mm thick, how many cubic meters of
ceiling boards will be required assuming
that 10% of the materials is wasted
during construction?
a) 4.524
b) 2.365
c) 5.458
d) 3.715
e) 6.326
find the sum of the series
a) (2n-1)2
b) n2+2n
c) ½(n2+2n)
d) n2
e) n+2n
a conical funnel is 20 cm wide at the
top and 50 cm dee. liquid is flowing in at
200 cm3/sec and flowing out at 30
cm3.sec. find the speed with which the
liquid surface is rising when it is 25 cm
a) 9.715
b) 5.112
c) 6.152
d) 7.485
e) 8.658
a polygon having 1000 sides
a) quindecagon
b) chillagon
c) nonagon
d) enneagon
e) icosagon
the line kx+(3-k)y+3(1=k) passes
through a fixed point P for a ny value k,
find the coordinates of P
a) 3,2
b) 4,1
c) 4,2
d) 3,1
e) 2,2

Mathematics and Surveying
find the equation of the sphere whose
center is (-2, 4, -3) and which passes
through (5, -1, 3)
a) x2+y2+z2+4x-8y+6z-81=0
b) x2+y2+z2+2x-4y+3z-49=0
c) x2+y2+z2+6x-12y+8z-81=0
d) x2+y2+z2+3x-5y+6z-46=0
e) x2+y2+z2+5x-5y+6z-50=0
ABCD is a parallelogram in clockwise
direction. A line QPD as drawn with point
P along the side AB. the line QPD is the
bisector of angle ADC and angle QPB is
40°. find the angle BCD. point Q is outside
the parallelogram
a) 80
b) 60
c) 100
d) 120
e) 40
determine the equation of two lines
passing through (-2,4) and forming with
the axes of a triangle with area 9
a) x+y=3, 8x+y+12+0
b) x+2y=6, 6x+y+13+0
c) x+3y=6, 8x+y+15+0
d) x+y=6, 8x+2y+12+0
e) x+2y=6, 8x+y+12+0
a certain printer charges P100 for
every thousand books per page. if only
2000 books are printed. for every
thousand in excess of 2000 it will charge
2 less. thus if 3000 are ordered, the price
is 98/thousand, for 4000 the price is
96/thousand, etc. find the total number of
books it should print for maximum
a) 25000
b) 26000
c) 24000
d) 27000
e) 28000
AOB is a sector of a circle having a
radius of 4 cm. <AOB=30°. point M is
located along the radius OB, such that
OM=MB, find the area of ABM.
a) 3/4π -1
b) 2/3π -2
c) 3/2π -2
d) 4/3π -2
e) 1/4π -2
find the equation of the sphere which
passes through the origin and whose
center is (5, 1, -2)
a) x2+y2+z2-10x-2y-4z=0
b) x2+y2+z2-12x-y-2z=0
c) x2+y2+z2-15x-5y-6z=0
d) x2+y2+z2-13x-3y-8z=0
e) x2+y2+z2-11x-4y-2z=0
if (-2, -4) is the midpoint of (6, -7) and
(x,y), determine the value of x
a) 9
b) 8
c) -10

d) -15
e) 10
(x-4)2+y2=25 is the equation of a circle
and (1,4) is the point at one end of the
diameter. find the coordinate of the ether
end of the diameter
a) 6,-4
b) 5,-3
c) 8,-3
d) 4,-5
e) 7,-4
there a re 4 white balls and 6 red balls
in a box, if two balls are taken out
successfully, the first ball is not replaced
what is the probability that the balls are
of different colors.
a) 7/15
b) 3/17
c) 8/15
d) 5/27
e) 6/19
a right circular cone is divided into 3
portions A,B and C by planes parallel to
the base. the height of each portion is H
and the base radius of the cone at A is r.
determine the ration of the volume of A to
that of B.
a) 1/7
b) 7/19
c) 1/3
d) 3/5
e) 3/10
A stone contractor has his quarry 10
km from P, the nearest point on a straight
railway. The railroad company agrees to
haul his stone to S 30 km along the
straight track from P for 5 centavos per
ton per kilometre. If the cost of hauling by
car from quarry to the railroad track is 12
centavos per ton per kilometre, to what
point at then railway shoul he haul his
stone so that the cost of transportation
from the quarry to s be minimum
a) 2.36
b) 4.59
c) 3.48
d) 5.58
e) 6.28
Another term for quadrilateral or
a) Hexagon
b) Tetragon
c) Pentagon
d) Trapezium
e) Trapezoid
5,2,-1 ...are in A.P. find the sum of the
progression from the 11th term to 20th
a) 425
b) 235
c) 525
d) 485
e) 385

Mathematics and Surveying
A steel girder 8 m long is moved on
rollers along a passageway 4.0 m wide
and into a corridor at right angles to the
passageway. Neglecting the width of the
girder how wide must the corrider be?
a) 2.6
b) 2.8
c) 1.8
d) 2.2
e) 3.25
Water flows through a pipe of internal
diameter 4 cm at the rate of 60 cm/sec to
a rectangular tank whose base has a
dimension of 180 cm x 264 cm. Find the
time in seconds required to raise the
water level by 2cm use π=22/7
a) 190
b) 126
c) 93
d) 64
e) 156
The top of a ladder 6 m long rests on a
vertical wall while the bottom rests on a
horizontal floor. If the to slides down at a
constant rate of .60 m/sec determine the
rate at which the angle the ladder makes
with the horizontal changes when the
lower end is 3.6 m from the wall
a) -1/4 rad/sec
b) -1/7 rad/sec
c) -1/5
d) -1/8
e) -1/6
Prietto and ancheta at a distance of D
km apart start simultaneously and travel
to meet each other. If their speeds are x
kph and y kph, find the time taken in
hours before they meet.
a) 2D/x-y
b) D/x-y
c) D/x+y
d) 2D/x+y
e) D/xy
One ship was sailing north at 8 knots,
another cast at 10 knots at 10:00 AM, the
second crossed the course of the fisrt at
the point where the first was at 8:00 A.M.
at what rate was the distance between
the ships changing at 9:00 A.M
a) -4.48 knots
b) -5.48
c) -3.28
d) -2.81
e) -1.23
A ship anchored in 7.2 m of water. The
anchor chain passes through an opening
in the ships bow 3.6 m above the water
surface. If the chain is pulled in at the
rate 75 mm/sec, how fast is the ship
moving when 18 m of chain are out?
a) 90.47 mm/sec
b) 85.44

c) 92.15
d) 96.57
e) 93.75
A boy 1.2 m tallis walking directly
away from a lamp post at the rate of .90
m/sec. If the lamp is 6m above the
ground, find the rate at which his shadow
is lenghthening
a) .562
b) .415
c) .158
d) .225
e) .336
If the surface area of a sphere
increases by 21%, its volume is increased
a) 13.31%
b) 33.1%
c) 30%
d) 34%
e) 23.2%
Find the minimum distance from the
point (6,0) to the parabola y2=8x
a) 4 √ 2
b) 3 √ 2
c) 2 √ 2
d) 4 √ 2 √ 2
e) 5 √ 2
In a group of 70 students, 35 are
taking mathematics, 25 are taking design
and 15 are taking both subjects. If a
student is chosen at random, what is the
probability that he is taking design but
not mathematics?
a) 2/5
b) 1/7
c) 3/5
d) 2/7
e) 3/7
A triangle with all interior angles less
than 90
a) Acute triangle
b) Obtuse triangle
c) ]right triangle
d) Scalele triangle
e) Scalene
Find the length of the common chord
of two circles of radii 25 cm and 26 cm
respectively if the distance between their
centers is 17 cm
a) 48
b) 45
c) 56
d) 62
e) 50.12
The surface areas off two spheres are
24 cm2 and 96 cm2 respectively. Find the
ration of their volume
a) 1/6
b) 1/5

Mathematics and Surveying
c) ¼
d) 1/8
e) 1/9
The sum to the nth term of a sequence
8is given by S(n)=n(n-3). What is the nth
term of the sequence?
a) 3n-2
b) 2n-4
c) 2n+2
d) 2n+4
e) 3n+2
The mark price of a chair is x pesos,
30% of this price is the profit. If the chair
is sold at a discount of 20% compute the
net profit
a) .o9x
b) .24x
c) .10x
d) .04x
e) .08x
Find the length of the common
external tangent to two circles of radii
5cm and 12 cm respectively. If the
distance between their centers is 25 cm
a) 26
b) 28
c) 20
d) 22
e) 24
Peter bought two cars, one for 60000
and the other for 40000. He sold the first
at a gain of 10n% and the second at a
loss of 12%. What is the total percentage
loss or gain?
a) 6%loss
b) 2.5%gain
c) 1.2%gain
d) 2$loss
e) 1.8%gain
A chord is 24cm long and its midpoint
is 8 cm from the midpoint of its shorter
arc. Find the radius of the circle
a) 15
b) 12
c) 10
d) 14
e) 13
Simplify (1/sinϴ-1/tanϴ)(1+cosϴ).
a) Cos ϴ
b) sinϴ+tanϴ
c) cosϴ+1
d) tan ϴ
e) sinϴ
a cyclic quadrilateral ABCD is inscribed
in a circle having a diameter CD.AB is
parallel to CD. If the angle ABD is 400⁰, find
the angle ADB.
a) 200
b) 10
c) 12
d) 30
e) 25

One side of a parallelogram is 10 cm
and its diagonals are 16 cm and 24 cm
respectively. Find its area
a) 169.4
b) 146.1
c) 133.7
d) 158.6
e) 173.2
Two circles of equal radii r intersect
each other. If the ceneter of the circle lies
on the circumference of the other, find
the perimeter of the resulting figure
a) 7/4πr
b) 3/8πr
c) 4/7πr
d) 8/3πr
e) 4/9πr
The sides of a triangle are 5,7 and 10
respective;y, find the radius of the
circumscribed circle
a) 5.39
b) 4.56
c) 6.75
d) 7.45
e) 3.32
How many sides has an equiangular
polygon if each of its interior angles is
a) 24
b) 22
c) 20
d) 26
e) 30
The nth term of an A.p. is 3n+1 where
n is a natural number. The number of
terms of the progression each of which is
less than 82 is
a) 78
b) 6
c) 8
d) 27
e) 52
ABCD is a rectangle. The length of the
diagonal is 30 cm and the acute angle
between them is 50⁰. Find the length of
the shortest side of the rectangle
a) 13.42
b) 10.42
c) 9.56
d) 8.15
e) 12.68
The following are the height in cm of 9
boys, 190.180,180,110,130,100,200,150
and 270. What is the median of the
a) 130
b) 100
c) 110
d) 180
e) 150
The sum of three consecutive odd
integers is 75. Find the largest integer
a) `32
b) 19

Mathematics and Surveying
c) 42
d) 38
e) 27
A semi circle of radius 14 is formed by
a piece of wire. If it is bent into a
re4ctangle with one side equal to x and
the other side, find the value of x
a) 14.5
b) 17.5
c) 12.5
d) 16.5
e) 18.5
Z varies directly as x and inversely as
y . If x=1 y=2 and z=2. Find z when x=3
and y=4
a) 2/3
b) 3/2
c) ¾
d) 4/3
e) ½
Find the side of a regular octagon
inscribed in a circle of radius 10cm
a) 4.15
b) 5.69
c) 6.12
d) 7.65
e) 3.45
1/3, 1/33, 1/ a GP what is the
sum to infinity?
a) 9/10
b) 3/8
c) 9/8
d) 5/8
e) 3/10
A sector of a circle has a radius
R=9cm. The sector has a central angle of
60⁰. A small circle is inscribed in a sector.
Determine the radius of the small circle
a) 5
b) 3
c) 4
d) 2
e) 6
The length of a side of a square is
increased by 100%. Its perimeter is
increased by:
a) 100%
b) 400%
c) 25%
d) 200%
e) 50%
Mary is three times as old as ricky.
Three years ago, she is four times as old
as ricky. Find the sum of their ages.
a) 38
b) 30
c) 36
d) 42
e) 40
A piece of wire of length 52 cm is cut
into 2 parts. Each part is then bent to
form a square. It is found that the total
area of the two squares is 97cm 2. Find

rthe difference in length of the sides of
the two squares.
a) 5
b) 8
c) 4
d) 10
e) 12
The areas of the three faces of a
cuboid are 10, 14 and 35. Find the volume
of a cuboid?
a) 140
b) 49
c) 10
d) 350
e) 240
A class of 40 students took
examination in English and Chinese. If 30
passed in English, 36 passed in Chinese
and 2 failed in both subjects, determine
the number of students passing in both
a) 24
b) 18
c) 26
d) 28
e) 32
Four military recruits whose respective
shoe sizes are 7,8,9, and 10 report to the
supply clerk to be issued boots. The
supply clerk selects one pair of boots in
each of the four required sizes and hands
them at random to the recruits. What is
the probability that all recruits will receive
boots of incorrect sizes?
a) .38
b) .25
c) .45
d) .61
e) .75
Three spheres has radii of (r+1), r, (r1) respectively. Find the total volume of
the three spheres.
a) (r2+2r-3.5)π
b) 4π(r3+2r)
c) 3π(r3+r)
d) R3+r-2)π
e) 2π(r+2r)
The obelisk of a certain rizal
monument rises to some height above
the dais, the angles of elevation of the
top and bottom of the obelisk from the
two stations A and B on the same
horizontal plane as the base of the dais
are 45⁰ and 30⁰ respectively, the
corresponding horizontal angles to the
common center of both dais and obelisk
from the ends of the base line a-b 2.5m
long are 75⁰and 60⁰ respectively. Find the
height of the obelisk
a) 10.86
b) 9.15
c) 8.75

Mathematics and Surveying
d) 7.46
e) 15.26
A wooden cone of altitude h is to
sawed into two parts of equal weight.
How far from the vertex should the cut
parallel to the base be made?
a) .336h
b) .415h
c) .648h
d) .526h
e) .794h
Find the volume of a right circular
cone whose base radius is 8cm and
whose altitude is 15 cm
a) 260π
b) 240π
c) 280π
d) 320π
e) 300π
The sum of the first n terms of a
sequence is 2n=2-4. Find the value of the
6th term of the sequence
a) 142
b) 162
c) 128
d) 158
e) 136
A job can be finished by peter alone in
x dats or by jack alone in y days. If peter
and jack work together, the number of
days they will take to finish the job is
a) x/x+y
b) y/x+y
c) x+y/xy
d) xy/x+y
e) x+y/y
from a tower 100 m high, two objects
A and B in the plane of the base are found
to have angles of depression of 15 and 12
degrees respectively. The horizontal angle
subtended by A and B at the foot of the
tower is 48⁰. Find the distance from A to
a) 345.25
b) 305.56
c) 324.72
d) 354.49
e) 331.15
The distance between the points (sinϴ,
cos ϴ) and (cosϴ, -sinϴ) is equal to
a) 2


c) 2sinϴ

d) 2 √ sin ∅ cos ∅
e) 2cosϴ
100) The number of cars entering a toll
plaza on a bridge during the hour after
midnight follows a poisson distribution
with a mean of 20. What is th probability
that 17 cars will pass throght the toll

plaza during that hour on any given
a) .12
b) .16
c) .23
d) .076
e) .48
1. a rectangular sheet of paper measures 16
cm. x 24 cm. circles are to be cut from the
paper, each with a radius of 4 cm. what is
the max. no. of circles that can be cut from
the given paper.
2. a pyramid has a square base of side 8 cm.
and is 20 cm. high. if it is cut parallel to and
7 cm. from the base, determine the ratio of
the volumes of the smaller pyramid formed
to the original pyramid.
3. a spherical sector has a central angle of 30°
at the center of the sphere having a radius
R. find the radius R if the volume of the
segment is 231 cu.m.
4. the diameter of two spherical bearings
are in the ratio 2:5. what is the ratio of their
5. a frustum of a sphere has the following
diameters 12.6 cm. and 20.4 cm. the
frustum is 3.6 cm. thick.
A. find the volume of the frustum of the
B. fine the radius of the sphere.
C. find the area of the zone thus formed.
6. a triangle has the following given parts: A
= 0.65, B = 0.75, C = 78.9°
A. compute the value of c.
B. compute the value of b.
C. compute the value of a.
7. from his office window of a building, a
man tried to make vertical angular
measurements of a utility tower in a distant
field. using crude instruments, he measured
the angle of depression of the foot of the
tower and recorded it be 6.4°. he then
looked at the top of the tower and calculated
an angle of elevation off 42.6°. if the ground
is generally level from the foot of the
building to the foot of the tower and the
man’s eyes was approximately 3.2 m. above
the ground, what is the height of the tower?
8. two instruments were set up at A and B to
measure the height of a flagpole. B is 54.1
m. closer to the flagpole, than A and they are
all along the same line. if the angle of

Mathematics and Surveying
elevations from A and B are 26.7° and 60.8°
respectively, find the height of the flagpole in
9. a regular pentagon has a side 23.2 cm.
long. a certain cross-section is formed by
two circles, one circumscribing the pentagon
and the other inscribed in it. find the area of
the cross section.
10. to determine the height of a distant
mountain two observation points were set up
at A and B, which is 290 m. closer to but 25
m. lower in elevation than A. The angles of
elevations from both points are 24.45° and
35.45° respectively. if the elevation at A is
550.45m., find the elevation of the top of the
11. two insects fly from the same point but
towards different directions. one was flying
at a speed of 12.2 m/min., while the other
was flying at 17.4m/min. the angle between
their fight direction is 84.1°. how many
meters are they apart after 2.1 minutes.

19. ab = 1/8, bc = 6 and ac = 3. if all the
above statements are true, what is one
possible value of abc?
20. if xyz = 4 and y2z = 5, what is the value
of x/y?
21. a metallic tube has an outside diameter
of 8 cm. and an inside diameter of 6 cm. it
has a total length of 4 m. what is the total
volume of the metal needed to make the
22. a metal sphere weighing 24 kg is melted
down and recast into a solid cone which has
a base with a radius of 8 cm. the metal used
has a density of 8000 kg/m3, 15% is lost in
the recasting process.
the perpendicular
height of the cone is not readily known.
what is the diameter of the metal sphere?

12. a triangular lot was surveyed with a
steel tape and found to have the following
side lengths.
23.56 m., 38.54 m. and
33.40m. determine the angle opposite the
38.54 m. side.

23. a loud speaker diaphragm is in the form
of frustum of a cone. the end diameters
measures 28 cm. and 6 cm. and the vertical
distance the ends is 30 cm.
the curve
surface of the speaker is made of felt
composite material. calculate the area of felt
composite material needed to cover the
curved surface.

13. two values A and B are related to each
other in an inverse manner such that when
one increases, the other decreases, always
with a constant inverse proportionality, when
the value of A is 1200, B is recorded to have
a value of 144720. find the value of A when
B reaches 256,000.

24. a metal sphere with a specific gravity of
8000 kg/m3 originally weighs 24 kg.
underwent a process of recasting and was
formed into a solid cone with a base having a
radius of 8 cm. assuming 15% of the metal
was lost in the procedure, what is the
perpendicular height of the new cone.

14. it takes 3 hours and 15 minutes to fly
from city A to city B at constant speed. Find
how long the journey takes if:

25. a rectangular block of alloy has the
following dimensions: 4.3 cm. by 7.2 cm. by
12.4 cm. it was melted and recast into a
frustum of a square pyramid, 10% of the
metal being lost in the process. if the end of
the frustum are square of 3 cm. and 8 cm.
respectively, determine the height of the

A. the speed is 1½ that of the original.
B. the speed is ¾ of the original.
C. the speed is 3.25 times the original.
15. if 481/N = 2 x 31/N, find the value of N.
16. if 8 men can chop down 28 trees in one
day, how many trees can 20 men chop down
in one day?
17. what is the equation in slope-intercept
form of the equation 5x + 2y - 8 = 1.
18. if 2x – 7y = 12 and – 8 + 3y = 2, what is
the value of x – y?

26. a cone has a diameter of 80 mm and a
perpendicular height of 120 mm. calculate
the volume.
27. a water tank has a cylindrical shape with
a diam. of 2 m. and a perpendicular height of
3 m. since it was already old and leaking, it
is to be replaced by another tank of the same
capacity but in the form of a frustum of a
cone. the diameters of the ends of the

Mathematics and Surveying
frustum are designed to be 1 m. and 2 m.
respectively. what must be its height.

40. if f(x) = x5 – 2x2 + 3/x, then f(-1) must be
equal to:

28. the absolute value of x is greater than
the absolute value of y.
which of the
following must be true?

41. if f(x) = x(2x), then f(x) should be equal

29. a man can run x km in y hours.
long will it take him to run z km.?


30. cokoy can do a job in 1 hour. paul can
do the same job in 2 hours and praxy can do
the job in 3 hours. how long does it take
them to do the job working together?
31. determine the ratio of the area of a
circle to the radius of the circle.
calculate for the surface area of a
frustum of a sphere if the diameter of its
ends are 80 cm. and 120 cm. and the
thickness is 30 cm.
what is a non-zero solution to the
equation 2x5 – 30x4 = 0.
34. if the sum of seven consecutive integers
is zero, what is the smallest of the seven

42. a particle is travelling along the x-axis.
its position is given by x(f) = 1 – t2 at time t
t + 3 find the instantaneous rate of change
of x with respect to “t” when t = 1.
43. Mario has 4 more hats than alex and half
as many hats as Miguel.
if the three
together have 24 hats, how many hats does
Miguel have?
44. a shipment of 3200 items is divided into
2 portions such that the difference between
the portions is one half of their average.
what is the ratio of the smaller to the larger
45. three distinct positive integers have a
sum of 15 and a product of 45. what is the
largest of these integers?

35. the area of a park on the map is 500
mm2. if the scale of the map is 1:40000,
determine the true area of the park in

ohm’s law stipulates that electric
current, while flowing is a fixed resistor is
directly proportional to the voltage applied.
when 30 volts is applied across a certain
resistor, the current which flows through the
resistor is 2.4 x 10-3 amperes. Find the

a gasoline tank is composed of a
cylindrical portion 5 km. long with
hemispherical sections attached at each end.
the cylinder and hemispheres have the same
diam. of 1.2 m. what is the capacity of the
fuel tank in liters?

A. the
between voltage and current.
B. the current when the voltage applied
is 52 volts.
C. the voltage required if a current of 3.6
x 10-3 amperes is required.

37. if a cone has a height perpendicular to
its base is 120 cm. and its base has a
diameter of 80 cm. what is its curved surface

47. f(x) = 3x2 – 6x -9/ x2 – x -2 will have a
vertical asymptotes at _______.

38. if ab – cde is positive, which of the
following must be true?
39. an angle of 125° is subtended by an arc
of a circle of radius 8.4 cm.:
A. find the length of the minor arc.
B. find the length of the major arc.
C. find the area of the circle.

48. given that lim (1 – Cos x) = 0 then the
lim (3x2 + 5 Cos x – 5) must be equal


49. find the 10th term of the series:
5, 10, 20, 40. . . . . . .
50. determine the sum to the first 7 terms of
6.75 . . . . . . . . .

Mathematics and Surveying

51. the first term of a geometric progression
is 4 and the 6th term is 128. what is the 11th
52. which of the following functions grows
the fastest?

t(u) = 200 eu
h(u) = u100 + u99
g(u) = 4u
K(u) = 3u + u3

x cot x dx

D. a – b > 0
-1 – (-1) = 0 (not ok)
therefore ab > 0 is true

53. simplify sec2 θ – 1 =?
54. evaluate ∫ C SC

(-1)(-1) = | - 1 | -1 | not ok because a
> 0 and b > 0
C. ab > 0
1(1) > 0
absolute value of any number is > 0


55. a conical tank is full of water. it has a
diameter of 10 cm. find the work done in
N,m in pumping all the water our of the top
of the tank if it has a depth of 20 cm.
56. a cycling tract is in the form of an
ellipse, the axes being 250 m. and 150 m.
respectively for the inner boundary and 270
m. and 170 m. for the outer boundary.
calculate the area of the track.
57. if fencing cost P8 per meter, find the
cost of enclosing an elliptical plot of land
which has a major and minor diameter
lengths of 120 m. and 80m.
58. Charles law states that for a given mass
of gas at constant pressure, the volume is
directly proportional to its thermodynamic
temperature. a certain gas is contained in a
vessel having a volume of 2.25 liters at a
temp of 360° K.
A. what
B. what is the volume of the gas at 420°
C. what is the temperature when the
volume is expanded to 2.635 liters?
59. a number line is divided by 10 evenly
spaced thick mark. the length between each
tick mark equals x, and x is a prime number.
what is the total length of the line number.
60. if ab = | a | b | which of the following
relation is true.
A. a = b (nothing suggest that a =b) (not
B. a > 0 and b > 0

61. if x, y, z and z are integers, and x and y
are both even, which of the following could
be an odd integer?

xy +z
y – xz
xy + y

62. if ab is positive and cde is negative,
which of the following must be true.
A. ab – cde > 0
ab – (-cde) > = 0
ab + cde > 0 (ok)
B. ab – (cde)(cde) > 0
ab – (-cde)(-cde) > 0
ab – (cde)2 < 0 (not ok)
C. ac + de < 0 (not ok
D. ab/cde < -1 (not ok)
there are 37 applicants for civil
engineering aide positions in a construction
company, consisting of an odd number of
male applicants. if an equal number of male
and female engineers shall be hired for
gender equality, 3 ladies will left out. how
many men applied?
64. if 3 < x < 7 and 5 > x > 2 which of the
following best describes.






65. a music school produced a number of
musicians which includes 3 drummers, 4
trumpet players and 5 pianists. how many
different jazz trios can be formed from this
batch of musicians if each trio consists of a
drummer, a trumpet player and a pianist?
66. x, y, r, and t are integers such that x y is
negative and rt is positive. if it is not a

Mathematics and Surveying
multiple of 2, then which of the following
statements must be true?

y is a multiple of 2
xr > 0
xt > 0

67. a certain curve has the equation y = sin
A. in comparison to this curve, which of the
following has twice the amplitude and half
the period.
68. a sphere has a diameter of 32 mm. a
frustum of the sphere is created by passing
two parallel planes, one 12m mm from the
center and the other 10 mm and on the
opposite side of it. compute the volume of
the frustum.
69. a train 180 m. long is chugging along a
railroad track going north. along another
railroad tract, very near and parallel to the
first, another train 100 m. long is trying to
overtake the first at 180 km/hr and its tail
end is exactly 500 m. ahead of the front of
the second train, then find the following:
A. how many meters have the first train
travelled when the front end of the
second train caught up with its tail
B. how many meters have the second
train travelled when its front end
caught up with the tail end of the first
C. how many seconds would have
elapsed from the initial position when
the second train has completely and
clearly overtake the first train.
70. a tank contains 100 liters of brine with
60 kg of salt in solution. brine containing 1.0
kg per liter of slat flows into the tank at the
rate of 2 liters per minute, kept uniform by
stirring, flows out at the rate of 3 liters per
minute. find the amount of salt in the tank
at the end of one hour.
the time taken by a terminal fee
collector to collect terminal fees from
passengers entering NAIA is an exponential
distribution with a mean of 23 seconds. what
is the probability that a random passenger
will be processed in 25 seconds or more (that
is, will take more than 25 seconds).
a backhoe component exhibits a
negative exponential failure distribution with
a mean time to failure of 1000 hours. The

maximum operating time such that the
reliability remains above 99% is most
probably ________
73. a vehicle velocity check is conducted in
a stretch of highway in northern Luzon. On a
regular weekday, the speeds were found to
have a normal distribution with a mean of 46
and a standard deviation of 3. The daily
average speed for the same highway on
determined by sampling 25 vehicles each
What is the upper two-standard
deviation average speed?
74. LED lamps are packages in boxes of 200.
If the production line is known to produce
1.5% defective lamps on the average,
determine the probability that a box chosen
at random will contain:
A. No defective LED lamps.
B. 2 defective LED lamps.
C. More than 3 defective lamps.
75. solve yn – 4y1 - 12 = 0
1. Given a certain acute angle A, such
that cos A is equal to 4/5.
should be the value of Cos (2A)?
2. A circle has its center at (-4, 3) on the
xy plane and passes through the point
(2, 5). What is the equation of the
3. In a certain city in the Philippines, all
seven digit telephone numbers begin
with 350.
How many telephone
numbers maybe assigned to that city
if the last four digits should not begin
or end in zero?
4. A school chess team has six members,
one of which is the team captain. If
simultaneous games board 1 to 6, how
many arrangement can they make if
the team captain should always be in
board 1.
5. Given the value of y which is a positive
acute angle. It is predetermined that
Sin y is equal to 0.50. calculate the
value of Sin 2y.
6. Given two angles x and y such that Sin
x = 4/5 and Tan y = 5/12. Both angles
are in quadrant 1. What is the value
of Sin (x + y)?

Mathematics and Surveying
7. A triangular piece of land has vertices
A, B and C and is surveyed producing
the following data: A = 30⁰, C = 50⁰
and AC = 13 m. What should be the
length of side AB?
8. From appoint A, the angle of elevation
of the top of the pole is measured as
37.1⁰. Measured from the point B on
the opposite side but along the same
straight line, the angle of elevation of
its top is 35.9⁰. if points A and B are
124 m. Apart, find the height of the
9. A straight line is defined by the
equation y = 3x – 4. Another line is
drawn in such a way that the two will
indefinitely. Which of the following
maybe the equation of the line.
10.A certain circle has the equation of x 2
+ y2 + 8x – 2y + 8 = 0. What is the
coordinate of the center of the circle?
11.In the order of direct proportionality,
x : y as 7.5 : 9.5 on the other hand y :
z as 125. : 3.5. if z has an original
value of 76.48, find the value of x.
12.A sandwich is made by putting cheese
and ham between two pieces of bread.
You are given five types of cheese, two
kinds of ham and three choices of
sandwiches can you made?
13.Given an expression which is (3x) -2
where x is not equal to zero, the
equivalent expression is _____.
14.Given an original expression x2 + 9x
+ 14 + 3x + 6
– 49
x + x -56
15.A certain radio wave takes the form of
sine curve and is expressed by the
equation y = 5 Sin 2x. What is the
period of this radio wave?
16.The politicians filed the certificate of
candidacies (COC’s) to run for town
mayor of Baguio. A survey is taken a
month before the election asking 400
registered voters which candidate they
will vote for in the elections. The
results of the survey are as follows:

votes Garnered

No. Of


A steel structural member has a
mass of 400 kg.
If each of its
dimensions are reduced by 30%,
determine its new mass.

18.Which of the following is the product
of an even prime number and odd
prime number.
Odd prime number = 3, 5, 11
Even prime number = 2
19.Given an angle A such that (Sec A – 2)
(2 SecA – 1) = 0
20.What is the slope of the line which is
defined by the equation 4y = 3x + 16.
21.A water tank is in the form of a sphere.
It is filled with water to a depth of 30
cm. The inner diameter of the tank is
45 cm., what is the volume of water in
it in liters.
22.Find the trigonometric function asked
of certain angles in standard position
of the given points are on the terminal
side of the angles.
23.A sub-atomic particle with a mass of
100 ___ has a velocity of (25i + 4j –
m/s, where i, j and k are unit
vectors in the x, y and z directions. It
hits another atomic particles which is
stationary and which as a mass of 40
___ merging into one composite mass
after the impact and proceeding in the new
A. What is the x-component of
their common velocity after the
B. What is the y-component of
their common velocity after the

Mathematics and Surveying
C. What is the z-component o their
common velocity after the
24.The parametric equation of a function
are x = 2 Cos3, y = 2 Sin3 C. Find the
equation of the normal at the point
where C = π/4.

B. The quotient of one negative
and one positive number. -6/2 =
3. Ans negative
C. xy, given that x < 0 and y is not
equal to zero.
x=5 y=4
xy = -5(4)
xy = -20
ans. Negative

25.A circle has is center at (-4, 3) on the x
– y plane and passes through the point
)2, 5).
The equation of the circle
maybe written in the form.

31.find the angle between the curves x2 +
y2 =4 and 5x2 + y2 + 5 at their point of
intersection for which x and y are

26.Light bulbs having a mean life of 2400
years and standard deviation of 62
hours are used for a consignment of
4000 bulbs.
A. Determine the number of bulbs
likely to have a life in excess of
2500 lbs.
B. Determine the percentage of
bulbs with a life length between
2300 hrs to 2500 hrs.
C. Determine the probability of any
bulb having a life of 2500 hrs.

32.Obama and Romney are 20 km apart
and walk towards each other in a
straight line direction. Obama walks
at a fairly constant rate and he walks
faster than Romney by 1 kph. Romney
walks at a constant rate of 5 kph.
Obama left his original location first,
then Romney started walking 24 min.
When they eventually meet,
how far has Romney walked from his
original position.

27.A certain function variable x is nearly
normally distributed with a mean of 6
and a standard deviation of 2.
A. Approximately what percentage
of the observation in x will be
greater than 4.
B. Approximately what percentage
of the observation in x will be
greater than 12.
C. Approximately what percentile
corresponds to 2.
28.A rectangle ABCD is given such that
AB is 5 units of measure while BC is 2
A solid is to be formed by
rotating the rectangle around side AB.
Determine its volume in square units.
29.A cylinder has a height of 10 units of
measure and is constructed such that
its volume numerically equals its
lateral surface area.
Find its total
surface area.
negative, imaginary or can be
determine by the given terms.
A. The product of 3 negative
numbers. -3 (-2) (-2) = 8. Ans.

33.If x = 1 + Sin 2C, y = 1 + Cos C + Cos
2C. Find the equation of the tangent
at C = 60.
34.A civil engineer walks along Roxas
Blvd with his girlfriend for half an hour
at an average speed of 3 kph. They
waited 10 min. For a taxi which
brought them back to their starting
point at 3:15 PM.
If they started
walking at 2:25 P.M. that afternoon,
what was the average speed of the
35.The measurements of a rectangular
are 12 m. And 16 m. What is the area
of the smallest circle that can cover
this rectangle entirely?
36.A. Determine the value of tan 11π/6.
B. Determine the value of tan π
C. determine the value of tan (-7π/6)
37.A. If cos x = 3/5 and csc x < 0, find the
secant x.
B. if tan x = -8/3 and csc x < 0, find
the sine of x.
C. if sin x = 2/3 and cos x < 0, find the
tangent of x.
38.If y inversely proportional to x and y =
15.3 when x = 0.6.
A. Determine the coefficient of
B. Determine the value of y when
x = 105.

Mathematics and Surveying
C. Determine the value of x when
y = 27.2.
39.A 4 cm. By 6 cm. Rectangular pyramid
of perpendicular height 12 cm. What
is the volume?
40.A 4.2 cm by 4.2 cm. Square pyramid
with a lateral edge of 15 cm. What is
the volume?
41.The volume of a square prism is equal
to its lateral surface area. Its height is
not the same as the measure of its
base. Calculate the unit length of the
side of the base.
42.A parallelogram ABCD has the
following given vertices. A(3, 1), B(2,
-1), C(-1, -1) and D(0, 1). Find the
43.Which of the following ilnes is parallel
to the line y = 5x – 1.
44.Given the following information:
A. The average of A and B is 50.
B. The average of B and C is 80.
45. Given the sets of numbers.
1st – 1 2 3 4
2nd – 7 7 10 10
3rd – 11 14 19 19
4th – 23 24 24 26
1st quartile = 4
2nd quartile = 10
3rd quartile = 19
46.From a building across the street, the
angle of depression of the foot of an
edifice is measured as 13.7⁰ and the
angle of elevation of the top is 45.8⁰.
if the observers eye is 14.7 m. From
the ground level, find the height of the
47.There exist a value of x such
tangent of an expression 2x
equal to the cotangent
expression 4x – 12. Find the

that the
+ 18 is
of the
value of

48.You are given the equation of a curve
y = x2 – 16x + 63 which is a parabola.
Find its vertex.
49.If a solid metal ball is immersed in a
apol of paint, it will displace 288π cu.
Cm. Of the paint. If the ball will be
painted, what is the total area that
required painting.

50.In a three dimensional space using an
x – y – z coordinate system, a line is
connected between (0, 0, 7) and (4, 1,
0). Determine the length of the line.
51.Actual measurements of a triangular
lot ABC shows the following data. AB
= 240, BC = 180 and CA = 16.
Calculate the angle at B in degrees.
52.Given the original terms
where x is


+ 1

not equal to zero and not equal to – 1,
express the terms into a single
53.Divide the expression 2/3x2 + ½ by
the tern x/2 and express the answer in
its simplest form.
54.A telephone operator asked 20 of her
friends what the memory size of their
flash disks are. She found out 12 of
her friends have only 8 MB flash disks,
5 have both 8 Mb and 16 MB flash
disks. The rest of her friend have only
16 MB flahs disk. How many of her
friend have 16 MB flash disks.
55.In measuring a distance by break
chaining, the tape was not accurately
levelled and was actually 0.95 m.
lower at one end.
If the distance
recorded was 25.60 m., what is the
correct distance.
56.To determine the elevation of an
inaccessible point x, two observation
station were set up at Z and at B,
which is 280.5 m. nearer to station A
but 35 m. Lower in elevation than A.
.the respective angle of elevations
from A and B are 25.2⁰ and 45.6⁰
respectively. If the elevation of A is
known at 9.89 m. Find the elevation of
the distant inaccessible point.
57.What is the volume generated by
rotating rectangle ABCD around AD,
CD has a length of 2 m. while BC has a
length of 5 m.
58.Point A and B has the following
Cartesian coordinates A (0, 3) and B
(5, 0). Find the volume of the solid
generated if triangle OAB is rotated
around the x-axis, O being teh origin.

Mathematics and Surveying
59.A square ABCD has the following x – y
coordinates. A(-3, 0), B(0, 3), C(3, 0)
and D(0, -3). What is the volume of
the solid generated by rotating the
square about the y-axis.

60.Given the equation 5x – 2x + 1 = 0.
Determine the characteristics of the
roots of the equation.
61.If arc Sin (3x – 4y) = 1.571 and arc Cos
(x – y) = 1.047.
62.A circle having a radius of
Circumscribes a right triangle
area is 43.23 sq. cm. If one
sides is 18 cm. long., another

9 cm.
of the
side is

63.A boat makes 25 mph in still water. It
is headed N. 45⁰ E. In a 7.5 mph water
current flowing east. Find the direction
of the course of the boat.
64. You are directed to formulate the
equation of a line that is slope must be
three and the intercept must be -2,
what is the equation?
65.Three numbers are in direct proportion
in the following manner. A is to B as
34.5 is to 21, while B is to C as 36 is to
14. If C = 41.7, what is the value of A.
66.Expand the expression: (x – 3)2
67.A sine wave being emitted is
monitored on a laboratory diagram
and is found to follow the function f(t)
= π Sin 2t
A. Calculate its amplitude
B. Compute its period
C. Compute its frequency
68.Humbler and haide are running 1 km.
race, since Hembler can run faster
than Haide he gave her a 12 sec. head
start. If Hembler and Haide run at 5
m/s respectively, in how many
seconds can Hembler catch up with
69.The distance “S” meters from a fixed
point of a vehicle travelling in a
acceleration “a” is given by the
formula S = ut at2 where “u” is the

initial velocity in m/s, and “t”, the
time in seconds. Given S = 42 m.
when t = 2 sec., and S = 144 m. when
t = 4 sec.
70.Given the following set of numbers:
Set 1 : (9, 11, 16)
Set 2 : (21, 4.6, R)
If the two sets have identical average,
compute for R.
71.Determine the vertex of the graph of y
= (x + 1)2 + 7.
72. A salesman gets a P1000 commission
on a small scale, one of the many that
he accomplished in a period of time.
This P1000 commission raised his
average commission by P150. If the
salesman’s new average commission
is now P400, how many sales did he
73.You are given 8 numbers which add up
to 168. One of the numbers is 28.
Calculate the average of the other 7
74.The average of 11 numbers is 10. One
number is eliminated leaving only 10
The average of the
remaining number is 7.5.
number was eliminated?
75.Let A represents a number line such
that -1 < a < 5. Let B represents a
number line such that 6 < b < 10. If A
were shifted by 5 in the positive
direction and B were shifted by 2 in
the positive direction, how many
common integers would the new A and
new B share?
76.A right circular cylinder has a height of
10 cm. and radius of 4 cm. a point A
lies on the surface of the cylinder and
another point B lies on the same
surface of the cylinder. If point A and
point B are to be far apart as possible
from each other, what is the maximum
distance between A and B?