wicked is jealous,shortcomings,so hes jealous

he stays wicked even old
cannot be changed from wickedness
we should either crush them or stay away from them
no harm in acting foul with foul ppl
worse than a snake
good company rears humans
nectar of life
generates noble elements in the wicked but not vice versa
give boys education,marry girls into noble family
woman have impious,greed,clever,courageous
those who do not donate,listen to intelligent discourse, eyes do not behold a sa
do not touch a sacred place or are unable to achieve
even one of the 4 goals of life(moksha,kaam,dharma,artha) are dead weight and th
ier life is wasted
we should hide these things from the public-efficacous medicine,sexual contact
fools are biped animals to be ignored,becuase they sting us with their nonsense
speech-by diff of common intelligence
a meat eater,wine drinker and a fool is an animal,they dont apply thier intellge
nce to discern good nd bad
power of discretion to distinguish btw good and evil makes man diff than beast
everyone has the needs but discretion
saguna nirguna
no didactic didactic
eavesdropping direct exhortation
btw sub and god of his maverick convictions
not rude
rude crude raw powerful eloquent
death is elysian seen differently
cycles of birth and death
sensous exploaration of union with god
more transcedental union with god,inn
er ,formless beyond conceptions
gender,hierarchy, caste brhamins markers,muslim markers,wher
e?girls half formed man?critic
love is sexual but more than
togetherness,left hand holding,kshatriya
also eternal,every time
hes born ,she would marry him
surrenders of her own accord
her choice feminist
body is one with him
divine shield protection
hes the only one
hes mysterious,not known where born
word used lord /krishna
uses ram,inquisitive,inhabits the zone
of questioning
strong questions,challenges that minor
itites have no rights
or are powerless
she doesnt need mantra
his realtionship with male god?not ho
moseuxal but not hetere either
to be with him,or any logic
devotee,formless god,holy relation,cmp

the lotus flower of divine love. She experienced the supreme cosmic vision. her devotion to her divine spouse has replaced her actual relationship with her e arthly husband. and in all beings.men fighting for melon and potato Taking care of the body is useless. She did not perform ritualistic wors hip. Th e sweet music of her songs exerts a benign influence on listeners. Mira s mystic songs are a soothing balm to the wounded hearts and tired nerves. joy in her demeanour. removes disco rd and disharmony and lulls them to sleep. in the s tone.lete subordiantion or reason. Mira had a gigantic will. she entered the p erilous journey of the spiritual path and underwent many ordeals with undaunted courage. Krishna was her husband. philosopher. Ulat bamsi. in the flower. producing in them a marvel lous thrill and melting of heart. in the creeper.you cant relate to god Body is like fruit. amiable. friend. Such an exalted state cannot be adequately described in words. is highly sensual and palpable. power in her words. joyful.mortal perishable Breath goes out. poet and sage. Mira s songs infuse faith. and f ervour in her songs. So great is the power of love express ed through her songs that even the irreligious and absolute atheists are profoun dly moved. and her sense of well-being as the bride of Krishna. She saw Krishna in the tree.or ways. she danced in the streets.every existene you knw is not god. and even in dreams she live d and had her being in Lord Krishna. the wedding ritual (Hindu wedding ceremonies are solemnized by walking around the sa cred fire). 1546) unshakable belief in her marriage to Kris hna (the Lord of Braj) is highlighted. graceful and elegant.no flavour. All who came into contact wi th her were affected by her strong current of love. The fragrance of Mira s devotion wafted far and wide. though in dream. in the bird.speaking in contradictions No creed. They inspire aspirants on the path of devotion. She was a princess. but she abandoned the pleasures a nd luxuries incident to her high station and instead chose a life of poverty. love in her speech. Her heart was a temple of de votion. The name of Giridhari Gopal was always on Mira s lips. Her life has a singular charm with extrao rdinary beauty and marvel. Mirabai s (ca.shes one with him Sister I had a dream that I wed In Caturvedi 27. courage.you are just like a plank of wood useless Faith h as got nothing ti di with religion why weren t you marked in the womb wit h your caste? With 3l ines on the ffore head or the circumcision Gender caste hierarchies attacks Why dnt brhamin have scholarly marks . We are given a description of the number of wedding guests. father. au sterity and dispassion. She never cared about public criticism or scriptural injunctions. mother. There was kindness in her expression. It is extremely difficult to find a parallel to the wonderful personality of Mir a a saint. and her face. so too will her name exist. Mira was sunk in the ocean of love. Perhaps the most famous female bhakta. Though she was a delicate young woman. 1498 ca. Mi rabai s description of the wedding. As long as the name of Krishna exists. Mira was fearless. devotion and love of God in the minds of liste ners. relative and guru.

They don t come out cleaner than the others For kabir .no caste.no lowly born.only lowly those who don t take name of ram Ram the nirguna formless god and not hindu god Critic biased islam and biased hindu Brahmin pundits Critic of half formed man concept .