Asian Conference on Ecstasy in Concrete



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Indian Concrete Institute

Date: 8 - 10, October 2015 | Venue: Science City, Kolkata, India



International Symposium
of Asian Concrete Federation

ACF 2015

On Ultra High Performance Concrete

Date: 7th October 2015 | Venue: Science City, Kolkata, India

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Asian Concrete

Two principal international events being held by ICI once in five years include the Innovative World of Concrete (IWC) and Asian Conference on Ecstasy in Concrete (ACECON). operates through 30 regional centres and 110 students chapters spread throughout the length and breadth of India. With the objective of disseminating latest technical advancements in concrete. cutting edge research. India. having about 11000 enrolled members. After this. latest innovations in concrete and its ingredients. covering innovative applications of concrete in housing and infrastructure. . ICI has been conducting many national and international technical events.About ACECON The Indian Concrete Institute (ICI) will be holding the Fourth Asian Conference on Ecstasy in Concrete on October 8-10. ACECON 2015 will focus on Recent Advancements in Structural Concrete. which is a premier organization in the sphere of concrete in India. ACECON 2015 will also have two Special Sessions on the topic “Future of Concrete in Asia”. Themes of ACECON 2015 Under the encompassing theme of Ecstasy in Concrete. 2015 at Kolkata. The First ACECON was held in Bengaluru in the year 2000. The event to be held in Kolkata is the fourth in the series. ICI. sustainability in fact all important avenues embracing the design and construction of structural concrete. the second ACECON was in 2005 in Mumbai and third one in 2010 in Chennai.

Rabindra Setu (Howrah Bridge). Kolkata is known for its literary. Minimization of Innovative Ingredients of Concrete w Carbon Footprint. it was the birthplace of modern Indian literary and artistic thought. Earthquake Resistant bridges and Buildings. Composite Construction technique. however.2015 | Last date of acceptance of abstact : 1. headed by Job Charnock. the Victoria Memorial. Geo polymer Concrete. Sensor Recent advances in concrete construction equipment used in ready-mixed concrete.6. Dakshineswar Temple etc. Use of Recycled Materials. at a distance of about 16km from Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport. starts from the arrival of the British East India Company in 1690. can boast of having most listed and recorded heritage buildings viz. Self Compacting Concrete. is also a place of major attraction for all. to establish a city. innovative formwork technology. decided in view of spreading its business in Bengal. While the archaeologists believe that the area has been inhabited for over two thousand years. Service life Prediction. The Science city. Decorative Concrete. One of the other major attractions around Kolkata is the vast forest area of Sunderbans which is more or less 100 kms from the city. Technology. situated on the eastern bank of the river Ganges. Pervious Concrete Durable Concrete Construction through Performance testing. The river Hooghly is bridged by icon structures to link the twin cities of Kolkata on the east and Howrah on the west. Nivedita Setu (Second Vivekananda Bridge). Nano Technology in Concrete.4. precast concrete. and revolutionary heritage.2015 | Last Date of submission of papers : 1. ultra highperformance concrete. Role of Concrete in Affordable Housing w Condition Assessment and Health Monitoring of w Structures Formwork and Construction Equipment. the venue of the event. jump form. Bacterial Concrete. Vidyasagar Setu (Second Hooghly Bridge). Sunderban is the habitat of many flora & fauna. Use of FRP in Retrofitting. Eden Gardens. Aggregates from sources other than natural sources. Residual Life Assessment Repair. Chemical admixtures. Kolkata has been called the "City of Joy" as well as the "cultural capital of India". Repair Materials. It was the capital of India till 1911. Vivekanada Bridge are classic examples of bridge structures. Fibre reinforced Concrete. Devw elopments in Construction Technology Latest Developments in Non-destructive Evaluation.The city of Kolkata. Translucent Concrete. All the bridges viz. National Library.2. Shaheed Minar.2015 About Kolkata The History of Kolkata dates back to late seventeenth century. a state in the eastern region of India having boundaries with neighbouring countries of Bangladesh. artistic. Future of Concrete in Asia w Quality Assurances in Concrete Construction w Innovations and Recent Advances in Concrete w Technology Durability of Concrete w High-strength. Indian Museum-the oldest in India established in 1814. .seeing in Kolkata is mid October to January end. Recent Trends in Research and Development w Key Dates Last date of submission of abstract : 15. Performance Based Seismic Design.Sub Themes Precast and Pre stressed Concrete Aesthetics & Architectural forms of Concrete w w Structure Case studies in Innovative use of precast and prestressed concrete. Ordinary Portland Cement. Rehabilitation and Retrofitting of Conw crete Structures Repair and retrofitting techniques. The most pleasant period for sight. the documented history of Kolkata. slipform. high-performance concrete. tunnel form. as the former capital of India. The company. Supplementary Cementitious Materials. Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal. Fracture Mechanics Approaches. Smart Structures. Durabil- Challenges in Structural Design w ity aspect of repair. Segmental Construction etc. Microwave curing of small precast unit. Different Durability Tests of Concrete. Nepal and Bhutan. Role of Mineral Admixture Sustainability in Concrete Construction w Life Cycle Cost. The most attractive of the things is the sight of the Royal Bengal Tigers.

President. Sharon Wood. Ish Jain Er. Ashim Das Er. K G K Moorthy Mr. fib Prof. Vice President (E). North Western University Prof. Vijay R Kulkarni Dr. ACF Prof.-Ing Ekkehard Fehling. S P Shah Prof. Saroj Mondal Er. Chairman. RILEM Ms. Vice President.-Ing Ekkehard Fehling Prof. Le Trung Thanh President. S P Shah. Dipesh Majumdar ACF Symposium 2015 Co-Chairmen Prof. William E Rushing Dr. ICI Organising Secretary: Er. Ashish Singh Er.ACECON 2015 Chairman: Dr. Man-YOP Han. Anjan Saha Dr. S Suresh Er. Venkatesh Kodur Prof.Organizing Committee ICI . V Ramachandra. Partho Gangopadhyay. ACF Prof. Secretary General Er. S K Jain Er. Debashish Bandyopadhyay Er. Rajeev Goel Er. Past President. ICI-WBC Members Dr. Vice President (N) Er. Secretary. Kanakendu Sinha Er. Jose Kurian Er. Sandip Dasgupta Dr. A D Pofale Er. ICI Vice Chairman: Er. President. K P Pradeep Ar. American Concrete Institute Prof. Shibaprasad Datta. R Nagendra Mr. Shyamaprasad Datta Er. American Concrete Institute Mr. K P Abraham Er. Anjan Kumar. President. Ganesh P Chaudhari Dr. Satyaki Sarkar Mr. Vice President (S) Er. S Saraswati. Murphy. Dr. Vinay Gupta. Alexander. S P Anchuri Er. David Meager Dr. Professor of Civil Engineering. Samir Surlekar Er. Subrato Chowdhury Mr. M R Kalgal Er. K Jayasankar Dr. University of Kassel International Advisory Committee Prof. Harald S Muller. L R Manjunatha Mr.Radhakrishnan. ICI-WBC Treasurer: Er. Mark G. Vivek Naik Dr. President. Hiroshi Yokota Dr. Aparesh Chaudhuri Er. Tamon Ueda. Manoj Kawalkar Dr. Jongsung Sim .R. Dr. North Western University Walter P. Somnuk Tangtermsirikul Mr. K C Tayade. Takafumi Sugiyama Prof. Vice President (W) Er. Shelly S Fernandez Dr.

S A Reddi. Anjan Chatterjee. Govt. K P Pradeep Dr. Vivek Agrwal. Er. Housing & Transport Dept. Nilotpal Kar Er.. Chetan Raicker. D U Choi . ICI Prof. ACCE I Er. President. CSIR-CRRI Prof. Harish Badami. R Jagadish. ASCE IS Mr. Gajanan M Sabnis. ICI Mr. ICI Dr. Past President. CMO. Fixit Mr. ICI Dr. ICI Prof. Principal Secretary. Surya Prakash. Ultratech Cement Ltd. ICI Prof. R Sundaram. CSIR-CRRI Dr. Amitabha Ghoshal. Principal Secretary. Dr. President. A C Sarkhel. Alapan Bandyopadhyay. CEAI Scientific Committee Convener: Co-conveners: Members: Er. Manu Santhanam Mr. ICI Prof. Mr. Jose Kurian. G L Sivakumar Babu. Urban Development Dept. A K Mullick. President. Immd. Biswadip Sen. of WB Er. of WB Dr. S C Mehrotra. L K Jain. B Bhattacharya Prof. Past President. NCCBM Dr. S K Bhattacharyya. Emeritus Professor. Govt. Principal Secretary. President. T K Datta. Indivar Pandey. Past President. IIT Delhi Mr. Past President. Stup Consultants Ltd. IC ACI Mr. A P Gupta Er.National Advisory Committee Mr. P Dinakar Prof. PWD. Mahendra Raj. Govt. Howard University Prof. Debashish Bandyopadhyay Prof. Former DG. Past President. Mahesh Tandon. Saroj Mondal Dr. President. Past President. President. IAstructE Er. ACC Ltd. SEWC Worldwide Mr. ICI Mr. Dipesh Majumdar Dr. S Gangopadhyay. Dr. Past President. Vijay R Kulkarni Dr. A P Mull. of WB Er. Past President. Debashish Sen. Ravindra Gettu Prof. Managing Director.

The Space Odyssey houses India’s first Large Format Film Theatre.04.000 ` 4.15 ACECON 2015 before 15.00.36% . Time Machine.000 $ 4. meetings.000 Non Members ` 4.15 Before ACECON 2015 after 15.000 15. Maritime Centre and a Science Park.36% Sponsorship Sponsorship Fee Presentation Time (Minutes) Indian Sponsor Foreign Sponsor Entitlement of Free Delegates Patron ` 20.00.000 6.000 $ 20.000 Foreign Delegates $ 150 $ 200 $ 350 $ 400 $ 450 $ 550 *Service tax payable extra at 12.000 $ 2.000 20 25 Platinum ` 10.000 1 - Category *Service tax payable extra at 12. an exposition on giant robotic insects and host of interactive exhibits on science & technology for both education and entertainment of the visitors. m).000 *Service tax payable extra at 12. The Convention Centre of Science City is the most sought after destination for conventions.m.About Science City Science City. one Mini Auditorium (392 seating capacity) and a Seminar hall building with 11 halls ranging from 15 to 100 s e a t i n g c a p a c i t y. electricity and virtual reality.00. Evolution Theme Park.) and open air exhibition ground (20000 sq.500 5. Mirror Magic and exhibits on space science. The Dynamotion Hall has a Butterfly Corner. Minimum 9 Sq.500 4. $ 150 per sq.00. mt. The Science Centre complex comprises Space Odyssey.000 9.000 $ 10.000 ` 3. The auditoria’s and the seminar halls are fully airconditioned. Mt. the Science Centre and the Convention Centre.500 11. *Service tax payable extra at 12.000 ` 3. The Convention Centre complex comprises the Grand Theatre (2232 seating capacity).500 Students Non Members ` 2000 ` 2500 ` 4.000 4.000 2 - Supporters ` 1.15 After 15th April ICI Members ` 3. i n d o o r (270sq.500 ` 8. mt.000 8 10 Gold ` 3. consists of two facilities.04.000 ` 4.000 12 15 Diamond ` 5.36% Advertisement in Souvenir Back Cover Special Page Full Page Colour Half Page 50. company AGMs and cultural programmes.500 8.000 $ 6.36% Stall Reservation Rates Domestic Participants International Participants ` 6000 per sq.000 ICI Student Chapter Members ` 1500 ` 2000 ` 3.15 ACF.000 ` 8. 3-D Vision Theatre.000 ` 6.000 $ 40.04.000 30.000 3 - Silver ` 2. Delegate Registration Charges (In INR Excluding Stay) ACF + ACECON Combined Registration Categories ACF. before 15.04.000 25.500 ` 6. Aquaria. under the National Council of Science Museums (the apex body of science museums/centres in India). after 15. the largest science centre in the sub-continent.000 12. Dynamotion. motion.

Supporting Organisations AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS INDIA SECTION India Chapter of American Concrete Institute American Society of Civil Engineers Building Materials and Technology Promotion Council Builders' Association of India Confederation of Real Estate Developers' Association of India Indian Association of Structural Engineers Construction Industry Development Council Association of Consulting Civil Engineers (India) Construction Chemicals Manufacturers Association Indian Green Building Council RMCMA Indian Institute of Technology Madras . Salt Lake.acecon2015. Anjan Kumar. ICI WBC Centre. Kolkata-700091. Sector II. CJ 147 First Web: . Treasurer. Mob: 09433543694 | Email: acecon2015@gmail.Chennai Indian Institution of Bridge Engineers Indian Society of Structural Engineers The Institution of Engineers Structural Engineering World Congress (India) Ready Mixed Concrete Manufacturers' Association The Indian Institute of Architects Media Partner THE Masterbuilder Nobody Covers Civil Engineering Better Address for Communication Mr.

Promotion of updating and revising concrete codes/standards on structural design. infrastructure development is at the hub of economic and engineering activities. Interaction with members and keeping them aware of the activities of the Federation. South Korea in 2014. During the 6th ACF Symposium. India Organized by A brief history of ACF With the rapid development of countries in the Asian and neighboring region in recent decades. The ACF symposium is being held at interval of two years. The First ACF Symposium on Ultra High Performance Concrete will be held on 7th October 2015 at Kolkata. (Vic) Perry Vice President & General Manager. Ductal International Federation for Structural Concrete (fib) . Objectives of ACF Symposium Co-Chairmen: To promote understanding of concrete structures and provide services to the Asian society through Walter P. Civil Engineering (Emeritus) Prof. The Asian Concrete Federation was officially inaugurated at the 1st ACF International Conference organized by Thailand Concrete Association in Chiang Mai in October 2004. hosted by the Japan Concrete Institute. Prof. construction and maintenance through development of new knowledge to meet the needs of the changing time. held in Seoul. H. Germany Confirmed List of Speakers: Dr. At the Pune's meeting. Kolkata. the establishment of Asian Concrete Federation was agreed by consensus among all delegates attending that meeting. symposia. workshops and/or seminars. As a result. conferences. Murphy - - - Initiation and support of international collaborative activities for development of research and technology relating to various aspects of concrete and concrete structures. the 2nd ACF was held in Seoul hosted by the Korea Concrete Institute followed by the 3rd hosted by the Indian Concrete Institute in Pune in September 2003. V. Systems and Structures (RILEM) Vice President. Co-operation between these countries particularly in the development and construction sectors is vital. In October 2002. the first gathering of the heads and representatives of concrete institutes in Asia under the name of "Asian Concrete Forum" was organized in Sapporo in July 2001. These involve the sharing of expertise and experiences with concrete which is the single most common material used in construction. it was decided to organize ACF Symposiums in alternate years to ACF Conference. materials. Shah ACF Asian Concrete Federation (ACF) Hosted by I C I Indian Concrete Institute Sponsored by Korea Concrete Institute (KCI) American Concrete Institute (ACI) Professor. Dissemination of useful information on concrete and concrete structures by way of publications.1 st International Symposium of Asian Concrete Federation ACF 2015 On Ultra High Performance Concrete Date: 7th October 2015 | Venue: Science City. Ekkehard Fehling University of Kassel. Korea Institute of Construction Technology South Korea Mr. Byung-Suk KIM International Union of Laboratories and Experts in Construction Materials. India. Surendra P.

36% *Log on to www.000 9. before 15.000 12. Kolkata.000 ` 3. please fill in the form Please register the following persons Name: Designation: 1 __________________________________________________ ___________________________________ 2 __________________________________________________ ___________________________________ 3 __________________________________________________ ___________________________________ Cheque / DD No* ___________________________ Dt ______________________for Rs.04.500 5.000 ` 4.15 ACF.500 ` 8.000 Foreign Delegates $ 150 $ 200 $ 350 $ 400 $ 450 $ 550 In INR Excluding Stay | **Service tax payable extra at 12.000 ` 6.04.15 Before 15. October 2015 | Venue: Science City.500 11.000 Non Members ` 4.000 ` 8. after 15. Designation and Signature of the Authorised Person .000 ICI Student Chapter Members ` 1500 ` 2000 ` 3.000 4. India Delegate Fee ACF + ACECON Combined Registration Categories ACF.000 6.04.500 Students Non Members ` 2000 ` 2500 ` 4.15 After 15th April ICI Members ` 3.04.acecon2015.500 4.15 ACECON 2015 after 15.10.500 for online registration and payment For registration / nominations.REGISTRATION FORM th 4 Organised by: Asian Conference on Ecstasy in Concrete ICI-ACECON 2015 I C I ON ADVANCEMENTS IN STRUCTURAL CONCRETE Indian Concrete Institute Date: 8 .15 ACECON 2015 before 15.________________ (Rupees______________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________) is enclosed towards Delegate Fee Name of the Organisation: ________________________________________Address:_________________________ _________________________________________________________ Phone:_____________________________ Fax:_________________________ Mobile:________________________ Email:_____________________________ The payment shall be made in favour of ICI-ACECON-2015 Name.500 ` 6.000 ` 3.000 ` 4.04.

000 8 10 Gold ` 3.000 $ 40.000 Half Page 15. mt.00.000 $ 10. Mt.000 20 25 Platinum ` 10. $ 150 per sq.000 25.000 3 - Silver ` 2. Designation and Signature of the Authorised Person .000 *Service tax payable extra at 12. Kolkata.000 12 15 Diamond ` 5.00.000 2 - Supporters ` 1.000 $ 2.36% Sponsorship For 'ICI-ACECON 2015' International Conference Please complete the following information Name_______________________________________________ Designation_______________________________ Company Name________________________________________________ Address _______________________ ______________________________________________________ Telephone:_____________________________ Fax:_______________________ Mobile:___________________________ Email_____________________________ Indicate sponsorship amount and the category you would like to sponsor.000 30.00.000 $ 6. *Service tax payable extra at 12.36% Advertisement in Souvenir Back Cover Special Page Full Page Colour 50.000 $ 4. October 2015 | Venue: Science City.00.000 1 Category *Service tax payable extra at 12.____________ (Rupees________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________) The payment shall be made in favour of ICI-ACECON-2015 Name.SPONSORSHIP DETAILS th 4 Organised by: Asian Conference on Ecstasy in Concrete ICI-ACECON 2015 I C I ON ADVANCEMENTS IN STRUCTURAL CONCRETE Indian Concrete Institute Date: 8 . India Sponsorship Opportunities Sponsorship Fee Presentation Time (Minutes) Indian Sponsor Foreign Sponsor Entitlement of Free Delegates Patron ` 20.00.36% Stall Reservation Rates Domestic Participants International Participants ` 6000 per sq. Sponsorship Category: _____________________________________ Amount:____________________________ Cheque / DD No* _____________________ Dt _______________for Rs.00.10. mt.000 $ 20. Minimum 9 Sq.