(School of Civil, Environmental and Geological Engineering)
2nd Quatrer SY 2015-16

The Radiance Manila Bay - Robinsons Residences

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Ancheta, John Louie V.
Cuizon, Allen Keith Paul S.
Gatbonton, Athena B.
Gunda, Robert John P.
Tan, Anthony Martin L.


Professor RAUL C. ASIS

November 21, 2015

A 3-level retail structure is envisioned for establishments such as restaurants. coffee shops and wellness outlets will be located at the frontage of the property. PROJECT BRIEF DESCRIPTION The Radiance Manila Bay is a mixed-use residential project composed of two 36-storey residential towers. each tower will have its own lobby and separate ground floor amenities. It wll be built on top of a 4level podium parking. .] I.

The Radiance Manila Amenities North Tower: • Wi-fi Reading Lounge • Function Room • Kid's Play Area South Tower: • Wi-fi Reading Lounge • Function Room • Kid's Play Area • Game Room • Videoke Room • Private Theater Sixth floor indoor amenity North Tower: • Fitness & Wellness Center • Semi-open Lounge South Tower: • Spa/Sauna/Massage Room OUTDOOR AMENITIES • Olympic Size (50meters.) Lap Pool • Transition Pool & Kiddie Pool • Meditation & Exercise Garden • Activity Lawn • Picnic Grove • Al Fresco Lounge • Sunset Grove and Gazebo .

They were the ones who design . PROJECT CONSULTANT: CONSTECH Management Group Inc. garbage . timber and masonry. to meet design specifications SANITARY/ PLUMBING CONSULTANT: N. and insect and rodent control projects of the building. sewage. steel. They are the ones who advises the construction team and owners before building or remodelling the structure . to ensure that it meets the ARCHITECTURAL CONSULTANT : ASYA DESIGN The architectural consultant is the one assigned with the architectural plans and detailing of the building. They make sure the buildings will not deflect at any point. The Project Consultant examines the progress of the building requirements of the owner. They were also the ones who choose appropriate materials. supervise and create the drawings and specification that is need in order to build a strong structure. The architectural consultant also provide the FCD or the For Construction Drawings in order for the field engineers to have their own copyin the construction site. trash disposal. such as concrete. drainage systems. The owner directly employ all other personnel with particular responsibility for appointing the planning supervisor and nominating principal contractor. .ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Project Proponents: OWNER: Robinsons Land Corporation The duty of the owner in construction is to decide the scope of the program and the budget before designing the structure. STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING CONSULTANT: SY^2 & ASSOCIATES STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS The structural engineering consultant are responsible for the structural detail of the building. The owner monitors the project's progress during the design and construction of the structure.G Yumol & Associates The Sanitary/ Plumbing Consultant where the ones that designs and constructs the hygienic projects such as waterworks.

M. .R. Punzalan & Associates The mechanical Engineers construct manage the planning design construction and the various mechanical systems in the structure that will ensure that the building will comply with the different building codes and the different safety regulations CONTRACTOR: D. Consunji.A Alix & Partners The electrical engineers design develop and maintain electrical control system that will meet the needed specification that will focus on economy quality reliability safety and is sustainability. and communication of information to involved parties throughout the course of a building project. They also responsible for the day-to-day oversight of a construction site.ELECTRICAL ENGINEER: M. management of vendors and trades. Inc. They hire subcontractors as needed to carry out the project in order for the project to be completed faster and meet the necessary schedule needed. The Main contractors are responsible for the initial budget and work schedules of the structure to be constructed. MECHANICAL ENGINEER: L.


suppliers.  obtain the equipment and supplies necessary to complete the project  reviews the contractual conditions of performance .requirements and deliverables . equipment. .  hiring.  analyze risks going into the project so that both the builder and the client are aware of them and can reach a mutual agreement on how the risk will be shared ADMIN/HR The primary duty of a human resources assistant is to collect and manage all data pertaining to a business’ employees.  monitor agreements with each party (architects. sub-cons etc. A human resources assistant is an administrative professional who performs a variety of transactional duties in support of a business’ human capital and employment initiatives. policies and procedures along with a host of other issues.  set a specific schedule with a number of deadlines for the various projects that must be completed  keep the company and the client informed as to the ongoing process by preparing a variety of internal and external reports pertaining to job status.) covering the various pieces of the building project puzzle that they will complete.DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE KEY-FIELD PERSONNEL PROJECT MANAGER Primary responsibility is to ensure the overall success of the project and to accomplish them safely and correctly. disciplining and perhaps even firing those who step out of line  obtain the equipment and supplies necessary to complete the determine precisely the work that must be accomplished in order to satisfy the contract. This job is also the core for the development of the construction project. not to mention find a place to store it and implement a method for tracking inventory.

variation and payments Perform needed tests on site and in the laboratory to ensure conformity of material and works according to the contract specifications Ensure that contractors comply with works’ specifications .     Perform all daily inspection and test of the scope and character necessary to achieve the quality of construction required in the drawings and specifications for all works under the contract performed ON or OFF site. Tools. Site Management. prepare and implement the QC/QA plan and any associated and relevant directives and instructions needed to support the plan. quality. Sub-Contractors Processing of Sub-Con Billings Material Submittals Change Orders Weekly and Monthly Reports Monitoring of Productivity Monitoring of Expenses/Petty Cash Financial Statement / Cash Flow Monitoring Monitoring / Follow-up of Payables / Receivables Quality Assurance/Quality Control The QA/QC Engineer will create. Supervise construction works contracts including quantity measurement. Vehicles. The main duties will be to develop and manage the quality control and quality assurance procedures and ensure contracts for the rehabilitation of the roads are up to the specifications. etc.     Time Keeping Recruitment Statutory Compliance under Contract Labor Act Maintaining of Records & Registers under the above acts General Administration like: Managing Camp Administration. Equipment. PROJECT ENGINEERING •        • • Preparation on Progress Billing Requisition of Materials.

Develop and conduct robust procedures for quality assurance. Assess work activities for which labor based construction methods are appropriate and for those sections where heavy machinery is appropriate. etc. Conducting and/or attending pre-construction. Review of the Bill of Quantities and the contract documents for each section of the construction task Review the bidding and contracting Define a procedure for using the cost norms to establish the cost of rehabilitation and maintaining the construction task Supervision of the contractors in the implementation of the work PROJECT IN CHARGE         Managing the day-to-day field activities to ensure that the project milestone dates and overall schedule completion date is met Creating short-interval look-ahead project schedules that make sure that upcoming events are communicated. progress and other project and staff meetings Conducting and/or participating in regularly held meetings involving TMG internal staff and external stake holders such as owners.         Establish and maintain procedures to develop standard documentation for construction works and quality control and assurance for the projects Review the existing standard documentation for the Operations Centre and propose any improvements deemed necessary Develop standard quality control procedures to be performed by the contractors. tracked and are being proactively attended to Managing and coordinating the work to ensure that it is constructed in an orderly and deliberate manner that is consistent with the standard-of-care set forth in the contract documents that is viewed by industry as an effort that is consistent with best-practices standards Manage and look-ahead no less than two weeks to proactively identifying issues that could lead to problems and facilitate solutions Obtaining all inspections and ensuring that the quality aspects of the physical work are fully documented Ensuring all aspects of the project are compliant with all contract terms and legal requirements that govern the project and the community in which the project(s) takes place. . subcontractors.

evaluating and implementing change orders. scheduling and coordinating staff and sub-contractors. allocating resources. counseling. identifying construction management system improvements. productivity. appraising job contributions. resolving design problems. and selecting sub-contractors. monitoring and controlling performance. to proactively identify and resolve problems and to assure that the client is kept knowledgeable about the status of the work Managing self-performed activities to ensure that work is being performed within the established project budget Managing changes in project scope to ensure that the most contemporary contract documents are being used at all times to prevent avoidable rework Administering contracts. implementing production. resolving problems. training. coaching. obtaining approvals from buyers.  Prevents fines and interruptions by complying with. calculating resources required. and Participating in and encouraging staff to seek out life-long learning opportunities and professional development. communicating job expectations. monitoring.  Meets operational standards by contributing construction information to strategic plans and reviews. . evaluating milestone assumptions and conclusions. and enforcing. establishing standards and protocols. mentoring and follow up. quality.      Meeting with client representatives on a regular basis to discuss the status of projects. and healthy work environment by following and enforcing standards and procedures. terms and conditions are consistently and proactively being met Directing and managing the work loads of supporting staff to include training. evaluating. codes. secure. scheduling.  Approves construction projects by conducting inspections at critical phases. planning.  Maintains safe. adhering to policies and procedures.  Manages sub-contractors by locating. and disciplining employees. and customer-service standards. subcontracts. recommending compensation actions. purchase orders and other agreement to ensure that the scope. complying with legal regulations. assigning. PROJECT SUPERVISOR  Accomplishes construction human resource objectives by selecting. orienting.  Accomplishes construction project results by defining project purpose and scope.

reading professional publications.  Enhances organization reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests. Updates job knowledge by tracking and understanding emerging construction practices and standards. implementation and maintenance including safe work practices and the site emergency response plan Monitor the safety performance of all on-site workers to ensure that all workers on the site work safely Encourage and educate employees to take precautions and adhere to safety rules to protect themselves and the equipment use from damage Identify and review various health and safety concerns specific to the work site and ensure construction site activities do not put non-construction site people outside of the site at risk Investigate all injuries. participating in professional organizations. building and people safe from harm. management. as well as health and safety regulations related to their discipline to keep work environments. participating in educational opportunities. accidents and near misses. SAFETY Safety engineers ensure the well-being of people and property in the site. maintaining personal networks.            Assist in the development. subcontractors and workers regarding aspects of health and safety on and off the job . The work of safety engineers is to help their employers lower costs of insurance and comply with laws and regulations related to health and safety. exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments. ambulance services and hospitals. Identify the causes and advise on any improvement in safety standards that need to be made Review accident summary reports and take appropriate action when accident trends are unfavorable Provide internal or arrange external safety training to employees Maintain up-to-date knowledge of and enforce OH&S legislation and codes of practice Administer the WHMIS training program Ensure MSDS of all controlled products on site are up-to-date and available to the workers at all times Act as liaison with the government (OH&S). They combine knowledge of an engineering discipline.

including electronic and mechanical equipment.  Develop improvements to enhance equipment reliability and scalability. major equipment.  Visit customer site to install and test equipment for proper functioning. .      Ensure daily risk assessments are being conducted Coordinate and conduct the following according to DDTKI HSE policy and OH&S legislation – Site orientations – Weekly Toolbox Safety Meetings – Safety inspections – Audits – Joint Work Site Health and Safety Meetings Update and display safety policies and pertinent information on the company bulletin board Advise on appropriate protective equipment on the cost of implementing changes Establishing inspection schedules for all tools. design.  Perform equipment upgrades as per customer requirements. analyze and improve various types of equipment. He is responsible I assisting the workers in using the equipment for a certain job.  Monitor equipment performance and suggest improvements.  Analyze equipment malfunctions and failures and accordingly develop corrective actions.  Provide technical assistance in installation and maintenance of company equipment.  Develop preventive maintenance procedures to reduce equipment failures. maintain. inspect. lifting devices and mobile equipment to ensure safe operating conditions and compliance with current regulations Assist injured workers in obtaining modified duties and administer the return to work policy EQUIPMENT Equipment engineers evaluate.

energy efficient. Handling planning applications.  Provide job assistance and conduct job trainings for employees as needed. Work with management to develop equipment specifications for next generation products. SURVEYOR            Ensuring buildings are safe to occupy.  Test and approve new equipment before handing off to production. Construction design and building works. Property Legislation advice. They also need to keep abreast of technical and innovative changes in the building industry.  Develop cost-reduction initiatives while still maintaining quality and productivity. They are required to be competent in local council. codes. certification and approvals. conduct inspections and issue relevant legislative permits. Defect investigation and maintenance advice. Project management and monitoring.  Provide 24/7 support for troubleshooting equipment. as well as the National Construction Code and associated Australian Standards. They review. policies and ministerial directions. . State and Territory legislation.  Maintain documentations for equipment installation. analyze and assess plans for compliance to current standards. Insurance assessment and claims assistance. maintenance and troubleshooting procedures for reference purposes. accessible and meet all legal requirements. Building surveys and measured surveys.  Work with Specialists to design and develop new equipment.  Act as primary contact for equipment performance related questions and concerns. guidelines.

REBAR ENGINEER        To prepares and secures the cutting-list diagram for approval of the Designer and Methodology Rebar Work. To monitors and implements compliance to company safety and quality standards. To supervise proper handling and safekeeping of formworks materials during construction. . plus dimensions. and structural requirements. functional. Pre-acquisition surveys. including design criteria. To ensure the actual rebar quantities for construction plan. CONCRETING/PRECAST ENGINEER  Provide complete drawings and specifications detailing all aesthetic. To performs structural calculations for formworks of vertical constructions. To prepares and submit necessary documents/ reports required by management. To supervise and inspects proper rebar installation. To monitors the installation of formwork systems periodically during erection and signoff prior to placement. To performs rebar requisition and ensures timely delivery on site. To prepares and submits necessary documents and reports required by the Management. FORMWORKS ENGINEER        To evaluates and implement the formworks and scaffolding designs. To performs other management mandated functions. and Negotiating dilapidations claims. To perform and assume other duties and responsibilities as assigned by Managers.   Building inspection to ensure compliance with building regulations. To perform and assume other duties and responsibilities as assigned by Managers.

The activities of the Project Architect (PA) ELECTRICAL ENGINEER    he has to see the basic design engineering of the project Detail engineering with safety factor in the design Basic & detail engineering for provision of electrical installation. PROJECT ARCHITECT      Oversees and plans all architectural aspects of construction projects. The division of responsibility for the design should be clearly stated in the contract documents. Cover general aesthetic and performance requirements only and provide sufficient detail to define the scope of the precast concrete work.  Design for illumination of different area and lux calculation. Familiar with a variety of the field's concepts.  design for fire alarm &detection system of earthling pits . This information should be supplied in such a way that all details of the unit can be designed without reference to the behavior of other parts of the structure. approval of ordered materials. Responsible for final specifications. and procedures. practices. and overall guidance on objectives and concepts.over head or under ground  Proper protection system for all electrical installation.   Detail all aesthetic and functional requirements but specify only the required structural performance of the precast concrete units. Specified performance should include all limiting combinations of loads together with their points of application. May also supervise and evaluate work of technicians.  cable size calculation cable scheduling &its route  selection .