Born to talk: Journey of a Human Baby

The first two years are a journey filled with exploration and joy as babies develop their abilities to

Before Birth
>By 24 weeks, the fetus' inner ear has developed and can already hear sounds (of the outside world and of
his/her mother's heartbeat and voice)
-Womb- environment rich for the sense of hearing
>Over the next few months, the fetus becomes familiar to the voice of his/her mother
-begins to learn the properties of language

>baby human comes into the world ready to communicate
-best way of showing this is by crying, which is an involuntary signal of distress
-at this stage, babies still can't make any other sound because their mouths are small, tongues are large,
and their necks are high in their throat

>from the first days of life, babies prefer human voice over every other sounds
>Babies prefer the rhythms of their native language to those of an unfamiliar one
>Babies already know how to distinguish words which convey meaning (like nouns) over all other words
>born with the innate capacity to learn any language on earth
-universal linguists

6 weeks old

enabling the baby to create more sounds -babies start to coo and vocalize >Babies learn to communicate through facial expressions and eye contact -babies can get frustrated when the line of communication ends without any warning >Babies are able to recognize familiar sounds >Babies are able to practice the ability distinguishing sounds of speech 6 months old >Babies have understood the relationships between voice and facial expressions -keenly attuned to the emotional expressions in both the face and the voice -knows that the emotion in the face and the voice are supposed to match >Babies have already recognized that eye gaze is one of the ways to show the attention of adults and maintain the communication >Babies are still universal listeners -able to distinguish all sounds >babbles "baba. "dada.>babies spend their time listening and absorbing sounds >babies try to make sense of all the sounds they hear 3 months old >the larynx has dropped." & "mama" 6-10 months -Human brains begin to filter out sounds which are not heard in its environment .

-babies tend to develop the languages they hear during this stage >Universal Motheries/Fatheries -babies respond to these comfort languages which guides them as they create an acoustic map of his/her native language -sing song quality -voice is pithed higher -sentences are reduced to short phrases -exaggerates the words and stretches the language >Pointing to objects -babies recognize that it's not the hand that is important. usually food and body parts) . but the object it is pointed to 10 months >Baby humans stop being universal listeners -unable to hear distinctions between languages >the language sounds babies babble become narrower focusing on their native tongue -practices some words through babbling >imitation and repetition of words as they develop their language is apparent 10-18months >pointing to objects helps babies learn new words -in order to learn. the baby human needs to follow the hand and the gaze of the person teaching him/her >imitation and turn taking is still the avenue and cornerstone for communication between babies and adults >have already picked up an active vocabulary of 50-100 words (almost 70% of which are nouns.

their inner world becomes visible as they assemble words into more and more complex thoughts .After the age of 1." "all gone. >babies begins the journey of articulating complete words >can respond to questions >can follow simple instructions >utter: "Oh no" "Uh oh.2 years >language explosion -babies grasp the idea that everything has a name -babies ask "What's that?" >babies learn minimum of one new word every 90 seconds >shape is crucial in learning the names of things >vocabulary of those trained to pay attention on shapes increased by 3 times as much as other children >shift from isolated words to microsentences of two words -enunciation is far from perfect >play time becomes filled with language By the age of two >use over 300 words >understand about a thousand words As children begin to speak." "Help me" >brains are busy mapping sounds to words to meaning 18 months .

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