List of Data Sets and Examples

Gujarati and Porter, Basic Econometrics, 5e
Table I.1

Data on Personal Consumption Expenditure and Gross Domestic Product

Chapter 1
Table 1.1
Table 1.2
Table 1.3
Table 1.4
Table 1.5
Table 1.6

Father and Son Heights (hypothetical)
U.S. Egg Production
(Grunfeld) Investment, Value, and Capital Stock for Four Companies
CPI in Seven Industrial Countries
Exchange Rates for Nine Countries
M1 Money Supply
Advertising Expenditure

Chapter 2
Table 2.4
Table 2.5
Example 2.1
Table 2.6
Example 2.2
Table 2.7
Table 2.8
Table 2.9
Table 2.10

Random Sample from Table 2.1
Another Random Sample from Table 2.1
Mean Hourly Wage by Education
Mean Hourly Wage by Education
Mathematics SAT Scores by Family Income
Labor Force Participation
Indian Food and Total Expenditures (Rupees)
Total Group Mean SAT Reasoning Test Scores
SAT Reasoning Scores by Family Income

Chapter 3
Numerical Example
Table 3.2
Example 3.1
Example 3.2
Example 3.3
Table 3.3
Table 3.5
Table 3.6
Table 3.7
Table 3.8

Mean Hourly Wage and Years of Schooling
Raw Data from Table 2.6
Consumption and Income Relationship in the U.S.
Food Expenditure in India
Demand for Cell Phones and PCs in relation to Income
Number of Cell Phones and PCs in relation to Income
Ranks of Students in Midterms and Final Exams
U.S. Productivity and Compensation
Gold Prices, NYSE Index, and CPI
Nominal and Real GDP

Chapter 5
Concluding Example Food Expenditure in India
Table 5.5
Average Salary and per Pupil Spending
Table 5.6
GNP and Four Measures of Money Stock
Table 5.9
Hamburger Prices in Foreign Countries
Table 5.10
U.S. CPI and PPI
Table 5.11
Smoking and Lung Cancer
Chapter 6
Example 6.1
Table 6.1
Table 6.2
Example 6.2
Example 6.3

Excess Returns on Consumer Goods and Overall Stock Market
Excess Returns on Consumer Goods and Overall Stock Market
U.S. Gross Private Domestic Investment and GDP
Relationship Between GDPI and GDP in the U.S.
Expenditure on Durable Goods in relation to Consumption Expenditure

S.4 Table 7.7 Table 6. Age.13 Child Mortality in relation to Per Capita GNP and Female Literacy Rate Coffee Consumption in the U. Employment.6 Table 7.3 Table 7.1 Example 9.3 Table 9. Income.4 Public School Teachers’ Salaries by Geographical Region Average Salary of Public School Teachers by State Hourly Wages in relation to Marital Status and Region of Residence Teacher Salaries in relation to Region and Spending per Pupil Savings and Income Data Structural Differences in U.6 Table 9. Labor Hours. Qualcomm Stock Prices Chapter 8 Example 8.S.8 Example 8.1 Table 9.5 Table 6.S. Coffee Consumption vs.S.2 Example 9.11 Child Mortality Cubic Cost Function Cobb-Douglas Production Function for the Mexican Economy Real GDP.1 Example 8.3 Example 9. and Number of Children UK Total Consumer Expenditure and Advertising Expenditure Table 7.8 Table 7. and Interest Rate for the U. Gender.1 Table 7.5 Example 6.S.10 Table 8.4 Example 6.10 Table 7.S.9 Table 7.S. Greek Industrial Sector Consumption Expenditure. U.8 Table 6. and Real Fixed Capital Demand for Chicken in the U. Savings-Income Regression Average Hourly Earnings in relation to Education.5 Table 7.5 Table 8.1 Example 7.6 Table 6. Inflation Rate and Unemployment U.9 Table 6. Inflation Rate and Unemployment Data Investment Rate and Savings Rate Various Expenditures.2 Example 9.5 Table 9.11 Table 7.3 Example 7.Table 6. Demand for Chicken Demand for Money in the U.12 Total Personal Expenditure and Categories Rate of Growth Expenditure on Services Food Expenditure in India Relationship Between Child Mortality and GNP Fertility and Other Data for 64 Countries U.3 Example 6.S. and Capital Input Estimating the Total Cost Function Total Cost (Y) and Output (X) GDP Growth Rate and Relative per Capita GDP in 190 Countries Data Quarterly Demand for Roses Wildcat Well Drilling and Production U.3 Table 8.7 Table 6.4 Example 7.2 Table 7. and Race Quarterly Appliance Sales and Expenditures on Durable Goods Seasonality in Refrigerator Sales U.2 Example 7. Wealth. Labor Hours.10 Chapter 7 Example 7.4 Example 9.2 Example 8. Defense Budget Outlays U.5 Table 7.4 Example 6.S. Refrigerator Sales . and Capital Input Value Added. Income.9 Example 8.4 Table 8. Savings and Personal Disposable Income Demand for Roses Demand for Cable Savings and Personal Income Chapter 9 Example 9.7 Table 7.S. Average Retail Price Raw Data for Two R² Values Value Added.S.

6 Example 9.14 Table 10.1 Example 11. X2.10 Compensation per Employee in Nondurable Manufacturing Industries Relationship Between Compensation and Productivity Relationship Between Compensation and Productivity: The Glejser Test Rank Correlation Test of Heteroscadasticity The Goldfeld-Quandt Test Hypothetical Data on Consumption Expenditure and Income The Breusch-Pagan-Godfrey (BPG) Test White’s Heteroscadasticity Test Illustration of the Method of Weighted Least Squares Illustration of the Weighted Least Squares Regression Illustration of White’s Procedure Child Mortality Revisited R&D Expenditure.4 Table 12.S.6 Table 11.17 Table 10. X3 Hypothetical Data on Consumption Expenditure Consumption Function U.13 Table 10.7 Table 9.15 Example 11.S. GDP.3 Table 10.3 U.15 Table 10.Example 9. and Profits Sales and Employment for Industrial R&D Asset Size Passenger Car Mileage Data Median Salaries of Full Professors in Statistics Stock and Consumer Prices Salaries of Fortune 500 Executives Indexes of Real Compensation and Productivity Determinants of U.1 Example 11.8 Example 11. Interest Rate.4 Table 10. Output Growth.7 Table 12.8 Table 12.9 Table 11.7 Table 11.8 Concluding Example Table 9.8 Table 9.6 Example 11.5 Example 10.10 Chapter 12 Table 12.3 Example 11. PDI.18 Consumption Expenditure in relation to Income and Wealth Hypothetical Data on Y.11 Table 10.2 Example 11. and Labor Force Hours of Work U.1 Table 10. X3 Hypothetical Data on Y.S.10 Table 11. Manufacturing Rate of Return.8 Table 11.S.12 Table 10.2 Table 10.9 Example 11.8 Table 10.16 Table 10. Imports.5 Example 11.9 Total Cost in Relation to Output Hypothetical Data on Output and Total Cost Logarithm of Hourly Wages in Relation to Gender Wages in Southern India Indian Wage Earners Data Matrix for Exercise 9.S.9 Table 12. and CPI Passenger Cars vs. CPI.4 Example 11.11 Table 11.3 Table 10. Consumption Expenditure Longley Data Longley Data Hypothetical Data Goldberger Data U. Sales. Crime Data Updated Longley Data Chemicals in Cheeses Chapter 11 Table 11.7 Table 11.2 Table 11.7 Table 9. and Inflation .S. X2.7 Example 10. Domestic Price of Copper Personal Consumption Expenditure Inventories and Sales in U. Presidential Elections Chapter 10 Example 10.4 Table 11.

4 Table 15.2 Example 15.7 Example 15.1 Example 14. Income.4 Table 14.4 Table 15.S. Population Box-Cox Transformation U.3 Example 13.3 The Consumption Function Creation of Bank Money Link Between Money and Prices .18 Panel Data Airline Costs Productivity and Public Investment Demand for Electricity in the U.24 Table 15.16 Table 16.2 Example 17.7 Example 15.S.4 Advisory Fees Charged and Asset Size Mutual Fund Advisory Fees The Cobb-Douglas Production Function Growth of U.23 Table 15.29 LPM: A Numerical Example Hypothetical Data on Home Ownership Data for Home Ownership Example Cohen-Rea-Lerman Study Predicting a Bond Rating Who Holds a Debit Card? Hypothetical Data Data on the Effect of PSI on Course Grades Who Owns a Debit Card? Logit Analysis Estimating the Index Ii from the Standard Normal CDF Illustration of Gprobit Using Housing To Smoke or Not to Smoke Geriatric Study of Frequency of Falls Toxicity Study and Rotenone on Chrysanthemum Aphis GRE Scores Price of Soda with Discount Coupon Probit Regressions Hypothetical Data Set Benign Chapter 16 Illustrative Example Table 16. Chapter 14 Table 14.3 Example 15.17 Table 16.S.1 Example 14.6 Example 15.25 Table 15. Beer Consumption.10 Example 15.2 Example 15.3 Concluding Example Concluding Example Child Mortality Revisited Consumption vs.3 Table 16.3 Table 14.3 Example 14.2 Example 14.1 Example 16.2 Example 13.1 Table 15.1 Example 17. Louis Model Personal Consumption Expenditure and Disposable Personal Income Per Capita Personal Consumption Expenditure and Disposable Income A Model of Hourly Wage Determination Real Consumption Function for the U. Population Production Function Data for the Mexican Economy Mutual Fund Fee Structures Chapter 15 Example 15.2 Example 16.5 Table 15.8 Table 15.22 Table 15.2 Table 13.2 Table 14.4 Table 13.1 Example 13.1 Example 16.Chapter 13 Example 13.26 Table 15. and Beer Tax Unemployment Rate and Hourly Compensation (no data file) Gasoline Demand for 18 Countries Responsiveness of Aid for 135 Countries Chapter 17 Example 17.S. Income Hypothetical Data on Consumption The St.1 Table 15.

6 Table 18./U.11 Table 17. U. Economy Chapter 19 Example 19.13 Example 17.1 Table 20. Consumer Price Index . Interest Rate.9 Example 17.Example 17. Concentration.4 Table 20.4 Example 18.3 Example 20. Crop Prices.10 Table 17.8 Example 17. and GDP The Fed and the Real Rate of Interest The Short. and Price Margins Klein’s Model I Underlying Data for Klein’s Model The Capital Asset Pricing Model Revised Form of St.S.2 Example 21.S.14 Table 17.11 Table 17. M2. and Inventories Compensation.K Exchange Rate U. Price Index.4 Pindyck-Rubinfeld Model of Public Spending Money.1 Example 20. Louis Model Current Population Survey for 1985 Chapter 21 Example 21. TB6 Advertising. Manufacturing Causality between Money and Income Causality between Money and Interest Rates in Canada Causality between GDP Growth and Savings Investment in Fixed Plant and Equipment Investment.4 Demand and Supply Model Keynesian Model of Income Determination Wage-Price Models The IS Model of Macroeconomics The LM Model Econometric Models Personal Consumption Expenditure.4 Example 19.2 Example 20.13 Chapter 18 Example 18.3 M1 Monthly Money Supply in the U.2 Table 20. and GDP Demand and Supply for Gas Macroeconomic Data for the U. Productivity.and Long-Run Aggregate Consumption for Sri Lanka Private Consumption Expenditure and GDP Illustration of the Almon Distributed-Lag Model Inventories and Sales.7 Revisited Demand for Money in Canada Money.1 Example 18. FEDEXP.12 Table 17.5 Table 19.S.6 Example 17. Interest Rate. GDP. and Per Capita Personal Consumption GDP.3 Example 19. and Consumer Price Index Chapter 20 Table 20.8 Numerical Example Table 17.S.5 Example 18.2 Example 19.7 Example 17.S.7 Table 17. The U.3 Table 18.10 Crop Production.1 Example 21. Sales. Gross Private Domestic Investment.5 Example 17.2 Example 17.2 Lag Between R&D and Expenditure The J Curve of International Economics The Accelerator Model of Investment Per Capita Personal Consumption Expenditure and Disposable Income PPCE and PPDI Example 17.3 Example 18.1 Example 19.5 Example 17.12 Example 17. and Unemployment Macroeconomic Data for the Greek Economy Table 18.5 Example 20.10 Table 17.4 Example 17.2 Example 18.

/U.Example 21.5 Example 22.3 Table 22.K.5 Table 22.1 Example 22.2 Example 22. Exchange Rate New York Stock Exchange Price Changes The Relationship Between HWI and UN HWI and UN ARIMA Modeling of the Yen/Dollar Exchange Rate Yen Exchange Rate ARCH Model of the U.7 U.S.S.1 Are 3-Month and 6-Month Treasury Bill Rates Cointegrated? Disposable Personal Income Chapter 22 Example 22.6 Example 22.4 Table 22.4 Table 21. Inflation Rate Three-Month and Six-Month Treasury Bill Rates Appendix E Table E.1 Civilian Labor Force Participation .