There are various hand positions used in both kung fu and in
yoga. The hands in kung fu often form shapes that are representational of
animals. The tigers claw, the snake’s head or the cranes beak are all
traditional shaolin hand positions. In yoga the hand gestures are called
mudras. A mudra sometimes is a symbolic shape similar to the ones in kung fu,
yet more often they are energetic connections being made in the nadis or
meridians. By connecting fingers, or pointing certain directions we direct
energy and link up specific channels to generate a particular set of internal
resonances. The hands are vitally important to the brain. There is an equal
amount of cortical tissue dedicated to the hand as there is to the rest
of the body. By engaging our hands, our breath, our bodies, our focus we awaken
our inner sense of awareness and unify ourselves.
Mudras are special hand gestures used to invoke a variety of energies and qualities.
Mudras represent diverse states of consciousness. Hindu and
Buddhist devotees generally use them during meditation to influence different
parts of the brain or body. Performing a breathing meditation while holding a particular
mudra can facilitate an understanding of situations in life or answer
specific divinatory questions.
Mudras can help to open the mind and heart, as provide great health benefits.
Here are some Mudras that you can try to improve your health. To learn more about Mudras with
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Mudras can be done anywhere, from a quiet space at home, to the office or even on a busy train.
Mudras for Health Benefits
There are five elements in our body: fire, water, air, earth
and space. The five fingers of our hand represent these five elements,
thumb – fire, index finger – air, middle finger – space, ring finger – earth
and little finger – water respectively. Imbalances in these elements cause
diseases. Mudras can balance these elements and thus they promote health.
1. Akash Mudra – Space, Clarity & Energy
This mudra relieves you from dullness and
generates new energy.

It can strengthen the bones. This Mudra is very useful for heart diseases.It can help to prevent disease related to nasal and oral cavities. 2.Time Duration: 15 minutes. Benefits: 1. Mahasir Mudra – Tension Relieving: . 4. 2. 3. Method: Join the tips of middle finger with the tips of thumb while remaining three fingers keeping stretched.It can help to remove frustration.

2. This mudra relieves all tensions. 3. Hakini Mudra – Memory: . 3.It can ber very useful for migraine. It can reduce the mucous congestion.It can relieve your eyes from straining.Touch the tip of thumb with the tips of index and middle fingers. Keep your ring finger into the fold of the thumb and stretch the little finger.It can relieve back pain. Time Duration: 15 to 20 minutes Benefits: 1.

3. This mudra can improve memory power. (Autism can be helped by mudras and some asanas in yoga. 4. Mudra of knowledge(Gyan Mudra) and this mudra can be very helpful. Udan Mudra – Awakening: . Time Duration: 15 minutes Benefits: 1.For children suffering from Autism.It can help to improve concentration.It can promote the co-operation between the right and left brain hemispheres. 2.Touch the tips of the corresponding fingers of each other. But for permanent cure you have to follow other methods prescribed by doctors).

This mudra refreshes your body. Time: 20 minutes . Time Duration: No specific time duration. Saman Mudra – Digestion: Join the tips of all fingers with the tips of the thumb. middle finger and ring finger with the tip of thumb keeping the little finger straight. This mudra develops the flow of energy in all parts of the body. This mudra controls the digestive system. 5.Join the tips of fore finger.It can help with many problems of the chest and navel area.It enhances the efficiency of the nervous system. 2. Benefits: 1. 3.

When this mudra is performed.It enhances the function of digestive system. Shankha mudra Shankha is the Indian term for a conch. It digests food and nourishes body. either at one stretch or in three parts (i.. Now. 3. for 10 to 15 . place the left fingers on the back of the right palm. which represents the element fire. clench the left thumb with right fingers. the hands resemble a conch.Benefits: 1. Benefits of Shankha mudra: Feverish feeling in the body Burning in the body/body-parts Allergic disorders. the Shankha mudra brings about a decrease of Pitta humor but an increase of Vaata and kapha humors within the body.It can help to prevent many problems associated with digestive system. Method: First. especially urticaria (skinrashes) Voice (larynx) and throat (pharynx) problems Flabbiness/weakness/paralysis of muscles. 2. the union of left index finger and the right thumb results in an increase of element air.e. is encircled (and thereby subdued) by the fingers. join the tips of the right thumb and the left index finger. At the same time. Duration: 30 to 45 minutes every day. In other words. Effects: The thumb. Finally.

Benefits of this mudra are similar to those of the Shankha mudra.minutes. thrice a day). However. it may be performed for longer periods if necessary (e. which is performed by interlocking the eight fingers and bringing in contact the two upward-pointing thumbs. Note:There is a simplified version of this mudra called 'Sahaj shankha mudra'.g.. when suffering from fever or manifestations of allergy). . Precaution : People with a Vaata + kapha mix constitution should perform this mudra in moderation.