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A Project Report



Submitted to
Amity University Uttar Pradesh

In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of

(B.SC. - IT)
Under the guidance of



Declaration by the student

I Vishnu Raj Malik, student of(B.SC- IT) hereby declare that the project titled
IT COMPLAINT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM which is submitted by me to
TECHNOLOGY, Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Noida, in partial
fulfillment of requirement for the award of the degree of B.SC- IT in 2016, has
not been previously formed the basis for the award of any degree, Diploma or
other similar title or recognition. The Author attests that permission has been
obtained for the use of any copy righted Material appearing in the Project report
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Only proper acknowledgement in scholarly writing and all such use is





On the basis of declaration submitted by Vishnu Raj Malik, student Of B. SC. IT, I hereby certify that the project titled IT COMPLAINT MANAGEMENT
TECHNOLOGY Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Noida, in partial fulfillment of
the requirement for the award of the degree Of (B.SC. - IT) in 2016, is an original
contribution with existing knowledge and faithful record of work carried out by
him/them under my guidance and supervision. To the best of my knowledge this
work has not been submitted in part or full for any Degree or Diploma to this
University or elsewhere.

Date :



The issue chose to the investigation is "to enroll protests on site" at NTPC,New Delhi. Each
undertaking needs smooth running of its exercises. It serves as a connection amongst workers
and NTPC data. Presently days, everybody needs to get to their information in advanced cells
since it is extremely dull to go for PC and open site to see data over and over.

The application ought to give snappy access to the data kept up and should uncover the
imperative surveys about the business so that the development can be effectively looked at.

Downsides of the Existing System:

Course of activity is tedious. Wherever a requirement for pursuit emerges, the procedure
advances seek includes opening a connection in program and see diverse menus.


Expenditure is high.


Users need to login over and over after a couple time.

It was exceptionally hard to see the site on versatile or whatever other convenient

To defeat these, the proposed framework has been recommended.


Destinations of the proposed application:

The principle target of the proposed application is to conquer the disadvantages of the current
framework. The other prime targets are:


To diminish manual work.


To enhance the precision level and also proficiency.


To present just the helpful information in an orderly way.


To lessen the handling time.


Ensuring less demanding openness to any data at whatever point required.

Favorable circumstances of the proposed framework:

Since physically works are helped out through portable, so it spares time and exertion.
Additionally it is less mistake inclined. Presently the association will be profited with day by day
data about data on site, since now everything is put away in the database and at whatever time
can be gotten to through Smartphone application. Login framework will be given to security of
the data which is private to the association.

The application will oblige information to be entered in easy to understand structure. The entire
framework ought to be planned in such a way in this way, to the point that it is helpful for the
client to work.

In future the framework can be developed and updated if required.


In the field of software engineering, an interface is a device and idea that alludes to a state of
cooperation amongst parts, and is appropriate at the level of both equipment and programming.
This permits a segment, whether a bit of equipment, for example, an illustrations card or a bit of
programming, for example, an Internet program, to work autonomously while utilizing interfaces
to speak with different segments by means of an information/yield framework and a related

The entire application contains one and only interface/framework as recorded in taking after

S. No. Component Application(s)


User Application
This interface is in charge of taking solicitations from
representatives, confirms them, and shows required data.

Table: APPLICATION Interface



Hardware Requirements

Any cell phone which have android working framework introduced in it.


Software Requirements

Operating framework: ANDRIOD

Language Used: JAVA

Text Editor: ECLIPSE

Platform utilized: ANDROID SDK


Incremental or Iterative Development

The incremental, or iterative, improvement model breaks the venture into little parts. Every part
is subjected to different cycles of the waterfall model. Toward the end of every cycle, another
module is finished or a current one is enhanced, the module is coordinated into the structure, and
the structure is then tried in general.

The framework is tried toward the end of every emphasis, and the test criticism is quickly
consolidated toward the end of every test cycle. The time required for progressive cycles can be
decreased in view of the experience picked up from past emphasess. The framework develops by
including new capacities amid the advancement segment of every emphasis. Every cycle handles
a moderately little arrangement of necessities and functionalities; hence, testing develops as the
framework advances. Interestingly, in an exemplary waterfall life cycle, every stage (prerequisite
examination, framework configuration, et cetera) happens once in the improvement cycle for the
whole arrangement of framework necessities.

The principle point of interest of the iterative improvement model is that restorative moves can
be made toward the end of every cycle. The remedial activities can be changed to the
determination as a result of mistaken understanding of the prerequisites, changes to the
necessities themselves, and other plan or code-related changes in view of the framework testing
led toward the end of every cycle.

Apparatuses USED:


Overshadowing is a multi-dialect programming improvement environment containing a base

workspace and an extensible module framework for redoing the earth. It is composed for the
most part in Java. It can be utilized to create applications in Java and, by method for different
modules, other programming dialects, including C, C++, COBOL, JavaScript, and PHP. It can
likewise be utilized to create bundles for the product Mathematical. Improvement situations
incorporate the Eclipse Java advancement instruments (JDT) for Java, Eclipse CDT for C/C++
and Eclipse PDT for PHP, among others.




Platform version


21 June 2004 3.0 [1]


28 June 2005 3.1


30 June 2006 3.2

Europa 29 June 2007 3.3


Callisto tasks

Europa tasks


25 June 2008 3.4

Ganymede tasks

Galileo24 June 2009 3.5

Galileo tasks

Helios 23 June 2010 3.6

Helios tasks

Indigo 22 June 2011 3.7

Indigo tasks


27 June 2012 4.2 [2]

Juno ventures

Discharge utilized:

Shroud Juno: 4.2


Android is a Linux-based working framework outlined principally for touch screen cell phones,
for example, advanced mobile phones and tablet PCs. At first created by Android, Inc., which
Google sponsored fiscally and later purchased in 2005, Android was disclosed in 2007 alongside
the establishing of the Open Handset Alliance: a consortium of equipment, programming, and
telecom organizations committed to propelling open gauges for cell phones. The principal
Android-fueled telephone was sold in October 2008.

Applications are produced in the Java dialect utilizing the Android programming improvement
unit (SDK). The SDK incorporates a complete arrangement of improvement apparatuses,
including a debugger, programming libraries, a handset emulator in view of QEMU,
documentation, test code, and instructional exercises. The formally bolstered coordinated
advancement environment (IDE) is Eclipse utilizing the Android Development Tools (ADT)
module. Other improvement devices are accessible, including a Native Development Kit for
applications or augmentations in C or C++, Google App Inventor, a visual domain for tenderfoot
software engineers, and different cross stage versatile web applications systems


Java is a little, straightforward, safe, object arranged, deciphered or powerfully improved, byte
coded, building, rubbish gathered, multithreaded programming dialect with a specifically
exemption taking care of for composing dispersed and progressively extensible projects.

Java is an item arranged programming dialect. Java is an abnormal state, third era dialect like C,
FORTRAN, Small talk, Pearl and numerous others. You can utilize Java to compose PC
applications that do the math, process words, play diversions, store information or do any of the
a huge number of different things PC programming can do.

Uncommon projects called applets that can be downloaded from the web and played securely
inside a web program. Java a backings this application and the take after components make it one
of the best programming dialects.

It is basic and article situated

It makes easy to understand interfaces.

It is exceptionally alterable.

It underpins multithreading.

It is stage free

It is exceptionally secure and vigorous.

It bolsters web programming


Prerequisites stage is the main period of an undertaking. Prerequisites are assembled to decide
the necessities or conditions to be met for the improvement of the task.

Necessities must be noteworthy, quantifiable, testable, identified with distinguished business

needs or opportunities, and characterized to a level of point of interest adequate for framework

For the application the prerequisites were accumulated by giving an arrangement of poll and
meetings. Nitty gritty data was assembled from the client by getting some information about the
intended interest group, reason for application, substance and objectives to be accomplished.


Since the clients of the application are of extremely discrete groups so we should give the office
to every client. Here we are talking about a portion of the essential elements:

Provide a versatile interface of NTPC Reports with the goal that clients can enlist their
protests advantageously and bother free.

Provide a basic and better organization with the goal that client can see data effortlessly
and rapidly.

Provide alternate ways of critical connections in the application.

Provide a rich GUI keeping in mind the end goal to make the application attractive.


Execution qualities:

Lightweight procedure: As all Complaints are gotten from the database so it ought to be light.

Convenience: Android ADT is usable in business sector since it has adjustable foundation and
different client levels.

Advancement qualities:

Extensibility: We can include every perspective.

Straightforwardness: Application is extremely easy to utilize.

Adaptability: We can include more modules in this application without influencing the present
working of the application.


Outline is the initial step into the advancement stage for any designed item or framework.
Outline is an inventive procedure. A decent plan is the way to powerful framework. The
expression "outline" is characterized as "the procedure of applying different strategies and
standards with the end goal of characterizing a procedure or a framework in adequate point of
interest to allow its physical acknowledgment". It might be characterized as a procedure of
applying different methods and standards with the end goal of characterizing a gadget, a
procedure or a framework in adequate point of interest to allow its physical acknowledgment.
Programming outline sits at the specialized piece of the product building prepare and is
connected paying little respect to the improvement worldview that is utilized. The framework
outline builds up the engineering subtle element required to fabricate a framework or item. As on
account of any precise methodology, this product too has experienced the most ideal
configuration stage tweaking all productivity, execution and exactness levels. The outline stage is
a move from a client situated record to an archive to the software engineers or database work
force. Framework plan experiences two periods of advancement: Logical and Physical Design.


The improvement in the task is done by changing over the pseudo codes created in
the outline stage utilizing proper dialect stage. In the improvement stage, the
dialect imperatives are connected to the outline. Improvement of code is done on
the premise of the pseudo codes made in this way giving a consistent move from
configuration stage to advancement stage.

In the advancement stage the pseudo code are changed over into the helpful code
utilizing JAVA dialect as a part of android system as the creating environment.


Execution is the phase of the undertaking where the hypothetical outline is transformed into a
working framework. It can be thought to be the most critical stage in accomplishing a fruitful
new framework picking up the clients certainty that the new framework will work and will be
powerful and exact. It is essentially worried with client preparing and documentation.
Transformation more often than not happens about the same time the client is being prepared or
later. Execution just means assembling another framework plan into operation, which is the
procedure of changing over another modified framework outline into an operational one.

Execution is the phase of the task where the hypothetical outline is tuned into a working
framework. At this stage the fundamental work stack, the best change and the real effect on the
current framework movements to the client division. On the off chance that the execution stage is
not deliberately arranged and controlled, it can make bedlam and perplexity.

The usage state includes the accompanying assignments:

Careful arranging.

Investigation of framework and limitations.

Design of techniques to accomplish the changeover.

Training of the staff in the changeover stage.


Programming Testing is the procedure of executing programming in a controlled way, keeping in

mind the end goal to answer the inquiry - Does the product carry on as indicated? Programming

testing is frequently utilized as a part of relationship with the terms check and approval.
Approval is the checking or testing of things, incorporates programming, for conformance and
consistency with a related detail. Programming testing is only one sort of check, which likewise
utilizes strategies, for example, surveys, examination, assessments, and walkthroughs.

The testing stage for the venture contained Unit, Integration and System Testing. The manual
testing is ruined all the three sorts and no device was utilized as a part of any of the three level of


The Post-Implementation and Software Maintenance part is under execution group.

Arrangement Includes:

Survey of the information necessities for the application for

Completeness of the objective blueprints intelligent and physical outline record

Completeness of the semantic portrayal of every information component required

Development of an arrangement for the intelligent information design.

Inventory of the intelligent source, pattern, metadata and all self-portraying records.

Cross reference of focus to source intelligent information components.

Develop a rundown of missing however required information components.

Development of an arrangement for the physical information engineering.

Develop a source information physical model

Develop a cross-reference between every source and target information component

Determine the right devices to execute the transformation

Develop, extricate, change and load forms for information.


The venture is bound to NTPC representatives as it were.

The task is constructed just to give access to the site data to the NTPC


Adequate equipment and programming assets will be accessible.

Adequate labor assets with required aptitudes will be accessible.

Any inquiries or concerns affecting the task, conveyed to the consideration of the
customer, might be determined when for all intents and purposes conceivable.

The customer would give Test information to testing purposes.

The customer should give help with the readiness of User Acceptance Test. The help
incorporates the clients/frameworks accessibility and vital coordination.

All proper configuration archives for all segments.


User must know Internet searching essentials.

User must be having Internet access.

User must have a legitimate id and must recollect his secret word.


The consistent stream of a framework and characterize the limits of a framework. It incorporates
the accompanying steps:

Reviews the current physical framework its information streams, document content,
volumes, Frequencies and so forth.

Prepares yield determinations that is, decides the organization, substance and
Frequency of reports.

Prepares info details arrangement, substance and the majority of the information

Prepares alter, security and control particulars.

Specifies the execution arrangement.

Prepares an intelligent configuration stroll through of the data stream, yield, info,
Controls and execution arrangement.

Reviews advantages, costs, deadlines and framework limitations.



Physical framework creates the working frameworks by characterize the outline details that tell
the software engineers precisely what the competitor framework must do. It incorporates the
accompanying steps.

Design the physical framework.

Specify info and yield media.

Design physical data course through the framework and a physical configuration

Plan framework execution.

Prepare a change calendar and deadline.

Determine preparing strategies, courses and timetable.

Devise a test and execution arrange and indicate any new equipment/programming.

Update advantages , costs , change date and framework limitations

Plan/Specification exercises:

Concept plan.

Problem understanding.

High level prerequisites recommendations.

Feasibility study.

Requirements building.

Architectural outline.



The info configuration is the connection between the data framework and the client. It contains
the creating detail and techniques for information planning and those strides are important to put
exchange information into a usable structure for preparing can be accomplished by assessing the
PC to peruse information from a composed or printed record or it can happen by having
individuals entering the information specifically into the framework. The configuration of
information spotlights on controlling the measure of information required, controlling the
blunders, staying away from postponement, maintaining a strategic distance from additional
strides and keeping the procedure straightforward. The information is planned in such a path in
this way, to the point that it gives security and usability with holding the protection. Info Design
considered the accompanying things:

What information ought to be given as info?

How the information ought to be organized or coded?

The discourse to manage the working faculty in giving info.

Methods for get ready info approvals and ventures to take after when mistakes happen.


Input Design is the procedure of changing over a client situated depiction of the
contribution to a PC based framework. This configuration is imperative to maintain a strategic
distance from mistakes in the information info process and demonstrate the right bearing to the
administration for getting right data from the electronic framework.

4.1 Test Plan:

A test arrangement infers a progression of fancied strategy to be followed in achieving different

testing techniques. The Test Plan goes about as a blue print for the activity that is to be taken
after. The product engineers make a PC program, its documentation and related information
structures. The product engineers is constantly in charge of testing the individual units of the
projects, guaranteeing that each performs the capacity for which it was outlined. There is a free
test bunch (ITG) which is to evacuate the inalienable issues connected with letting the developer
to test the thing that has been constructed. The particular goals of testing ought to be expressed in
quantifiable terms. So that the interim to disappointment, the expense to discover and settle the
imperfections, remaining deformity thickness or recurrence of event and test work-hours per
relapse test all ought to be expressed inside the test arrangement.

The levels of testing include:

Unit testing

Integration Testing

Data approval Testing

Output Testing

4.1.1 Unit Testing:

Unit testing centers check exertion on the littlest unit of programming outline the product part
or module. Utilizing the part level configuration depiction as an aide, critical control ways are
tried to reveal blunders inside the limit of the module. The relative unpredictability of tests and
revealed scope built up for unit testing. The unit testing is white-box situated, and step can be led
in parallel for different segments. The particular interface is tried to guarantee that data
appropriately streams into and out of the system unit under test. The nearby information structure
is inspected to guarantee that information put away briefly keeps up its uprightness amid all
progressions in a calculation's execution. Limit conditions are tried to guarantee that all
announcements in a module have been executed at any rate once. At long last, all blunder taking
care of ways are tried.

Tests of information stream over a module interface are required before whatever other test is
started. In the event that information don't enter and exit appropriately, all different tests are
unsettled. Particular testing of execution ways is a vital assignment amid the unit test. Great
configuration directs that blunder conditions be foreseen and mistake taking care of ways set up
to reroute or neatly end preparing when a mistake occurs. Limit testing is the last assignment of
unit testing step. Programming frequently falls flat at its limits.

Unit testing was done in Sell-Soft System by regarding every module as isolated substance and
testing every one of them with a wide range of test inputs. Some blemishes in the inward
rationale of the modules were found and were amended.

4.1.2 Integration Testing:

Coordination testing is orderly system for building the project structure while in the meantime
leading tests to reveal blunders connected with interfacing. The goal is to take unit tried
segments and manufacture a project structure that has been managed by configuration. The
whole program is tried as entirety. Adjustment is troublesome on the grounds that segregation of
causes is convoluted by incomprehensible spread of whole program. Once these blunders are
revised, new ones show up and the procedure proceeds in an apparently unending circle.

After unit testing in Sell-Soft System every one of the modules were incorporated to test for any
irregularities in the interfaces. In addition contrasts in project structures were expelled and a one
of a kind system structure was developed.

4.1.3 Validation Testing or System Testing:

This is the last stride in testing. In this the whole framework was tried all in all with all
structures, code, modules and class modules. This type of testing is prevalently known as Black
Box testing or System tests.

Discovery testing technique concentrates on the practical necessities of the product. That is,
Black Box testing empowers the product architect to infer sets of information conditions that will
completely practice every single utilitarian prerequisite for a project.

Discovery testing endeavors to discover mistakes in the accompanying classifications; off base
or missing capacities, interface blunders, blunders in information structures or outer information
access, execution mistakes and instatement blunders and end blunders.

4.1.4 Output Testing or client Acceptance Testing:

The framework considered is tried for client acknowledgment; here it ought to fulfill the
company's need. The product ought to stay in contact with point of view framework; client at the
season of creating and rolling out improvements at whatever point required. This finished
regarding the accompanying focuses

Input Screen Designs,

Output Screen Designs,

Online message to direct the client.

The above testing is done taking different sorts of test information. Arrangement of test
information assumes a crucial part in the framework testing. In the wake of setting up the test
information, the framework under study is tried utilizing that test information. While testing the
framework by which test information mistakes are again revealed and amended by utilizing
above testing steps and remedies are likewise noted for future use.

Acceptance Checking:

At the climax of reconciliation testing, programming is totally collected as a bundle; interfacing

mistakes have been revealed and rectified, and a last arrangement of programming test-approval
checks may start. Acceptance can be characterized from various perspectives, yet a
straightforward definition (Albeit Harsh) is that approval succeeds when programming capacities
in a way that can be sensibly expected by a client. Programming acceptance is accomplished
through a progression of discovery tests to be directed and a test methodology characterizes
particular experiments that will be utilized as a part of endeavor to reveal blunders in similarity
with necessities. Both the arrangement and strategy are intended to guarantee that every single
practical necessity are fulfilled; all execution prerequisites are accomplished; documentation is
right and human Engineered and different prerequisites are met. Once the application was made
free of all sensible and interface blunders , inputting sham information to guarantee that the
product created fulfilled every one of the prerequisites of the client did approval checks
.However , the information are made with the expectation of figuring out if the framework will
handle them effectively .

In the proposed framework, if the customers tap the send catch in the wake of selecting a
document from his record list, then the framework will demonstrate the affirmation message for
sending records. Thus if a customer makes an endeavor to download a document from the server
record list, then likewise the framework will demonstrate the affirmation message for
downloading. This is the way the information approvals were made in the proposed framework.


The "Versatile Application" Software is a live Project Software. This application helps
representatives to see valuable information from site in simpler way. By and large the framework
is extremely useful with a specific end goal to give a quality administration productively and
viably. Furthermore, I have additionally attempted to satisfy every one of the prerequisites. There
may be a few confinements however those are because of time and cost imperative. There is a
ton of extension for further upgrade of the venture.

It gives all fundamental data to the representatives with the utilization of this application. The
client can essentially work on his/her versatile and screen every one of the exercises with no
physical development of the record. This application gives significant data (like Complaints,
solicitations and so forth) rapidly. These modules have been incorporated for successful
utilization of the administration for future estimating and for the present need.

Focal points:

Saves Time

User well disposed Environments

Easy to Operate.

Accurate results

Less labor.


Taking after are couple of restrictions connected with our application:

The web association is must.

Initial equipment/programming prerequisites are a limitation.

Proper preparing before utilizing the application is must.

No procurement for overlook secret key alternative.


This application could be isolated into better points of interest by adding some more
elements like to email any data.