“Targeting the Corrosive Insolence of the Horse Carriage Drivers” By Naomi Semeniuk I wonder how many people in the

Bloomberg administration and the NYC city council know how pervasive the insolence and the amount of epidemic disrespect for women the carriage horse drivers practice so vigorously and so maliciously especially towards female activists who demonstrate against horse torture, abuse and a total ban of this deplorable industry. If the current NYC Mayoral administration and the current city council members approve of vicious snickering and verbal sniping and the profanities uttered by the most vile and low bred minds, then I wonder if their significant other females in their lives would approve of their loved ones being the targets of the most scurrilous and scatological trash talk NYC has to offer from the carriage horse drivers and owners. It certainly is being tolerated by those who voted for the Intro 35A raise given to the carriage horse industry. Of course with the tourists their true personalities don’t manifest because the lure of the now 50 dollar ride and up is what’s on their minds. The corrosive and virulent impudence is of course their ill bred ness coming to a high level of fear they really can’t handle so they camouflage themselves with the weak and commonplace weapons of their foul mouthing shenanigans which will never change the fact that these are the actions and the reactions of classic abusers of animals, women and human folk in general behaving like the bloody cowards they are. If they were raised in a sewer and witnessed such verbal assaults directed at their moms and other significant members of their families then this is all they know and will ever know because it’s the “F” word and the limited vocabulary that they’re stuck with. They can not begin or finish a sentence without the “F” word when their haranguing threatening verbiage begins to spill. This also reflects on how they speak to their horses when they won’t do what they ask. Can you imagine? New York doesn’t have a school for etiquette or ethical behavior towards animals but if it had, they would tear it down. They simply can’t organize or think of speaking without an obscenity and the “F” word and to ask more than that from them would be an impossible task because the intelligence to think, speak and behave without profanities and ill mannered uncouthness just isn’t

there to develop because foulness and disgusting others is their unenviable forte. The activists are the stuff that makes carriage drivers scream and toss and turn during their nightmares for fear that their horses might one day leave their sinister dominance and be in perfect health, in perfect care and in a perfectly safe and liberating environment where no driver utters profanities or uses the most foul language at them or at their activist defenders and protectors and where unreported carriage horse accidents don’t exist anymore because this dangerous charade and egregious lie of a romantic ride in the park will come to an end game leaving its trail of bloody accidents and the brutal abusive treatment of carriage horse torture in the dust heaps of New York traditions created to be broken forever. The city council should review the unreported accidents of carriage horses that go UNREPORTED like the one that occurred on May 1st 2010 when a horse got spooked, bucked and reared then crashed into a vehicle. Why isn’t everyone informed about this? How many unreported accidents are there? Why has the savvy media of our city not published this carriage horse accident that occurred on May 1st, 2010? No word on what happened to the passengers, the motorists nor the horse and why is that? I thought we had a free press so where is it when such an occurrence happens? Yes all the media attention was directed at the terrorist bomb scare which is worthy of everyone’s attention but this story regarding the May1st, 2010 carriage horse accident also deserved attention because more and more dangers of safety and the threat of more dangers have to be dealt with and exposed by the media. If surveillance cameras like the ones they have in London were all over the hack line of the carriage horse areas and beyond, it would capture a slew of wake up calls on how many violations go unreported and all of it should be caught on tape and audio. The ASPCA has washed its hands regarding any significant enactments of humane law enforcement penalties with stringent disciplinary action and penalties towards the shameful carriage horse industry because they’d rather be the invisible institution of apathy and laissez faire as far as clamping down on serious violations against animals is concerned. There’s no excuse for the verbal battery of barbarism in speech that the activists have witnessed and been victims of because the way they mistreat and harangue the activists also reflects the way they mistreat their horses. It’s easy for them to be spooked at principles they know nothing of but in any case the spooking of the carriage horse

drivers towards the activists becomes a phobia they can not handle shaking the foundation of their lives. As one carriage horse driver showed off his money to the activists, one can only call it blood money based on a form of antiquated oppression this time with carriage horses and when they say the carriage horses will be treated well, it’s all a prevarication of the real and true facts. The carriage horse driver showing off his blood money is blatant and factual testimony of his mercenary attitude and how willfully tactless and insensitive they are towards their horses. If it had been caught on surveillance cameras with the audio as well, it would be been a rude awakening to those who support this shameful industry because the evidence would speak for itself. The carriage horse drivers and the carriage owners and supporters of this abysmal industry have to know that you can’t live the truth with delusional thinking and you can’t buy class when vulgarism is all you know. By Naomi Semeniuk

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