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When we surface/literally read the Bible, we miss vast richness we puzzle over many portions, especially
when they sound harsh, even cruel. The Book of Revelation is the most metaphysical book in the Bible.
Meta = beyond; thus, metaphysical means beyond the physical. We must look beyond the physical
surface in order to discern its hidden meaning. The Book of Revelation reveals the path to enlightenment, to
God consciousness, Christ consciousness, full consciousness, ascensionwhatever you choose to call it. The
seven churches signify the seven major chakras within each of us. These chakras must be cleansed before we
can move into higher dimensions of consciousness.
Lets consider Revelation 2:9 for an example. The angel of the church in Smyrna speaks: I know your works
and your suffering and poverty, but you are rich, and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and
are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan.
In order to ascertain the hidden biblical truths, we must first consider the metaphysical meaning of key words.
Suffering as we prepare to ascend into the Christed Consciousness, we must cleanse the misconceptions of
life with which we have grown up. This can be a painful process because it often means breaking away from
the status quo, standing alone, giving up life-long beliefs.
Poverty the state of being spiritually blindnot consciously knowing the truth about self and life. The
angel affirms that you are rich; however until we know the richness that comes from the Christed
Consciousness, we are poor. Our richness lies dormant within our being.
Blasphemy according to Charles Fillmore (Metaphysical Bible Dictionary), one aspect of blasphemy is
our fear of accepting the biblical teaching that Ye are gods. (Psalms 82:6, John 10:34) We commit blasphemy
when we deny the truth of who we really are.
Jews metaphysically, Jews has nothing to do with a race or religion. Instead, the highest (or esoteric)
meaning for Jews = divine ideas or spiritual consciousness (Fillmores Metaphysical Bible Dictionary). In the
New Testament, Jews symbolize our codified religious beliefs/doctrines. Instead of worshipping in spirit and
truth, we find the Jews of the New Testament in strict adherence to a set of laws that govern every phase of
their lives. Thus, the exoteric meaning of Jews = those of us who fear moving beyond the established
doctrines of religion.
Synagogue of Satan those who live their lives focused on the physical plane and ego desires.
Metaphysically, Satan = all the man-devised thought patterns that prevent us from seeking truth. The
synagogue of Satan = those of us who are living our lives backwards, denying Ye are godsblaspheming or
despising our true identities.
I know that you suffer as you release the non-truths with which you have lived; I know that you feel spiritually
impoverished you sense that there is more to lifes meaning, but know not where to find it. In truth, you are
rich because Ye are gods. I know those of you who blaspheme by saying you are Jewsthose who have
achieved enlightenmentwhen you have not. In fact, you are living your lives backwards, adhering to manmade religious doctrines, rather than seeking spiritual truth. You blaspheme by despising the truth Ye are

Nancy Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div. using as sources Charles Fillmores Metaphysical Bible Dictionary and
Steven Hairfields A Metaphysical Interpretation of the Bible.
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