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Email: Mobile: +91-9886425007

Address: Y7-203, Greenwood Regency, Sarjapur Road, Next to Wipro, Bengaluru
Embedded Professional with 12+ years of progressive experience in Top Embedded
Companies and overall 14 years of experience in IT industry.
Strong Technical Leadership experience of 7 years for Embedded Software
Design/Development Teams.
Key individual Contributor for Multiple Projects in professional career span.


Proficient in C and Assembly languages with good working knowledge of C++.
Embedded Linux Device Drivers & BareMetal (OSLess) Drivers Design,
Architecture and Development.
BSP/SDK Development on ARM based Embedded SoCs and porting on ARM, Toshiba,
TI processors.
Driver design, development and maintenance for SoC peripherals like Camera
Interface and Sensors, ADC, PWM, DMA , UART, SPI, I2C, USB, Graphics HW, YUVC.
Multi-threaded Application realization with Linux Open Source Middleware and
Libraries on ARM.
Support for Porting Linux on ARM (Board bring up), U-boot and Toshiba Chain loader.
Development, Porting and Optimization of Video and Image Codecs on Multicore
Development of DTV Audio Firmware and Dolby MS-10 certification for various
Audio Codecs.
Leading Software Design and Architecture activities of project.
Proven leadership in delivering high quality embedded software to customer ontime.
Customer Engagement (Japanese, US and Indian customers) and Product
People management including goal setting, appraisal, periodic engagement
meetings and mentoring.
Driving complete product SDLC process and ensure SEI-CMMI Level-5 compliance.
Excellent Documentation skills especially in preparing Requirement/Design Specs
and Analysis Reports.

Linux MW

C, Assembly (RISC and DSP), C++, Java(Basic), Shell Scripting
ARM - CA9 and ARM9/11, Toshiba - ApPLite (TZ2100/TZ3000) & MeP
Multi-core, TI - C55x
ADC, PWM, UART, I2C, SPI, USB, TIMER, CAMIF, Camera Sensors,
Graphics Accelerator
ADC, PWM, Camera Interface & Sensors, Graphics Accelerator, YUVC,
Gstreamer, V4L2, ALSA, Qt, Linux Frame Buffer, DirecFB, Gtk, OpenMax


U-Boot, Toshiba Chain Loader
MPEG2, H264, MPEG4, HeAAC, Dolby Digital and Digital Pro, JPEG, PNG,
Various Linux tool chains, IAR EWARM, ARM RVDS, TI CCS, MS Visual
Studio, JTAG, J-Link
MS Office, Redmine, Coverity, QAC-MISRA, Git, SVN, CVS, Dolby
certification, LTP


OPM recognition from Toshiba for one of the top semiconductor project practice in
India office.
BRAVO award from Motorola for successful completion of ARM based Multimedia
Admiration from Toshiba Japan for successful handling of project critical activities of
Sony Audio FW.
Won appreciation from Toshiba Japan for challenging onsite assignment of MPEG-2
Half decoding

Toshiba Software India, Bangalore

Jan-14 to Present

Project Leader/System Specialist

Linux and OS Less BSP and SDK Development for ApPLite TZ2100 ARM Based
SoC (Aug-14 to Present)
TZ2100 is ARM Cortex-A9 based SoC developed by Toshiba suitable for wide range of
applications such as small embedded and handheld devices, industrial and
amusement equipment. India office has immensely contributed to this project by
developing and supporting various modules of BSP and SDK for TZ2100.
Key responsibilities:
Design and development of ADC (with DMA) and PWM drivers on Linux and NonOS
Handling key change requests for Camera Interface, YUVC and Graphics driver for
Support for I2C, UART, USB and SPI device drivers.
Design of Combinational Suspend Resume (Power Management) Test for Linux
Barcode Reader Multithreaded Application Development using Camera Driver and
Zbar, V4L2, JPEG libs.
Custom Gstreamer Plugin Development using YUVC Hardware for Video playback
Realized Video Player and Recorder using Gstreamer, V4L2 and ALSA.
Board-bring up (Linux Porting on ARM), Toshiba Chain Loader Gap Analysis and Fix
issues in the same.
GIT server management for Japan and India office.
Managing BSP and SDK releases to Toshiba Japan marketing team using GIT.

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Toshiba Japan Customer engagement for complete SDLC.

Linux BSP and SDK Support and Development for ApPLite TZ3000 ARM Based
SoC (Jan-14 to Aug-14)
TZ3000 is ARM Cortex-A9 based SoC developed by Toshiba. It is targeted for various
industrial applications with Video Surveillance being the primary one. India office has
played a major role in maintaining multiple modules of BSP and SDK for TZ3000.
Key responsibilities
Ramp up and project take over from team responsible for BSP& SDK testing,T4K28
camera development
Support to customer for various issues mainly related to U-boot (SDHC), Gstreamer
and Board bring-up.
Complete BSP testing (15+ drivers) and SDK testing (using Linux Open Source
libraries and test bench).
Handling BSP and SDK releases to Indian customer.
Indian customer engagement for clarifying queries, analyzing and fixing bug in BSP
and SDK.
Brainstorming, debugging and resolving the issues faced by the team
Toshiba Software India, Bangalore
May-08 to Dec-13

Team Leader/Sr. System Analyst

Development of DTV Audio FW & MS-10 Dolby Certification Codecs (June-11

to Dec-13)
Toshiba has completely developed Audio FW for Sony Bravia TV models (2011- 2014)
which runs on Toshiba (MeP + AVC) processor. Toshiba India has ported 10+ audio
codecs including Dolby codecs (HeAAC and DDp decoder and DD encoder) and
designed/developed complete DTV audio FW for 2011- 2014 Sony Bravia TV.
Key responsibilities:
Completely responsible for Dolby MS-10 certification for Sony 2013 to 2014 model
Code modification for Dolby codecs for 2012 to 2014 models as per Sony request.
Development for Audio FW related customer requests.
Handling Critical Issues Reported by Sony and Dolby for 2013 and 2014 models.
Customer Engagement.
Brainstorming, debugging and resolving the issues faced by team.
Driving and executing CMMI Level-5 quality processes in 2013-2014.
Development, Porting and Maintenance of Video codecs for Toshiba Venezia
(Jun 08 May 11)
Toshiba Venezia platform is a highly optimized configurable multi-core architecture
designed for achieving high performance for multimedia codecs and pre/post
processing modules. India office has developed and ported various Video Codecs
(H264, MPEG-4, MPEG-2 and VC1). OpenMax IL compliance is also done.
Key responsibilities:
Porting, Design and Development of MPEG-2 Full and Half video decoder on Multicore architecture using Toshiba VKernel
OpenMax interface design and development of MPEG-2
OpenMax Interface test case development for MPEG-4 Encoder
Maintenance of H264, MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 video decoders. Handling Key change
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Customer Engagement and completely responsible for leading the team and
handling project releases.
Toshiba Software India, Bangalore
Dec-06 to May-08

Sr. Software Engineer

Ref. Code Development MPEG-2 Video Full/ Half Decoding and Interface
Development for VC1 decoder
Key responsibilities:
Complete SDLC for Reference Code Development of MPEG-2 Video Full and Half
Design and development of MPEG-2 Half decoding at Toshiba R&D Japan office.
MPEG-2 decoder modifications for making it OpenMax IL compliant.
Making the reference code ready for porting on Venezia platform
Interface development of VC1 decoder on Toshiba S1G platform
Tata Elxsi (Consultant to Motorola Bangalore)
Feb 04 - Dec 06

Senior Engineer

DSP Modules for Motorola phone using TI OMAP 2420

The mobile phone used TI OMAP 2420 architecture employing ARM1136JS (application
processor) and TMS320C55x (DSP). Application processor ran WinCE OS.
Responsible for Porting of Sample Rate Converter C code (written for 32 bit
processor) to C55x DSP.
Platform level testing of image codecs (JPEG,PNG,GIF,BMP) for ARM11 using MS
Platform Builder
Porting of H.264 Encoder and Multiple Image Codecs on ARM9/ARM11 for
iMX21 platform
Responsible for Assembly Coding (ARM11) of H264 encoder cycle hungry modules
(SAD calculations, Transform and Inv transforms, etc.), Testing and Profiling.
Independently contributed to development/porting of PNG, GIF & BMP
encoder/decoder on ARM9/11
Ebix India (Erstwhile PTG, Nagpur)
Jul 01 - Aug 03

Software Engineer

Integration of crystal reports with web based portal and Data Migration
between 2 JDBC compliant DBs

Responsible for integrating Crystal Reports with web-based portal ECP using

Responsible for developing Java module which migrates ECP data between 2
JDBC complaint databases.
PG Diploma in Embedded Systems Design (Full Time) from Advanced Computing
Training School (ACTS), CDAC, Pune Feb04 First Class
Distance Education Program in Embedded Systems (Part Time) from IIT Bombay
May 03 BC credit.
BE Electronics (Full Time) from YCCE, Nagpur University - June 01 First Class

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HSC & SSC Maharashtra board - June 95/97 - Aggregate 90 % - 25th Merit from Nagpur

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