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ON 17TH MAY 2016

Malawi is a land of investment opportunities. And

we are at a turning point! The Malawi you see today
is not the Malawi you will see in a few years to
If you look at Malawi as you have known us, you
will miss the business train. But look at the wheels
we have set in motion, and listen to what we are
doing, and you will see where we are going.
As Robert F. Kennedy says, There are those who
look at things the way they are, and ask why? I
dream of things that never were, and ask why
not? I dream of a Malawi that has never been
before. Why not? But we need to be innovative!
Ladies and Gentlemen
The principle of survival in business, and in life, is
simple. Innovation is the insurance for survival in a
competitive business world. In life, either you
adapt, or you perish! Be innovative, or perish!
Africa needs innovation for us to walk in step with
the world. We need to be innovative to move with
the rising Africa. Innovation will enable us to take a
lead in the regional and international integration.
We need to be innovative for our businesses to

remain competitive and survive. So, your challenge

is: think innovation.
As Malawi, we have agreed to be innovative and
adapt to the times of this century. We know that we
cannot achieve new results by doing the same
things the same old way.
As I speak to you now, Malawi is undergoing a
silent economic paradigm shift. We are moving this
country from aid to trade. We are diversifying the
base of the economy from our single reliance on
agricultural production to direct investment in
multiple sectors. These include direct investment in
agriculture itself and agro-processing, energy,
We have set the ground for direct investment in
various sectors. Some of you say: we cannot see
much of what is happening. Yes, we are changing a
lot of laws and policies to create a befitting
legislative environment. This legislative reframing is
time consuming but we are pleased with the
progress. We could not do in two years what we
could not do in fifty years. But we are making
historical progress.

Because we want to set the right foundations and

change Malawi forever, we have gone back to the
basics. We want to address the fundamentals of
economic growth which we overlooked for the last
fifty (50) years.
Let me give you one example. Energy has been the
binding constraint against in fulfilling our full
economic potential. Power shortage has been a
problem that has haunted us for years. Now, we
have taken aggressive steps to get the problem out
of the way. We are splitting Electricity Supply
Commission of Malawi (ESCOM); we are bringing in
more independent power producers; and we are
diversifying sources of energy supply. In fact, we
anticipate generating surplus electricity once we
are done. We needed to review the legislative
framework and we are now bound to table a
reviewed Electricity Bill in Parliament.
Ladies and Gentlemen
This Government is thinking business. We are
dreaming business; because we are determined to
do business with the world. We are determined to
drive the private sector to the highest dream

because we want to create jobs for our people;

create new wealth for this country.
We know that your prosperity is our prosperity.
And my success in achieving the vision should be
your success. We are partners in business, and
partners in development! And so, let my vision be
your vision; because I take your business needs as
our political needs!
It has taken innovation to initiate Public Sector
Reforms. We need a business-minded public
service that serves the public and private sectors
We are establishing the National Planning
Commission which will generate sustainable and
productive economic policies that are not confined
to the short terms of political governments.
In order to illustrate our highest political will, I
have established a Ministerial Committee on Doing
Business. We are thinking business.
We have developed the Malawi Growth and
Development Strategy to guide us. One of these
strategies is the newly-launched Buy Malawi

Strategy (BMS). This strategy will empower

indigenous businesses and local investors.
Soon, we will be launching Trade and Industrial
Policies whose objective is to level the playing field
for private sector in doing business.
As I speak, Government is reviewing the Investment
and Export Incentives Acts. At the same time, we
are undertaking a Comprehensive Tax review, as
well as reviewing Control of Goods Act.
Let the business community remember that we are
implementing the National Export Strategy to
support our export diversification drive. I therefore
challenge the Private Sector to do more value
addition and maximize our export diversification. In
this respect, I urge you to maximize your use of our
structured markets. Maximize the Agriculture
Commodities Exchange and Auction Holdings
Commodity Exchange. We have the structures and
systems in place. These will guarantee your access
to better markets, better prices and obtaining loans
from the banks through use of the warehouse
receipt system.
Distinguished Guests

We will stop at nothing until we have created a

better investment environment. Not long from now,
Malawi will be one of the best business
But there is one thing! Let me urge the local private
sector to support Government policies that are
meant for your own good. We want you to step
forward grow winter more maize in a business
partnership with Government. A hunger free
Malawi is good for your business. If you have any
doubts around any technical matters, speak to us,
and we can do business.
That said, I now declare the 28th
International Trade Fair officially opened.


Thank you all for your attention.