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All Praise to ALLAH, the Lord Of The Creation, and
countless greetings of peace and blessings upon the Noble
Messenger of ALLAH, the Last Prophet, our Master, –
This kitab 'Anware Mustafa' (Salallahu alayhi Wasallam) has been
compiled to give every Muslim a minute droplet glance from the
vast ocean of biography that exists on the Beloved Prophet (Sal
allahu alayhi Wasallam). It is intended to illuminate and enliven
each and every Muslim's heart with the sheer love, admiration
and respect of the Holy Prophet (Sal allahu alayhi Wasallam).
It's just a small step to help the moulding and designing of the
mind, so that it can visualise and comprehend the exalted status
of the Beloved Prophet (Salallahu alayhi Wasallam)'s beautified
and incomparable personality, attributes, appearance and
character both inwardly and outwardly.
It is dedicated to the Beloved Prophet Muhammad (Salallahu
alayhi Wasallam) and to all his blessed Companions (Sahaba-e-
Kiraam- ridhwanul laheh ta'ala alayhim ajmaeen), in order to earn
their affection, win their satisfaction and consequently be a
means of our salvation - Insha Allah. (Ameen)
All good written in this kitab is by the Grace of Allah and the
divine benevolence of the Beloved Prophet (sal allahu alayhi
wasalam). And I trust the gentleness of the reader to overlook any
faults of omission or commission which remain, which is my own
solecism and I seek forgiveness for it.
May Allah make our efforts prosper in the cause of Islam and the
correct sect of Ahle Sunnat Wa
Jama'at…. Ameen

One of the Sahaba has said:

"Wa Ahsana Min ka Lam Tara-Qatto Aiy Nee Wa Ajmala Min
ka Lam Ta-li-Din Nisa-oo Kholiq-ta Mu-barra-am-min Kulli
'Aiybinn Kaa-an-naka Qad Khuliqta Kama Tasha-oo" "


No eye has beheld anyone more handsome than you No mother

has given birth to anyone more exalted than you You have been
created without any blemish As if the Creator has created you
according to your wishes." (Sal allahu alayhi wasalam)
The Prophet (Salallahu alayhi Wasallam) 's face was round,
smooth and beautiful. It was immensely radiant and bright in
complexion that through many Ahadith we learn that it was as if
the sun and the moon were floating on his blessed face - not only
that but as if the sun and the moon were actually a reflection of
his blessed face. And why shouldn't it be when everything
including the sun and moon were created from his noor!
So exalted was his face that anyone who saw it only once with
Imaan in his/her lifetime were blessed with the divine status of a
Sahabi/Sahabiya. The Prophet (Salallahu alayhi Wasallam)'s
blessed head was very exalted. On which the pillar of excellence
would be seen shimmering. His blessed head would always be
lowered by the fear of Allah Subhanahu wata'ala
The Prophet (Salallahu alayhi Wasallam)'s divine forehead was
wide and large which was always shining like the early morning
sun- what the people called 'a piece of a moon'. Blessed forehead
was always engaged in prostration during the night in the
remembrance of Allah and in making dua for his Ummah!
The Prophet (Salallahu alayhi Wasallam)'s blessed lips were
beautifully fine and thin. They were red-rose in colour and much
smoother than the petals of the rose. The lips were so blessed
that when they were fashioned into a smile, it melted the hearts,
which were solid as rocks and transformed them into a candle,
which burned with his love and admiration.
His blessed teeth would shine more brilliantly than pearls and
diamonds - which at the time of his smile would project a ray of
light, which would illuminate the whole surrounding.
The Prophet (Salallahu alayhi Wasallam)'s holy eyes were
beautifully big which naturally had an appearance of having been
beautified with Surma. The irises were dark and the white
sections of the eyes were extremely white with a slight red thread
like marks; these marks were a well-known sign of Prophecy
amongst the Arabs.


His blessed eyelids were beautified with large straight eyelashes.

His eyebrows were fine and neatly separated- if seen from a far
distance, then they would seem to be joined in the middle. His
blessed eyes had the capability to view near, far, back, front,
right, left and all directions clearly, easily and similarly without
any problem.
"Oh people! Perfect your Ruku and Sujud (Bows and prostration)
as I swear by Allah that I see you clearly from my back as I do
from in front."(Mishkat)
He could witness the present and the unseen similarly without
any problem. It was also these exalted divine pair of eyes in the
whole world that had the ability and capability (in his physical
lifetime) to see and perceive Allah subhanahu wata'ala without
any barrier.
His blessed ears were fine and suited his face. They had the
capability of hearing both near and far, present and absent in the
same way - clearly and easily. They had the ability to pick up and
understand the language of all creation without any problem.
"I see those things that you cannot see and I hear those things
that you cannot hear." (Khasa'ese Kubrah V1. P67)
His blessed nose was beautifully fine and long. It was very
radiant. If it was seen suddenly then it would look like a ray of
light glittering his face.
His blessed beard was thick with black hair, which nicely framed
his jaw and chin. It seemed as though the Holy Qur'an was placed
on a raheel (Qur'an/kitab stand).
His blessed hair was somewhat curly and straight. They were
smooth and shiny. When they scattered on his divine face, it
would become the "commentary of Wadduha Wal Layli Itha
"By the growing brightness of the rising morning And by the night
when it covers everything in calm" (93:1-2)
His blessed hair usually reached his divine shoulders. However, at
"Hajjatul Wida'h" (the last Hajj) he had his hair cut short.
He would oil and comb his hair and during the latter years of his
physical life in this world he made a parting in his hair through the


middle. So blessed was his hair and beard that even at the age of
63 years, all of his hair were jet black - except for just about 20
white hairs in his blessed beard.
He was not extremely tall or short in his height. However, when
he was stood in the presence of other people he would appear to
be the tallest.
His sacred body was of white divine complexion (noor), for this
reason his shadow was never made under any light, not even
under the sunshine or the moonlight!
His skin was much softer and smoother than natural silk. His body
always smelt more beautiful than any musk and perfume.
Everything he touched or walked past was left with his unique
sweet scent for days on end. The companions could locate his
whereabouts by the trail of his beautiful scent, which perfumed
the path of his journey and it's surroundings. His blessed
shoulders and chest was strong and wide. He had a smooth line of
hair from his chest, which reached his navel.
His blessed stomach was flat in level with his chest.
His blessed chest was penetrated four times in his lifetime by the
Angels who filled it with the light of wisdom and knowledge, and
on these divine occurrences the ayahs of Alam Nashr was
"Have we not expanded your breast for you? And we have taken
off from you your burden"(94:1-2)
The four times His divine chest was penetrated and exalted with
wisdom were:
1. At the age of about 3 - when he lived with Hadhrat Halima
(Radi allahu ta'ala anha). This was to prepare him to stay away
from normal children's fun and plays.
2. At the age of about 10 - this was to save him from the normal
adolescent's desires.
3. Just before the first revelation - this was to prepare and
strengthen his heart so that he could with stand, handle and
comprehend the divine communication and revelations of Allah
subhanahu wata'ala. Had We sent down this Qur'an on a


mountain, you would certainly had seen it bow down in humility

and split into pieces for awe of Allah..(59:21)
4. In the night of Meraj (Night of Ascension) - this was to give him
the divine proficiency, ability, capability and wisdom to
communicate, perceive and comprehend Allah Almighty, The Most
Gracious and Most Merciful.
His blessed neck was fine and clear. It was narrated by Hadhrat
Abu Hurayrah (Radi allahu ta'ala anhu) that the Beloved Prophet
(Sal allahu alayhi wasalam) 's blessed neck was so radiant, that it
seemed as though it was covered and moulded in silver.
His blessed back was straight, smooth, clear and like the rest of
body was of white radiant complexion which glimmered like
silver. On his blessed upper back (between his two shoulders)
there was the "Seal/Stamp" of Prophethood (Mohreh Nabuwah). It
was raised skin in size of a pigeon's egg - according to some
narrations there was some Arabic wording marked on it:
"There is only one God (Allah) and He has no partner. (Oh Beloved
Prophet) wherever you go you will be helped and supported."
His blessed hands were wide and muscular, when someone shook
his hand they were left with his beautiful scent. These were the
very hands in which Allah gave His hand. His blessed fingers were
long and smooth, which were always ready to give forgiveness,
charity and to help others. These were the fingers from which the
water used to flow when no water was around at the time of need.
These were also the very finger(s) by whose indication the moon
split into half and the sun rose back once it set.
The Beloved Prophet (sal allahu alayhi wasalam) had a very
refined, clear, sweet and strong voice. It was so sweet that even
an enemy would fall in love with it. If it were ever raised in a high
tone when necessary then the voice would be echoed from the
small alleyway of Madina to the rest of the world.
When the voice was used to show affection and mercy it was very
sweet and winsome that it would be the coolness for the heart
and the comfort for the soul. However when the same voice was
used at the time of harshness and severity it would be strong
enough to tremble the mountains into dust.


He would weep a lot by the fear of Allah Almighty and for the
affection that he holds for his ummah. His weeping was of sincere
meaning. It would make a soft but touching sound, any person
who heard it would know that it is from the deepest of his divine
heart, his ability and regularity of weeping was a physical sign
that his heart was affectionate, compassionate and soft. His
weeping would beautify his blessed eyes with pearls of tears that
would roll down his face and soak his blessed beard. He would
usually spend all night just reciting just one verse of the Qur'an
and crying over it. He would also spend every moment of his day
and night remembering his ummah and making rigorous
consecrate duas and supplication in the court of Allah Almighty
the Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful.
He never forgot his ummah ever in any step of his blessed life.
From the very moment of his birth and throughout his life (even
on night of meraj at time of communication with the Creator, at
the time of being lowered in the land of heaven (roza-eh anwar)
after his physical departure from this world), he never forgot his
Ummah and even on the Day of Judgement he will be prostrating
to Allah making dua for the very Ummah he shed tears for
throughout his life and will open the doors of intercession for all.
His unique and divine perspiration would smell more beautiful
than the any musk and perfume ever created. So unique was it
that when it was given to a bride, seven generations of her family
were blessed by this scent so much so that it was as if they had it
in their blood from birth. Wherever he went or whatever he
touched would give proof of him being close by, through the
sweet scent he left behind.
His "Lu'ab-eh dahan" (blessed spit) was very unique it was a cure
for all illnesses and was a miracle in itself. When it was rubbed
into the poisoned sting of Hadhrat Abu Bakr Siddique (Radi allahu
ta'ala anhu) in the cave of Thour it gave him immediate relief;
when placed into Hadhrat Ali (Radi allahu ta'ala anhu)'s
conjunctivitis eyes then they were cured immediately; when it
entered into Hadhrat Rufa'ah bin Rafeh (Radi allahu ta'ala anhu)'s
injured eye at the battle of Badr it gave him great comfort and
cured it - and it actually increased his sight more than before.
When a droplet of it was given as a blessing to the suckling


babies, it would be sufficient for them for the whole day (i.e., that
baby didn't need feeding that day). When it was mixed with
Hadhrat Anas (Radi allahu ta'ala anhu)'s bitter water from the
well, it transformed that water to be the most sweet water ever to
be found in Madina Munawarah. When it was consumed at time of
need of food/water, it would dramatically increase the quantity of
the product - so that it could be sufficient for the whole gathering
and many more people than it was capable of sufficing. Not only
this but it would appear that the original quantity/volume of the
product had increased even after it had been used. (References:
Madarejun Nabuwah; Shama'eel Tirmizi; Nasim'ul riyaz; Khasa'ese
Kubrah; Jawahirul Bihar)
"Wa lal akhiratu khayrul laka minal oola." And verily every
following hour is better for you than the former (93:4)
"Wara fa' na laka dhikrak" And We have exalted for you your
remembrance. (94:4)H