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Located in the southeast region of the Korean peninsula, Busan is the countrys largest port city
and boasts an abundance of coastal tourist attractions, historical and cultural sites, and trendy
shopping areas. The city has a well-developed public transportation system, but for a more
convenient and all-inclusive tour, hop aboard the Busan City Tour. The Busan City Tour is
comprised of a variety of one-day courses that cover some of the areas major attractions
(Haeundae Beach, Taejongdae Resort Park, BEXCO, Jagalchi Market, Dalmaji-gil Road, etc.). The
Circulatory Tour covers Taejonogdae Resort Park and Haeundae Beach; the History and Culture
Exploration Tour includes major historic sites; the Natural Ecology Tour introduces the rich
ecosystem of Busan; the Night View Tour shows some of the citys most fascinating nighttime
attractions. Each seat on the bus is equipped with an individual TV screen, providing visitors with
information about the stops along the way in a presentation of images, video clips, animation, and
more. For international travelers, audio services are offered in English, Japanese, and Chinese. For
the circulatory tour course, visitors can purchase an all-day ticket to get on and off a bus at any
time throughout the day. Embark on a Busan City Tour bus and learn more about the best sights
Busan has to offer!

Haeundae & Taejongdae Tour (circulatory tour)

Circulation tour buses make round trips between Busan station and Haeundae Beach and between
Busan station and Taejongdae Resort Park. All-day tickets allow visitors to get on and off the bus
at any stop, offering an affordable way to visit many attractions in Busan.
Departure time:
-First bus bound for Taejongdae leaves at 09:30, last bus at 17:00 (departure every 30 minutes,
16 total trips a day)
-First bus bound for Haeundae leaves at 09:45, last bus at 16:45 (departure every 30 minutes, 15
total trips a day)
Travel time: About 2 hours 10 minutes (Haeundae Course) / About 1 hour 40 minutes (Taejongdae
Course) (*Total travel time on the bus if you do not get off at any stops.)
Bus itinerary:
[For Haeundae Beach]
Busan Station Busandaegyo Bridge (pass) Busanhang Port Bridge (pass) BusanUN
Sculpture Park Busan Museum Gwangalli Beach Nurimaru APEC House Haeundae Beach
(Busan Aquarium) Haeundae Station Shinsegae Department Store (Busan Centum City
branch) and Lotte Department Store (Centum City branch) Busan Museum of Art (BEXCO))
Gwangandaegyo Bridge (pass) Busan Station
[For Taejongdae Resort Park]
Busan Station Yeongdodaegyo Bridge (pass) 75 Square Taejongdae Resort Park National
Maritime Museum (International Cruise Terminal) Namhangdaegyo Bridge (pass) Songdo
Beach BIFF Square (formerly PIFF Square) and Jagalchi Market Busan Station
* With an all-day ticket, tourists can get on and off a circulatory tour bus any time at any stop
during the day (subject to seat availability).
History and Culture Exploration Tour (Theme tour)
The tour covers major historical sites of Busan, including the Bokcheon Museum featuring various

relics unearthed in the area, Geumgang Park with its cultural relics, and Beomeosa Temple, a
major Buddhist center in Korea.
Departure time: 09:20 (one departure a day)
Travel time: About 4 hours 10 minutes
Bus itinerary: Busan Station Jinnyang Four-way Street (pass) Bokcheon Museum (Busan) (30
minutes) Beomeosa Temple (40 minutes) Beonyeong-ro (pass) Busan station
Haedong Yonggungsa Temple Tour (Theme tour)
Although many Korean temples are located in the mountains, Haedong Yonggungsa sits on the
rocky shores of the East Sea. A unique intersection of spirituality and nature, the temple is the
focal point of this tour.
Departure time: 14:00 (one departure a day)
Travel time: About 3 hours 50 minutes
Bus itinerary: Busan station Busandaegyo Bridge (pass) Busanhang Port Bridge (pass)
Gwangalli Beach (pass) Haeundae Beach (pass) Haeundae Dalmaji-gil Road
(pass) Songjeong Beach (30 minutes) Haedong Yonggungsa Temple (50 minutes)
Gwangandaegyo Bridge (pass) Busan station
Eulsukdo Island Natural Ecology Tour (Theme tour)
The course covers major attractions in the western part of Busan, including the natural ecology of
Eulsukdo Island where visitors can view migratory birds.
Departure time: 14:10 (one departure a day)
Travel time: About 3 hours and 40 minutes
Bus itinerary: Busan Station Yeongdodaegyo Bridge (pass) Namhangdaegyo Bridge (pass)
Songdo Beach (pass) Amnam Park (20 minutes) Dadaepo Beachand Morundae Hill (pass)
Amisan Mountain Observatory (40 minutes) Nakdong Estuary Eco Center (50 minutes)
BIFF Square (formerly PIFF Square) and Jagalchi Market (pass) Busan station
Skyline Tour (Theme tour)
By taking part in the course, visitors will be offered with a breathtaking view of Oryukdo Island,
from the Oryukdo Skywalk, a seaside of 30-meter cliff. The glass floor of skywalk is to give a clear
view of Busan's coastal beauty, located on the top of Hwangnyeongsan Mountain's Bongsudae
(beacon fire station).
Departure time: 09:40 (one departure a day)
Travel time: About 3 hours 40 minutes
Bus itinerary: Busan station Busandaegyo Bridge (pass) Busanhang Port Bridge (pass)
Wharf platform, Gamman Dock (pass) Baegunpo Beach (Sinseondae Cliff) (pass) Oryukdo
Island (Oryukdo Skywalk) (50 minutes) Yonghoman Bay Terminal (pass) Daenam Junction
(pass) Hwangnyeongsan Mountain Bongsudae (50 minutes) Busan station

Single Decker Night View Tour (Theme tour)

The city tour bus passes by Gwangalli Beach and Haeundae Beach and over the beautifully lit
Gwangandaegyo Bridge. Then, it goes up Geumnyeongsan Mountain for an expansive night view of

Busan, the highlight of the tour.

Departure time: 19:00 (Oct - Apr), 19:30 (May - Sep) (one departure a day)
Travel time: About 2 hours 30 minutes
Bus itinerary: Busan Station Busandaegyo Bridge (pass) Busanhang Port Bridge (pass)
Gwangalli Beach (pass) Haeundae Beach Gwangandaegyo Bridge Geumnyeonsan Youth
Training Institute Busan station
* Passengers will temporarily get off and re-board the bus for a short photo op at Haeundae Beach
and Geumnyeonsan Youth Training Institute (10 minutes each). Other stops except those two will
all be bypassed.
Double Decker Night View Tour (Theme tour)
A double-decker city tour bus passes by Gwangalli Beach, Busanhang Bridge and takes you to the
prime spots to enjoy the beautiful night view of the marine city, Busan.
Departure time: 19:00 (Oct - Apr), 19:30 (May - Sep) (one departure a day)
Travel time: About 2 hours 30 minutes
Bus itinerary: Busan Station Busandaegyo Bridge (pass) Busanhang Port Bridge (pass)
Gwangalli Beach Suyonggang Riverside Bridge (pass) Haeundae Beach(pass)
Gwangandaegyo Bridge (pass) Busan Station
* There is a 10 minutes photo op at Haeundae Beach, but the bus does not make other stops.

More info

Busan City Tour buses leave from the Hotel Arirang Busan near Busan Station
Square (for subway: Busan Subway Line 1, Exit 8; for train: Busan Station, Exit 1)

How to use
Circulatory tour: Get off the bus at whichever stop you'd like and tour the area until
the next bus comes (subject to seat availability).
Theme tours: No transfers allowed, and the tour is only available for group
reservations of 5 or more people. Reservations can be made either online or by
phone up to 10 days prior to your visit, and by 16:00 the day before your trip.

Fees: Adults (ages 19 and up) 15,000 won / Children and Teens (ages between 4
and 18) 8,000 won
* 1 child under the age of 4 can may ride the bus free of charge when accompanied
by a guardian.

Ticket purchase

More info

Online reservation: (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

Phone reservation: ARS +82-1688-0098 (Korean, English, Japanese), TEL +82-51464-9898 (Korean, English)
* Receive your ticket from the bus driver on the day of the tour.
On-site purchase: If you do not have a reservation, you can purchase a ticket from
the bus driver at one of the bus stops if there are seats available.
* For theme tours, passengers can only board the bus from the Busan Station bus
* For circulatory tours, reservations are not required, so passengers board on a
first-come, first-served basis.
* Bus schedules are subject to change due to unforeseen weather and road
* The waiting time on Saturdays and Sundays may be extended because of the
higher volume of passengers on weekends.

Closed: Mondays (unless Monday is a national holiday)

1330 Korea Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

Busan City Tour website: (Korean, English,

Japanese, Chinese)

Busan Tourism Office website: (Korean, English,

Japanese, Chinese)

Haeundae Beach
Sandwiched between Haeundae Dalmaji-gil Road (on the right) and Dongbaekseom Island(to the
left), Haeundae Beach is an expansive, white-sand beach that is one of the most popular tourist
sites in Busan. The beach is easily accessible via public transportation and is an ideal festival
venue, hosting events like The New Year Festival, Busan, Polar Bear Swimming Contest, Haeundae
Sand Festival, and other celebrations throughout the year. In late fall, the beach serves as one of
the stages of the famous Busan International Film Festival (BIFF). Beloved by travelers for its
convenient location, this gorgeous stretch of sand is particularly alluring at night when the light
from the nearby buildings sparkles off the ink-black waves.

Tuesday Morning 640am Depart apartment

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple
Address: 416-3, Sirang-ri, Gijang-eup, Gijang-gun, Busan, South Korea
Sasang Bus -> Sasang Sta. Apple Outlet. Pasok sa loob ng mall. Labas sa mcdo.
Baba sa subway. Green line (2). -> Haeundae Sta. -> Bus 181 to Yongungsa Temple

Yongungsa Temple
Then Busan Museum of art sta.
Go back to hauendae sta. then baba sa Busan museum sta.
Busan Museum of Art

Back to subway busan museum of art,

Then baba seomyeon then then transfer orange line to Sinpyeong.
Pero baba sa nampodong.
Lotte mall may zoo sa rooftop.
Labas nampodong Busan tower sa taas.
Ikot nampodong seafood streetfood.
Malapit sa hangten, may streetfood din na madami.

Jagalchi market. Seafood streetfood

Walk to Jagalchi station exit 1 or nampodong station.

Sakay subway baba sa toesong. (line 1) orange, exit 6. Turn right at the junction and look for
a hospital. The bus stop is in front of the hospital. The no. 2 and the no. 2-2 will take you
to Gamcheon Culture Village.
Gamcheon Village (aka "Taegeukdo village") (photo ops)
Balik sasang. 4pm Buy ticket pa jangyu. Sakay bus going to jangyu.

Jangyu bus first stop baba. Sakay bus number 26 going to Lotte Outlet.
Then kita kits sa lotte outlet. Around 730pm