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• from the traditional role as physician’s assistant to that of a health advocate,

program manager and leader in planning, implementing and evaluating health
programs, public health nurses are found in various health settings and occupying
various positions in the hierarchy.
○ Areas of assignment:
 Rural Health Units
 City Health Centers
 Provincial Health Offices
 Regional Health Offices
 National Office of the DOH
 Public Schools
 And other Government Offices providing health care services.
○ Positions:
 Public Health Nurse I...
 Nurse Program Supervisors
 Chief Nurse in public health settings
○ Equipped with:
 Various tools and procedures necessary to practice the profession and
deliver basic health services
 Uses Nursing Process in practice and is adept in documenting and
reporting accomplishments through record and reports.
 Technically competent in various nursing procedures conducted in
assigned health settings.
○ Requirements to be a PH Nurse / Qualifications:
 Developed by National League of Phil. Gov. Nurses in 2005:
• Professionally qualified and licensed to practice in the arena of
• Must possess personal qualities and “people skills” that would
make the difference in the lives of the people.
○ Physical, mental, and emotional strength
○ Where the Leadership, resourcefulness, creativity, honesty
and integrity will be tested.
○ The willingness and capacity to work with people.


• The PHN functions in accordance with the dominant values, within the ethico-legal
framework of the nursing profession, and in accordance with the needs of the
clients and available resources for health care.
• Is consistent with the Nursing Law 2002 and program policies formulated by the
DOH and Local Gov. Health Agencies.
• Related to Management, Supervision, Provision of Nursing Care, Collaboration and
Coordination, Health Promotion and education training and research.

• Trained to lead and manage. Objectives set for work achieved thru execution
○ Five Mgt. Functions
 Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing and Controlling
○ Program Mgt.:
 Responsible for the delivery of the package of services provided by
the program to the target clientele. Ex.: NTP (National Tuberculosis
Program) DOTS.

• Supervisor to midwives and other auxiliary health workers in the catchment
○ Formulates a supervisory plan and conducts supervisory visits to
implement the plan. Ex.: The Sentrong Sigla