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Project Management 7102 - DMH

Department of Accounting and Information Systems

Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Course No.: 7102 Project Management
March 2016
Mahfuzul Hoque Ph. D
Office Room #: 5052(MBA Building)

Mobile: 01711 15 15 15

Course Objective:
(1) Introducing the overall Project Management Process
(2) Developing the ability to Apprise potential Projects
Detailed Course Description
1) Introduction Definition of Project and Project Management Project Life Cycle
Capital Budgeting Process.
Meredith & Prasanna:
2) Facets of Project Analysis Market and Demand Analysis Technical Analysis
Financial Analysis Economic Analysis- Ecological Analysis.
Meredith & Prasanna:
3) Industrial Feasibility Study Fundamentals of Industrial Feasibility Study
Format of Feasibility Study.
Manual for the Preparation of Industrial Feasibility Study (UN):all Chapters
4) Project management - Forms of Project Organization Project Planning and
Control Human Aspect of Project Management
Meredith, Prasanna & Gray and Larson

5) Project Appraisal Criteria: Nature of Project Appraisal Criteria Discounting

Criteria Non-discounting Criteria - Capital Budgeting and Financial Aspects of
Manual for Evaluation of Industrial Projects (UN): Chapter II
Prasanna & Horngren
6) Financial Analysis: Cost of Project and Means of Financing Estimates of Sales and
Production - Cost of Production - Working Capital requirement, Profitability Analysis:
Break-even Point Financial Projection.
Manual for Evaluation of Industrial Projects (UN): Chapter II & Prasanna
First Mid Term Test
7) Foreign Direct Investment Theories of FDI Factors influencing FDI Political
and Country Risk Management.
Jeff Madura & Eiteman
8) Social Cost Benefit Analysis (SCBA) of a Project - Rational of SCBA UNIDO and
LM Approach of SCBA SCBA in Bangladesh
UN: Guidelines for Project Evaluation & Prasanna
9) Types and Measures of Project Risk Measures of Project Risk Analysis under
Uncertainty Sensitivity Analysis Scenario Analysis Monte Carlo Simulation
Decision Tree Analysis
Meredith & Prasanna:
10) Resource Allocation Multiple Projects and Constraints.

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Project Management 7102 - DMH

11) Network Technique for Project Management-PERT and CPM
Meredith & Prasanna:
12) Project Management in Bangladesh Problems of Project Management in
Skylark Chadha
Second mid term Test
Overall Course review
Final Examination
Books recommended:
(1) Prasanna Chandra. Projects: Planning, Analysis, Selection, Financing,
Implementation, and Review 7th edition [2009]
(2) Jack R. Meredith, Samuel J. Mantel, Jr., Project Management A Managerial
Approach Project 8th Edition [ 2011, 2012]
(3) Erik w Larson Clifford f Gray, Project Management: The Managerial Process 5th
(4) CT. Horngren, G L. Sundem, J O. Schatzberg, D Burgstahler, Introduction-toManagement-Accounting-16th edition.
(5) Skylark Chadha, Managing projects in Bangladesh-a scenario analysis of
institutional environment for development projects 2nd rev. ed. Published 1989
(6) Jeff Madura, International Financial Management 12th Edition
(7) D K. Eiteman, A I. Stonehill, M H. Moffett Multinational Business Finance: Global
Edition, 13edition
(8) George Irvin, Modern Cost-Benefit Methods-An Introduction to Financial, Economic
and Social Appraisal of Development Projects[1978]
(9) UN: Manual for the Preparation of Industrial Feasibility Studies
(10) UN: Manual for Evaluation of Industrial Projects
(11) UN: Guidelines for Project Evaluation
Term Paper:
Each student will be assigned to develop, present, and defend a Report of a selected
Evaluation Method:
Term Paper and Presentation
Preparation of Feasibility Study
Case analysis and presentation, class participation
and attendance
Two Midterm tests (15%+15%)
Semester Final Examination


Grading Scale: Department grading policy will be followed and for detail please contact
the MBA office.
No make-up exam will be given without prior arrangement with the instructor. Any
missed exam/test/paper will earn zero point.

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Project Management 7102 - DMH

Academic dishonesty, (cheating on the exam, copying another students exam/ paper
or letting another student copy your exam/paper) may result in your receiving a
zero in the relevant exam/paper.

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