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Verona Area School District

Charting Chineses future Board delays

VAIS hopes for charter extension to 2019
iPad vote

Unified Newspaper Group

Approves annual
$30K for staff
laptops in time for
summer training
Unified Newspaper Group

It wasnt all that Verona Area School District

technology directory Betty
Wottreng wanted, but its a
The Verona Area School
Board approved paying

Photo by Scott Girard

Teach Lumei Huang works on pronouncing the date with her kindergarten students.

through June 2017. The districts

other two elementary charters, Core
Knowledge and New Century, have
regularly agreed on five-year deals
with the district, as well.
VAIS governance council officials
asked the board for a two-year charter extension to 2019 to prove they
could increase enrollment using a
focused recruitment and marketing
plan. Throughout the year, theyve

also pointed to the lack of a plan

for students to continue their Chinese education after leaving the K-5
school as a huge hindrance in those
While the district plans to review
its language program as a whole in
the next year, the decision on the
future of VAIS will likely come much
sooner. The timeline is a big departure

Turn to VAIS/Page 16

Students in Carrie Dingles sixth-grade class circled up on a recent Tuesday morning, discussing
whether they would have
been friends with their own
parents when they were in
sixth grade.
Many of the students said
their parents were too nerdy
or cool to have hung out

with them, and the conversation soon shifted to their

own personal responsibility.
The lesson was part of
the weekly Tuesday morning circle in Dingles classroom, and others around
Badger Ridge Middle
School, in which they discuss topics pertaining to
good behavior.
Anytime that students
feel like they have ownership and voice, it matters,

The Press

said BRMS principal Mike

While they dont have
such a regular ritual at
S a va n n a O a k s M i d d l e
S c h o o l , p r i n c i p a l S a ndy Eskrich said the daily
expectations set up through
the schools Habits of
Community help students
know how to behave around
the school.
She especially emphasizes the importance of those

3 of 4 administrator
finalists between jobs
a recent Verona administrator.
One applied for the
same job he has now, and
the other three were asked
to resign from their most
recent jobs.
Seven years ago, Verona
negotiated a settlement with
Shawn Murphy after reportVerona Press editor
edly deciding he didnt proThe four finalists for vide the necessary cohesion
Veronas vacant city admin- and organization to make
istrator position each have
something in common with Turn to Administrator/Page 15

Recruiter: Due
diligence done
on good pool of

Behavior series

Middle schools create habits through behavior initiatives

Unified Newspaper Group

Turn to Devices/Page 17

City of Verona

Building a culture


$30,575 per year for the

next four years to replace
30 staff laptops and purchase an additional 65 new
laptops and 40 staff iPads.
That cost is far below
the more than $450,000
requested in new devices
for next school year, which
would have brought the district closer to 1-to-1 iPads
for students and would
include costs for educational software to use with the
devices. A vote on the full
request was delayed to the

habits in communicating
with students, because they
deserve her respect just as
much as she deserves theirs,
she said.
Thats my responsibility to you (as a student),
Eskrich said.
The schools are both
implementing some of
the Verona Area School
D i s t r i c t s i n i t i a t iv e s

Turn to Behavior/Page 20

This spring, The Verona Press will explore behavior

around the Verona Area School District. Stories will take a
closer look at specific schools and what strategies theyre
using. If you have comments, either on or off the record on
behavior initiatives, please call Scott Girard at 845-9559
or email A look at our six-part
series on handling student behavior:
January: District seeks consistency
February: PBIS recognized schools: Glacier Edge and Sugar Creek
March: Other neighborhood schools: Country View and
Stoner Prairie
April: Charter elementaries
May: Middle schools
June: Verona Area High School

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The last two years have been a

mixed bag for Verona Area International School.
The Chinese language-immersion
school has received recognition for
its work, its director traveled to China and a kindergarten teacher won a
statewide award.
Yet in each of the last two charter enrollment periods, the school
received only 10 initial applications
out of 22 openings, leaving the rest
for latecomers or open enrollees,
which even if filled can be costlier
for the district.
School board members and Verona
Area School District administrators
have to weigh those facts the coming months as they decide how Chinese language should be included in
the district beyond June 2017, when
VAIS current charter agreement
One general agreement among all
who have been involved in the discussions, though, is that the language
education is valuable, especially in
the immersion style in which at
least half of the day is taught in a
foreign language.
You dont have to convince me
that immersion is awesome, board
member Renee Zook told the curriculum, instruction and assessment
committee she chairs at a May 11
meeting. You dont have to convince me that your students are
The school opened in 2010 with a
two-year charter agreement to show
it could get off the ground successfully. That agreement, which allows
the school to have autonomy from
the district for many of its decisions,
was extended on a five-year contract

May 19, 2016

The Verona Press

Photo submitted

New Century School third-grader Lillia Tracy explains the project she and a partner did at the
Maker Faire at Monona Terrace.


Dental Implants
CEREC Crowns
Pinhole Surgery
Zoom Whitening

Photo by Jim Ferolie

Annalise Cooper, left, and other students in her class at Stoner Prairie created toys and devices for kids with visual impairments, including
the Rubiks Cube seen here.

NCS, SP students share creations at Maker Faire

Unified Newspaper Group

On the Web
Find out more about the Madison
Mini Maker Faire:

The first Madison Mini

Maker Faire included students from two Verona Area
School District schools Saturday, May 14.
The event, which originated in 2005 in San Mateo,
Calif., celebrates invention, resourcefulness and

All three were on display
from the Stoner Prairie Elementary and New Century
School students in attendance to share their creations.
The Stoner Prairie students got to show attendees their games and devices for people with a visual
impairment. The students

first displayed the devices, including a Braille

keyboard and a specially
designed Rubiks Cube, for
their parents at the school
weeks ago.
The NCS students had
worked on their projects in
Larry Gundlachs second/
third-grade classroom with
an idea to invent for good.
The students inventions

included robotic pets, a

way to help kids with cancer learn to read and a game
to help those with hearing
impairments learn about
musical instruments.
Contact Scott Girard at
and follow him on Twitter

(608) 845-6127

105 N. Main St., Verona

Fo r

mmer Special
$99 Ssu
tudents June, J


uly & Au


Fitness Classes Personal Trainers Boot Camps

Tanning Athletic Performance Training

1025 N. Edge Trail

(608) 497-0506



7 AM Appointments Available


Drs. Kate & John Schacherl

New Century third-graders Lily Kohl and Kate Leuer watch as an attendee tries out their creation.

Photo submitted

Celebrating 20 years as Hometown Veronas #1 place

to take Karate! This is the school, now is the time!

Special Summer Program for beginning students!

Summer is coming! The perfect time to have some fun and learn a new skill!
For a limited time, new students in our Kids, Teens and Adult programs can
get 8 weeks of lessons, their Karate uniform, and their White Belt for only $99!
Offer good until 6/30/2016

Karate America Verona

Be Part of the Tradition!

Photo by Jim Ferolie


845-1333 535 Half Mile Road Verona, WI

New Century second-grader Emerson Porco explains how her project (with Naomi Bitie, not pictured) could help people with deafness
understand various musical instruments for their display at the
Monona Terrace event.

May 19, 2016

The Verona Press

Town hosts boundary deal discussion May 26

Verona Press editor

Six months after displaying the

concepts of a negotiated boundary agreement, the city and town
of Verona have a draft agreement
ready for public review.
The town will open the public
presentation next week with a onehour question-and-answer session
to start its regular Plan Commission meeting at Town Hall. About
a month later, the two governments
will hold a joint public hearing and
vote on the document as soon as
the following week.
Town administrator/planner
Amanda Arnold told the Press this
week the discussion will be informal, basically a kickoff to remind

If You Go
What: Town-city boundary deal
question-and-answer session
When: 6p.m. May 26
Where: Town Hall, 335 N. Nine
Mound Road
Info: Call 845-7187
people who either didnt attend the
forum in November or would like
a refresher on the issues.
Theres nothing thats really very new, she said. We want
to try to answer any complex,
site-specific questions before
theres a public hearing.
The basic idea of the agreement
provides for four zones within the
town to establish which entity controls planning and provide some

Seat belt enforcement

campaign starts Monday
Unified Newspaper Group

T h e Ve r o n a P o l i c e
Department will emphasize seat belt enforcement
during its annual Click It
or Ticket campaign starting next week.
The department joins
h u n d r e d s o f o t h e r l aw
enforcement agencies
throughout the state for the
campaign, which runs from
Monday, May 23, until June
5. VPD Sgt. Dustin Fehrmann said in a news release
from the department that
the goal of the campaign is
not to write more tickets
but to communicate to the
public the importance of
wearing a seatbelt every
time they drive or ride in a
While 86 percent of

drivers and passengers

wear seatbelts while in a
vehicle the states highest rate ever, according to
the release approximately
half of those killed in traffic
crashes in the state last year
were not buckled up.
Buckling up is the best
possible protection against
being ejected from a vehicle during a crash or thrown
around violently inside it
and possibly hitting another
person in the vehicle with
massive force, Fehrmann
said. Thats why Click
It or Ticket is more than
a slogan to our officers.
It really is a life-saving
For information, contact
Fehrmann at 845-7623.
Contact Kate Newton at

VAHS student earns

National Merit Scholarship
A Ve r o n a A r e a H i g h
School student was among
2,500 students to earn a
$2,500 National Merit
C l a i r e E ve n s e n , w h o
plans to study biochemistry,
was chosen from more than
15,000 finalists representing
less than one percent of the
nations high school seniors
for the scholarship. The
awards given based on
a combination of academic accomplishments, test
scores, recommendations

and potential for collegiate

success were announced
May 11 by the National
Merit Scholarship Corporation.
A total of about 7,500
students will receive
awards, with colleges sponsoring most of the remaining winners. The awards are
paid for by NMSC funds
and total approximately $33
Kate Newton

sort of certainty and predictability for both the municipalities and

landowners or developers. It also
would create a joint committee to
oversee land-use planning in some
of those areas.
The idea behind a boundary
agreement is based in the natural
forces that divide cities and the
towns bordering them: Cities grow
while towns shrink.
At some point, these changes in
existing boundaries can become
contentious, leading to wasted
time and effort on both sides, and
they got so frustrating a decade
ago that the city and town spent
two years planning for a potential
merger. When that didnt happen,
just as with a called-off engagement, there was a period of acrimony before the more recent
With the two entities on good
terms, staff and elected officials

have been working on delineating

areas where one side or the other
has control and other areas where
they have a negotiated set of rules
governing development and landuse planning.
The documents presented in
November at the Verona fire station were a sketch of general map
areas, intended to draw feedback.
Since then, the two sides have
been working both together and
independently based partly on
the feedback they got then on
specific legal language and the finer details of the maps.
Arnold said, for example, that
the template they started from was
an agreement between the City
of Middleton and the Town of
Springfield and that much of the
time has been working out the differences between this situation and
that one.
She said there were no major

Committee: Dont change busing distance

Board vote expected
June 6 on additional
funds for flexibility

Unified Newspaper Group

After a school year in

which busing became a hot
topic, a school board committee is recommending no
changes to the distance within which the Verona Area
School District provides
The Buildings, Grounds
and Transportation committee came up with some recommended changes, including $45,000 for additional
flexibility throughout the
year, a new mapping system
for the website and a new
administrative staff person
to handle busing.
Board member Amy
Almond, who chairs B, G
and T, reported those recommendations to the board
at its May 16 meeting, and
a vote could come on the
changes at the June 6 meeting.
The additional $45,000

would not fund a specific

route or neighborhood, but
could go toward increasing
the availability of contracts
for those within the 2-mile
range for middle and high
school or the 1.25-mile
range for elementary students, Almond said.
The new map, which
would allow residents to
type in their address and
find out if they have the
option to bus, would cost
$1,800 annually, but would
go toward fixing one of
the biggest issues raised in
the fall when parents questioned the districts busing
operation communication.
The issues arose after
the district switched busing
services from First Student
to Badger Bus over last
An additional stop would
also be added for a bus
from Country View Elementary School going back
to the Once Upon a Time
daycare, which is near
Glacier Edge Elementary
School and a district 4K
site. Some students formerly in the GE attendance

Laughter Sounds
Even Sweeter with

hedule a
Call Zoun
luation for
d One Toda

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Visual Ear Exam

Hearing Test
Hearing Aid


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Aids* when you trade in a used set of hearing aids.
These will be donated to the Lions Club.
Expires 6/3/16

area were changed to the CV

area earlier this year to help
solve overcrowding problems at GE.
The central office position
the committee recommended would focus on getting

pertinent information to the

bus company, such as who
wants contracts and what
families will be busing.
Contact Scott Girard at

BUILD & PROTECT . . . It's What We Do!




VERONA, WI 608-845-9700



TDS Telecom offers the following local exchange
telecommunications services to all customers
throughout its serving area:
Voice grade access to the public
switched network;
Local exchange service;
Dual tone multi-frequency signal;
Single party service;
Access to emergency service;
Access to operator services;
Access to interexchange service;
Access to directory assistance; and
Toll blocking without charge to qualified
low income customers.
Below are the monthly rates for local exchange service:
Monthly Rate* Monthly Rate*
Mt. Vernon & Verona
New Glarus
Monthly discounts are available to residential
customers meeting certain low income criteria.
For more information, contact TDS Telecom
toll-free at 1-888-CALL-TDS.

Hearing Aids Worth Wearing

Madison West

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8444 Old Sauk Road

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Not valid
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Void Void
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Zounds Hearing,
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Email Verona Press editor Jim

Ferolie at veronapress@wcinet.

Verona Area School District

Same Day Fitting - Hear Better In 2 Hours


issues raised at the November presentation, but they did take seriously those comments that were
Arnold, former Verona city
administrator Bill Burns, city
planning director Adam Sayre
and town engineer Jason Valerius
of MSA worked together in many
sessions. Changes have included
the exact nature of the planning
committee (mayor, town chair and
two citizen appointees from each
government) and language regarding the Ice Age Trail corridor.
The document has morphed
over time, Arnold said. There
was some time spent on legal
wording, but I think it was really
all of us brainstorming to see if we
had everything in it.


Public hearing expected

in June

*The above rates do not include charges for long distance, operator
services, Directory Assistance, 911 emergency service, optional
local calling plans, WI TEACH assessment, mandatory local mileage or zone charges, or other state and federal taxes/surcharges.


May 19, 2016

The Verona Press

Letters to the editor policy

Unified Newspaper Group is
proud to offer a venue for public
debate and welcomes letters to
the editor, provided they comply
with our guidelines.
Letters should be no longer
than 400 words. They should
also contain contact information
the writers full name, address,
and phone number so that the
paper may confirm authorship.
Unsigned or anonymous letters
will not be printed under any
The editorial staff of Unified
Newspaper Group reserves the
right to edit letters for length,
clarity and appropriateness. Letters with libelous or obscene
content will not be printed.
Unified Newspaper Group
generally only accepts letters
from writers with ties to our circulation area.
Letters to the editor should be
of general public interest. Letters that are strictly personal
lost pets, for example will not
be printed. Letters that recount

personal experiences, good or

bad, with individual businesses
will not be printed unless there
is an overwhelming and compelling public interest to do so. Letters that urge readers to patronize specific businesses or specific religious faiths will not be
printed, either. Thank-you letters can be printed under limited
circumstances, provided they do
not contain material that should
instead be placed as an advertisement and reflect public, rather than promotional interests.
Unified Newspaper Group
encourages lively public debate
on issues, but it reserves the
right to limit the number of
exchanges between individual
letter writers to ensure all writers have a chance to have their
voices heard.
This policy will be printed
from time to time in an abbreviated form here and will be posted in its entirety on our websites.

Community Voices
In the May 12 issue of the Verona Press, the story VAIS Governing Council president steps down indicated VAIS was seeking a
five-year charter agreement. That was incorrect. The schools governing council seeking a two-year charter extension.
Due to a reporting error, a story in last weeks Press mistakenly attributed the vote against Arbys by District 1 Ald. Elizabeth
Doyle to Dist. 3 Ald. Brad Stiner.
The Press regrets the errors.

See something wrong?

The Verona Press does not sweep errors under the rug. If you see
something you know or even think is in error, please contact editor
Jim Ferolie at 845-9559 or at so we can
get it right.

Thursday, May 19, 2016 Vol. 51, No. 52

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Its worth the time

to get good nutrition

ne of my favorite parts
of being a family physician is thatmany of my
patients are part of the same
I might see a child for their
well-child check and also see
his parents or siblings for their
routine visits. A discussion I
have with one family member
applies to other family members, as well.
One thing
I often ask
about when
either children
or adultscome
in for a preventive visit
is nutrition.
Thats because
keeping consistent, positive nutritional
habits is a barrier many people
face myself included particularly when it comes to spending the time to make meals at
Eating meals out can be more
convenient and even less expensive than cooking at home. It
can feel time-consuming to
cook dinner on a regular basis,
especially when you include the
time to plan meals and grocery
One solution some of my
patients have had success with
is turning meal preparation
into a family activity. When
parents and kids work on meal
planning and food preparation
together, what at first seems like
a chore can turn into a productive and enjoyable time with
each other.
Grocery shopping can also
become quality family and
social time. One of the ways I
stock up on fresh produce for

the week is to go to the Dane

County Farmers Market every
Saturday morning. That quickly
becomes a social activity with
friends and family.
There are other local farmers markets as well, including
in Fitchburg, Middleton and
Oregon. I have used the weekly
farmers market as a guide for
what is in season, and plan my
meals based on what looks good
to me at the market that week.
Of course, I can never pass up
the opportunity to indulge in
a fresh-baked scone or muffin
while Im there too!
Sometimes, having more
structured meal plans can help,
as well. There are tons of online
resources for meal plans.
A website that I love is 100
Days of Real Food there are
options for meal plans on a budget that use whole, unprocessed
ingredients. Another great
resource is using grocery stores.
Hy-Vee in Fitchburg, for
example, has a dietitian who
offers free nutrition advice and
shopping assistance. In addition, twice a week on Saturdays,
Hy-Vee hosts Kids in the
Kitchen, where children can
learn how to make some foods
and learn about food groups.
On the other end of the spectrum, you and your family can
plant a garden together. In fact,
the UW-Health Verona Clinic
has a community garden, of
which much of the produce is
donated to Badger Prairie Needs
I definitely do not have a
green thumb, but for the past
few years, I have tried to keep
some common herbs alive to
have on hand for recipes. This
year, Im even going to try to
grow some tomatoes (wish me

After you decide what to
cook and shop for groceries,
the next step is actually cooking the meal. This is an area
school-aged children can still be
involved in. Helping measure,
wash and chop foods, while
learning safe kitchen skills are
all parts of the food preparation
that kids can be involved with.
Eating breakfast and lunch at
home can sometimes be even
more difficult than making
dinner. Sometimes, running
out the door in the morning
means I may be tempted to skip
breakfast, so Ive made it part of
my evening routine to prepare
the next mornings breakfast.
I might soak oats overnight
in a Tupperware container to
take to work in the morning, or
pre-chop vegetables for an egg
scramble to make in the morning.
Oftentimes, leftovers from
dinner can be used as packed
Spending a few extra minutes making larger portions can
result in more food available
for the rest of the week. A lot of
times, the same side dishes can
be repeated for meals throughout the week, as well.
An important part of a persons overall health includes
healthy nutritional habits, but
making sure that they are consistent with a familys lifestyle
is important, too. Preparing and
enjoying meals together can lay
the groundwork for a healthy
lifestyle, but also benefit families in other far-reaching ways.
Tina Ozbeki is a first-year
resident at the UW-Health Verona Clinic who has an interest in
preventive medicine.

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May 19, 2016

What: Verona Area Historical Society May meeting

When: 10a.m. Saturday,
May 21
Where: Verona Senior
Center, 108 Paoli St.
Info: 845-7471

House, which will be sold

by the city to renovator Troy
Rost for $1, with renovation
expected to take at least a
The most important
aspect of the transaction was
assurance that the house will
be preserved which was the
initial goal of the society,
noted Jensen in an email to
the Press.
Last months speaker was

Robert Birmingham, former

State of Wisconsin Archeologist and current professor
at UW-Waukesha, with the
topic, Spirits of the Earth:
Effigy Mounds of Madison
and the Four Lakes. He said
southern Wisconsins Indian
mounds and effigies are considered a world wonder by
many throughout the world;
on par with Egypts pyramids
and Englands Stonehenge.
Birmingham said in the
mid-1800s, early settlers
such as Increase Lapham
began documenting the
mounds their configurations, size and numbers
while thousands were still
in existence. With the settling of the new frontier, the
mounds gave way to homesteading, plowing, curiosity
about the ornaments, or
simply, non-recognition by
the new landowners.
It is believed the Indians

built the mounds primarily

in three configurations as
homes to welcome the spirit entities: Thunderbirds,
Bears and Panthers the
long tailed water spirits of
the underworld. The smaller conical mounds such
as Veronas Nine Mounds
almost always were for
Most of the mounds were
built between 700-1200
A.D. surmised to be as
many as 20,000 at their
peak. The 1980s started the
protection era for Wisconsin mounds, as laws were
enacted to protect any visible monuments but also to
require archeological digs
to determine that no mounds
or sacred sites existed in an
area considered for development or new roads.

If You Go
What: Word on the Street 5K run/
walk library fundraiser
When: 8a.m. Saturday, May 21
Where: Verona Public Library, 500
Silent St.

Want to pound some pavement to

help out the Verona Public Library?
Lace up running shoes Saturday
morning for the Word on the Street
5K Run/Walk, a new event to benefit
the librarys endowment fund. Registration is open for the 5K run/walk,
which will begin at 8a.m., with a
kids 1/4-mile or 1/2-mile run starting at 9:15a.m.
The course will begin and end at
the Verona Public Library, and goes the park road in scenic Badger Prairie
through residential streets and along Park. Running-related quotes along

the course will be placed along the

route to keep runners inspired and
entertained. The Verona Fire Department and Fitch-Rona EMS will host
a water station at the firehouse. Runners, walkers and strollers are welcome at this family-friendly event.
People can register online at Registration
for the 5K run/walk from May 19
through race day is $40. Registration
for the kids run is $11.
All proceeds from Word on the
Street will go to the Verona Public
Library Endowment Fund.

Operation Fresh Start Open Trail event is May 25

The staff and youth of
Operation Fresh Start will
hold their first official
Open Trail event from
What: Operation Fresh
10a.m. to noon WednesStart Open Trail Celeday, May 25, at Prairie
M o r a i n e C o u n t y Pa r k ,
1970 Hwy. PB.
When: 10a.m. to noon
County Executive Joe
Wednesday, May 25
Parisi and other guests are
Where: Prairie Moraine
scheduled to make brief
County Park, 1970 Hwy.
remarks at 11a.m.
The event will be similar
to an open house, but there
Info: 444-8095
will also be a celebration
for the extensive conservation work done by the
Dane County Youth Con- OFS provides Dane County
servation crews, as part of youth a path to self suffiOFS Pathways Program. ciency and job training.

If You Go

There will also be youthled tours through the trails

in the park to see the new
views revealed by the work
of the youth.
Guests are asked to park
in the main parking lot and
shuttle to the work site.
There will be limited seating and refreshments.
The event will be canceled in the event of rain.
For information, contact
OFS development director
Jill Pfeiffer at 444-8095.
Samantha Christian

31st Annual

Hometown Days
2016 Run-Walk
June 5th
Harriet Park, Verona

Advertising inquiries
Upcoming events

Summer Camp program

For Children 7 - 12 Years Old

DailY FielD Trips

Weekly Fee is only
$195 for one child or
$340 for two siblings

Open by 6:30 am for Student Drop-Offs

Scott De Laruelle

Word on the Street is Saturday

5K run/walk to benefit

If you have news youd like to share with readers of

The Verona Press, there are many ways to contact us.
For general questions or inquiries, call our office at
845-9559 or email
Our website accepts story ideas, community items,
photos and letters to the editor, at
Several types of items have specific emails where they
can be sent directly.

Scott De Laruelle


Sondy Pope is bringing

her collection of arrowheads
to the May meeting of the
Verona Area Historical Society, set for 10a.m. Saturday
at the senior center. Upcoming meetings of the society
include the annual cemetery
tour on June 11, and the July
meeting will feature the history of Carnes Corporation,
one of the areas oldest companies and a large employer.
At the societys April
meeting, Jesse Charles was
elected the boards new president, succeeding Ruth Jensen, who will be secretary.
Art Cresson is vice-president
and Bev Beyer is treasurer. At that meeting, Charles
gave an update on the Matts

If You Go

Send it here

(608) 270-9977

2nd Annual ALL WHEELS

Car Show

Saturday, May 28
Rain or Shine

9:00am - 4:00pm
(8:30 check-in for all cars, trucks, motorcycles and
tractors participating)

Legion Park, Brooklyn

201 S. 1st Street
$5 Entry Fee
Awards at 1:00pm

There will also be: Flea Market,

Concessions, Music, 50/50 Raffle
Antique Tractor Pull starts at noon
For more information contact Susan McCallum (608) 455-3121


May historical
society meeting is

Food - Fun - Entertainment

Friday, June 3 - Sunday, June 5
McKee Farms Park, Fitchburg


All about area arrowheads

The Verona Press


Dr. Kelsey Patton!

Dr. Patton is accepting new
patients and looks forward
to serving Verona and the
surrounding area!

Dr. Kelsey Patton, DDS

(start and finish lines)

10K/5K/Walk starts at 8am

1K & 2K Kids Run, register at 11:15, race at 11:40 in front of Sugar River
United Methodist Church, 415 W. Verona Ave. (12 & under Free)
Promoting a healthy lifestyle and fitness
Sponsored by: Miller & Sons, The Employer Group, Stafford Rosenbaum, Sweeney Construction, First Business
Bank, Park Bank, Coldwell Banker Success (Kathy Bartels and Scott Stewart), Gymfinity

Welcoming & Accepting New Patients

Oral Health = Overall Health

Dr. Kelsey Patton, DDS


271 S. Main St., Verona


Packet Pick-up and Late Registration from 7:00-7:30am

Register on-line at

The Verona Press

Coming up


Murph Challenge

Birthday, anniversary party

CrossFit 1847, 501 S. Nine Mound

Road, is accepting advanced registration
for its Murph Challenge event from 10
a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday, May 30.
The Murph Challenge is a workout
that requires participants to wear a 20 lb.vest or body armor and perform a series
of rigorous exercises, including a two
1-mile runs, pull-ups and push-ups. All
money raised during the free event will
be donated to the Lt. Michael P. Murphy
For information or to register in
advance, call 848-6459.

Celebrate the months birthdays

and anniversaries at the senior centers
monthly party from 11:45 a.m. to 1:45
p.m. Friday, May 20. Lunch will be
served at 11:45 a.m. while entertainment
provided by Tom Waselchuk begins at
12:30 p.m. To reserve a spot for lunch,
call 845-7471 by noon on May 19.

Book reading

Free CPR training

Fitch-Rona EMS, in conjunction with
Dane County EMS, will be offering free
training to the public to teach bystander
compression-only CPR from 11 a.m. to
2 p.m. Saturday, May 21 at the FitchRona EMS station, 101 Lincoln St.
Call and Pump is a method of providing bystander CPR in the critical first
minutes of cardiac arrest that takes less
than 10 minutes to learn. Fitch-Rona
Paramedics will be on site providing
training and answering questions.
For information, contact Deputy Chief
Patrick Anderson or Deputy Chief Jeff
Dostalek at 497-2909.

Join Wisconsin author and sportscaster Jessie Garcia and members of the
FitzRandolph family as they read from
their collaborative book from 6:30-8
p.m. Thursday, May 19 at the library.
Readings from the book, titled No
Stone Unturned: A Brother and Sisters
Incredible Journey through the Olympics
and Cancer, will be followed by a discussion. Casey FitzRandolphs Olympic
Gold Medal in speedskating will be on Spring field trip
display, and books will be available for
Join the Prairie Enthusiasts for a
sale and signing.
spring field trip to Sugar River Oak
For information, call 845-7180.
Savanna from 6-7:30 p.m. Monday, May

The 9-acre oak savanna is a preserve
of The Prairie Enthusiasts and managed
by the Empire-Sauk Chapter. Nearly 400
native plant species are now present, and
a wide array of late-spring wildflowers
should be in bloom.
To get to the prairie from the intersection of CTH M and PD (north of Verona and SW of Madison), take PD west 3
miles to Timber Lane, turn right (north)
on to Timber Lane and then immediately turn left into a joint driveway. Proceed
to the brick house (2845 Timber Lane).
Park in mowed lawn (please do not
block the neighbors driveway).
For information, contact trip leader Rich Henderson at 845-7065 or tpe.

Exercise program
Are you having a difficult time getting
back into an exercise routine? Stop by
the senior center for a Getting Back into
Exercise program at 10 a.m. Tuesday,
May 24.
Mary Hall, MPT from Capitol Physical Therapy, will teach attendees how
to resume previous exercise routines,
or simply become more active and get
For information, call 845-7471.

Community calendar
Thursday, May 19

6:30-8 p.m., No Stone Unturned:

A Brother and Sisters Incredible
Journey through the Olympics and
Cancer with author and sportscaster Jessie Garcia and members
of the FitzRandolph family, library,

Friday, May 20

9:15-9:45 a.m., Sensory Friendly

Story Time (ages 3-5), library, 8457180
11:45 a.m. to 1:45 p.m., Birthday
and anniversary party, senior center, 845-7471
7 p.m., Soggy Prairie Boys, Tuvalu

Saturday, May 21

8 a.m. to noon, Word on the

Street 5K run/walk (kids 1/4- and
1/2-mile runs at 9:15 a.m.), library,
register at
9:30-10:15 a.m., Grow into Spanish with Maestra Marti, library, 8457180
10 a.m., Verona Area Historical

Society meeting and arrowhead

presentation, senior center, 8457471
11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Free CPR training, Fitch-Rona EMS station, 101
Lincoln St., 497-2909
11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., Prairie Kitchen free community meal, BPNN,
6:30 p.m., VAHS Jazz Showcase, Verona Area High School
Performing Arts Center, 300 Richard St., 845-4400
7 p.m., Ellie and Cam, Tuvalu

Monday, May 23

6-7:30 p.m., Prairie Enthusiasts

spring field trip, Sugar River Oak
Savanna, 845-7065
6:30-8:30 p.m., Adult Coloring
Club, library, 845-7180

Tuesday, May 24

10 a.m., Getting Back into Exercise presentation, senior center,

10 a.m. to noon, Operation
Fresh Start Open Trail Celebra-

tion, Prairie Moraine County Park,


Wednesday, May 25

4:30 p.m., Tech Time with Tim

(30-minute appointments; reservations required), senior center,
6:30-8:30 p.m., Computer Class:
Microsoft Excel (registration
required), library, 845-7180

Thursday, May 26

10:30 a.m., St. James Preschool

visit, senior center, 845-7471
4-5:30 p.m., Anime Club (grades
6-12), library, 845-7180
6 p.m., Draft boundary agreement question-and-answer session, Verona Town Hall, 335 N.
Nine Mound Road, 845-7187

Friday, May 27

9:15-9:45 a.m., Sensory Friendly Story Time (ages 3-5), library,

1 p.m., Movie Matinee: Infinitely
Polar Bear, senior center, 8457471

Whats on VHAT-98
Thursday, May 19
7 a.m. 1988 Verona Basketball
8 a.m. Zumba Gold
9 a.m. Daily Exercise
10 a.m. Bonnie and Bill
Stevens at Senior Center
2 p.m. Zumba Gold
3 p.m. Daily Exercise
4 p.m. Greg Anderson at
Senior Center
5 p.m. Crossing Cultures at
Senior Center
6 p.m. Salem Church Service
7 p.m. Rhapsody Arts at
Senior Center
8 p.m. Daily Exercise
9 p.m. Arbor Day at Senior
10 p.m. Burial Mounds at
Historical Society
Friday, May 20
7 a.m. Greg Anderson at
Senior Center
1 p.m. Arbor Day at Senior
3 p.m. Self Defense at
Senior Center
4 p.m. Crossing Cultures at
Senior Center
5 p.m. 2014 Wildcats
8:30 p.m. Arbor Day
10 p.m. 1988 Verona Basketball
11 p.m. Bonnie and Bill
Stevens at Senior Center
Saturday, May 21
8 a.m. Common Council
from May 9

11 a.m. Self Defense at

Senior Center
1 p.m. 2014 Wildcats
4:30 p.m. Burial Mounds at
Historical Society
6 p.m. Common Council
from May 9
9 p.m. Self Defense
10 p.m. Burial Mounds at
Historical Society
11 p.m. Bonnie and Bill
Stevens at Senior Center
Sunday, May 22
7 a.m. Hindu Cultural Hour
9 a.m. Resurrection Church
10 a.m. Salem Church
Noon Common Council
from May 9
3 p.m. Self Defense at
Senior Center
4:30 p.m. Burial Mounds
at Historical Society
6 p.m. Common Council
from May 9
9 p.m. Self Defense
10 p.m. Burial Mounds at
Historical Society
11 p.m. Bonnie and Bill
Stevens at Senior Center
Monday, May 23
7 a.m. Greg Anderson at
Senior Center
1 p.m. Arbor Day at Senior
3 p.m. Self Defense at
Senior Center
4 p.m. Crossing Cultures at
Senior Center
5 p.m. 2014 Wildcats

7 p.m. Common Council
9 p.m. Hindu Cultural
10 p.m. 1988 Verona Basketball
11 p.m. Bonnie and Bill
Stevens at Senior Center
Tuesday, May 24
7 a.m. 1988 Verona Basketball
10 a.m. Zumba Gold
9 a.m. Daily Exercise
10 a.m. Bonnie and Bill
Stevens at Senior Center
2 p.m. Zumba Gold
3 p.m. Daily Exercise
4 p.m. Greg Anderson at
Senior Center
5 p.m. Crossing Cultures at
Senior Center
6 p.m. Resurrection
8 p.m. Rhapsody Arts at
Senior Center
9 p.m. Arbor Day at Senior
10 p.m. Burial Mounds at
Historical Society
Wednesday, May 25
7 a.m. Greg Anderson at
Senior Center
1 p.m. Arbor Day at Senior
3 p.m. Self Defense at
Senior Center
5 p.m. Common Council
from May 23
7 p.m. Capital City Band
8 p.m. Self Defense

10 p.m. 1988 Verona Basketball

11 p.m. Bonnie and Bill
Stevens at Senior Center
Thursday, May 26
7 a.m. 1988 Verona Basketball
8 a.m. Zumba Gold
9 a.m. Daily Exercise
10 a.m. Bonnie and Bill
Stevens at Senior Center
3 p.m. Daily Exercise
4 p.m. Greg Anderson at
Senior Center
5 p.m. Crossing Cultures at
Senior Center
6 p.m. Salem Church Service
7 p.m. Rhapsody Arts at
Senior Center
8 p.m. Daily Exercise
9 p.m. Arbor Day
10 p.m. Burial Mounds at
Historical Society

Support groups
AA Meeting, senior center, Thursdays at 1 p.m.
Caregivers Support
Group, senior center, first
and third Tuesday, 10:30
Healthy Lifestyles
Group meeting, senior
center, second Thursday
from 10:30 a.m.
Parkinsons Group,
senior center, third
Friday at 10 a.m.

All Saints Lutheran Church

2951 Chapel Valley Rd., Fitchburg
(608) 276-7729
Pastor Rich Johnson
Sunday: 8:30 and 10:45 a.m.

1371 Hwy. PB, Paoli

(608) 845-6613
Fr. William Vernon, pastor
Saturday: 5 p.m., St. Andrew, Verona
Sunday: 7:30 a.m., St. William, Paoli
Sunday: 9 and 11 a.m., St. Andrew,
Daily Mass, Tuesday-Saturday: 8
a.m., St. Andrew, Verona

The Church in Fitchburg

2833 Raritan Rd., Fitchburg
(608) 271-2811
Sunday: 8 and 10:45 a.m.

St. James Evangelical Lutheran

427 S. Main St., Verona
(608) 845-6922
Pastors Kurt M. Billings and Peter
Office Hours: 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday,
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday; 8 a.m.noon Wednesday
Saturday Worship: 5 p.m.
Sunday Worship: 8:30 and 10:45 a.m.

The Church in Verona

Verona Business Center
535 Half Mile Rd. #7, Verona
(608) 271-2811
Sunday: 9 a.m.
Fitchburg Memorial UCC
5705 Lacy Rd., Fitchburg
(608) 273-1008
Pastor Phil Haslanger
Sunday: 8:15 and 10 a.m. Worship
Sunday School: 10:15 a.m.
Good Shephard Lutheran Church
(608) 271-6633
Central: Raymond Road and Whitney
Way, Madison
Sunday: 8:15, 9:30 and 10:45 a.m.
West: Corner of Hwy. PD and Nine
Mound Road, Verona
Sunday: 9 and 10:30 a.m. and 6 p.m.
Damascus Road Church West
The Verona Senior Center
108 Paoli St., Verona
(608) 819-6451,
Pastor Justin Burge
Sunday: 10 a.m.

Salem United Church of Christ

502 Mark Dr., Verona
(608) 845-7315
Rev. Dr. Mark E. Yurs, Pastor
Laura Kolden, Associate in Ministry
Sunday School: 9 a.m.
Sunday Worship: 10:15 a.m., staffed
nursery available
Fellowship Hour: 11:30 a.m.
Springdale Lutheran Church
2752 Town Hall Rd. (off Hwy ID),
Mount Horeb
(608) 437-3493
Pastor Jeff Jacobs
Sunday: 8:45 a.m. with communion
Sugar River United Methodist
415 W. Verona Ave., Verona
(608) 845-5855,
Pastor Gary Holmes
9 and 10:30 a.m. contemporary
Sunday School available during worship. Refreshments and fellowship are
between services.

Memorial Baptist Church

201 S. Main St., Verona
(608) 845-7125
Lead Pastor Jeremy Scott
Sunday: 10:15 a.m.
Redeemer Bible Fellowship
130 N. Franklin St., Verona
Pastor Dwight R. Wise
Sunday: 10 a.m. family worship

West Madison Bible Church

2920 Hwy. M, Verona
Sunday Praise and Worship: 9:15 a.m.
Nursery provided in morning.
Sunday school (all ages): 10:45 a.m.
Small group Bible study: 6 p.m.

Resurrection Lutheran Church

6705 Wesner Rd., Verona
(608) 848-4965
Pastor Nathan Strutz and Assistant
Pastor Eric Melso
Thursday: 6:30 p.m.
Sunday: 9 a.m.

Zwingli United Church of Christ

Hwy. 92 and G, Mount Vernon
(608) 832-6677
Pastor Brad Brookins
Sunday: 10:15 a.m.
Zwingli United Church of Christ
Hwy. 69 and PB, Paoli
Rev. Sara Thiessen
Sunday: 9:30 a.m. family worship

St. Christopher Catholic Parish

St. Andrew Church
301 N. Main St., Verona
St. William Church

Being Who You Are

Part of the difficulty of authenticity, of being who we truly
are, is that we are free to be whoever we want to be.There
are of course limits to human freedom, but within those
limits we are free to act honestly or dishonestly,to act with
integrity or not, depending on the circumstances. Perhaps
the reason why the sting of conscience can be so painful
is that when we did the thing that we now regret, we know
that we could have done otherwise. When we make a conscious decision to lie, or steal, or otherwise act contrary to
the dictates of conscience, we are bound to regret it later.
Its also difficult to be who we truly are because we are all
in the process of becoming who we shall be. The act of
becoming is perhaps the essential project at the core of
humanity. It is the life project that every human being must
work out, on their own,with fear and trembling, but also
with quiet reflection. Who are you, really, and who are you
becoming? Answering these questions requires being honest with oneself, and involves reflecting not only on issues
of character, but also on our relationships with others, and
our careers, and even our likes and dislikes. Be yourself,
but perhaps more importantly, become the best version of
yourself that is possible.
Christopher Simon, Metro News Service
The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People
look at the outward appearance, but
the Lord looks at the heart.
1 Samuel 16:7 NIV


May 19, 2016

430 E. Verona Ave.




Call 845-9559
to advertise on the
Verona Press
church page

May 19, 2016

The Verona Press

Jazz event to provide plenty of pizzazz

Eleven bands to perform at five venues Friday for Strollin Verona

If You Go

Unified Newspaper Group

Photo submitted

Pawan Benjamin will perform with the Miquel McQuade Trio at Hop Haus Brewing
at 8p.m. Friday.

Try jazz.
Thats what Verona residents
will have the opportunity to do
Friday at Strollin Verona, featuring 11 bands performing at
five venues across the city.
For local jazz fans, its a smorgasboard. For the Greater Madison Jazz Consortium, the events
organizer, its an effort to spread
the genre. And
for Verona, its a
chance to showcase several venues.
Were hoping
this comes back
year after year
a n d g e t s b i g g e r Fisher
and bigger, said
Le Jordan, executive director,
Verona Chamber of Commerce.
I hope Verona residents and the
surrounding community take part
and enjoy it.
This is the first time in seven jazz strolls, handled by the
Greater Madison Jazz Consortium, that the event will occur
outside of Madison.
Its always great to add some
more arts to the area, Jordan
Organizers hope to attract 500
people to the five venues: Avanti
Italian Restaurant, Toot + Kates
Winebar, Hop Haus Brewing
Company, Wisconsin Brewing
Company and (the lone outdoor
spot) Hometown Junction Park.
Jordan anticipates jazz fans
from beyond Verona will attend.
Its going to be terrific for
the area. This series has such a
good following, she said. A lot
of people still dont know all the
places that Verona has to offer.

What: Strollin Verona Greater Madison Jazz Consortium season opener

When: Friday, May 20

Performance venues
Hometown Junction Park Youth Stage, South Main Street at the
Military Ridge Bike Trail
4:30p.m., Milestone Quartet (from Madison West High School)
5p.m., Smoother Than Butter (from Madison West High School)
5:30p.m., Amos Egleston Quartet (from Madison Memorial High
Avanti Italian Restaurant, 119 S. Main St.
5p.m., Vocalist Susan Hofer and Friends
6p.m., Mal-O-Dua
Toot + Kates Winebar, 109 S. Main St.
5:30p.m., Barley Wine
6:30p.m., Vocalist Marilyn Fisher and guitarist John Vitale
Hop Haus Brewing Company, 231 S. Main St.
7p.m., Rand Moore Trio with pianist Paul Muench and bassist John
8p.m., Miguel McQuade Trio featuring New York saxophonist
Pawan Benjamin
Wisconsin Brewing Company, 1079 American Way
6-8:30p.m., The Jimmys
9p.m., Organist Todd Phipps and The ORGANization
Strollin Verona is designed
to promote jazz through performances by Madison West High
School bands to seasoned professionals, such as New York saxophonist Pawan Benjamin.
One of the reasons theyre
doing this series is to introduce
people to jazz. There are various
styles, Jordan said. Live music
draws people and theyre willing
to give it a try. No one has to buy

Library hosts VASD art show

a ticket and sit in an auditorium.

Its an easy way for people to
experience jazz.
The free admission also
enables more community members to participate, Jordan added.
And maybe it will create a
few new jazz lovers, she said.
Contact Tom Alesia at tom.



The Verona Public Library is hosting its annual art

show highlighting Verona Area School District students
works through the end of the month.
The display began May 2, and art will be on display
through May 31.

Were like your new best

friend for home heating
and cooling. When your
system needs service, well
be right by your side.

Photo by Scott Girard

You can trust your

trees to our family of
Certified Arborists.



with the purchase of a qualifying Lennox home comfort system.

Sign up your Ash trees for

a 2 year treatment now.


At Cleary Building Corp.

190 S. Paoli St., Verona WI
(608) 845-9700

Valuable Senior Health Care

Dr. Joe Beyler

5'x10' $38 Month

10'x10' $60 Month
10'x15' $65 Month
10'x20' $80 Month
10'x25' $90 Month

Schedule Your Appointment Now!

Dr. Steve Beyler





UNTIL 2017*
$10.00 Off an A/C Tune Up
- Limited Time Only!**

409 W. Main St., Mt. Horeb, WI 53572
Your comfort is our concern!
Lic #1271606
Offer expires 6/10/2016.
*On a qualifying system purchase. Lennox system rebate offers range from $250 to $1,700. Some restrictions
apply. One offer available per qualifying purchase. See your local Lennox Dealer or for details.
**See Dealer for details. Some restrictions may apply.
2016 Lennox Industries Inc. Lennox Dealers include independently owned and operated businesses.


Caring for our Green World since 1978



Tim Andrews Horticulturist LLC

8 - The Verona Press - May 19, 2016

Ask the Verona



Q. Can a 529 Plan Help with Those College Bills?

A. Another school year is drawing to a close. If you have younger kids, theyre looking

Q. Why is Care At Home So Popular?

A. Elder care from Comfort Keepers helps elders live safely in their homes. Americas elder

Brendon Diers, AAMS, Financial Advisor

161 Horizon Dr., Suite 107a Verona, WI 53593

(608) 845-2533 Member SIPC

5396 King James Way, Suite 210, Madison, WI 53719

(608) 442-1898



The Caring CenTer

Q. What should I do if I am rear-ended by another motor vehicle?

A. Unfortunately you might be the victim of another drivers lack of attention and bad driving. You might be

2 E. Mifflin St., Ste. 200, Madison WI 53703 608.260.2485

Q. My five year old never wants to spend time

outside. How can I encourage it?

A. A great way to start is by taking family walks after

dinner. Keep distances short at first and gradually
lengthen them. Vary where you walk and keep it
interesting by changing up what you watch for on the
walk. For example, count how many dogs you see, look for robins, point out
different kinds of trees, etc. Walking is a simple and inexpensive hobby that can
benefit the whole family.

The Caring Center/Verona Montessori House

402 W. Verona Ave. Verona (608) 845-8620




Q. Does the phase our of R-22 refrigerant mean that I must replace

Q. I am getting a lot of pain in my neck when I am riding my

bike. Would chiropractic or massage help with this?

A. Whether you are riding a recreational bike, road bike, or tri

bike the neck is forced into a position that puts pressure on the
posterior portion of the cervical spine. This position also forces
the neck to remain in a state of continued contraction that can
Jill Unwin,
Lee Unwin,
cause joint and muscle soreness. Chiropractic adjustments
will help maintain healthy joint mobility and function. This
will help alleviate pain and will prolong your years of cycling. Therapeutic massage will help reduce
muscle soreness and reduce any restrictions in the neck caused by that continued contraction. Along
with regular chiropractic and massage, exercises would be recommended to help increase strength and
mobility in your neck and upper back.

Dave Kaltenberg

102 N. Franklin Street Verona, WI 53593

(608) 848-1800

161 Horizon Dr., Suite105 Verona, WI

53593 (608) 845-8494




Q. My son/daughter is graduating from high school and will begin his/her college career.

Q. Tooth Whitening- How does it work?

A. Although teeth can stain or discolor for a variety of reasons, the yellowing that many of us

How do they control their student debt?

A. Students are ending their college careers with a boatload of student debt. Here are some ideas to

make this burden a little more bearable. First of all, know the details of the note: the interest rate, term,
amount of any up-front fees, pre-payment penalties, when interest and payments start, payment amounts
and flexibility, and how interest is calculated. Not all student debt is the same, so knowing these details
will help you select the correct loan option. If your loan accrues interest while in school, avoid the
compounding of interest by paying at least the interest as you go. Pay extra on the loan principal as soon
Dennis Baker
as the payments start. You may have to change some spending habits to find the extra cash for these
extra payments, but it will be well worth it. Better yet, continue to spend like you are still a student even
though you just landed a well-paying job. This will allow you to pay off your student loans quickly and
reduce significantly the amount of interest you would otherwise end up paying. Also, be sure to take advantage of any grants,
scholarships, work-study programs, and part-time jobs that would help to reduce the amount of loans needed.
Email me at to subscribe to our free monthly tax e-newsletter.


dislike occurs from exposure to a variety of foods and drinks and from age. Tooth enamel is hard
and durable but its also porous, making it susceptible to stains. Surface stains can often be polished
off by a dentist and sometimes by whitening toothpastes. Pastes utilize a more aggressive abrasive
to serve their function. They do not actively whiten. Below surface discoloration can often be
treated with topical whitening gels thru the supervision or treatment of a dentist or thru select,
Over-the-Counter whitening strips products. Whitening gels are carbamide peroxide or hydrogen
Dr. James Sands, DDS
peroxide based chemicals that get into the enamel layer and produce a chemical reaction or oxidation that breaks down the staining compounds. When used properly, they are safe and effective. Whitening can cause some
tooth and gum sensitivity and in rare cases tooth pain or damage. The potency of these chemicals determines the speed and
aggressiveness of the whitening. The type of delivery of these agents is what differentiates the types of whitening, whether it
be dentist administered In-Office whitening, dentist supervised Take-home whitening, or Over-theCounter Whitening Strips. Give us a call and we can go over which option might be best for you.

Baker& Launder, SC
351 Prairie Heights Dr, Verona, WI 53593

1010 North Edge Trail Verona, WI (608) 848-4000

(corner of Hwy. M and Cross Country Rd.)




Q. How important is it to warm up before beginning an exercise program?

A. The warm-up portion of an exercise routine, which typically occurs within the first 5-10

Comprehensive Therapy Services

1049 N. Edge Trail Prairie Oaks
(608) 845-2100 Verona, WI 53593


minutes of activity, is more important than one may realize. A typical warm-up routine
may include general upper and lower extremity stretching with large movement patterns
and deep breathing, as well as a simpler form of the exercise you will begin (i.e. walking
with large strides and long arm swings before jogging). Benefits of a warming up include:
reduced risk of injury, increased blood flow, increased neuromuscular synaptic activity,
improved viscosity of the synovial fluid of the joint lining, and initiating the aerobic portion
Susan Armstrong, MPT of exercise. Aerobic exercise (use of the bodys oxygen supply for building endurance and
Physical Therapist
cardiovascular response), as well as anaerobic exercise (use of energy stores within the body
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that is going on around you. Make notes of the other driver, his/her vehicle condition, and his/her license plate
number. Note any witnesses that you can point out to the cops. Take photos of the vehicles and the area. If you are
injured, wait for the ambulance to take you to the ER. Let the ER doctors know that you were in a motor vehicle
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May 19, 2016

The Verona Press

Above, from left, Eli Honisto, Braylon Smith and Parker Neary perform Do Wah Diddy Diddy on African drums.
Below, from left, Miguel Zapata, Lindsey Pozos and Dayani De la
Cruz Garcias dance to At the Hop.

Photos by Scott Girard

Rock and Roll at Sugar Creek

Sugar Creek Elementary School students rocked and rolled their way through a set of concerts Friday,
May 13. The concerts were held throughout the day in the schools gym, and included classic songs
like Do Wah Diddy Diddy, Blue Suede Shoes and Rock Around the Clock.
Tremayne Gray plays the drum during The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

On the Web
See more photos from the Sugar
Creek concerts:

NCS holds
spring concert,
art show
New Century School held a spring
concert and art show on May 9 at the
VAHS Performing Arts Center.
At left, Jamie Oezer, left, plays Ode to
Joy by Beethoven on recorder with
other fourth- and fifth-graders.
At right, Kyle Dziubla and his 3-yearold son, Levi, view the art gallery wall.
Another son, Danny, is a kindergartner
at NCS.
Photos by Samantha Christian

On the web
See more photos from the New Century
concert and art show:

Ask the Verona



Q. How can I get my dog to stop barking at things outside?

Q. How do I get on this page?

203 West Verona Avenue (608) 845-6700


A. Barking at things constantly outside is a really big problem for some dogs. The
problem originates in your dogs need to protect you and actually is a very submissive behavior (towards you). When dogs are in a pack the most submissive dogs
will signal danger and alert the alpha dog. They are looking for a response from the
alpha dog to determine further action. Yelling random words at them is the natural
tendency for us humans but can spur them on because of the uncertainty as to how
Christopher Voss
they are to react. One way to control your dogs behavior with doglike behavior on
your part is to go to the window and stand between your dog and the inciting behavior. This acknowledges that something is indeed there and you are aware of it. After this gesture a simple
command like off and then sit (with a treat after they sit) is needed. This routine must be repeated many
times until the off command is all that is needed.

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133 Enterprise Dr. Verona (608) 845-9559

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May 19, 2016

The Verona Press

Photos by Scott Girard

Country View concerts

Country View Elementary School hosted a set of six concerts Thursday, April 21, and Friday, April 22, for parents
to see what music their children have learned this year.
Each grade had its own 30-minute time slot throughout
the school days, with performances including singing
and a range of instruments.

Photos by Scott Girard

Above, from left, Olivery Tennyson, Angel Arellano Perez,

and Blake Wilson rattle their plastic eggs to add an additional musical element during a song.

Prairie sings

At right, Victoria Angeles dances with the rest of the kindergarten singers.

Stoner Prairie Elementary

School kindergarten and firstgrade students had concerts in
the choir room May 10 and 11.
Second- through fifth-grade students will have concerts in the
gym May 19.

On the Web
See more photos from the Country View kindergarten concert:

Above, Itze Castizo, center, goes

laughing all the way with her
classmates and choir teacher
Amy Schiefelbein as they sing
Jingle Bells.
Left, Katherine Daley plays the
wood block as she marches up
to put it in a bucket in the center
of the circle.

On the Web
See more photos from the Stoner
Prairie concerts:

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Thursday, May 19, 2016


Verona Press
For more sports coverage, visit:

Boys track and field


Verona can
wrap up third
straight Big
8 title next
Sports editor

Verona softball moved

within a game of another
Big Eight Conference title
with three wins last week.

Verona 7,
Madison East 2

Photo by Jeremy Jones

Junior Obi Ifediora won the 400-meter dash in 50.44 seconds Friday at the Big Eight Conference track meet in Beloit. Ifediora also earned all-conference in the 200 and
1,600 relay.

Leaping to new heights

Herkert wins two
conference titles, scores
Sports editor

Verona boys track and field

standout Jack Herkert had little
trouble winning the Big Eight
Conference high jump title Friday
in Beloit, but the junior went on to
do something few people expected.
Herkert, not only wrapped up
the high jump, but he added the
triple jump and finished second
in the 110-meter hurdles to earn

all-conference in all three events.

He also medaled in the long jump
with a fifth-place finish to score a
team-record 32 points.
Herkert needed only two jumps
to repeat as the high jump champion, needing only 6 feet to claim
the title as no other competitor
cleared more than 5-10. With three
other events to focus on, Herkert
turned his attention to the 110 hurdles and the long and triple jumps.
He claimed the triple jump
with a tape-stretching leap personal best of 43-5 1/2 in a steady
rain and scratched the rest of his
The Middleton boys, led by
first-year coach Joe Line, won
the boys meet for the fourth

consecutive year totaling 133

points. Madison La Follette was
second with 113 and Verona third
with 107.
Veronas biggest two events
ended up being the 110, where
Herkert, Jared Biddle and Spencer Polk finished 2-3-5, and the
shot put where Reggie Curtis won
the event and Austin Schwartz
and Hunter Bourne took third and
seventh as the Wildcats scored 18
points in each.
We expected them to be big
and they went even bigger than we
were expecting, head coach Joff
Pedretti said.
Herkert led after the 110 hurdle
preliminaries and despite dropping nearly half-a-second in the

finals he had to settle for second

place as rival Hunter Peters of
Madison Memorial captured the
title in 14.56. Herkert finished the
line .03 later, while teammate Jared Biddle took third in 15.18 to
make the all-conference team for
the first time.
Spencer Polk, who was not
seeded to make the finals, finished
fifth and later added a third-place
finish in the 300 hurdles (41.79) to
earn himself all-conference honors.
Herkert didnt earn all-conference honors in the long jump (204), but scored four points with a
fifth-place finish. His 32 points,

Turn to Boys track/Page 12

Savanna Rainey went

2-for-4 at the plate with a
home run and three RBIs
Thursday as the host Wildcats defeated Madison East
Claire Eversen also had
two hits and drove in a
run. Nicole Neitzel, Molly McChesney and Taytum
Geier added RBIs.
Freshman Meghan Anderson tossed five innings,
striking out six and walking
two. She allowed no runs
on five hits. Quin Nelson
tossed the first two innings,
striking out three and walking one while allowing two
earned runs off solo home
runs by Ayden Romers and
Candace Kipp.
Romer took the loss for
the Purgolders, giving up
seven earned runs on 10
hits. She walked four and
struck out three.
Offensively, Verona left
seven on base in the win.

Verona 15,
Beloit Mem. 4 (6 inn.)
The Wildcats looked to
finish strong Friday as they
traveled south to Beloits
Krueger Park and picked
up a 15-4 victory in six
Verona scored six runs in
the fifth on an RBI single

Turn to Softball/Page 13

Girls track and field

Sprint quartet wins a trio

of Big 8 Conference titles
Sports editor

The Verona girls track and field team

would have had a quiet night at the Big
Eight Conference meet in Beloit Memorial
last week were it not for seniors Lexi Alt
and Kylie Schmaltz, sophomore Emelia
Lichty and senior Sieanna Mitchell.
Despite another cold and rainy meet that
seems to have become the status quo this
season, the quartet swept the 400, 800 and
1,600 meter relay titles to help the Wildcats finish fifth out of the 10 team conference with 64.5 points.
It feels great having won three titles
tonight as a senior. Its very special,

Schmaltz said. We saw the heat sheets

and knew all three races could be very
close and come down to our handoffs.
The quarter bested their seed time in
the 800 relay in 1 minute, 46.34 seconds
blowing second-place Middleton away
by more than two seconds and then came
back to win the 400 defeating Middleton
once again in 51.21.
Lichty, Schmaltz, Alt and Mitchell
capped their evening by posting a meetbest 4:08.42 in the 1,600 relay a little
less than two seconds ahead of Middleton.
Weve been working together all season, Schmaltz said. I think thats the best

Turn to Girls track/Page 12

Photo by Jeremy Jones

Emilia Lichty (pictured), Lexy Alt, Kylie Schmaltz and Sieanna Mitchell earned Badger South championships all three sprint relays. The quartet won the 400- in 51.24 seconds, the 800 in 1:46.34 and the
1,600-meter relay in 4:08.42.


May 19, 2016

The Verona Press

Boys tennis

Wildcats wrap up undefeated

dual meet season

Marquette 5, Verona 2

Sports editor

Ve r o n a b o y s t e n n i s
wrapped up the teams
first undefeated Big Eight
dual meet season with a
pair of dominating wins
last week. Freshman No.
1 singles player Will Tennison was unable to earn
the top seed at this weeks
conference tournament
though, dropping his first
Big Eight dual of the season 6-3, 6-4 Thursday to
Madison Memorials Colt
Both Tennison (18-5
overall, 8-1 conference)
and Tegtmeier (22-1, 9-0)
entered the match undefeated in conference.
The Wildcats took the
other six flights, including a 5-7, 6-2, 6-4 comefrom-behind win from
Matt Blessing and Jordan
Hutchcroft against Alessandro Puglielli-Zeke Vredenbregt at No. 1 doubles
A l ex P l e t t a , Pa t r i c k
Conley and Vivek Swaminath cruised 6-1, 6-1; 6-0,
6-0 and 6-0, 6-3, respectively.
Connor Melzer and
Mitch Kealy added a 6-1,
6-4 win at No. 2 doubles
and Luke Schoeberle and
Chris Queoff added a 6-4,
6-3 victory at No. 3 doubles to close out the match.
The JV conference meet
is slated for 8a.m. Saturday in Sun Prairie, while
the varsity team travels
to Nielsen Tennis Stadium May 18-19 for its Big
Eight Conference meet.
Play starts at 9:30a.m.
Wednesday and continues
at 2p.m. Thursday.
For the first time, Verona
will follow up conference
at the WHSTCA Classic
tournament in Brookfield
May 20-12.

The Wildcats continued

to battle with the states
elite last week, falling
5-2 in a non-conference
matchup against topranked Marquette University though all four singles
flights and 3 dubs were
close for Verona.
Tennison supplied Verona with a 6-4, 4-6, 10-7
victory over Nick Yang at
No. 1 singles, while Swaminath added a 6-2, 2-6,
10-2 with at No. 4 singles
against Ben Sinense.
Pletta dropped a 7-6
(3), 6-4 decision at No. 2
singles to Caleb Schifano
and Conley fell 7-5, 6-3
against Noah Guillermo at
3 singles.
Schoeberle and Queoff
were also unable to close
out a tough match, falling 6-4, 6-4 at 3 doubles
against Anish Singahl and
Seth Roge.

Submitted photo

Taking home the silver

The Verona Area Special Olympics team won the silver medal at the Special Olympics indoor sports tournament April 9-10 in Oshkosh.
Pictured (front, from left) are: assistant coach Phil Nawrocki, Mike Krewson, Zack McQuade, Nate McCarthy, Jennifer Blum and Dan Severson; (back) David Mathias, Nick Nawrocki, Cameron Johnson, Will Rose, agency manager and head coach John Haberle assistant coach
and co-agency manager Cheryl Hamilton; (not pictured) Sara Pang.

Verona 6, Sun Prairie 1

Earlier in the week,
Verona battled Sun Prairie
in a conference make-up
Originally scheduled for
Tuesday, April 10 rain
forced the Wildcats and
Cardinals to postpone the
dual meet 24 hours before
Verona took care of business with a 6-1 victory.
Kealy and Melzer held
Taran Katta and Henry
Blair at bay in a 6-1, 3-6,
6-4 win at No. 2 doubles
to highlight the match.
Tennison had another
tough match atop the singles lineup, battling Aiden
Schutter to a 6-0, 6-7 (4),
6-3 win.
Verona didnt have any
trouble at the other three
singles flights, dropping

Girls soccer

Verona moves to 7-0-1 in the Big Eight Conference, a win from title
Assistant sports editor

The Verona Area High

School girls soccer team hosted Sun Prairie on Tuesday at
Reddan Soccer Park and won
Head coach Jen Faulkner

could not be reached for stats

by the Verona Press Tuesday
Verona (7-0-1 Big Eight)
hosts Madison Memorial at
7p.m. Thursday at Reddan
Soccer Park. A win clinches a
sgare of the Big Eight title.
The Wildcats also take on

non-conference Madison Breese Stevens Field on May

Edgewood at 7p.m. Monday, 5 and defeated Madison East
May 23, at Reddan and finish 5-0.
the regular season at 7p.m.
Tuesday, May 26, at Wauna- Verona 11, La Follette 1
Verona traveled to Madison
La Follette on Thursday and
Verona 5, East 0
won 11-1.
The Wildcats traveled to

Girls track: Wildcats take fifth at Big Eight meet

Continued from page 11
foursome we can put together and it
worked out tonight.
Were trying to get at least one of
the relays on to La Crosse. Looking
at times across our regional and sectional, I think the 4x200 has the shot.
Three of us have been to state before.
We know how much of a good time it
The only other event where Verona earned all-conference honors was
the high jump, where junior Kailey

Turn to Tennis/Page 13

Olson and freshman Ally Kundinger

finished 2-3. Olson and Beloit Memorial senior Raevin Peek both cleared
4-10 but Olson finished second based
on attempts. Kundinger reached 4-8
to finish third and earn all-conference
Middleton senior Samantha Valentine set a new Big Eight 1,600-meter
record and senior Lauren Smith won
the 100 hurdles for the third consecutive year as they helped the Cardinals
sweep the team titles.
Middleton, led by first-year coach
Cory Christnovich, pulled away and

took the girls title with 146 points.

Host Beloit Memorial was second
with 119 and defending champion
Sun Prairie was third with 113.
Veronas Europa Christoffel took
fifth in the long jump (15-8 1/4) and
sixth in the triple jump (32-10 1/2),
while Alt missed all-conference honors in the pole vault, clearing 9-0 to
finish fifth.
Carissa Witthuhn finished seventh
in the discus (94-8) and eighth in the
shot put (33 1/2) one spot behind
teammate Grace Schraufnagel (33-3

Boys track: Ifediora captures first conference title in 400

Come See Our Great Selection of

Continued from page 11

Scarves Jewelry Baby Items

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broke Jason Tiedts team record (28)

in the Big Eight.
Since 2009 when we entered the
conference I cant think of someone
who has attempted four individual events and done that well in all of
them, Pedretti said. I think Jack and
Obi (Ifediora) both gave us everything
they had tonight.
Ifediora captured his first conference title by posting a time of 50.44 in
the 400 dash.
Its just an honor to be a champion in such a competitive conference,
Ifediora said. I have so much respect
for each and every guy in that event.
Weve all worked so hard to get here.
To be the champion, its just such an
Hes set his goal on reaching the
400 state finals and making some
noise next month in La Crosse, hoping
to make the podium.
If I can continue to keep dropping
time and working hard, it doesnt
seem too far-fetched, he said.
Ifediora sat in second place

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following the 200 prelims, but

dropped back to third in the finals with
a time of 22.96. Will Funk, who sat in
fifth following prelims, dropped nearly a second to take the event in 22.57.
Oren Henderson-Zintz finished second
in 22.51 to round out the all-conference team in the event.
A subpar performance in the discus
was enough to light a fire under senior
Reggie Curtis who bounced back to
win the shot put with a season-best
52-10 1/4 a season-best of nearly
two feet.
Its really frustrating, starting out
in discus where you at least expect
to do decent, and then you scratch
all your throws. It fueled my anger. I
knew I had to go big in the shot put,
Curtis said. I knew it was going to
be a big night. I love throwing in the
Junior teammate Austin Schwartz
placed third to earn all-conference
honors with a throw of 48 1/2. Hunter
Bourne also PRed, finishing seventh.
Senior Robbie Freitag earned
all-conference honors for the first
time, claiming third place in the discus

on his final throw with a toss of 134-3.

I just focused on it being my final
throw at a conference meet and just
put everything into it. I relaxed and
threw about as well as I would in practice with no pressure on me, he said.
I wasnt ranked in the top three coming into the meet, but I thought it was
achievable, especially with the weather the way it was other people might
slip up and give me a chance.
Sun Prairie went 1-2 in the event led
by junior Andre Johnsons 148-4.
Senior Lance Andrew, sophomore
Peter Barger, TJ Manning and Ifediora
posted a time of 3:31.94 for third place
an all-conference honors as a 1,600
relay. Janesville Parker (3:30.44) and
Middleton (3:30.91) finished first and
The Wildcats 3,200 relay of freshman Bryan Lopez, sophomore Jared
Jenkins, junior Corey Pedersen and
sophomore Peter Barger finished fifth
in 8:26.13. It was Veronas first medal
in the event since 2011.
University of Milwaukee recruit
Brady Traeder earned a medal in the
3,200 with a sixth-place finish.

May 19, 2016

The Verona Press


Boys golf


Wildcats close regular season,

Big 8 meet set for Thursday

Cats knock off Beloit

Memorial, Janesville Parker


The Verona Area High

School baseball team
edged Beloit Memorial
and Janesville Parker last
week to remain in fourth
place in the Big Eight
The Wildcats are now
11-7 overall (9-5 conference) with a week
left in the season. They
host Madison La Follette
a t 5 p . m . T h u r s d a y a t
Stampfl Field and travel
to first-place Sun Prairie
at 5p.m. Tuesday, May
24. Verona finishes the
regular season against
Madison Memorial at
5p.m. Thursday, May 26,
at Mansfield Stadium.

Assistant sports editor

Garhett Kaegis 39 on the

back-nine Monday was the
best 9-hole score for the
Verona Area High School
boys golf team in the Spartan Invitational at Blackhawk Country Club.
Kaegi (83) followed that
up with a 44. That led Verona to an eighth-place finish
Middleton won the meet
with a 303, while Madison Memorial (323) and
Waunakee (327) took second and third, respectively.
Nick Meland was next on
the team with an 88, while
Will Zunker shot an 89.
Steven Kellerman finished
with a 90. Jake Bates 91
was thrown out.
M i d d l e t o n s E m m e t t
Herb was the medalist
with a 72, while Madi s o n M e m o r i a l s J a c o b
OLoughlin (74), Middletons Joey Levin (75),
Waunakees Colin Murphy
(78) and McFarlands Matt
Davidson (78) rounded out
the top five.
Next up is the the Big
Eight Conference meet
at 8:30a.m. Thursday
at Evansville Golf Club.
Regionals is at 9a.m. Tuesday, May 24, at Pleasant
Photo by Evan Halpop
View Golf Course.
Will Zunker putts on the 10th hole Monday at the Spartan invite at Blackhawk Country Club. Zunker
Follow @UNG_AIozzo finished with an 89 as the Wildcats finished eighth overall.
and go to ConnectVerona.
com for updates.
on May 10 for a Big Eight with a 339. Middleton had a Bates shot an 82. Meland
Big 8 triple dual
triple dual against Middle- 302, and Madison Memori- and Kellerman finished the
scoring with an 82 and an
The Wildcats traveled to ton and Madison Memorial. al shot a 330.
Kaegi shot an 80, while 87, respectively.
Verona lost to both teams
Bishops Bay Golf Course

Assistant sports editor

Verona 9,
Beloit Memorial 8
The Wildcats traveled
to Beloit Memorial on
Thursday and scored six
runs in the top of the fifth
to grab a 9-0 lead.
The Purple Knights,
however, scored six times
in the bottom of the fifth
and twice more in the
bottom of the seventh as
Verona held on for a 9-8
In the fifth, Ben Rortve d t d o u b l e d , Ke a t o n
Knueppel singled and
Sam Favour walked to
load the bases with one
out. Stephen Lund followed with a 2-run single, and Jason Frahm
followed with a single to
load the bases again.
Ty l e r M c C l u r e t h e n

doubled home two more

runs, and Josh Hano followed with a 2-run single.
Cade Johnson hit a
two-out 2-run home run
in the seventh, and Lund
allowed a hit and walk to
put the tying run in scoring position. But Lund
struck out Andrew DeKok
for the save.
McClure added an RBI
single in the third. Noah
Anderson added an RBI
double, and Jacob Slonim
followed with an RBI single to make it 3-0.
Brad Laufenberg picked
up the win. He allowed
two hits and three walks
in four innings, striking
out six.
Jason Frahm allowed
four earned runs on three
hits and a walk without
recording an out, and
Jeff Bishop allowed two
earned runs on three hits
in 2 2/3 innings, striking
out one.
C.J. Grahn took the
loss. He allowed nine
earned runs on 10 hits in
4 1/3 innings, striking out
six and walking one.

Verona 2, Parker 1
Knueppel struck out 12
as the visiting Wildcats
knocked off Janesville
Parker 2-1 at Riverside
Park Saturday.
Anderson picked up an
RBI walk to score Lund
in the second, and Knueppel scored on an error in
the third.
T h e r e s t wa s p i t c h ing. Knueppel went

Turn to Baseball/Page 14

Tennis: Tennison earns second seed at conference

Swaminath both won 6-0, 6-0 at the
bottom of the lineup.
Schoeberle and Queoff added a
just one game. Pletta cruised 6-1, 6-0
6-4 win at No. 3 doubles, while
at No. 2 singles, while Conley and
Continued from page 12

Blessing and Hutchcroft lost the only

match of the afternoon for Verona, falling 6-1, 6-3 against Elijah
Schimelpfenig and Andrew Olson.

Softball: Cats can wrap up conference with a win at Sun Prairie

Continued from page 11
by Heather Rudnicki, Evensen and Neitzel; a two-run
double by Rainey and an RBI double by Emma Kleinsek.
Rudnicki finished the game with five RBIs on two hits.
Nelson picked up the win in the circle, scattering six
hits while allowing four earned runs over six innings.
Tayana Roman took the loss for Beloit Memorial. She
allowed six runs in four innings, walking four and striking
out three.
Beloit Memorial jumped out to an early 2-0 lead in the
bottom of the third with a single by Morgan Bittner which
plated Diana Johnson-Ovist and Brianne Swanson.
Verona went up for good in the fourth, scoring six
runs on a home run by Rudnicki and a two-run single by

Big Eight
Team W-L
Verona 15-2
Janesville Craig
Sun Prairie
Middleton 6-5
Madison East
Madison Memorial
Beloit Memorial
Madison La Follette
Janesville Parker
Madison West

Verona 21, Madison West 3

A 13-run explosion in the second inning led Verona to
a 21-3 win in five innings over Madison West on Monday.
Neitzel hit a 3-run home run and drove in a fourth run as
Verona collected 16 hits in the five inning victory.
Evenson (2-for-3) and Geier (3-for-3) each doubled,
while Heather Rudnicki went 2-for-4 with a pair of singles
and Emily Osiecki tripled.
Anderson went the distance for the win, striking out 11
and walking two. She allowed three earned runs on four

and third innings.

Even though Nelson allowed six runs over seven innings
she still recorded the victory. She struck out two, walked
one and gave up nine hits.
Verona got four-run rallies in the second and fifth
innings. The Wildcats picked up a 3-run home run by
Neitzel in the second.
The Verona built upon their lead with four runs in the
fifth. A error scored McChesney for the innings first run.
That was followed up by Evensens single, scoring Amie
Verona 11, Madison La Follette 6
A three-run error sparked Madison LaFollettes rally in
Rudnicki collected three hits Tuesday as the Wildcats seventh before Verona worked out of a jam.
The Wildcats wrap up the conference and regular season
wrapped up an 11-6 victory over Madison LaFollette in
5p.m. Thursday at Sun Prairie (13-4).
seven innings.
She tripled in the first inning and singled in the second


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May 19, 2016

The Verona Press

Baseball: Wildcats best Purgolders

Continued from page 13
t h e d i s t a n c e , a l l ow i n g
two hits, a walk and an
unearned run.
H u n t e r Ye r k e t o o k
the loss. He allowed an
unearned run on three hits
and four walks in 5 2/3
innings, striking out three.
H u n t e r Va n z a n d t
allowed a run on one hit
and four walks in 1 1/3
innings, striking out one.

Verona 4,
Madison East 1
T h e Wi l d c a t s h o s t e d
Madison East on Tuesday
and pulled out a 4-1 win
to move to 10-5 in the Big
Eight Conference.
RBI singles by Lund
and Favour gave the Wildcats a 3-1 lead in the bottom of the fifth and Rortvedt added an RBI triple
in the sixth.
Knueppel and Rortve d t w e r e b o t h 2 - f o r4. Rortvedt scored two
runs, while Knueppel and
Slonim each scored one.
Veronas first run was

Boys lacrosse

Verona improves to 17-2

Big Eight
Team W-L
Janesville Craig
Sun Prairie
Middleton 12-3
Verona 10-5
Janesville Parker
Madison West
Beloit Memorial
Madison Memorial
Madison La Follette
Madison East
scored on an error in the
Jeff Bishop picked up
the win. He allowed a
walk and a hit in three
innings, striking out five.
Laufenberg started and
allowed an earned run
on three hits and a walk,
striking out three.
Cameron Cratic took
the loss. He allowed two
earned runs on six hits in
4 1/3 innings, walking and
striking out one.
Sasha Lewis-Novelle

Assistant sports editor

The Verona Area High

School boys lacrosse team
improved to 17-2 overall
with wins over the Madison Regents and Hartland
Arrowhead last week.

Verona 16, Regents 3

The Wildcats traveled to
the Madison Regents on
May 12 and won 16-3.
Sophomore Graham Sticha (six goals, assist) and

pitched the final 1 2/3

innings. He allowed an
earned run on two hits,
striking out and walking
The Wildcats are now
two-and-a-half games
behind first-place Janesville Craig (12-2) and two
games behind Sun Prairie
and Middleton (12-3).
Janesville Parker (8-7)
is in fifth place in the Big
Eight. Madison West and
Beloit Memorial are both
tied for sixth (6-8).

junior Jake Keyes (four

goals, three assists) each
collected seven points.
S e n i o r J o s h N ovo t ny
added two goals and an
assist, while senior Noah
Maurer had a goal and an
Junior Jack Scott (goal),
sophomore Ian Edwards
(goal), junior Patrick
Stigsell (goal), junior Henry Smith (assist) and sophomore Jack Doerfler (assist)
all contributed points.
Senior Alex Jones had

nine saves.

Verona 7, Arrowhead 4
Ve r o n a t r a v e l e d t o
Arrowhead Saturday and
won 7-4.
Sophomore Ian Edwards
had three goals, while
senior Peter Christian
scored two goals. Novotny
had a goal and two assists,
and Maurer (goal) and
Sticha (assist) chipped in
Jones finished with 20

Girls lacrosse

Cats crush Middleton varsity reserve

Verona traveled to Middleton on May 10 to face
t h e M i d d l e t o n Va r s i t y
Reserve team.
The Wildcats dominated
in a 13-1 win.
Senior Morgan Fritzler
led the scoring with four
goals, while sophomore
Megan Lois added three

Senior Amanda Best and
junior Makena Meyers each
contributed two goals, and
seniors Carly Grover and
Natalie Schad each found
the net once.
F r e s h m a n g o a l ke e p e r
Sofia Jeddeloh had seven
saves in the win.

Seven players were honored on senior night: Amanda Best, Abby Filsinger,
Morgan Fritzler, Carly
Grover, and Natalie Schad
(Varsity) and Sasha Anderson and Samantha Dingle
(Junior Varsity).
Michelle Felber

Home Talent League

Cavs improve to 2-0 with win at Ridgeway

an RBI double, while Zach
Spencer hit a 2-run home
run. Alex Olson added a
The Verona Home Talent 2-run single.
Spencer picked up the
team traveled to Ridgeway
win allowing two runs on
Sunday and won 5-2.
Klayton Brandt picked up six hits in eight innings,
striking out six and walking


Assistant sports editor

two. Justin Scanlon picked

up the save, allowing a hit
and a walk in one inning.
Verona hosts Utica at
7p.m. Thursday in the
Night League opener and
travels to West Middleton at
1p.m. Sunday.

Sports shorts
Scholar-Ath- of the 2015 fall semester.
Henderson recognized Chancellors
letes at the third annual Honorees must have parat UW-Whitewater
Warhawk Awards on May 2 ticipated in a varsity sport
Tyler Henderson, a graduate of Verona High School
and member of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater womens track and
field program, was one of
42 Warhawks recognized as


at the University Center.

To b e r e c o g n i z e d a s
Scholar-Athletes, student-athletes must have
maintained a 3.25 cumulative grade point average
or above through the end

for three years, must be of

senior academic status and
must have accumulated at
least 90 degree credits.
Henderson is majoring in
sociology at UW-Whitewater.

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May 19, 2016


The Verona Press

Administrator: Group will meet staff Friday, interview Saturday

things work with Veronas
talented, veteran staff and
fast-moving economy. Hes
since taken the same position
in Portage, a city of about
10,000 in Columbia County.
Catherine Schmit applied
for that position when Murphy did, in 2013, and was a
finalist. And while the other
three 2016 Verona finalists
David Nord, Tammy LaBorde and Kevin Flanagan all
left their jobs unwanted in
one way or another, recruiter
Steven Hintz said hes looked
into the circumstances and
is confident they are of good
The board is fully aware
of this, and I have carefully
checked out each situation,
he told the Verona Press last
week. Weve really done
our due diligence in checking
on all these people.
The city plans to hold
interviews later this week
with the four. The group
emerged from a field of 30
applicants and nine semifinalists for Veronas position,
which opened last month
when Bill Burns left for Middleton after six years.
Its an unusual mix of candidates and appears on the
surface to be quite different
from the high-powered group
the council considered when
it chose Burns, a Verona resident who at the time took a
pay cut but a life improvement to work 30 miles closer
to home and lead the city he
and his wife still live in.
This time, three of the
finalists are out of their smalltown jobs and the other is a
county administrator. During
the last search, two of the five
finalists were between jobs.
But Hintz, a partner with
Public Administration Associates, which has conducted
all three of Veronas previous
administrator searches, said
its nevertheless a solid group.
The pool (of candidates)
was strong, he said, noting
that Verona is also competing
with several other cities and
there is some overlap. It was
a good pool.

Nord: Sea of change

Take Nord, for example.
He was brought in as the first
administrator of Dixon, Ill.,
in 2013 to clean up a horrendous mess the infamous
two-decade-long embezzlement of $54 million by

comptroller (and show horse

owner) Rita Crundwell and
was acclaimed for his efforts.
But along the way, a
November 2014 referendum
reorganized the city to a
new structure, giving a new
position the city manager more power and control
over day-to-day issues, and
the entirely new city council, elected last April, chose
a different candidate after a
nationwide search.
Its a risk he was aware of
when he took the job, and
Hintz said Nord, a former
longtime administrator in a
suburb of Rockford, Ill., was
professional throughout
the change.
One of the things he
had to do was explain to
the new group about how
a council-manager government worked. Sometimes
they didnt have the legal
authority to do things, Hintz
explained. He stayed on as
the interim administrator for
six months and even conducted the orientation for the
new guy.
Hintz told the Press that
Nord and the other three
candidates all asked to speak
with the Common Council
in their interviews before
speaking with the media.

A former Columbia County employee who is originally from the Portage area, she
has a daughter in Waunakee
but has been on the northwest
side of the state since 2004.
The first administrator of
Monroe County, seated in
Sparta, she took the job in
2009 after five years in Holmen, a suburb of La Crosse.
It paid $88,000 when she
was first hired, according to
a La Crosse Tribune story, so
Verona could be a small step
down in pay.

Administrator candidates
Kevin Flanagan
Most recent job: Fairfield, Iowa, city administrator, 2012-14
Previous: Denison, Iowa, city administrator, 2009-12, Owner of Southern Erosion Solutions, LLC, 2005-09
Education: MPA, North Georgia College and State University, 2003

Tammy LaBorde
Most recent job: Pewaukee city administrator, 2005-16
Previous: Labor relations specialist, Michael, Best and
Friedrich, 2003-05, Administrative assistant, interim city
administrator, administrative coordinator, South Milwaukee,
Education: MPA, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, 1998

Big job ahead

David Nord
Most recent job: Dixon, Ill., city administrator, 2013-15
Previous: Cherry Valley, Ill., village administrator 1988-13
Education: MPA, Northern Illinois University, 1988

Catherine Schmit
Current job: Monroe county administrator, 2009-present
Previous: Holmen city administrator/clerk, 2004-09, Columbia County accounting supervisor, 1998-2004
Education: MBA, Lakeland College, 2003

as an individual contributor.
LaBorde was no longer
working with the city four
days after she was made
aware of the survey, Feb. 5,
LaBorde: Sudden exit the story said, and her resignation was settled within two
LaBorde, meanwhile, weeks, on Feb. 15.
spent 10 years as the administrator of the City of Pewau- Flanagan: Political
kee and doesnt even need a
new job yet, as her separation division
Flanagan found himself in
contract will pay her through
the end of the year, according a similarly contentious spot
to a story in the Lake Coun- in Fairfield, Iowa, more than
try Reporter. The city council two years ago.
His inauspicious exit came
president called it a mutual parting, but the exit was after the City Council held
sudden, at least from a public a vote to determine whethperspective, according to the er he should be let go, and
two years after his previous
Hintz said LaBorde dealt employer, the City of Denwith difficult situations there, ison, Iowa, held a similar
including a 2009 shutdown vote, Hintz reported.
One television report said
of the citys police department in favor of a county city leaders called his behavcontract and stop us if this ior unprofessional at times,
sounds familiar a proposed but Flanagan told Hintz that
consolidation with the neigh- was only because he didnt
boring Village of Pewaukee go along with what city
that has been discussed for fathers wanted him to do on
years and earned widespread (a proposed) sports complex.
The Fairfield Ledger
city support.
H ow eve r, a s e p a r a t e reported that Flanagan
Reporter story showed that received six months severa consultants October 2015 ance after the citys personsurvey of department heads nel committee voted unanifound most had significant mously not to renew his conconcerns with her leadership tract, which was set to expire
skills and recommended she three months later. Hes been
instead be in a technical role

self employed since and was

a finalist for similar positions
in Ottumwa, Iowa, and Milton, Vt., in 2015 and Detroit
Lakes, Minn., in February.

Schmit: Aiming for home

Schmit is looking for a
new job for a different reason, Hintz reported: She has
family nearby.

Burns and other city leaders have suggested a priority

for the new administrator
should be someone who can
be a leader for the current
staff including a yet-tobe-announced public works
director and who can help
the city make some difficult
choices for future economic
growth and developing the
Certainly none of the cities
the candidates came from has
an Epic, but Hintz said each
has applicable experience in
these areas.
Nord, for example, ran
the Village of Cherry Valley, which has the Rockford
areas largest shopping mall
despite a population barely
over 3,000. Schmit spent five
years leading Holmen, a city
of 10,000 that, like Verona, is
one of the fastest-growing in
Wisconsin and along a major

state highway. And she presided over the construction

of a new justice center for
Monroe County.
Fairfield, Flanagans most
recent stop, is in the midst
of a rural area but home
to Maharishi University, a
world-renowned leadership
institution focusing on transcendental meditation. And
Pewaukee, where LaBorde left, is half of a growing,
suburban community of over
20,000 (the sprawling, Fitchburg-like city surrounds the
village) that features a Costco and a technical college
and is directly adjacent to a
50-acre conference center for
Epic competitor GE Healthcare. LaBorde previously
worked in South Milwaukee, which is putting a strong
emphasis on downtown redevelopment.
Each of the candidates has
been asked to visit Verona on
Friday evening, May 20, for
a social get-together with
city staff, just as in the past
two administrator searches. The candidates will then
formally interview Saturday morning, and if theres
immediate consensus after,
the city can begin negotiating and possibly announce
as soon as the next meeting,
May 23, or in the second
week of June.
Email Verona Press editor
Jim Ferolie at

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Classified ad deadline will be Thursday, May 26 at Noon.
Deadlines for the June 2, 2016
Oregon Observer, Stoughton Courier Hub
and Verona Press
will be Friday, May 27 at Noon.
In observance of the holiday,
our offices will be closed Monday, May 30.


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May 19, 2016

The Verona Press

Drake leaving VAIS

VAIS: School hopes recognition shows value


from the usual charter

approval, which often comes
in the December before an
expiring contract, and it illustrates the depth of changes
the district is considering.
Potential solutions include
extending the contract, creating a strand Chinese
immersion program within
an elementary school in the
district like the Two-Way
Immersion Spanish program
or creating an enrichment
program for the remaining VAIS students through
fifth grade as the language
phases out. A majority of the
schools parents support continuing as a charter, according to a recent survey from
the governance council.
The schools governance
council which last month
appointed a new president
after a resignation hopes it
can get the two-year extension to figure out really
what is the best path forward, newly appointed GC
secretary Kathy Lake told the
CIA committee.
But their time could be up.
Its really necessary to
look at the other option of the
strand within the school just
kind of as a plan B if nothing
else, Burgos said. We could
be in this same seat two years
from now, and at some point
the financial piece is going to
come up again.

Unified Newspaper Group

Verona Area International

School director Barb Drake
will retire at the end of this
school year.
Drake, who took over
at the Chinese-language
immersion school beginning
with the 2014-15 school
year, will retire for the third
time, she said in an email to
the Press.
I have really enjoyed my
two years at VAIS, she said.
I have had the opportunity
to meet some wonderful and
very dedicated teachers and

administrators in the Verona

(Area) School District.
Drake added that with
her background in
high school
administration, she
had a lot to
learn about
and its challenges.
She said VAIS small size
allowed her to get to know
all of the staff and students.
I was able to be in classrooms frequently and I truly

Continued from page 1

enjoyed that part of my day,

she said.
A particular highlight
included her trip to China in
November 2015.
It is a country that has
an enormous impact on the
U.S. and, as a country, we
need to learn more about
China and Asian culture,
she said. Students in VAIS
have this opportunity in
their Chinese classes.
She added that she hopes
the school district can allow
Chinese in middle and high
school long-term to help
facilitate that cultural understanding.

Princl named VAIS director for 2016-17

Shes taught in VASD
for 20-plus years
Unified Newspaper Group

A longtime Verona Area

School District educator
will take over as director at
Verona Area International
School for 2016-17.
The school board
approved a contract for Ann
Princl, who has taught first,
second and third grade in
her more than 20 years in
the district, at its May 16
Princl will take over for
Barb Drake, who will retire
at the end of the school year
after two years in the position.
The school, which
opened in 2010, faces an
uncertain future as Princl takes over, as its charter
agreement with the district

expires in June 2017. Princl

said the goal
is to continue to provide
the learners
a Chinese
in some
though she Princl
had not yet
had a meeting with Drake and did not
want to future comment on
the schools future.
Princl acquired her
administrator certificate
two years ago, and was
honored to have this
opportunity in a district
she knows well.
Ive been actively looking for a position and this
one fell in my lap, Princl
Throughout her time
in VASD, she has also
worked as a school library

media specialist and a district-wide mentor program

Ive been at Country
View, Stoner Prairie, Sugar
Creek and Glacier Edge,
she said. It has allowed me
to meet all of the amazing
people that we have in our
district, as well as a great
opportunity to work with
numerous children.
Princl will split her time
with serving as an educator effectiveness coach and
She said she was thrilled
that the Chinese immersion
experience is within our
district, and was excited to
be a part of its future.
Its an honor to be a part
of this experience, she
Contact Scott Girard at
and follow him on Twitter

Verona Area School District

West End retention pond complicates work

District looks to sell
small portion back
to Vanta
The Verona Area School
District is asking Vanta to
buy .143 acres back of the
West End property after
retention pond work got
Superintendent Dean
Gorrell told the school
board at the May 2 meeting

that the eastern slope of a

retention pond currently on
Vantas land encroached the
VASD property by more
than 3,000 square feet.
I t s u n c e r t a i n w h a t
design schematics they
were looking at when they
designed it, Gorrell said.
The district purchased
45 acres of land in the
West End last year following an approved April referendum.
Gorrell said at the May

16 meeting the districts

engineers had come up
with a potential solution
that would create continuity to the districts boundary lines with a sale back
of .143 acres.
T h e d i s t r i c t s a t t o rney for land matters, Bill
Fahey, is in discussions
with Vanta, and Gorrell
said he did not know how
long that discussion would
Scott Girard

Recruiting challenges
The discussion currently taking place has created
an uncertainty that is reinforcing the problems of the
last few years, Lake said,
because parents are unsure
about what could happen
after 2017 if they start their
students in the school.
When Ive been going
out and talking to people,
we have people that want
to join our school but with
the uncertainty at this point,
theyre not ready to commit
today, Lake said. We want
to know what our future is
because when youre
sending a kindergartner to
school its scary.
As of Monday night, the
school had also added at
least three more enrollees to
its 2015-16 group, new GC
president Carolyn Jahnke
told the school board.
But Zook was not sure a
two-year extension would
solve the problem, anyway.
A charter contract in itself
creates some uncertainty for
parents, she said, noting that
the same conversation would
come up in two years if they
approved the extension.
Whatever is ultimately decided, it likely wont
please everyone.
Perhaps a sustainable
solution is not a solution that
would be the most popular
one, Zook said. Theres
risks and benefits to each of
the models.


Besley Family Dentistry

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The schools enrollment

issues were a major factor in
considering changing from
the charter structure, but the
crux of the discussion comes
down to whether its the language immersion or the charter status thats most important, superintendent Dean
Gorrell said.
Lake told him that the key
is figuring out how to get a
committed part of the day
in Chinese, as language
learning is what most of the

Middle school option

moves ahead
The 10 middle school students who will be former
Verona Area International School students next year
will have some district-sponsored Chinese instruction.
Its unlikely to be as much as the schools governing council had initially requested. Board member
Renee Zook told her fellow board members Monday
that the cost to hire staff to teach those 10 students
in-person would be unrealistic.
Instead, the district will commit $11,800 to subscribe to a service called Snap Lingo for the students.
The service will allow the students to learn Chinese
three days per week for 33 weeks from an instructor
in China.
Board president Dennis Beres said he supported the
It really offers a lifeline to our middle school students, he said. I think thats a reasonable cost to
provide that.
The board did not take a formal vote on the matter,
but Zook, who chairs the curriculum, instruction and
assessment committee that has worked most closely
with VAIS parents on the issue, said she would move
forward with that as the committees recommendation
after no board members spoke up in opposition.
Scott Girard

Open enrollment:
blessing and curse
While open enrollment has served as a boon to the
districts budget in recent years, its more complicated
in a charter school.
Open-enrollment students who reside outside of
the district but request a spot in a Verona Area School
District school bring revenue for the district along
with their enrollment. But its only about half the
money a resident student brings.
That means its helpful to fill openings here and
there within schools to fill a class size, but having
nearly half of a class at a charter school filled that
way is not ideal for funding.
Reliance on open enrollment also complicates the
further Chinese education options, because open-enrollment students must re-enroll between fifth and
sixth grade, and in recent years the district has not
had any openings at the sixth-grade level, leaving the
class of VAIS students remaining in VASD in the long
term small.
Scott Girard
school wants.
The key debate was which
of the options would provide
the strongest guarantee of a
sustainable program.
I think being a strand puts
us at a little higher risk, said
GC treasurer Tracy Doeppers.
I think VAIS is pretty
high-risk right now, given the enrollment, Gorrell
Because spots have been
filled through open enrollment, and students who
come in through open enrollment provide only about half
per student what a district
resident student does, the
school ends up being more
expensive for the district than
The GCs plan to alleviate
some of that risk involves
increased partnership with
district officials, including
easier access to extracurricular activities and more promotion of the school.
But that did not necessarily
make sense to Gorrell, who
noted that a charter agreement exists to deliberately
separate the school from the
Its really been a handsoff approach because thats
been the desired approach
from the charters, he said.

Strong results
Whatever the concerns
about recruiting and enrollment, there is general agreement about the programs
success shown in both test

scores and outside recognition.

That includes the results of
last years statewide Badger
Exam, which state Department of Public Instruction
statistics showed VAIS students excelled in both math
and English.
In both subjects, VAIS had
the highest percentage of
students score proficient and
advanced among all schools
in the district grades 3-8.
Of course, the scores
come with the caveat that
the schools class sizes for
grades 3-5 were smaller than
others last year, and because
the exam was discontinued
after just one year, no data
for growth will be available.
The schools success goes
beyond numbers, as well.
In the last year alone, outgoing director Barb Drake
visited China for a week,
kindergarten teacher Lumei
Huang was named an Early
Career Educator in a statewide pool and the Hanban
Institute, a Chinese institution that advocates for Mandarin language programs
worldwide, recognized the
school as a Confucius
They are looked on
nationally because of the
program youve put in
place, Lake said.
Contact Scott Girard at
and follow him on Twitter

May 19, 2016

The Verona Press

Devices: iPads discussion to continue

NCS students
build a town

Continued from page 1

boards June 6 meeting.
Wottreng said the staff
laptops that were approved
needed to get done Monday night because they are
scheduling summer trainings
and need to confirm staff
will have the devices to go
through the trainings.
Before approving that
spending on a 6-1 vote, the
board considered whether
to fund the entire plan from
the districts fund balance.
Its an essentially an emergency fund, and keeping the
amount within a prescribed
level can help the district get
better interest rates for borrowing.
Board member Renee
Zook advocated for funding the program for one
year from the fund and then
allowing the board to find
another way to cover it in
future years. The idea of
funding a recurring expense
with non-recurring money
concerned multiple board
members, however, and
Zook withdrew her motion
after questions from board
members Tom Duerst and
Amy Almond.
She said she hoped it could
be reconsidered at the June 6
Duerst, at least, said he
would be open to that consideration.
Im not considering her
(motion) totally dead, he
said. Im more questioning
the timing.
Timing was a key for
Almond as well, as the
boards new treasurer said
there was not enough known
about the budget yet to make
such a decision. She was the
lone vote against the plan for
staff laptops.
As much as Id like to
give you that extra month
to order those laptops I
cant do that with the school


New Century School students

built a town out of cardboard
at Madisons biannual Terrace
Town event in April. The students first built their structures
in their classrooms at NCS, and
then put them together again at
the event. Terrace Town aims to
introduce architecture and community design to students at a
young age.

The option preferred by Verona Area School District director of technology Betty Wottreng would fund the following
400 iPads for grade 9: $49,985
370 iPads for grade 12: $46,152
185 iPads for SOMS grade 6: $23,076.44
153 iPads for SOMS grade 8: $19,084.84
263 iPads for grades 4/5 at GE, VAIS and CK: $32,805.96
Replace 750 iPad 2s: $93,375
*all prices are per year on a four-year lease
district budget, she said.
With my own budget, I
might take a better chance at
The district originally had
a $2.3 million hole in its budget, but it filled that through
a better-than-expected health
insurance deal and lower
projected costs for retirees,
mostly. That left the budget
nearly even, without much
wiggle room for adding such
a large expense on a recurring basis.
If you were to use a fund
balance contribution for next
year my advice would be
after one year you get this
built into the budgeting process, said business manager
consultant Chris Murphy.
Its easy to say now. When
were sitting down next
December with the next budget, it could be a more difficult thing.
The goal, Zook said,
would be to ensure equity
among the schools, especially as the district moves forward with its personalized
learning initiatives, and give
the board more time to build
technology in as a regular
Just to give us another
year to look at the budget and
figure out how were going to
make this a utility, she said.
I want to give our staff the


At left, New Century kindergartner Finnegan Moe and

first-grader Liam Bradley work
together on the finishing touches of the schools Terrace Town
project. New Century was one of
more than a dozen area schools
participating in the event, held
April 23 at Monona Terrace.

tools they need. I dont want

to create any more barriers
for them to not move forward.
The board is expected to
continue discussion about
further iPad purchases at its
June 6 meeting, though one
of the biggest remaining budget items is unlikely to be
solidified by then.
The big thing that impacts
everything is what we roll
over our salaries at, and we
havent done that yet, Murphy said.
The board met in closed
session at the end of the
meeting to discuss wage
negotiations with staff.
Board president Dennis
Beres summed up the mixed
feelings of many of the board
I heartily agree that we
need to do this, and Ive been
struggling with how to do
it, Beres said. Weve made
the commitment to personalized learning, weve made
the commitment to our staff
to get them trained up and
as educated as they can and
these are critical pieces of
that plan.
Contact Scott Girard at
and follow him on Twitter

Photos by Scott De Laruelle

New Century second-grader Lucy Polglaze makes some final adjustments on the schools Terrace
Town project.

Notice is hereby given that the
Board of Review for the Town of Verona,
Dane County, Wisconsin, shall hold its
first meeting on June 2, 2016, from 6:30
p.m., at the Verona Town Hall, 335 N. Nine
Mound Road, Verona, WI.
Please be advised of the following
requirements to appear before the board
of review and procedural requirements if
appearing before the board:
1. No person will be allowed to appear before the board of review, to testify
to the board by telephone, or to contest
the amount of any assessment of real
or personal property if the person has
refused a reasonable written request by
certified mail of the assessor to view the
2. After the first meeting of the board
of review and before the boards final adjournment, no person who is scheduled
to appear before the board of review may
contact or provide information to a member of the board about the persons objection, except at a session of the board.
3. The board of review may not hear
an objection to the amount or valuation
of property unless, at least 48 hours before the boards first scheduled meeting,
the objector provides to the boards clerk
written or oral notice of an intent to file an
objection, except that upon a showing of
good cause and the submission of a written objection, the board shall waive that
requirement during the first 2 hours of
the boards first scheduled meeting, and
the board may waive that requirement up
to the end of the 5th day of the session
or up to the end of the final day of the
session if the session is less than 5 days
with proof of extraordinary circumstances for failure to meet the 48-hour notice
requirement and failure to appear before
the board of review during the first 2
hours of the first scheduled meeting.
4. Objections to the amount or valuation of property shall first be made
in writing and filed with the clerk of the
board of review within the first 2 hours
of the boards first scheduled meeting,
except that, upon evidence of extraordinary circumstances, the board may
waive that requirement up to the end of
the 5th day of the session or up to the
end of the final day of the session if the
session is less than 5 days. The board
may require objections to the amount
or valuation of property to be submitted
on forms approved by the Department
of Revenue, and the board shall require
that any forms include stated valuations
of the property in question. Persons who
own land and improvements to that land
may object to the aggregate valuation of
that land and improvements to that land,
but no person who owns land and improvements to that land may object only
to the valuation of that land or only to the
valuation of improvements to that land.
No person may be allowed in any action
or proceedings to question the amount or

valuation of property unless the written

objection has been filed and that person
in good faith presented evidence to the
board in support of the objections and
made full disclosure before the board,
under oath, of all of that persons property liable to assessment in the district and
the value of that property. The requirement that objections be in writing may be
waived by express action of the board.
5. When appearing before the board
of review, the objecting person shall
specify in writing the persons estimate
of the value of the land and of the improvements that are the subject of the
persons objection and specify the information that the person used to arrive at
that estimate.
6. No person may appear before the
board of review, testify to the board by
telephone, or object to a valuation if that
valuation was made by the assessor or
the objector using the income method of
valuation, unless the person supplies the
assessor with all the information about
income and expenses, as specified in the
assessors manual under s. 73.03 (2a),
Wis. stats., that the assessor requests.
The Town of Verona has an ordinance for
the confidentiality of information about
income and expenses that is provided to
the assessor under this paragraph that
provides exceptions for persons using
information in the discharge of duties imposed by law or the duties of their officer
or by order of a court.* The information
that is provided under this paragraph,
unless a court determined that it is inaccurate, is not subject to the right of inspection and copying unders.19.35 (1),
Wis. stats.
7. The board shall hear upon oath,
by telephone, all ill or disabled persons
who present to the board a letter from
a physician, surgeon, or osteopath that
confirms their illness or disability. No
other persons may testify by telephone
unless the Board, in its discretion, has
determined to grant a property owners
or their representatives request to testify under oath by telephone or written
8. No person may appear before the
board of review, testify to the board by
telephone, or contest the amount of any
assessment unless, at least 48 hours
before the first meeting of the board, or
at least 48 hours before the objection
is heard if the objection is allowed unders.70.47 (3) (a), Wis. stats., that person
provides to the clerk of the board of review notice as to whether the person will
ask for the removal of a member of the
board of review and, if so, which member, and provides a reasonable estimate
of the length of time the hearing will take.
Notice is hereby given this 19th day
of May, 2016.
Department of Revenue has created
form PA-814 for requesting to testify by
phone or written statement.
Posted at Verona Public Library,
Miller and Sons, Town of Verona Hall
Published: May 19, 2016


APRIL 27, 2016
7:30 P.M.

1. The special meeting of the Common Council was called to order by Mayor Hochkammer at 7:30 p.m.
2. On roll call: Alderpersons Elizabeth Doyle, Heather Reekie, Brad Stiner
and Evan Touchett present. Stephen
Hintz, Public Administration Associates,
also present.
3. Discussion of Candidates for the
City Administrator Position: Motion by
Doyle, seconded by Touchett, to convene
in closed session as authorized by Section 19.85(1)(c) of the Wisconsin Statutes
for the purpose of considering employment, promotion, compensation, or performance evaluation data of any public
employee over which the Committee has
jurisdiction or exercises responsibility.
On roll call: Doyle Aye, Reekie Aye,
Stiner Aye, Touchett Aye. Motion carried. The closed session convened at
7:35 p.m.
4. Reconvene in Open Session: Motion by Doyle, seconded by Touchett, to
reconvene in open session. Motion carried 4-0.
5. Adjournment: Motion by Doyle,
seconded by Touchett, to adjourn the
meeting at 9:15 p.m. Motion carried 4-0.
Respectfully submitted,
Jon Hochkammer, Mayor
Published: May 19, 2016


The City of Verona Plan Commission will hold Public Hearings on Monday June 6, 2016 at City Hall, 111 Lincoln

Street, for the following planning and

zoning matters:
1) Conditional use permit amendment to the Epic Systems Corporation
Group Development to allow for the
construction of an underground parking
structure located at 1979 Milky Way.
2) Conditional use permit amendment to the Epic Systems Corporation
Group Development to allow for the
location of two (2) contractor work sheds
at 1979 Milky Way.
3) Conditional use permit for a proposed Indoor Commercial Entertainment
land use, known as Jimmy Johns, to be
located at 631 Hometown Circle.
4) Conditional use permit to convert
an existing car wash bay at 991 Kimball
Lane to a drive-thru pick-up area for coffee and food.
5) General Development Plan (GDP)
for a Planned Unit Development (PUD) to
be located at 506,508, and 514 Commerce
Parkway to allow for the expansion of
Pure Sweet Honey Farm.
6) General Development Plan (GDP)
for a Planned Unit Development (PUD) to
allow for the construction of a mixed-use
building that would contain 29 apartment
units and approximately 3,900 square
feet of commercial space to be located at
142 Paoli Street.
7) Zoning Map Amendment to zone
approximately 16.40 acres of annexed
land to Urban Industrial (UI). The property
to be zoned UI is located in the northeast
quarter of the southeast quarter of Section 21 and the northwest quarter of the
southwest quarter of Section 22, Township 6 North, Range 8 East.
8) Zoning Map Amendment to rezone
Lot 16 of the Verona Technology Park
from the current classification of Suburban Industrial (SI) to Suburban Commercial (SC).
9) Zoning Map Amendment to rezone
lots 1 through 32 located within the proposed Hometown Grove Plat from their
current zoning classification of Community Residential (CR) with a Planned Unit

Development (PUD) Overlay to Community Residential (CR) located at 845 Kimball

Interested persons may comment
on these planning and zoning matters
during the public hearings at the June
6th Plan Commission meeting. The Plan
Commission will make recommendations
for these matters, which will then be reviewed by the Common Council for final
decisions on Monday, June 13th.
Contact Adam Sayre, Director of
Planning and Development, at 608-8489941 for more information on these items
or to receive copies of the submittals.
Ellen Clark,
City Clerk
Published: May 19 and 26, 2016


The Town of Verona Board of Supervisors amended the 1991-01 Public Sewerage Ordinance at a meeting held on

May 13, 2016. Standby fees and related

language were removed from Ordinance
1991-01 and Permit Fees were updated
as follows:
The definition of Reasonable Distance from Article II (13) is hereby removed and Standby Charges from Article VIII (11) of Ordinance 91-1 is hereby
Furthermore, the schedule of Permit
Fees in Article IX (2) was updated as follows:
1. For each connection with the main
sewer, lateral at the curb, or private sewage treatment or disposal system $600
2. For relaying an existing sewer
3. For the first roughed in waste
opening $5
4. For each additional roughed in
waste opening $5
Published: May 19, 2016





May 19, 2016

The Verona Press

Academic Recognition Quarter 3

Badger Ridge/Core Knowledge middle schools

Samuel David Abreu

Allison E Albert
Ana Karen Alvarado Duarte
Hannah M Amell
Haakon Alstott Anderson
Israel A Anderson
Michaela Dyonne Anderson
Abigail Sara Armstrong
Madeleine R Barger
Luke Jackson Bayer
Adam T Bekx
Nevaeh Lynn Benning
Madison M Benzine
Sydney Morgan Benzine
Michael Evan Bishop
Hannah Elizabeth Bly
Andrew Christian Bowers
Calder James Bowman
Gabriel Michael Bowman
Samantha Rae Breitbach
Sydney L Breitbach
Shelby E Breitnauer
Rachel E Breunig
Ashton Orville Briquelet
Brogan Kevin Burke
Conall Brendan Burke
Alexander J Buzza
Rose E Cantrell
Loren Mackenzie Carter
Elias Victor Cassis
Aidan Alexandra Clubb
Nick W Collier
Page Comstock
Payton Elizabeth Corning
Cassidy Brie Cotter
Ben N Cramer
Matthew James Cramer
Sierra Jade Daveler
Colby Robert Davis
Dominic P Deyes
Megan E Diller
Natalie Marie Diller
Nina Marie Donny

Avery Daniel Durnen

Arhat Dwa
Lily Jean Eggen
Lucas Jay Eggen
Lauren H Elias
Kelsie Marie Erstad
Ethan Thomas Evensen
Nicholas John Fauble
Michail Fedorov
Samantha Ann Feller
Bailey Michelle Felsheim
Coen Alexander Fewel
Megan A Forester
Brandon Patrick Fritz
Keily Yuliana Garcia Gonzalez
Sarahi Garcia
Riley Elizabeth Garibay
Samuel Lucas Garsha
Jordan Rose Gasser
Alison Rae Gerlach
Eliana Wood Gerndt
Zoe Elizabeth Geronimi
Mackenzi Gochenaur
Nolan C Godfrey
Avery M Goth
Melissa M Govek
Viviane Paige Graham
Brandon Alan Gray
Morgan Elizabeth Grignon
Tyler S. Grim
Ireland Elizabeth Gross
Casey Geovany Grosse
Michael B Guy
Walker Haessig
Jake Robert Hagen
Samuel Leigh Hartjes
Julia J Heinrichs
Margaret OBrien Heinzen
Nicholas G Heinzen
Julia R Herkert
Sam M Herkert
Alexandra Hernandez Lucio
Emma Marie Hietpas

Ava Madeline Hoeve

Mia Elyse Hoeve
Lauren G Holmes
Garrett Carl Hoppe
Kyle R Hoppe
Samantha Jane Hoppe
Jacob Joseph Horsfall
Elisabeth Houtakker
Kimberly R Huete-Galeano
Derek W Iszczyszyn
Noah J Jannusch
Ian Andrew Jefcoat
Peyton Grace Jeske
Luna Gracia Johnson
Drew Henry Kaatz
Grace V Kaatz
Page Elizabeth Kassner
Matthew Harris Keel
Ryan William Kelliher
Sofya Ahsan Khalid
Yasmeen A Khalid
Ava Dmitrievna Kharin
Sarah Kimani
Jacob Fredrick Kisting
Joseph T Kleese
Cassandra Grace Kniess
Allison Rose Kohlstedt
Kyle Mark Kohlstedt
Vaishnav Kumar
Joseph Richard Kyle
Ashton Ronald LaBerge
Logan William Lafler
Anna Larson
Annika Jane Larson
Maximilian Alejandro Larson
Kamryn Danielle Leeder
William David Leuer
Erin Elizabeth Lewis
Joyce Lin
Carson Keith Lindell
Keegan A Lindell
Gabrielle Ciara Linder
Isabella Ann Linder

Katelynne Grace Linder

Michael Dean Lindquist
Claire Marie Lodico
Christopher Ainsley Lofts
Spencer Michael Lokken
Erin M Long
Ramiro Ariel Lopez-Martinez
Jacob Louis Lotta
Ryan Love
Brooks Luttinen
Samuel S Lynch
Evan Michael Maier
Michael Manley
Zoe Ana March
Megan Grace Marks
Nicholas Thomas Marten
Devin Matney
Adelyn C Matts
Maija Rose McElroy
Kieran R McGilvray
Delaney McIntosh
Abigail Christina McWilliams
Ryan Merlet
Cole H Meverden
Hanna Elizabeth Miller
Olivia Mizelle
Cate Charlyne Monson
Ethan Riley Mueller
Adam Mathias Murphy
Abigale Rose Myers
Kush Nagpal
Payette Leigh Neess
Logan Charles Neuroth
Randall W Nevins
Benjamin Joseph Newton
Ryan Mark Ochowski
Jennifer Ocotl Cordero
Olivia E Otremba
Catherine Rose Pederson
Brennen Chase Pelletier
Kiersten J Pelletier
Anna Perez
Jenny Rose Perez-Soto

Katelin Plesac
Sophia R Polley
Ryan Porter
Tatiana Predko
Ashton Craig Pringle
Brock Matthew Prough
Anna Lanee Putney
Anika E Quade
Bowen Quan
Colleen D Quinn
Jaden Elizabeth Quinn
Kimberly Susan Quinn
Alyssa A Ratze
Olivia Rawson
Renee Anne Rech
Nathan G Redfern
Katie Ann Richardson
Aidan Gabriel Rindfleisch
Ethan Kenneth Risley
Elaan Rivas-Tomlinson
Duncan Robords
George David Robords
Paulina Rodriguez-Salazar
Michael H Romens
Cale H Rufenacht
Mary M Saley
Meghan Lynn Samz
Tania Y Sanchez-Martinez
Andrew T Scadden
Andrea Schleeper
Mariah Kathryn Schwartz
Olivia Scott
Theo James Sebastian
Aidan L Selzer
Elizabeth Michelle Semmann
Noah Jeremy Serrault
Zoe M Sharif
Lauren Anne Simonett
Lacey Olivia Slekar
Arielle Ceana Smith
Erik Alexander Soria-Ruiz
Rylei Soward
Alexandra Anastasia Spencer

Olivia Renee Stacionis

Brady Patrick Stebbeds
Aiden David Styers
Brady A Supanich
Olivia Paige Swain
Rory Allen Swanson
Rohan Venkat Talluri
Carter Terrence Temple
Seth Mathias Tobie
Troy Richard Tollefson
Sydney Toman
Melanie Monserrat TorresAlvidrez
Megan E Touchett
Anna-Sophia Mabel Tsiolis
Kiara Rose Twumasi
Ana Paula Valadez
Oscar Valadez
Devin C Volk
Paige Waller
Abby J Walsh
Abigail R Wampfler
Julia Jing-Meng Wang
Ashton Stephen Wasniewski
Nicholas Richard West
Tyler Jacob Wied
Natilie Margaret Wierzba
Jacob T Wing
Samuel G Wood
Cael Robert Wozniak
Maria de los Angeles XelhuaPerez
Daniel Yi
Keira Reed Ylvisaker
Paige A Zahler
Mackenzie Marie Zuehl

County program collects 218 boxes of drugs as part of nationwide prescription drug take-back
The boxes were collected by members of the task
force and delivered to a
regional drop-off site for
proper and safe disposal.
The weight of the boxes was estimated at 3,805

Nutrition Aide - Part Time

The Verona Senior Center has an opening for a

Nutrition Aide every other week, Monday-Friday
between 9:45 AM-1:45 PM to support our nutrition site. Must enjoy working with seniors, be capable of standing and working at a steady pace
for 3-4 hours, and be able to lift 30-40 pounds
on occasion. Work experience in a related field
is a plus but not required. This is a permanent
part time position with an hourly rate of $12.24.
There are no fringe benefits. Graduation from an
accredited high school is required.
See the full job description at our website:

Apply online by May 20, 2016.

Verona Senior Center

108 Paoli Street
Verona WI, 53593


According to a county
press release, unused prescription medications in
homes can create a public
health and safety concern,
because they can be accidentally ingested, stolen,

misused and abused.

According to the Centers
for Disease Control and
Prevention, in 2015 more
people died in the U.S.
from drug overdoses than
in any other year on record.
Overdose deaths involving

prescription opioids have

quadrupled since 1999,
and so have sales of prescription drugs. The most
common prescription drugs
involved in overdose deaths
are methadone, oxycodone
and hydrocodone.

If people have leftover

or expired prescriptions in
their medicine cabinet, they
can visit safercommunity.
net/meddrop.php to find out
where to dispose of them
Scott De Laruelle

402 Help Wanted, General


Nature Center, in Stoughton, is hiring
camp counselors for summer. Full and
part time available. Email resume to fort.


Oregon-area 3-4 times per week, for
sporting events. CDL-preferred, but will
train. Excellent pay. 608-669-2618
VINTAGE HARVEST Estate Sales is now
hiring the following positions. Experienced
customer service/household cleaning.
Must have own transportation, be able
to work at least one weekend per month,
send letter of interest to our Contact Page,
on our website-


Seeking caregivers to provide care
to seniors in their homes. Valid DL/
Dependable Vehicle required. FT & PT
positions available. Flexible scheduling.
UP TO $2000 Sign-On Bonus!
Call 608-442-1898

Applications available at
Sugar & Spice Eatery.
317 Nora St. Stoughton.
looking for experienced flat work finisher, foundation form setter, concrete
foremen and operator. DL/CDL helpful.
Competitive wages, insurance benefits.
CLASSIFIEDS, 873-6671 or 835-6677. It
pays to read the fine print.

Decorative Concrete

CLASSIFIEDS, 873-6671 or 835-6677. It

pays to read the fine print.

434 Health Care, Human

Services & Child Care
OREGON MANOR 5 Star skilled nursing
facility. Openings: Reliable Full Time
CNA's Days, PM,s and Nights. apply at or call Janet or
Deb 608-835-3535

Phil Mountford 516-4130 (cell)

835-5129 (office)

OREGON MANOR a 5 star skilled nursing facility is looking for RN's for Part
Time nights and days Apply at www. or call Janet or Deb
at 608-835-3535
County is looking for experienced, confident care providers. We support a wide
variety of children and adults with developmental disabilities throughout Dane
County. Part-time positions available
immediately! For more information, or to
request an application, please visit our
website at or contact
Shannon at or (608) 273-3318. AA/EOE

440 Hotel, Food & Beverage

Increase Your sales opportunitiesreach over 1.2 million households!

Advertise in our Wisconsin Advertising Network System.
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May 19, 2016


May 19, 2016

The Verona Press

Behavior: Middle schools use initiatives in their own way

Continued from page 1
including Positive
Behavioral Interventions
and Supports, the Nurtured
Heart Approach and Restorative Practices but using
them differently.
Those initiatives have
been spreading throughout
the district this year after
complaints from parents at
the end of last school year
about behavior run amok.
Much of the focus of
those initiatives, at the middle and elementary school
levels, is on intentionally
being positive toward students and recognizing the
good actions.
We o f t e n t i m e s t a l k
about, We are role models and we have to show
what we expect through our
doing, said SOMS associate principal Pete Christofferson.
Administrators at both
schools said they see positive growth, especially
as the expectations like
weekly circles or the habits of community become
increasingly ingrained in

Photo by Scott Girard

Carrie Dingles sixth-grade classroom at Badger Ridge Middle School holds its weekly Tuesday morning community circle. The Tuesday
morning circles are done by all BRMS classrooms in the building, and cover topics like responsibility.

the students life.

Its still an ongoing process, though, and likely one
that will last for years to
come, as everyone involved
seeks to balance the needs
of all of their students
often a significant challenge
that can upset parents on
both sides of the equation.

When I think about

parents, I think about the
parent whose kid is really
struggling and I think about
the parent whose kid is sitting in the classroom with
that kid thats really struggling, Murphy said. In the
end, both those parents are
advocating for their student,

as well.

Student responsibility
As students near their
teenage years, teachers and
administrators are helping
guide them through a time
that is a challenge for most,
with lots of changes.
For Eskrich, seeing

School culture

students take responsibility

for their conditions is a key
moment in that process of
their growth.
She recalled a sixth-grader who came to her recently
needing to talk immediately. The student had taken a
poll of his friends, she said,
and told her that some

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Changing behavioral practices is not an easy

process, especially when it
comes to students with the
highest needs.
Murphy said its about
the mindset of acknowledging kids do not want
to come to school and be
awful to their teachers,
and its not an overnight
process to fix whatever is
plaguing them.
Digging into the roots
there is the solution, he
said, while acknowledging
the process can be frustrating for everybody involved
when behavior causes problems for students who are
following the rules.
Theres so many layers
to the work we do each day
when were talking about
behavior, he said. The
roots are so deep and so
The final word on how
the school should respond
to problem kids, to Murphy,
is simple.
My job is to advocate
for every kid in the building, he said. In supporting
these kids, were supporting
all kids.

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Directions from Stoughton:

Take 138 toward Oregon. Go past Eugsters Farm Market, one
mile and turn right on Sunrise Rd. Go one more mile then turn
left on Town Line Rd. Continue on to Sand Hill Rd. (approximately one mile) and turn right.
Directions from Fitchburg:
Take Fish Hatchery Road south to Netherwood Road. Turn
left and go through Oregon past Walgreens to a left on Sand
Hill Road.
Directions from Verona:
Take Cty. M to Fish Hatchery Rd. Turn right and go to
Netherwood Road. Turn left at Netherwood Rd. through
Oregon past Walgreens to a left on Sand Hill Rd.

Each school has an individual atmosphere and uses

the tools of the initiatives to
respond most appropriately
at their site.
At SOMS, for example,
that doesnt involve weekly circles like it does at
BRMS. They still have the
circles and the restorative
practices ideas in place,
though, and Christofferson
said they are used often
after incidents between
two or more people to help
facilitate a reconciliation.
When we can do that
well get a chance to take it
to the higher level, he said,
noting that if a student does
not want to be part of a circle, there is no requirement.
At BRMS, creating individual responses to situations has been a point of
emphasis, Murphy said, in
place of the old system of
the Wildcat Way that was
one size fits all.
That was not responsive to, necessarily, kids
needs, he said. It was
kind of the opposite to what
were talking about now.

Long-term process



students dont feel safe.

Eskrich then asked the
student what not feeling
safe meant to him, and that
led to what she felt was a
productive discussion about
what safety is and what it
means to different people.
In the BRMS circles, students are able to share their
personal experiences with
responsibility, respect and
other positive behaviors,
and have those conversations on a weekly basis.
While the circles themselves are a new format to
facilitate that sharing, Murphy said the idea behind
them is not.
It has long been good
practice just in classrooms,
he explained.

Contact Scott Girard at
and follow him on Twitter