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Corporate History

SOSRO is the pioneer of packaged ready-to-drink tea in Indonesia. The name SOSRO is taken
from the name of the founding family, namely SOSRODJOJO.
In 1940, Sosrodjojo family started their business in a small city in Central Java called Slawi. At
the time, the product sold is dried tea with the brand of Teh Cap Botol and it was distributed
only around Central Java.
In 1953, Sosrodjojo family started to expand their business to enter the capital city Jakarta to
introduce Teh Cap Botol products that were already very popular in Central Java.
The journey to introduce the Teh Cap Botol product was started by doing CICIP RASA
(product tasting) promotions to several markets in Jakarta.
The promotion was conducted by entering the markets and brewing the
Teh Cap Botol tea product on the spot. When the tea was ready, it was
distributed to people in situ. This promotion was not too successful as
the distributed tea was too hot to drink whilst the brewing process took
too long, making those who would like to taste it impatient to wait.
The second method was used: tea was not brewed on the spot, but carried already brewed in big
pans to the markets using open trucks. Again, this was successful because some of the tea
spilled on the way to the market, mostly to the bad, pockmarked road condition in Jakarta at the
Then, an idea sprang up to carry the brewed tea in cleaned bottles. It turned out that this method
was quite interesting for the customers because it was practical and ready to consume without the
need to wait for the tea to be brewed.
Then, in 1969, the idea to sell ready to drink tea in bottle was
f0rmulated, and in 1970, a bottled tea plant of PT SINAR SOSRO was
established, the first ever of bottled ready-to-drink tea plant in
Indonesia and the world.

The bottle design for Tehbotol Sosro has changed three times:

1. First Version
Released in 1970 with the brand of TEHCAP BOTOL SOFT DRINK SOSRODJOJO
2. Second Version
Released in 1972 with the brand of TEH CAP BOTOL (with smaller size for CAP so
that people would see more of TEH BOTOL). The phrase SOFT DRINK was taken out,
while TEH BOTOL was written in red and white to symbolize that it was a product of
Indonesia. The name SOSRODJOJO was shortened into SOSRO within red circle logo.
3. Third Version
In 1974, the third change took place. The bottle design was not like the first and second
version. Bottle design got new shape and brand name was changed into TEHBOTOL
SOSRO. The third design was launched in the wake of the establishment of PT. SINAR
SOSROs first plant in Cakung, Jakarta.
SOSRO business has so far been run by three SOSRODJOJO generations, namely:

Founder fo PT Sinar Sosro :

Mr. Soemarsono Sosrodjojo

Mr. Soegiharto Sosrodjojo

Mr. Soetjipto Sosrodjojo

Mr. Surjanto Sosrodjojo

The basic value or philosophy of PT. Sinar Sosro is care for 3 aspects and environment
(Indonesian: 3K and RL):

Care for Quality (KUALITAS)

Care for Safety (KEAMANAN)

Care for Health (KESEHATAN)

and be Eco-Friendly (RAMAH LINGKUNGAN)

The ingredients for these products of PT. SINAR SOSRO are supplied by PT. GUNUNG
SLAMAT whilst tea plantation is managed by PT. AGRO PANGAN as a sister company. The tea
ingredient for PT. Sinar Sosro comes from:
Perkebunan PT. Agropangan Putra Mandiri

Gunung Manik
Gunung Rosa
Gunung Cempaka
Gunung Satria



Product freshness, taste, and hygiene are the focus of PT. SINAR SOSRO in producing quality
PT. SINAR SOSRO has a head office at:
Gedung Graha SOSRO
Jl. Sultan Agung Km. 28 Kelurahan Medan Satria Bekasi 17132
Company Achievements
SOSRO got some Certificates, such as :
1. ISO 9000:2000 Certificates, is Quality Management System Certificate to guarantee the
production quality and the ready product.
2. ISO 14.000 Certificates, is Enviroment System Certificate to guarantee the environment
3. HALAL Certificates, which is held by LPPOM MUI (Lembaga Pengkajian Pangan,
Obat-obatan & Kosmetika MUI) cooperate with Departemen Agama, BPPOM dan Balai
POM Daerah to guarantee the permitted of raw material, process and product.

4. SNI (Standar Nasional Indonesia) Certificates, which is held by lembaga Sertifikasi

Produk Departemen Perindustrian
5. HACCP Certificates, is Safety Managament System to guarantee the product is save for
the consumer.
6. HIGIENE and SANITARY Certificates, is one of the requirements for exporting which is
held by Badan Pengawas Obat & Makanan.
SOSRO got some Awards, such as:
2009 :

Top Brand Award for Tehbotol Sosro For Ready To Drink Tea-Non Bottle (Tetrapack)
from Marketing Magazine and Frontier Consulting

Top Brand Award for Fruit Tea Sosro For Ready To Drink Tea-Non Bottle (Tetrapack)
from Marketing Magazine and Frontier Consulting

2008 :

Top Brand Award for Tehbotol Sosro from Marketing Magazine and Frontier Consulting

Indonesian Best Brand Award for 3 Consecutive Years (2006-2008) for Teh Botol Sosro,
Product Category Packaged Ready Drink dari SWA-MARS

Indonesian Best Brand Award for 7 Consecutive Years (2002-2008) Teh Botol Sosro,
Product Category Non Carbonated Drink from SWA-MARS

The Most Wonderful Distribution Performance 2008 , Second Place In Green Tea
Category for Brand Joy Tea

The Best in Achieving Total Customer Satisfaction for Teh Botol Sosro, Category Ready
To Drink Tea Non Bottle from ICSA 2008

2007 :

Indonesia Best Brand Award 2007 Teh Botol Sosro For Sustained Success Continued
Achievement Of IBBA For 5 Years (2003-2007) from SWA-MARS

In Non Carbonated Drink Category from SWA-MARS Indonesia Best Brand Award 2007
Teh Botol Sosro As The Most Valuable In Packaging The Category from SWA-MARS

The Best Client to PT. SINAR SOSRO from JC&K Advertising

The Best In Achieving Total Costumer Satisfaction To Teh Botol Sosro Category :Ready
To Drink Tea Bottle from ICSA 2007

The Best In Achieving Total Costumer Satisfaction To Teh Botol Sosro Category :Ready
To Drink Tea Non - Bottle from ICSA 2007

2006 :
Indonesian Costumer Loyalty Award To PT. SINAR SOSRO Category: Non Carbonated, Brand:
Become a beverage company which could release consumers thirst, whenever and wherever,
also give additional value to all parties involved (Total Beverage Company).


Build Sosro brand as natural tea brand, quality, and superior.

Create brand and new beverage product, tea or non-tea, and make it as market leader in
its category.
Build and lead distribution channel.
Create and keep commitment to long-term growth, not only in sales volume but also
customer satisfaction.
Establish human resources and leader in accordance with companys value.
Increase customer satisfaction.
Donate for countrys foreign exchange.

Structure Organization

Along with the business growth, on November 27, 2004, PT SINAR SOSRO and PT
GUNUNG SLAMAT were made subsidiaries of a holding company, namely PT
ANGGADA PUTRA REKSO MULIA (Rekso Group), headquartered at:
Gedung Graha Rekso
Jl. Boulevard Artha Gading Kav A1
Sentra Bisnis Artha Gading
Kelapa Gading - Jakarta Utara, 14240

the company has owned 10 plants sprawling across Indonesia.

There area 3 processing plants for producing Prim-a Mineral Water, located in* :
- Sukabumi ( West Java )
- Sentul ( West Java )

- Purbalingga ( Central Java)

Note : *as of in 2013
PT. Sinar Sosro





Jl. Sultan Agung KM 28 Kel.

Medan Satria, Bekasi, Jawa Barat

(021) 8894777

(021) 8894751


Jl. Adi Sucipto KM. 12 RT.008

RW.01 (depan taman makam
pahlawan) Kel. Arang Limbung,
Kec. Sungai Raya, Kab. Kubu
Raya, Kalimantan Barat

(0561) 724603/04

0561 704605


Jl. Kima 6 Kavling 2 Makassar

(0411) 511262


Jl. Raya Legok Desa Cibogo

Kulon Kel. Kelapa Dua Kec.
Curug Kab. Tangerang 15810

(021) 5461901-3

(021) 5461868

Jl. Kalijaga No.41B Blok.Karang

Dawa Timur Rt.03 Rw.04
Kel.Pegambiran, Kec Lemah
Wungkuk. Cirebon 45113

(0231) 224310

(0231) 233421

Jawa Barat Selatan Jl. Soekarno Hatta No. 325 - 327

Bandung 40235

(022) 5203924
(022) 5207336

(022) 5207262
(022) 5228996

Jawa Tengah

Jl. Soekarno Hatta No.188B

Tlogosari, Semarang

(024) 6735433

(024) 6735434

Jawa Timur

Jl. Letjen Sutoyo No. 49 - 51

Waru, Sidoarjo 61256

(031) 8543237

(031) 8532997

Bali & Nusa


Jl. By Pass Sunset Road No. 108

SS, Kuta

(0361) 763675

(0361) 763671

Jl. Raya Tanjung Morawa KM.

14,5 Tj. Morawa, Medan

(061) 7944753

(061) 7944522

Komp. Malibu Blok A1 & C1 Jl.

Soekarno Hatta Arengka I, Labuh
Baru, Pekan Baru

(0761) 37551
(0761) 527849

(0761) 527848

Jl. Camat I Raya Palembang Betung Km.16 Sukajadi Kec.

Talang Kelapa Banyuasin

(0711) 430789

(0711) 430335

Jawa Barat Utara

Sumut & NAD

Sumbar & Kepri

Sumbagsel &

Sumatera Selatan
mencatat pendapatan (sebelumnya ditulis laba) hingga Rp 1,8 triliun pada 2008.
Dari pendapatan sebesar itu, hanya Rp 9 miliar yang berasal dari keuntungan