Minutes Bradford Conservation Commission Meeting 2/17/10 Members Present: Ed Wendell, Gary Tillotson, Brent Bartlett, MoniquePriestley, Barbara Kulzyck

, Nancy Jones Ad Hoc – Nikki Darling Minutes of 2/4 were approved as written Financials Ed reported the following Balances: Conservation Fund……$75,073.51 Energy Account………. $ 2,876.66 BCC Budget……………. $ 1,666.04 FOWM Fund………….$14,741.66 Compost Account….. 1,130.28

The following bills were voted to be paid: $45.22 payable to Nancy Jones from BCC Budget as reimbursement for postage $216.87 payable to Gary Tillotson from FOWM Fund as reimbursement for materials for display at cabin Priorities Each category was discussed and amended as needed; it was voted to eliminate any items that scored below a “3”. See Priorities chart attached. Energy Audit Presentation to Selectboard 2/25 – Ed has arranged; Brent & Nikki will attend; Ed will send reminder to Energy Committee members & will ask Jon & Selectboard for permission to tape the presentation; if granted, Brent will tape & Monique will post on website; Barbara suggested putting the electronic report on website Update on Park & Ride - tabled until next meeting NEGEF Grant Application – Nancy completed & submitted by the deadline; it requests $2,500 for energy-related film series and workshops leading up to LEAF, and funding for LEAF Joint meeting with Newbury – on March 9; Ed will reserve a room and will send out reminders Conservation Fund Update on Land Conservation Projects Burgess – Application for funding will be submitted to VHCB on March 4; Decision on May 7; BCC will pay ½ the cost of Appraisal Thomas – Application for funding will be submitted to VHCB on April 5th; Decision on June 18th; BCC will pay any cost over $2,000 for that Appraisal, and has committed up to $45,000 for this project Legislative Day re VHCB Funding Nancy distributed info provided by VHCC; of key importance 1) to contact our legislators 2) attend Legislative Day on 2/24 Background: • 2 yrs ago VHCB Budget $15.4 million; cut to $13.2 million last year

• •

this year Gov. Douglas is proposing over a $7 mill cut, leaving VHCB with a budget of $6.1 million VHCB is asking Legislature for $11 million (a $2.2 million cut)

Nancy, Monique, Nikki, Ed will attend; Nancy will ask Sandy and members of the Conservation Fund Committee to attend. Nancy may be testifying at a hearing at 1:30 Need to be at the Statehouse at 8:30 am for meeting with Shumlin and Smith at 9:00 am Nancy will prepare “talking points” specific to Bradford for those attending UVLT's Cons. Comm. Gathering ALSO on 2/25 at the Bugbee Senior Center in WRJ Nancy will ask members of Conservation Fund Committee to attend; topic of this gathering Is “Raising Funds” for land conservation Other – • Gary has begun work on photo display at cabin • Brent suggested a poster or some other form explaining the importance and functions of a Conservation Fund; Nancy will draft & send to Brent for edits; final draft will be posted at Town Meeting and on BCC’s web and facebook pages Next Meeting: March 3 Action Item summary
# Description Assignee Planned Completio n


Actual Completion

1 2

Attend 2/25 Selectboard Meeting Get permission to tape 2/25 presentation; send reminders to Energy Committee Tape presentation if granted Post E Audit report on website Reserve space at BA for 3/9 joint mtg Attend Legislative Day on 2/24 Prepare “talking points” for #5 Finish photo display for cabin Prepare a poster re Conservation Fund

Ed, Nikki, Brent, ?? Ed

3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Brent Monique Ed Nancy, Monique, Nikki, Ed, ??? Nancy Gary Nancy, Brent

2/25 2/19

2/24 2/24 2/26

2010 Priorities

Land Conservation Request $5,000 allocation at Town Meeting Raise $12,000 for Conservation Fund Close on Thomas Project in June Continue to help private landowners conserve land Work w. F & W Community Program and Vernal Pool Project to identify Critical Habitat Land Management Install culvert on Joel’s Trail Re-blaze existing boundaries and blaze new boundaries & cont. to develop wilderness trail on Davis Land Update Management Plan to include Davis land & other changes Secure perimeter of WM Parking area incl. boulders & post next to gate Install metal signage (with BCC Logo) for trail use guidelines Install photo display at cabin Explore way to make firewood avail. to needy families & elderly Explore developing log landing on Davis land for camping, etc. Public Information and Representation Continue to Advocate for Park & Ride 3rd Annual LEAF Be Pro-Active on results of energy audit of the BA Collaborate w. Newbury Energy Committee to hold a film series Public forum on funding & technology for renewable energy products Add Wrights MT trails to NPRA data base Arrange for Randolph woman to speak about C.H.P. Advocate for renewing interest in Farmer’s Market Publish Monthly Electronic Newsletter Education Continue to promote and education about Compost Project Sponsor an educational event/field trip re waste Purchase Projector Sponsor Natural History trips on conserved lands/Waits & Conn. Rivers Sponsor an Earth Day Activity Sponsor a nature camp on conserved lands Stewardship Publish new map/brochure Groom all trails prior to National Trails Day Apply a new coat of varnish on commemorative benches Follow-Up on Recommendations in Redstart’s Waits River Report Find ways to divert/reduce tires from roadsides Pursue access to Sweet land for Recreation Path Collaborate w. BFD in executing a forest fire safety course Collaborate w. Parks & Rec to host a “Race to the top of Bradford” Host a social event on conserved lands, ie in conj. w. Nat. Trails Day Explore tree-planting possibilities w. tree warden Improve access road to Loschiavo land

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