Bradford Conservation Commission Meeting March 3, 2010 Minutes

Members Present: Ed Wendell, Gary Tillotson, Monique Priestley, Sandy Price, Barbara Kulzyck, Nancy Jones, Dick Bolander Ad Hoc – Nikki Darling Guest – Rick Parkin Meeting called to order at 18:30 by Nancy Jones Minutes of 2/17 were approved as written Action Items Review: See updated summary appended Financials The following bills were presented by Treasurer, Ed Wendell for payment:
Payable to
Nancy Jones Nancy Jones Nancy Jones



Payable from
BCC Budget BCC's Admin share of River Management Grant BCC's Admin share of River Management Grant

Approved Approved Approved

$30.00 Mileage re-imbursement to UVLT Cons. Comm. Gathering 2/25/10 $828.51 Reimbursement for purchase of Portable Epson Projector $199.00 Reimbursement for purchase of replacement lamp for Portable Epson Projector

Ed Wendel

$36.00 Mileage re-imbursement to Legislative Day BCC Budget at Statehouse 2/24/10


Specs for a Epson Powerlite Presenter portable Projector/DVD Combo were presented. Concurrence had been reached by phone and emails that this model best and most cost-effectively met our needs. Delivery will be in early March. Energy Audit Presentation to Selectboard 2/25 – Jon Haehnel presented to the Selectboard and Brent video recorded the presentation. Ed, Brent, Sandy, Nikki, and Dick attended. The presentation was well received and brought several enthusiastic and probing questions. The Selectboard has offered to draft a charge for an Energy Plan with remediation costs and sequencing and would like to direct it to the Energy Committee. Ed responded that the BCC and Energy Committee would accept such a charge. Park & Ride and Local Transport – Sandy reported that the mid-February meeting with Vtran went favorably. Vtran is giving the Park & Ride expansion on Rt 25 and Exit 16 of I-91 a high priority. Vtran has already done the survey work and is in process with EPA and Act 250 procedures. Another P&R site is under consideration in Corinth. In-town transport is being considered by one or more firms. Sandy distributed a survey by Stagecoach trying to determine the level of need for such service.

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Movie Series – The Newbury Energy Committee will be presenting the film “Garbage” at Bailey House on March 20th. Stewardship Plans for burn on WM - GaryAI will contact Tom and the two of them will set a date, then Gary will notify Nancy. If it is to happen before the next BCC meeting, Nancy will notify all. Update on Recycling Depot – Tabled until next meeting; Barbara would also like to share Green-Up info at that time. Conservation Fund 1) Plans for March 10 at River Bend – BCC will share a table with Bob Sandberg/Cookeville Compost Project; purpose to promote Conservation Fund & Composting; will ask visitors to sign up for E Newsletter and enter to win 1 door prize per hour. River Bend will provide a TV, on which we will have a continuous slide show of the compost project. Hand-outs will include • Q & A about the Bradford Conservation Fund • WM/DD Map Brochure • 2010 Calendar (Free) • sample of compost with sunflower seeds in biodegradable container Door prizes will be a BCC hat and shirt & a larger container of composted material. Schedule • 4- 6 Sandy, Nancy, Monique • 6 – 8 Barbara, Nancy (will ask Tom) 2) Potential for Concert – Mike Burnham has offered his band to do a benefit concert probably at the BA. Cindy Hall at Oxbow is willing to help. Date: mid to late May. More details to come. 3) New Ideas for Calendar Supper 2011 – Next year will not be a dinner, but a wide array of locally produced appetizers, during Silent Auction, each with a plaque of where/who produced and where product can be purchased. Then live auction, then dessert, with a wide array to choose from, some again locally produced. Same price, same location, same table host concept, just a different format with the intent of streamlining the event and promoting local products. Priorities Begin action on new map/brochure Decisions made: • print 500 now, and more later, after “Wilderness Trail” is complete, and after Thomas land acquired • add fresh photos • still charge $50/ad • Eliminate N. Country Organics ad, but SandyAI will ask Paul Sachs for contribution to support printing • Add 2 more merchants ads [ Page 2 of 6 ]

Publish new map/brochure cont. Task Contact John Loschiavo re access from Route 25AI Get printing estimates from 4 diff. printersAI Secure merchant ads; have them send ads to MoniqueAI Edit, make needed changes to brochure sideAI Get final map from Amber at UVLTAI Have press-ready map/brochure ready for review at BCC mtg.AI Map/Brochure to printerAI New map/brochure at trailheadsAI

Who? Nancy Monique Nikki Monique, Nancy Nancy Monique

When? 3/5 3/17 3/17 4/7 4/8 4/25

Begin action on Education Items 1) Decisions made: Film series on Five First Mondays • at Colatina Exit’s function room on 4/5, 5/3, 6/7, 7/5 and 8/2 • 6 – 6:30, come early order drinks & food; show “Playing for Change” • 6:30 movie starts For next meeting ◦ List of 5 movies to be shown (choose from King Korn, Who Killed the Electric Car? Food, Inc. , Renewal, Blue Gold , Super Size Me, Garbage (which could conclude with trip to MRF or Cookeville Compost) ◦ List of how this will be publicized will be provided by Monique, Sandy, NancyAI 2) Decisions made: Speaker Series • Redstart Presentation re results of Waits River study on 4/6 at BA • Sandy and Nikki will contact Bradford Public Library re presentation on History of Gardening, probably on Earth Day, which is on 4/22AI • Ed will contact Randolph woman to speak about CHP & ask if she chargesAI • Sandy recommends Permaculture speaker from Plymouth State who charges $200 • Ed will put “Public forum on funding & technology for renewable energy products” on the agenda for the March 9 joint meeting with Newbury Energy CommitteeAI For next meeting: ◦ Schedule “Permaculture” & CHP and decide on funding. 3) Suggestions for Workshops & Classes • Vernal Pool Training – led by Center for Eco Studies; free, but trainees would be expected to locate and gather data on vernal pools in our area • Using Devil’s Den lichens to make dyes – Possibly Robin Russo of South Road, Bradford • Foraging for food in your yard or woods – learning how to make stuffed grape leaves • Forest fire safety course Details & Decisions at next meeting

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4) Suggestions for Field Trips to be continued at next meeting Idea AI Cookeville Compost Materials Recovery FacilityAI Bird Walk on Conserved LandsAI Vernal Pool Field TripAI Identifying Spring Wildflowers on Conserved LandsAI Wind FarmAI Canoe/Kayak at confluence of Waits & Conn. RiversAI Natural History Tour of 45-acre Thomas landAI “Cow Power” FacilityAI Next meeting make decisions re dates, etc.

Who will follow-up? Nancy Ed? Barbara? Sandy will ask John ? Nancy Nancy Ed Nancy Nancy Ed? Tom?

Other: 1) Sandy suggested incorporating “Race to Top of Bradford” with National Trails Day in early June, and possibly have Mike Burnham’s Band play music. This item will be on next meeting’s agenda. 2) Funding needs to be found for some of the above-mentioned events. Upcoming Events March 9 - joint meeting w. Newbury E Comm March 10 - Tastes at the Bend March 17 - BCC Meeting March 26 – Wellborn Ecology Conference, Kimball Academy April 6 - Redstart Presentation to Bradford Boards April 7 - BCC Meeting April 13 – Town Officers Education Conf. Lake Morey Inn Next Meeting: March 17......wear GREEN .

Action Item Summary

Fact find “Beaver “Baffles

Nancy Jones S. Price/B. Kulczyk Monique Priestley Sandy Price Barbara Kulczyk

Planned Completion
02/04/10 02/13/10 02/04/10 02/04/10 02/04/10 02/04/10 02/04/10

Open Closed Closed Closed Closed Open Ongoing

Actual Completion
02/13/10 02/13/10 02/13/10 02/13/10

11 Make lasagnas for Calendar Dinner 12 Ask JM Landscaping for donation 13 Ask Chippers for donation 14 Make “world-famous cashew brittle

15 Contact railroad about Sweet property Nancy Jones access 16 Review available Selectboard documentation on recycling depot closure 17 Invite Bradford CVSWMD rep to meet Dick Bolander

Dick Bolander


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with BCC



Planned Completion
02/05/10 03/03/10 04/06/10 02/25/10 02/25/10


Actual Completion
02/05/10 02/25/10

18 Correct 1/20 minutes for Bartlett 19 Arrange for Jon Haehnel to brief Selectboard 20 Arrange for Redstart to brief Town Boards 21 Attend 2/25 Selectboard Meeting 22 Get permission to tape 2/25 presentation; send reminders to Energy Committee 23 Tape presentation if granted 24 Post E Audit report on website 25 Reserve space at BA for 3/9 joint mtg 26 Attend Legislative Day on 2/24 27 Prepare “talking points” for #26 28 Finish photo display for cabin 30 Plans burn on WM 31 Ask Paul Sachs to contribute for map printing 32 Contact John Loschiavo re access from Route 25 33 Get printing estimates from 4 diff. printers

Dick Bolander Ed Wendell Nancy Jones Ed, Nikki, Brent, ?? Ed

Closed Closed Open Closed Closed

02/25/10 02/25/10

Brent Monique Ed Nancy, Monique, Nikki, Ed, ??? Nancy Gary

02/25/10 02/19/10 02/24/10 02/24/10 02/26/10

Closed Closed Open Closed Closed Closed Closed New New

02/25/10 02/19/10 02/25/10 02/19/10 02/19/10 02/19/10

29 Prepare a poster re Conservation Fund Nancy, Brent Gary, Tom Sandy Nancy Monique

3/5 3/17 3/17

New New New New New

34 Secure merchant ads; have them send Nikki ads to Monique 35 Edit, make needed changes to brochure side 36 Get final map from Amber at UVLT Monique, Nancy Nancy

37 Have press-ready map/brochure ready Monique for review at BCC mtg. 38 Develop list for how film series will be Sandy, Monique, publicized Nancy 39 Contact BPL re: presentation 40 Contact potential speaker on CHP 41 Put “Public Forum” on agenda for meeting with Newbury Energy Committee Possible trip follow-up: Cookeville 42 Compost Sandy, Nikki Ed Ed


New New New New New


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Ed? Barbara? Sandy will ask John ? Nancy Nancy

Planned Completion

New New New New

Actual Completion

43 Possible trip follow-up: Materials Recovery Facility 44 Possible trip follow-up: Bird Walk on Conserved Lands 45 Possible trip follow-up: Vernal Pool Field Trip 46 Possible trip follow-up: Identifying Spring Wildflowers on Conserved Lands 47 Possible trip follow-up: Wind Farm


New New New New

48 Possible trip follow-up: Canoe/Kayak Nancy at confluence of Waits & Conn. Rivers 49 Possible trip follow-up: Natural History Nancy Tour of 45-acre Thomas land 50 Possible trip follow-up: “Cow Power” Facility Ed? Tom?

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