Bradford Conservation Commission

Meeting Minutes: May 5, 2010 Members Present: Ed Wendell, Gary Tillotson, Monique Priestley, Sandy Price, Barbara Kulzyck, Tom Gray, Nancy Jones, Dick Bolander Meeting called to order at 18:40 by Nancy Jones Minutes of April 21, 2010 meeting: Approved with correction of UVLT date to May 25, 2010 Financials: Bills were presented by Treasurer, Ed Wendell, for payment: Payable to
Bradford Sports WYKR Nancy Jones Whitman Commercial Printing Lamprey Appraisal Nancy Jones Redstart Consulting Nancy Jones



Payable from
BCC Composting Budget BCC Energy Budget BCC Composting Budget

Approved Approved Approved Approved Approved Approved Approved Approved

$80.00 Certificates for 4 Oxbow students for Composting initiative $80.00 Radio ads for Solar Hot Water Challenge $80.00 Certificates to Bradford Pizza for 4 Oxbow students for Composting initiative

$354.00 Printing 510 copies of Map & Trail brochure Friends of Wright's Mtn. $2000.00 BCC share of Thomas land appraisal $44.00 Postage $2096.00 Services rendered - April 2010 $11.98 Journal and ink stamp for Quest Box @ Cabin Bradford Conservation Fund (WRSB account) BCC budget River Management Grant Friends of Wright's Mtn.

Rogers Rubbish Conney Safety Supply KNS Tire Company Journal Opinion

$200.00 Green-Up Day rubbish removal $65.79 Gloves $661.00 Removal of approx. 240 tires $30.00 4/21 ad for Green-Up Day CVSWMD Green-Up Fund CVSWMD Green-Up Fund CVSWMD Grant & CVSWMD Green-Up Fund CVSWMD Green-Up Fund Approved Approved Approved Approved

Green-Up Total


Solid Waste

Green – Up Day – Barbara reported more trash was collected in 2010 than in 2009. A second ad run in the JO should be charged to the account of the Town. She further suggested that remaining funds be used for a tire collection in the Fall. Collection of tires during week leading up to Green-Up Day totaled approx. 175 tires. A suggestion was made that we investigate the possibility of seeking a "Superfund" grant for cleanup of the old town dump on Rowell Brook Rd. Oxbow HS Composting Initiative - Oxbow HS students Brittany Emerson, Libby Wilson, Sully Carter, Grant Leete, were each awarded a $20 certificate to Bradford Sports and a $20 certificate to Bradford Pizza for their efforts on the Composting Initiative. Congratulations and thanks.


Solar Hot Water Challenge – Approximately 70 people were present and the presentations were well received. Vendors were generally pleased.
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Bradford Conservation Commission

BA Energy Audit – Ed Wendell reported committee is scheduled to meet again on May 10 to review presentation and recommendations to go to Select board May 27 or June 10. Loans from USDA may not be feasible.

Conservation Fund Committee

• • •

Thomas Property Acquisition – Karen Freeman, VHCB, Jim Thaxton, UVLT and Nancy Jones walked the property May 5th and expect a decision on June 18th. The local share is expected to be 33% or approx. $45K. Burgess Property Acquisition – VHCB Board decision expected on May 7th. Fund Raisers ◦ May 25th UVLT Hikes ▪ Two hikes or planned for May 25. Hike #1 will begin at 2:30 and will go from Wright's Mountain trail head to Chase Hollow trailhead. Hike #2 will begin at 4:30 and will go from Wright's Mountain trail head to the cabin returning to Wright Mountain trailhead. Cost for each hike will be $12.00 and will include a brown bag lunch and a beverage. Volunteers are needed. ◦ Annual Conservation Commission yard sale will be held on May 29. Collection of items has already begun at Rosemary and David Chipman's house. Some contents of Inez's house may be available at the yard sale. ◦ Race to the Top of Bradford ▪ Race is scheduled for June 5th at 9:00 AM starting at Chase Hollow Rd trailhead. St. J auto will be the primary sponsor. Rick Evans is the contact person. There will be an adult's course (approx. 3.5 miles) and a kid's course (approx. 1.5 miles) Kids will receive certificates for pizza and ice cream. There will be a live band and piper. Donuts, coffee, beverages will be available by donation. ▪ Needs: • Rick to layout and flag both courses • EMTs [Barbara to seek qualified volunteers.] • 4-wheeler(s) for First Aid ▪ Entry fees still not determined; awaiting prices on T-shirts. [Ed to inquire as to T-shirt and imprinting costs.] ▪ Motion: Authorize Rick Evans to spent NTE $200 for supplies to mark trails for race courses. Passed ◦ Benefit Concert - still in planning.

Education Committee
Update on Film Series: After the very successful showing of “Unlimited: Renewable Energy” followed by “Playing for Change”, the Series continues with:

06/07/10 07/05/10 08/02/10 “Food, Inc.” "Blue Gold"


"Who Killed the Electric Car ?"

Update on Speakers: Below is a listing of upcoming Speakers in our Series:


"Permaculture" to be given at Orange East Senior Center
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Bradford Conservation Commission

? Woman Speaking from Randolph

Dick contacted Senior Center Executive Director, Vicky Chaffee who approved our use of the venue for Permaculture presentation. [Dick will obtain key for Sandy] Field Trips / Workshops: Forestry Speaker date still not set • Paul Hunt is still planning to give a training in July on Geocaching •

Stewardship Committee

• •

Map/Brochure – returned from printer and looks great. Wright's Mtn. Trail Head Parking perimeter - Gary will meet Jason Fornwalt later this week. Tom will cement in a post to help control the perimeter. There is still more trail work to be done and more hands are needed. Trail Work Schedule -

05/08/10 05/13/10 05/16/10 05/22/10 05/23/10 5/27 & 5/28/10

8:00 AM - noon 5:00 – 8:00 PM 8:00 AM - noon 8:00 AM - noon 1:00 – 5:00 PM 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Gathering Location
Wrights Mtn. Wrights Mtn. Wrights Mtn Wrights Mtn Chase Hollow To Be Determined Possible

Appreciation Way – Mentoring Project

Possible Upper Valley Services Project

New Business

• Nancy received a request from Meadow Squire for BCC to manage the grant funds awarded her.
Motion: to manage award funds for Meadow Squire. Passed Meeting closed at 20:35 Respectfully submitted, Richard Bolander, Secretary

Action Item Summary
# 8 15 37 Description Fact find “Beaver “Baffles Contact railroad about Sweet property access Assignee Nancy Jones Nancy Jones Planned Completion 02/04/10 02/04/10 4/7 Status Open Open Closed Actual Completion

Have press-ready map/brochure ready for Monique review at BCC mtg. Possible trip follow-up: Cookeville Compost Nancy

42 43

Open Open

Possible trip follow-up: Materials Recovery Barbara

Minutes of May 5, 2010 Meeting

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Bradford Conservation Commission
# Facility 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 54 59 60 64 65 67 68 69 Possible trip follow-up: Vernal Pool Field Trip Possible trip follow-up: Identifying Spring Wildflowers on Conserved Lands Possible trip follow-up: Wind Farm Possible trip follow-up: Canoe/Kayak at confluence of Waits & Conn. Rivers Possible trip follow-up: Natural History Tour of 45-acre Thomas land Possible trip follow-up: “Cow Power” Facility Place announcement of Redstart briefing on list-serve Place announcement of Redstart briefing on Facebook Possible trip follow-up: Coventry Landfill WEC Provide letter on brush pile to papers & list-serve Provide info on Green-Up to papers & listserve Print and distribute posters for film series Post film series info on list-serve Provide trail info to Trail Finder Nancy Nancy Ed Nancy Nancy Tom Barbara Monique Ed Dick Barbara Nancy Barbara Monique 04/29/10 04/29/10 04/01/10 04/01/10 04/21/10 04/21/10 04/21/10 03/20/10 03/20/10 Open Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing Closed Closed Ongoing Open Closed Ongoing Ongoing Closed Open Closed Description Assignee Planned Completion Status Actual Completion

Contact Tom Gray about getting truckload Gary of boulders to Wrights Mtn trailhead Request Selectboard to keep depot open Dick April 28 & 29 4 PM to 7 PM for receipt of tires. Purchase a standard sidewalk sign Make 3 sandwich board signs Nancy Gary

70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80

04/21/10 05/05/10 05/05/10 04/24/10 05/05/10 04/28/10 04/29/10 06/01/10 05/19/10 05/19/10 05/17/10

Closed Closed Open Closed Open Closed Closed New New New New

Create a press release for Permaculture Sandy presentation Set out signs for Solar Challenge Contact Oxbow composting School Board Ed re: Re-assigned to Nancy Monique Dick

Make ad for May 3 film presentation Contact Senior Center re: venue for Permaculture presentation

Obtain flagging and flag courses for Run Rick to the Top Seek EMTs to support Race to the Top Barbara

Obtain costs for T-Shirts (incl. printing) for Ed Run to the Top Obtain OESC presentation key for Permaculture Dick

Minutes of May 5, 2010 Meeting

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Bradford Conservation Commission
# Description Assignee Planned Completion Status Actual Completion

Attested by:

Minutes of May 5, 2010 Meeting

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