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BPA Processes

Before you can start learning how to do Building Performance Analysis, it might be helpful to


learn what it is, and why its important. Also, how does BPA relate to BIM, an approach to design

BPA Processes

you might already be familiar with?

Building Performance Anal...

BPA for Environmental Imp...
BPA for Occupants
BPA & The Design Process

Keep these guiding questions in mind as you move through this unit.

BPA Processes Quiz

Energy & Buildings
Energy Analysis & Sim...

How does BPA compare to BIM ?

Why would you or the client want to use BPA in a project?
During what design phase should you plan to use BPA?


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DOE/NREL Research Support Facility



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Research Support Facility.

Credit: Dennis Schroeder / NREL. Image Source.

Early on, NREL determined that it wanted the new DOE/NREL Research Support Facility to be
one of the most efficient office buildings in the US. In order to achieve this goal, the team
recognized that this meant they would need to use a performance-based design workflow.
Building performance analysis and energy modeling specifically, was used throughout the
design process to help inform design decisions and measure how the design compared to
energy goals and targets.
Within efficiency, several other ambitious objectives for the building were set. The owner was
concerned that the objectives might exceed the budget, so the team prioritized the objectives.
LEED Platinum was categorized as mission critical, while accommodating 800 staff and an

annual energy use target of 35.1 kBtu/ft /year (110.7 kWh/m /year) were listed as highly
desirable. A net zero energy design approach was set as if possible.
Contractors, designers, engineers, consultants started working together from day one to
develop design strategies that would contribute to the overall energy goals and how building
performance analysis would inform their design decisions.
Because the team worked together and aligned on energy goals early, the project achieved all
of its goals.

Case Study: DOE/NREL


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Building Performance

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Autodesk | Introduction to Building Performance Analysis Course

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