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110 S. Main St. New Carlisle, Ohio -

EDITOR: Jay Maxwell - Phone 937-864-1747 -

New Carlisle Lodge

Open All Summer
While most lodges and other
masonic organizations do not meet
in the months of July and August
New Carlisle Lodge meets
throughout the summer with Stated
meetings in July and August. We
invite all masons in the area to join
us this summer. Our Lodge is now
air conditioned, dress is casual in
the summer.

Richard Winters - 80

Paul G. Price - 86

Ted M. Chapman - 94
Julian E. Baxley - 92
Ralph E. Moore - 88
Gerald R. Duncan - 84
Charles D. Miller - 82

Percy F. Edwards - 80
Ohio Masonic Home Day
June 12
Worship Service 10 A.M.
Food Vendors Open 11 A.M.
Parade Starts 3:30

Ohio Special Olympics

Columbus, Ohio
Jesse Owens Sports
June 24 @ 6:30 PM
Assemble at 5 PM. First 500 will
receive hat and pin. Step off 6:30


Steven Raiff, W.M. 408-6488

Jay Maxwell, Secy. 864-1747

June 9 Stated Meeting 7 PM: Many masons have trouble

finding their white apron that was presented to them in the Entered
Apprentice Degree. Because of this many years ago we asked our
members to find their white apron and wear it at our June Stated
meeting. This has become an annual event and we invite masons
from other lodges to join us in this tradition by wearing their white apron at our June
Stated meeting. A free Dinner will be served prior to the meeting at 6 PM.
Dress: Summer casual.

June 11 Strawberry Festival 3-5 PM: All New

Carlisle Members, families and friends are invited to our
FREE Annual Strawberry Festival. Fresh Strawberries, Ice
Cream and Biscuits will be served. If you havent been to
the Temple in awhile this is a great opportunity to enjoy
fresh strawberries and ice cream with your family and
friends at the Lodge. Give your sons, daughters and grandchildren a call and invite
them to join you at the Temple.

Hawaiian Luau - July 14

July 14 Stated Meeting 7 PM: The theme for this Stated
meeting is a Hawaiian Luau. A free Pulled Pork Dinner with
pineapple and watermelon for dessert will be served prior
to the meeting at 6 PM.
Dress: Hawaiian or summer casual

Annual Blood Drive - July 19

July 19 Annual Blood Drive 3 - 6:30 PM: New Carlisle Lodge will sponsor a
Community Blood Drive with hours of registration from 3-6:30 at the Sacred Heart
Church Social Center, 205 W. Lake Ave, New Carlisle. All who can give blood,
members, wives, friends, neighbors over the age of 17 are asked to give.

12th Annual Outdoor Raising - July 23 - 9 AM

New Carlisle and Mt. Olivet Lodges will confer the Master Mason Degree at the
12th Annual Outdoor Raising located at 12681 St. Rt. 55, St. Paris, Ohio 43072. All
Master Masons are welcome. Mt. Olivet Lodge will provide a free lunch after the
raising. In the event of rain, it will be moved to New Carlisle Masonic Temple.
Bring an apron and lawn chair. Dress: summer casual.
Directions: North on Rt 235 to left on St. Rt. 55. Its between Rt 235 and Panhandle
Rd on Rt. 55. Turn left into the Drive. Watch for signs.

Farmers Night - August 11 Stated Meeting 7 PM

We celebrate the hard working farmers who plant
and harvest their crops and provide us with an
abundance of food. Everyone enjoys FRESH
Corn on the Cob. All masons are invited to join
us and after the Stated meeting we will serve
delicious fresh corn on the cob.
Dress: Jeans, overalls or summer casual.



Roger Thornbury, Pres. 845-9565
Curtis Hamlin, Secy 304-638-4387

Master Mason Degree

July 23
This year at the Outdoor Raising we
are responsible for the degree work
and Christiansburg is responsible for
refreshments and lunch.
June 2 @ 7 PM - Stated Meeting
July 7 @ 7 PM - Stated Meeting
July 23 @ 9 AM - Outdoor Raising
August 4 @ 7 PM - Stated Meeting


Paul E. Geier
March 24, 1924 - April 29, 2016
Brother Geier, (92) was a member of
New Carlisle Lodge for 60 years. He
served as Worshipful Master in 1989.
New Carlisle Lodge conducted a
Masonic Funeral Service for Bro.
Geier May 4 at Trostel, Chapman,
Dunbar & Fraley Funeral Home and
provided 6 pallbearers at the Ohio
Masonic Home and Glen Haven
Memorial Gardens May 5.

Richard E. Combs
October 20, 1927 - May 5, 2016
Brother Richard Combs (88) was a
member of St. Andrews Lodge for 43
years and Father-in-law of our
Worshipful Master Steve Raiff. As a
courtesy, New Carlisle Lodge conduct
a Masonic Funeral Service for Bro.
Combs at the Littleton & Rue Funeral
Home, Springfield, Ohio, on May 9.

3-5 PM
New Carlisle Lodge Members, Families and Friends Are
Invited To Our FREE Annual Strawberry Festival
Menu: Fresh Strawberries, Ice Cream & Biscuits


William Berry, E.H.P.
Ranold Seymour, Secy


Ranold Seymour, I.M.
Timothy Holiga, Secy

Chapter and Council New Officers

The following Chapter officers were elected for the 2016-17 Capitular year:
Bill Berry, H.P., Tim Holiga, King, Robert Maxson, Scribe, Dick Boitnott,
C.O.H., Roger Thornbury, PS, Steve Raiff, RAC, Ted Buskirk, 3V, Bobby
Jones, 2V, Willis Boitnott, 1V, Jordan Ashley, Guard, Ranold Seymour,
Secretary and Don Rutledge Treasurer. Trustees include Roger Thornbury 2
year and Don Rutledge 1 year terms.
Council officers for the 2016-17 Cryptic year are: Robert Maxson, IM, Steve
Raiff, DM, Roger Thornbury, PCW, Dick Boitnott, COG, Ted Buskirk,
C.O.C., Bobby Jones Steward, Willis Boitnott, Sentinel., Tim Holiga,
Recorder and Don Rutledge, Treasurer. The officers of both Chapter and
Council will be installed at the Annual Meeting scheduled June 21, 2016 at
7:00 p.m.
Chapter and Council members are reminded that dues notices will be mailed
this month and that all dues are due upon receipt of the billing notice. As
has been the recent practice, your Dues cards will be included in the mailing.
Members who recently received a letter advising them they had not yet paid
their 2015-16 dues in one or both of the bodies should include payment for
said dues, or make appropriate arrangements with the secretary and/or recorder
to do so by the Annual meeting.
Grand Council (October 3-4-2016) and Grand Chapter (October 4-6-2016)
Grand Convocations are to be held at Kalahari in Sandusky, Ohio.