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College Activities
World Health Day 2016: 7th April. Theme-Beat diabetes: Scale up
prevention, strengthen care, and enhance surveillance.
The Day was observed at SNIMS on 7th April .The function
started with a prayer by our Medical student, Ms. Chithra. Prof. Dr.
M.J.John, Principal welcomed the gathering.Prof. Dr.Raju Antony,
Vice-Principal introduced the Chief Guest of the day, Padmashree Dr.
Tony Fernandez the renowned Eye Surgeon of India.

Pearls of wisdom from Gurudevan.

Sree Narayana Guru long back advised- No
'Kari'=elephant or 'karimarunnu' in utsavams.If we had
followed Gurudevan advice, we could have saved many
We the family of SNIMS pays Homage to the
departed souls of temple fire cracker disaster at Kollam


College Activities
Hospital Activities
Social Events
Campus News
Health Events
Forthcoming Events

Mr.M.G.Pushpakaran, our GCT President in his address stressed the

seriousness of the problem of Diabetes Mellitus in Kerala pointing
Kerala as the Diabetic capital of India. He put forth suggestions for

conducting Research on Diabetes for means of prevention and

treatment. (Continued in page 2)

Bidding Adieu!!
Prof Dr Satheesh.G.Prabhu, Vice Principal & HOD,
Department of Surgery was given a befitting sent off on14th April

Prof. Dr A.D.Dharmaratnam
started his Medical Education
profession in 1975 and worked at
various Medical colleges. He was
awarded FRCP (Glasgow) & many
other fellowships. Joined as HOD
Department of Dermatology at
SNIMS on 10th of August 2011.

.Mr.N.Muraleedhara Panicker, Secretary, GCT gave a memento to Prof

Dr Satheesh.G.Prabhu.



(Continued ....Page 1)The recent discovery of the effect of

unripe Jack fruit preparations like' Chakka puzhukku' on lowering
Blood Sugar levels was also discussed. Research at Sydney University
of Australia had confirmed that consumption of unripe jack fruit can
help fight high blood sugar level. The Chief Guest of the day, Dr. Tony
Fernandez , with his statistical data confirmed Kerala as Capital of



Principal, Prof.Dr. M.J.John, welcomed the gathering & during his

session onVaccinate,Immunize,Protect(VIP) he briefed the Global
revamping in Immunization efforts during last 10 years. Seminar was

inaugurated by Dr. T. Jacob John, Professor Emeritus, CMC, Vellore.

He lighted the lamp and in his speech he spoke on the norms and
guidelines in NIP and the Health Economics in having optional ones
and few selected ones under NIP.
India in Diabetese Mellitus and advised the audience to Educate the
people on the aetiology, ways of prevention and for regular treatment
and follow up His 'take home message' to the audience was 'Each one,
Teach one, Treat one.' Prof.Dr.Nagaraja, HOD, Department of General
Medicine spoke on the need of the hour for screening people who are
overweight, with sedentary habits and those with family history of
Diabetes Mellitus. Prof.Dr. Satheesh. G.Prabhu, Vice-Principal,
Prof.Dr. Mohanan.K.R. our Medical Superintendent, Mr.Afsal
Ummer, Chairman, Agneya 2015-16 spoke on the occasion. Prof.Dr.
Madhavi Ramachandran, Vice-Principal expressed vote of thanks
World Autism Awareness month. 2016 Theme: "Autism and the
2030 Agenda: Inclusion and Neurodiversity"
SNIMS observed World Autism Awareness month on 23rd of
April.which was jointly organized by the Departments of Pediatrics
and Psychiatry. The function started with prayer by Medical student
Ms.Anjana.K.S., Prof.Laila Chacko, HOD, Pediatrics welcomed the

Principal, Prof.Dr M.J.John, inaugurated the function by lighting the

lamp. Prof.Dr. Raju Antony, Vice Principal & Prof. Dr.Anoop Vincent,
HOD, Department of Psychiatry felicitated on this occasion .
A short lecture on Autism and a Role play depicting the salient features
of Autism and ways to overcome this disease was enacted by our
Interns which was well appreciated. Prof Kala Raghu expressed vote
of thanks.On 25th of April SNIMS also organized a function for the
public Flash mob on Autism at Oberon Mall, Kochi.

National Seminar
On Immunization Update Closing the Gap.
On 30th April, a seminar was organized by Department of
Community Medicine SNIMS, at the College Auditorium. We had
representations from various Medical colleges of Kerala, UNICEF,

Dr. S. Sachidananda Kamath, the past National President of IAP in his

Key note address made it clear that by optimistic attitude and unity
we can reach our targets set for attaining 100%Immunization. The
Anti-vaccine lobby can be tackled only when we stand united .
Mr. Job Zachariah, Chief, UNICEF Office for Kerala & Tamilnadu, in
his address pointed to the increasing resistance to vaccination and
increase in number of Vaccine preventable diseases.
Dr.N.K.Kuttappan, D.M.O.(H), Ernakulam stressed the importance of
such seminars in increasing awareness and resisting the anti-vaccine
propaganda.Dr.N.S.Iyer,UNICEF Consultant talked about
importance of vaccination in the present scenario. Dr.Saira Banu,
SMO, W.H.O.India, Ernakulam commented on the good performance
of immunization activities in Kerala. Mr.E.A.Subramanian, Finance
Controller, SNIMS stressed the need of more Research on vaccines.
Prof.Dr. Madhavi Ramachandran wished all success for the
programme and congratulated the Organizers.

We had sessions on Protect-Womb to Tomb by Dr.Ann Mary

Thomas, Department of Community Medicine, SNIMS; Immunize
for future-Childhood and Adolescent Vaccination by Prof.Dr. Lyla
Chacko, Department of Pediatrics, SNIMS; Vaccine Storage and
Handling by Dr.Devaki Antherjanam, Department of Community
Medicine; SNIMS. Need to Protect-Adult Vaccination by Prof.Dr
.Nagaraja, HOD, Department of General Medicine, SNIMS,
Inspiring Initiative on raising Immunization coverage by Dr.
Kanniyan Binub,Convenor of Mission Mukthi & Asst. Professor,MES
Medical College, Malappuram.Polio Update and Routine
Immunization /VPD Surveillanceby Dr.Saira Banu, SMO,
W.H.O.India, Ernakulam; Partnership in Immunizationby Prof.Dr.
Swati Londhe, Department of Community Medicine, SNIMS,
Vaccination in Pregnancy by Dr.Georgy Joy Eralil,Dept.of
OB&G,SNIMS, Newer Vaccines and Vaccine Research by
Dr.Manoj.B.Patki, SMA, GlaxoSmithKline, India.
The moderator for the panel discussion on Overcoming Barriers in
Immunization was Dr. M.N.Venkateswaran, State President ElectIAP & Vice-Chairman IMA State -Child Health.
The Strategies put forth to improve immunization coverage and to
improve awareness by various methods were don't give damaging
press and other media news, record refusal by parents, Involve opinion
leaders, address specific concerns, overcome parental concerns and
differing belief by effective interactions and to take legal actions
whenever required.



Prof.Dr.Raju Antony, Vice-Principal & Secretary, Organizing

Committee thanked each and every one for making the Seminar a
Grand Success. Certificates with 2 credit hours were distributed to the
delegates .(The Travancore Cochin Council of Modern Medicine had
granted 2 credit hours for this event as per order number A-34203/16/MC/CME dated 18-03-2016.)

Sports Events
SNIMS had a unique method of forming Groups of students
for all annual competitions .Agneya 2015-16 formed 4 houses under 4
teaching Departments with students of all Batches to participate in all
competitions related to College Day celebrations.

The sports day was inaugurated by Principal, Prof.Dr.M.J.John, Prof

.Dr.Madhavi Ramachandran,& Prof.Dr.Raju Antony Vice-Principals
spoke on the occasion. This was followed by a Flash mob presented by
medical students.

Hospital News
Medical camps
On 10th April, at Kodiyan Auditorium, Kottayil Kovilakam, North
Paravur, a Free Mega Medical Camp was organized by SNIMS,



20-04-2016.Topic- First Aid. At Palium Government Higher

Secondary School, Chendamangalam. SNIMS jointly with Red Cross
arranged an awareness class on
First Aid . 280 Junior Red Cross
Cadets from Paravur Taluk Branch
participated in the session. The
class was led by Dr KrishnanNair,
Assistant Professor, Department of
Community Medicine of SNIMS.
This session was arranged in the background of recent Paravur
(Kollam) Temple Fire accident & details of how to save lives when
such a situation arises were discussed.
27-04- 2016. Topic- First Aid. At St.Joseph's HSS, Koonammavu. In
connection with the 48th Junior Red Cross Study Seminar of
Ernakulam District Branch of the Indian Red Cross Society, SNIMS
jointly with Paravur
Thaluk Red Cross
Society arranged an
awareness class on First
Aid.Prof Dr Raju
Antony,Vice Principal
& H O D
a n d
D r . K r i s h n a n
nair,Assistant Professor,
Department of Community Medicine discussed many life situations in
which wareness of First Aid in common man would have saved many
precious lives they spoke on different situations where giving First
Aid would save lives .About 170 Junior Red Cross Cadets Participated
in the program.

Campus News

Chalakka jointly with Kottayil Kovilakam Residents Association. Dr.

Jiss Joseph (Ortho), Dr.Jameel.K.N. (ENT), Dr.Bibin Kumar (OBG)&
Dr.Sreejitha (General Medicine) examined the patients. There were
around 200 patients and free medicines were distributed .

Social events
Health Awareness Camps
07-04-2016.Topic- 'How to make old age healthy and happy '. At
Government LP
School, Chittattukara.
SNIMS jointly with
Prathyaasha Elderly
C l u b , Wa r d 1 3 ,
Chittattukara Gram
Panchayat arranged
this session. Dr
Krishnan Nair,
Assistant Professor, Department of Community Medicine, led the
discussion. Around 35 members attended and learned how to age
On N.S.S.Auditorium, Thattampadi, Karumalloor.

Mrs. Divya.K. C, Assistant Librarian of Central Library

had been qualified for Assistant Professor Grade in the
UGC - National Eligibility Test held on December 2015
in the subject Library & Information Sciences.

Agneya 2015-16 .
The Aesthetic sense of our
medical students were exhibited by a
Vegetable carpet done on the Eve of
World Health Day .The theme was

Beat diabetes; Eat healthy.

Agenya 2015-16 Prayers for their seniors who are appearing for their
university Exams.
Welcome to the family of SNIMS !!!!

Emergency Medicine
& Casualty

SNIMS jointly with Karumalloor Vayojana Sawhrudha Vedi arranged

an awareness class on 'Health Problems of Elderly'. Honorable Judge
P.K.Shamsudeen inaugurated the programme. Mr. Varkichan,
President, KVSV presided over the function. Prof.Dr.Raju Antony,
Vice-Principal, SNIMS led the Awareness Session. This was followed



Health events
Health events during April, 2016World Parkinson's Day -11th April 2016
Parkinson's is a disease in which nerve cells that deliver the
neurotransmitter dopamine to other cells are reduced in numbers.
.World Hemophilia Day 2016-Sun 17th Apr 2016
Hemophilia is a condition in which bleeding is prolonged.
The World Liver Day- on April 19
This World Liver Day, let's strive not to abuse our liver, one of the most
important organs that we have. Let's treat it with the love and respect it
World Earth Day-22nd of April- Earth Day was established to raise the
public awareness for self consciousness, other living organisms.
World Malaria Day-April 25th- Theme-End Malaria for Good.
On April 25th people across the globe take part in a wide range of
activities to mark World Malaria Day
-World Immunization Week-April 24-30th,2016
Theme -Close the Immunization gap.
RNTCP-Centre to pilot daily therapy in Kerala.
The centre TB division is rolling out the daily drug regimen
for treatment of TB under the RNTCP in 104 districts in 5 selected
states including Kerala. This major shift in policy-from the current
intermittent drug regimen (three drug days a week)to a daily drug
regimen will be implemented on a pilot basis in all 14 districts in
Since 1997,the RNTCP had been following the intermittent
drug policy. However, the private sector preferred to put patients on a
daily drug regimen of tailor made drug combinations and dosages. The
WHO revised its TB management guidelines in 2010 ,endorsing the
daily drug regimen.



Dr.Behra, Chairman, National Task Force on TB said that 'the shift

from intermittent to daily regimen is a decision of the Technical
Committee but in no way does it indicate that the former is inferior.
Drug Resistance is an issue of incomplete and inadequate treatment in
the private sector and programme management issues under the
RNTCP not the intermittent regimen as such.'
Key change in the programme will be that instead of
individual drugs, patients will be put on fixed drug combinations, ie.
Three or more drugs as a single dose. At present ,a TB patient has to
consume seven or eight pills a day. Fixed drug combinations would
reduce the pill burden; improve the drug adherence and acceptability.
It is pointed out that it will simplify the treatment for the patient.
The challenges are-the drug costs are going to be double
,there can be procurement issues , more morbidities due to side effects
and that more patients currently treated at private sector will come into
the programme.
Cafeteria approachA key guiding principle of RNTCP is the direct observation of therapy
or supervised treatment ,which helps the patient take drugs regularly
and complete treatment. This is because the drugs are strong
antibiotics with considerable side effects ,which may make the patient
interrupt therapy, thus affecting cure and leading to the development
of drug resistance.
Direct Observation of treatment on a daily basis might not be practical
once RNTCP makes the shift to daily drug regimen, but individual
States have the freedom to draw up supervision protocols to suit their
needs. In Kerala, we are taking a cafeteria approach in this. We could
make the direct supervision a weekly affair, ensuring that the patient
had completed weekly doses and instead of a supervisor from the
community, an educated family member can act as the supervisor.
Source-Article by Ms.C.Maya in Hindu Daily dated 28-11-2015 and 2-4-2016.

Health -Forthcoming Events

1.World Asthma Day 2016 -on 3rd of May. Theme is- It's Time to
Control Asthma.
2.World Hand Hygiene Day -on May 05, 2016.
3.Malaria week - from 1st May to 7th May.
4.Mother's Day- on 8th of May.
5.World Red Cross Day 2016-on 8th of May.
6.Inter national Thalassemia Day -On 8th of May .Theme is: 'Access
to Safe & Effective Drugs in Thalassemia'.
7.Internationa Nurses Day- every May 12.
8.The International Day of Families-May 15,
9.World Hypertension Day 2016-On May 17th 2016. The theme for
2016 is --Know your numbers.
10.The International Day for Biological Diversity (or World
Biodiversity Day) by- United Nationson May 22.
11.Schizophrenia Awareness Day is May 24th.
12.World No Tobacco Day-31st of May.-Theme Tobacco-free
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