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Archaeotech Servitors

-With improved cognitive functions, allowing them to complete more complex commands.
Archaeotech Bionics
-Maybe ones that are covered in synthetic flesh?
Archaeotech Weaponry
-These can be something other than a better version of an existing weapon. I would use alternate
damage types like cold or sonic rifles.
Archaeotech Armor
-More advanced armor does not necessarily have to offer better protection. Instead, make it lighter,
more compact, easier to put on, etc.
Archaeotech Cogitator
-I can see two possibilities. It possibly possesses enhanced computation ability or processing power.
Alternatively, it could have an advanced user interface, voice controlled, hologram, limited interactive
capabilities. Similar to how Jarvis was portrayed in the Iron Man movies, as opposed to an actual AI.
Archaeotech Shuttle
-Containing enhanced armor/weaponry, or possibly even possessing a limited capacity warp drive,
possibly similar to that of Tau ships?
Navigator's Eyepiece. A mono-goggle covered in strange patterns that pulse with warp power.
o Adds +10 to Awareness tests when navigating the warp.
Archeotech Mechadendrite. A small grey disk with plugs that socket into Mechanicus Implants.
o Medicae Mechadendrite.
o Has the Compact trait, as the mechadendrite telescopes out and back in.
Archeotech "Sword of the Sleeping Foe." It's name is written in High Gothic on the case.
o A best quality Power Sword (Mordian) with the additional ability of on any hit that does damage
forces a Toughness Test (+0) or gain 1 Fatigue.
3 meter tall transparent tube with neck, wrist, and ankle restraints. Blue, green, and red buttons.
o Blue opens and looses restraints.
o Green Closes & locks restraints.
o Red causes 1d5 E shocking damage.

Two 50 cm black metal disks. Each has two buttons, white and black.
o White, the disk is immobile, and levitates if it was activated in the air or void. Can support the
weight of a Baneblade Tank.

o Black, the disk is movable, 100 grams.

Energy Buckler
A vambrace which will project a transparent energy shield centered on the wrist, the size of a medieval
buckler. It energy source will be depleted (and un-reloadable with standard means!) after 30 minutes of
use (equals 300 rounds of combat). In addition, their is a chance that an attack will make it short out for
1d5 rounds (after each hit, roll d100 and add the taken damage. Will shorten out on a 101+). Counts as
an "defensive weapon" with a AP of 6.
Ekombi Sword
A good quality energy sword which has an integrated good quality HE-Laserpistol in hilt&grip. With
no addition to weight or anything! The HE-Pistoles counts as having 10 shots and full power of a
standard HE-Pistole.
A communicator the size and weight of a micro vox but the power one would assume for a backpack
version of a "contemporary" vox.
Energy cells for those items (I would normally assume that those inside the items cannot be reloaded
by standard means...).
The crown of light: A best quality helmet with a crown like headgear on top. In the crown, their is one
clear gem. If activated (voice) the gem emits a constant blinding light. Anyone facing the the wearer
counts as blind, no "contemporary" technique is able to do anything against this. Those who cannot
turn their eyes fast enough (routine agility check) will be temporarily blinded for (10-TB) rounds.
The light-less cloak: A heavy black and un-reflecting cloak (or cape) made of a strange material. It
counts as a good quality flak coat (for stats!) but has AP 5 against all laser based attacks. The cloak will
warm up if under fire, but will give this warmth to it surrounding rather then to the wearer (which is
isolated by the cloak). After a couple of hits, the air will start to flirt around the wearer of the cloak and
those within close combat range must pass toughness each round round or will gain a point of fatigue.
The wearer better wear some kind of breathing gear as well, or he will suffer from breathing incredible
hot air!
Anti-Grav-Gloves which will in effect double your weight for carry, lifting etc. and give you "bulging
Grav-Damper-Units which can be attached to an object and will reduce its weigth by 90%

A two-handed powersword with the equivalent of a Captain's Baton imbedded in it (eventually will be
used to get access to a superior ship).
An advanced synskin with slightly boosted stats in addition to a psychic sense baffler that provides a
penalty for psychic senses attempting to locate the wearer.
Boarding shotguns (with integral mono-axes)
Wide-angle lasguns (shotgun lasers!)

Carapace Segmented Suit: Consists of gauntlets, boots, and chest plate with AP 6/4 (Body / Arms,
Legs). When the wearer moves a certain way, the segments expand to encompass the user completely,
leaving no gaps, with a helmet now covering the wearers head. This takes place in 1 round. AP 6
(All), with Good Quality Photo-visor and Good Quality Respirator incorperated in the helmet. Weight
7 kg.
Archeotech Battle-Monocle (Rarity: Unique)
*The character adds +3 bonus to his Initiative and +15% to his Weapons Skill, Ballistic Skill and
Dodge Tests for the rest of the encounter.
*In Mass Combat, the character can also use the Battle-Monocle to project holistic displays and
relevant information of the battlefield. This grants him a +10 bonus to all Command and Scholastic
Lore (Tactica Imperialis) Tests during the battle (and any other relevant Test at the GMs discretion).
Needless to say, this doesnt work during Space Combat, unless the character is performing Command
Tests due to a Hit and Run or boarding action.
*Finally, the Battle-Monocle works as a micro-bead capable of emitting highly encrypted frequencies
to the rest of the characters allies. Anyone trying to hack this frequency sees his Tech-Use Test
Difficulty increased by three steps.
Archeotech Multicompass (Rarity: Unique)
*This artifact can display relevant information about its surroundings, granting the character a +20
bonus to all Survival and Navigation (Surface) Tests.
*Due to their advanced holistic displays and information of the character surroundings, the Archeotech
Multicompass gives the character a +30 bonus to all Awareness Tests to notice approaching or
concealed individuals in a radius of one kilometer for as long as the character is actively using the
device. At the GMs discretion, certain artifacts or factors may hide the individuals and reduce or
nullify this bonus.
(Explorator) a Force-Field implant which works like a Force-Field of any class you would like to
allow but with the side-effect that the character is able to extent the radius to (TB) meters. After TB
rounds when this is done, the character has to pass a Toughness test or gain a level of fatigue.
Emotion mask - A collar studded with many precious gems and jewels, that glimmer and sparkle.
Once worn, it adjusts itself to the wearers emotions, and can be used to portray those emotions in the
manner its wearer requires.
Viewers will think the wearer more empathetic, more in tune with their ideas, or more intimidating.
Half of a "Rite of Duplessence" in a stasis vault. You know, the procedure where the brain of another
member of the Adeptus Mechanicus is integrated in the mechanical body of the explorator who can
communicate by thought with each other. The secrets the vault brain could tell the explorator!
Especially the secrets that no one is supposed to know of course.
Suit of ultra-light power armour. Give it 6 AP (All) with advanced helmet systems with a Targeting

Monocle, +10 str, no Ag penalties, void sealed, built in mag boots, vox, lamp pack (flashlight), impeller
(for maneuvers in the void). Who knows, maybe there are further modules missing that could be found
and added...
Firebats. Storm trooper carapace armours with flamer coils and tanks built in, running along to release
torrents of flame below both arms. Have them count as best quality Flamers, give them an extra 2 AP
on the back but if it penetrates it sets off an explosion. Maybe emblazon the suits with Ecclesiarchal
motifs from before the Age of Apostasy?

Archeotech Attack Craft

Rating Speed Size Special Notes

Storm Interceptor





Empire Bomber


Bonus Payload: Can cause up to a Strength 4 hit

instead of Strength 3. Pg. 13 BFK.

Mk 1 Thunderhawks
Bomber / Assault Boat
use must


Multi-purpose: Designed as either a Bomber or

an Assault Boat. No change in rating, but
be designated before launch as it cannot
both functions at the same time.

Torpedo Bomber


Bonus Payload: Carries one Torpedo per Bomber

so Brightswords can launch with 4 Torpedoes total.

Archeotech Component - Bridge of the Eternal Vigil

This ancient bridge design, which borrows from that of the most powerful land-based war machines,
the Titans, is viewed by many with more fear than awe, as the very idea that the ship's Lord-Captain
would be permanently interred, never to again leave his command throne, is terrifying to consider. Only
the largest, most powerful ships are likely to receive this upgrade, and only if an individual willing to
be forever merged within their ship can be found. To the willing recipient, radical procedures are
performed, removing many of their internal organs, and replacing them with powerful cybernetic
devices, which will be able to carry them on through the centuries. They are permanently anchored into
place, becoming immobile, but their connections to the ship allow them to perceive, and to manipulate
almost any system from the bridge, as if the vessel, itself, was an extension of the Lord-Captain's body
and senses.
Man in the Machine: The ship's Lord-Captain, who has been integrated into the bridge, gains Machine
(4), though this trait does not affect the recipient's mind, in this case. Their Movement permanently
becomes 0. They also gain 1d10 Insanity points, due to the initial broadening of their senses, and an
additional 1 Insanity point each time the ship sustains a critical hit (a Difficult (-10) Willpower Test
can negate this, as the Captain has become more fortified by his condition).
The Walls Have Eyes: The Lord-Captain's insertion into the ship's systems gives him unprecedented
observation and interaction with his crew. While this can make for a much more smoothly running
vessel, it can also grate on the crew, who quickly learn that there is no place on the ship, their home,
where the Captain is not watching and listening to them. Permanently reduce Morale by 5 points. From
now on, due to the speed at which the Captain can respond to any problem and give orders or
inspiration to the crew, any crew or morale loss will be reduced by 1d5 points to a minimum of 0.
One With the Hull: The embedded Lord-Captain has senses, and control, over almost every inch of

the vessel. When this ship is the victim of a Hit and Run action, he treats the opposed Command Test
as a Routine (+20) Command Test, rather than the usual Ordinary (+10) difficulty.
One With the Weapons: His union of sensors, skill, and weapons grants the Lord-Captain's ship
increased accuracy. All Ballistic Skill tests to fire the ship's weapons conducted by the Lord-Captain
gain +5.
Hull: Cruisers and up | Power: 3 | Space: 1 | SP: 3
Hull: Battleships
| Power: 5 | Space: 3 | SP: 3 (apparently, Battleship's stuff is a lot bigger)