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easy, affordable travel

to and from Tallahassee

If you rode... You would save˚

1x week $435.62
2x week $871.24
in association with
3x week $1,306.86
4x week $1,742.48 BIG
5x week $2,178.10 BEND
305 W. Crawford Street
Quincy, FL 32351

c/o the Marketing Institute

Florida State University - College of Business
821 Academic Way, Room 222B
Tallahassee, FL 32306-111
˚Commuting costs for
single-occupant travel are
based on figures provided
by AAA. Estimates are based
on a one-way trip=26 miles,
mpg=23 and depreciation/ 555 Appleyard Drive
maintenance=$.21/mile. Tallahassee, FL 32304
save money with the gadsden express bus service

Daily travel between Quincy and Transferring to StarMetro

Tallahassee can be expensive -

Plaza Gate A
costing more than $4,000 a year for At C.K. Steele Plaza, you can transfer
from the Gadsden Express to one of


the average commuter.˚ Even travel


between Midway and Tallahassee the many StarMetro routes serving


can cost upwards of $2,000 a year. Now, with the Tallahassee. Please remember that your Gadsden
Gadsden Express bus service, you can reduce Monday - Friday 6:00AM - 7:00PM Express fare does not include transfers to StarMetro.
your commuting costs by up to 80%. Towards Tallahassee Towards Quincy StarMetro’s regular cash fare is $1.25 or 60 cents
6:00A 6:20A 6:40a 7:00a 7:20a 7:40a 8:00a for students, senior citizens and disabled inviduals.
Gadsden County, in cooperation with StarMero, 8:00a 8:20a 8:40a 9:00a - - -
Commuter Services of North Florida and the Florida StarMetro also offers money-saving passes,
- - - 11:30a 11:50a 12:10p 12:30p
Department of Transportation, announce the arrival which include a 7-day and 31-day pass. For more
12:30p 12:50p 1:10p 1:30p - - -
of the Gadsden Express. information, contact StarMetro at 850.891.5200 or
- - - 4:00p 4:20p 4:40p 5:00p
Whether you’re commuting to work, to school or 5:00p 5:20p 5:40p 6:00p 6:20p 6:40p 7:00p
for leisure, the Gadsden Express is your answer. Guaranteed Ride Home
This service offers inexpensive weekday express Park-And-Ride Locations
service with stops at Quincy, Midway, Tallahassee The Gadsden Express makes limited stops with two Work commuters receive an extra
Community College (TCC) and C.K. Steele Plaza in designated Park-And-Ride lots. incentive for riding the Gadsden
Downtown Tallahassee. Express. If you use the Gadsden
Quincy - Winn-Dixie at 1632 W. Jefferson Street Express to get to and from work at least three days
Midway - City Hall at 50 MLK Boulevard per week, you qualify for Commuter Services of
Midway North Florida’s Guaranteed Ride Home Program. This

service provides FREE transportation home when an
Gadsden Express Fares emergency arises. Carpoolers are also eligible for
C.K. Steele
One-Way $1 (cash only) the program.
20-ride $18 For more details, contact Commuter Services at
40-ride $35 1.888.454.RIDE or visit
˚Cost estimates based on figures provided by AAA, which include Multiride cards must be purchased at the Big Bend
fuel, maintenance and vehicle depreciation. Transit office at 324 W. Crawford Street in Quincy.