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Master of Science in Power Engineering at TUM

Winter Semester 2016 / 2017

Statement of Purpose
I hereby declare that I wrote the following statement of purpose independently without
using any sources or auxiliary means other than the ones indicated and that everything
stated is true to the best of my knowledge.
I would like to introduce myself as a highly motivated and hardworking person with a
determined aspiration to advance in the career endeavor. I strongly believe that a highquality education together with practical exposure is essential to attain a career
betterment. To achieve that, I invested significant time and substantial effort to grasp the
fundamentals of science and technology. As a result, I could excel throughout my
academics with excellent grades which fetched me scholarships from various private
During my schooling, I had an opportunity to demonstrate a thermal power plant
prototype in a regional level science festival. Through my active participation, I gathered
knowledge about electricity generation, conversion and distribution which laid down the
motivation to opt Mechanical Engineering. During my bachelors, I had lectures and lab
courses on Hydraulic Machines, Thermal Engineering which helped me to understand the
technology behind different power plants. l took part in various power plant visits to get
insight on the renewable and nonrenewable power technologies.
In order to get practical experience, I underwent an industrial training at Steel Authority of
India (SAIL) Cogeneration power Plant where I learnt the operation and control of Blast
Furnace, Boilers, Turbines & Cooling Towers through Supervisory Control & Data
Acquisition (SCADA) module .
Through my professors, I came to know about that the German Universities have state of
the art research infrastructure and have a close connection with the Industry leaders. I
found that the German Universities feature a strong, characteristic profile in the fields of
Science & Engineering along with highly qualified professors. I am also aware of the
contributions of various research institutes towards science and industries. Considering
these facts in mind, I have decided Germany as my academic destination.
Through, I found that TUM offers an internationally acclaimed graduate program
Master of Science in Power Engineeringwith a wide scope for research. I browsed through
the course curriculum and found the courses like Power Transmission Systems, Nuclear
Technology and Automatic control to be particularly very engaging. I also found that the
recent research in renewable energy. My knowledge and inclination towards the field of
Power Engineering will surely motivate me to proactively participate and contribute to the
program. The interdisciplinary nature of this program will broaden my learning scope and
greatly improve the prospect of doing a doctorate. Along with high-quality technical
education, I would also have a possibility to learn new cultures and languages. I am aware
of the level of commitment and dedication needed for this course. My motivation and hard
work will surely enable me to come up with flying colors.

Thiruvikraman Sourirajalu