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Life of an unsigned musician Proposal

In my write up I will be researching, discussing and explaining the ways in which record
labels can have an impact on an artists career and what it is like to be an independent
unsigned musician. I will also be comparing the positives and negatives of having a record
label behind you as an artist or producer to see whether or not it is really worth being
signed to a record label. As well as this, I will look at the future for the music industry and
how it could affect musicians in terms of the success of their career.
I feel this is a relevant topic to discuss as in modern times in the music industry
independent artists are starting to self-promote their music a lot more on social media such
as Twitter and Facebook and there are a lot more opportunities out there for independent
musicians. This is a controversial topic that can be widely discussed and opinions can be
I want to find out more information to broaden my knowledge on the topic. I feel this will be
valuable to me as a producer as I can get an insight into how the industry works, how the
record labels control the industry and what the future holds for the music industry. This
could potentially aid my success as a producer
To carry out my research for this write up I will be listening to/watching radio and television
interviews from signed and unsigned artists in which they speak about their opinions on
the record labels and the power they have in the music industry. I will also be looking at
some music blogs such as as
well as personally asking some independent artists that I know their own opinions of
recording labels.
An example radio interview that I will use for my research is an interview with 4i for
pulse88 Radio which contains some elements on his experience as an independent artist
without the backing of a record label himself:
I intend to contact two unsigned musicians (EastGreen & 4I) through social media and get
an interview with both of them, asking questions about their opinions of record labels in the
music industry and where they think they will progress. This will be beneficial to this
investigation as they know exactly what the industry is like and they are experienced
independent musicians that have been doing it for many years.
I will also research different feuds or conflicts in the industry caused by record labels and
big names in the industry. This is mentioned in the timeline and will be completed by
January. This will be taken from many websites including the website for mainstream radio
station Capital FM
This will also give me a good idea of the problems record labels cause in the industry and
why being an unsigned artist has both positives and negatives, this being a negative side.
How will this help me in the industry?
All of this information can help me as a producer learning about the different avenues and
ways into the industry and how to be successful, while seeing is it worth getting signed by
a record label or not and going independent. This will also give me a good idea of the

problems record labels cause in the industry and why being an unsigned artist has both
positives and negatives, this being a negative side.




Make questionnaire for

interview with
independent artists.
Contact EastGreen and
4I to arrange an
interview well in advance
so they can both take
part, whether it is on
separate dates or at the
same time, it will have to
be organised.

Interview with EastGreen

and 4I answering
questions from
previously written
questionnaire. I will write
down or record what
they say so that I have
all the information ready
to write down into the
power point.

Research on record
labels, the famous feud
between Mic Righteous,
Naughty Boy and Zayn
Malik. Research on
future for music industry.
By this stage I will make
sure all the information is
collected and ready to
put into the powerpoint. I
will also research the
future of the music
industry using an article

By February the
powerpoint will be
started and completed
within the same month. I
feel this is achievable.
The interview would
have already been done
last month so all I would
have to do is write in into
the powerpoint. The last
thing I will do is justify
my research and
producer down a
logbook that should
correspond with this

Interview/Questionnaire with EastGreen & 4I
What does the future hold for the music industry? I intend to find this out as part of
this investigation.