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African Drummers

- An introduction to the rhythms and drums of West Africa

- An introduction to rhythms, drums and dance of North Africa

Latin American Percussion

- An introduction to the rhythms and instruments of Samba
- Make your own percussion instruments Samba workshop
- Lectures recital on Latin American music

Cuban Percussion
- An introduction to the rhythms and instruments of Cuba
- An indepth study of fusion in Cuban music

Junk Percussion
- A rhythmic workshop using household objects as musical instruments
- Make your own percussion instruments out of junk
- Samba junk percussion

- An introduction to improvisation on any instrument for any age or ability

- An introduction to the Darabuka drum which is used all over the World Gamelan
- An introduction to the Gamelan
- An introduction to the Gamelan with storytelling
- Half a term of playing host to the Gamelan giving your students a chance to learn
about the Gamelan and it's music and work on their own compositions

Indian Musicians
- An introduction to the traditional music of India

Jazz Ensembles
- An introduction to jazz, through a recital based workshop or an interactive session
- The history of jazz
- Jazz improvisation
- An introduction to jazz singing

Pop Groups
- An introduction to the basics of writing a pop song

- Listen to a composer talk about their works - their inspiration, instruments used
- Work with a composer to create a work for your students - can be a class based
project or can incorporate the whole school

Ceilidh Group
- An introduction to the music and dance of the traditional Ceilidh

- Introduce participants of any age to singing a cappella or with accompaniment
- Singing / drama workshop taking science fiction as a theme
- Choral workshop either as a masterclass or learning from scratch
- Vocal masterclass in pop, jazz, music theatre or opera genre
- An introduction to British Folk Songs
- An introduction to Caribbean Songs
- An introduction to Afro-American Songs
- An introduction to songs from around the World
- An introduction to jazz singing

"Fun and focused. It was exciting learning techniques to make your body and mind
more able to create the music you hear in your head."
Diversity Choir

Music in Shakespeare's London

- Trace the nature of music in Elizabethan and Jacobean society, including its role at
court and in the theatre and its reflection of current ideals
Tudor Music
- Music of the Courts and Country from the Tudors to the Hanoverians (circa 1485 -
- A survey of the main styles of music in Tudor society, reflecting the changing cultural
alliances with other countries, the internal distinctions with Tudor England, the origin
and position of musicians at court and the development of printing and publication

Aztec Music
- Find out about the music of the Aztecs

Baroque Ensembles
- Music from the Court of Frederick the Great, works by Quantz, C.P.E. Bach, J.S. Bach
and Telemann
- An Italian Tour, works from Roma, Venice and Naples including works by Vivaldi,
Scarlatti, Albinoni, Corelli and Mancini

Renaissance and Baroque music

- An introduction to music and instruments from the Elizabethan Era in England and the
Netherlands to mid-Eighteen Century France

String Quartets
- An introduction to stringed instruments - including how the sound is produced and
instrumental technique
- Introduce classical music in a meaningful way to young children, giving them the
chance to experience live music
- Develop listening skills in early years using games, artwork and movement; these
skills include sound recognition, high and low sounds, differing degrees of volume,
speed and emotion

Woodwind Trios
- An introduction to woodwind instruments - including how the sound is produced and
instrumental technique
- Exploring contrasts in music - class based discussion on contrasting pieces,
considering instrumental technique, musical ideas and rhythm
- Music through the ages - identifying period characteristic, style and form

Wind Quintets
- An introduction to Classical Music
- An introduction to music from around the world
- An introduction to dance music from around the world

Brass Ensembles
- An introduction to brass instruments - including how the sound is produced and
instrumental technique
- A specially commissioned project entitled Family Brass for Brass Quintet and Key
Stage 2 choir covering National Curriculum requirements for Key Stage 2 Music and

Family Brass

- Introduce your students to music through the ages
- Hold a masterclass

- An introduction to percussion instruments from around the world - can lead to
composition or a performance

- An introduction to the classical guitar
- Hold a masterclass

Piano Duo
- An Orchestra in a Box an introduction to the stylistic use of instruments
- Peer Gynt - the story (and other works by Grieg) - the story of Peer Gynt with musical
- Music by Design - introducing different forms of music, a simple melody line, through
binary/ternary, rondo, ground bass, variation and dance forms as well as the sonata.
- Move to the Music - The rhythm and melody of dance forms through the centuries
- Pictures in Music - Linking music with art, students can discover more about different
periods in classical tradition

Harpsichord players
- An introduction to the harpsichord, compare it to other keyboard instruments, learn
about how the instrument is made

A Music Workshop Company musician demonstrating the Sitar