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Contact: Jim Percival, City Manager 937-376-7231 101 N. Detroit Street Xenia, OH 43585 www.ci.xenia.oh.us FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 2:10 PM May 11, 2010

Levy Failure, Continuing Economic Recession Force Immediate Cost Cutting Measures

Xenia, Ohio, May 11, 2010: The City of Xenia announces a reduction in public safety forces to be effective June 13, 2010. Prolonged economic recession, diminishing revenues, and a close defeat of a proposed .5% income tax increase on the May 4, 2010 ballot have contributed to the need to carry out additional reductions at this time. The City’s current fiscal year budget shows a cash flow deficit of more than $500,000. The public safety staff reductions announced in this release will help to alleviate this cash flow deficit and reduce the need to utilize any reserve funds to balance the City’s budget at year’s end. The cuts will also help to stabilize the City’s fiscal year 2011 financial situation. These new staff reductions are the latest measures in a series of cost cutting steps the City has undertaken over the past two years in an ongoing effort to reduce expenses. City officials have already instituted both across-the-board and targeted cost cutting steps which include among other things: Nine (9) full-time administrative and maintenance staff members and two (2) part-time employees laid off, August 2009 Non-union wage freeze since 2009; Changes to employee insurance coverage options; Union wage concessions and deferments; Broad discretionary spending cuts for all City departments; Amended snow removal policy, including reduced usage of salt and treatment materials on roadways; Fuel reduction and anti-idling policies; Deferral of fleet replacements, including police cruisers; More aggressive rate shopping and alteration of liability and other insurance policies.

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As part of this unfortunate reduction in force, six (6) full-time firefighters from the Xenia Fire Division and three (3) full-time police officers from the Xenia Police Division will be laid off effective June 13. These reductions are in addition to three (3) open police officer positions currently be left vacant and the staff reductions from 2009 mentioned above. The public will realize certain service reductions as a result of these new layoffs; these include: Fire Station 32 (station 2) will be closed indefinitely effective June 13; all fire/rescue operations will be consolidated at station 31 on E. Main Street; EMS calls will be triaged by XFD and Dispatch personnel depending on their serverity; first responder units—in lieu of full medic/engine details—will be dispatched when staffing levels allow only limited response; Reduction of police emergency response capacity due to the elimination of patrol officers; Elimination of the D.A.R.E. program at the Xenia Community Schools; Elimination of the School Resource Officer in partnership with the Xenia Community Schools; and Scaling back and/or elimination of additional public safety community outreach and education programs.

City administrators are currently developing the FY 2011 tax budget. The need for additional cost cutting steps this year in order to balance the 2011 budget will be determined at a later date when analysis of expected revenues and expenses is complete.