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Extra Credit 8

Michael Klare The Geopolitics of Oil and Gas

Geopolitics closely aligned oil
Geopolitics -intersection of state policies state politics, the pursue of a
commodity which is oil
Military and diplomatic implicaitons
Why geopolitics and oil are closely aligned? oils connection to warfare, oil is
crucial to the pursuit of war, years prior to world war one
Winston Churchill big role first law of admiralty british warships coal propulsion
to oil propulsion advantage coming war with Germany
British had no domestic oil of own, north sea oil havent been discovered yet
The only oil under british control, he convinced british government to nationalize
apoc, to form imperial dominion over Persia, iran a key element to british empire.
After war the pursuit of oil became key to lots of military weapons? tanks
planes, seek control over oil producing areas. Safe supply of oil, key role of
military plan axis for world war 2. Primary invasion of Germany over soviet union,
seeking control over baku. Japanese invasion over hindi.
For usa, to forging alliance over Saudi arabia. Like how Churchill with Persia. Us
present in Persian guld, naval base in Bahrain. Us strategy. Dramatic factor us
war in Afghanistan. Major problem of difficulty of moving oil in Afghanistan.
Oil so critical to economy and transportation of modern economy. Center for
foreign policy to ensure adequate supply of oil.
Carter doctrine which is oil is crucial to western economy. Flow of oil must be
preserve at all cost. Crucial expression.
Carter created --US Central Commandsafety flow of oil strait of hormuz
First president bush to intervene in Iraqi invasion in Kuwait..threaten safety of
Saudi Arabia and flow of oil
Protest all over the country, no blood of oil. Emphasize of oil to public
languageemphasize of weapon of destruction.
Actually us policy 2003 geopolitics of oil ,carter doctrine, ensure smooth flow of
oil Persian gulf.
Iran threaten to close the strait of hormuz response to eu embargo of Iranian oil
Response to Israeli attack to Iranian nuclear facilities.
Obama makes frequent trips to countries with future production of oil
Usa and china competition to oil
Africa oil us china competition, creation of Africa command (AFRICOM) places
heavy emphasis on internal security in countries like Nigeria and maritime

security in the oil-rich Gulf of Guinea. Not explicitly tied. Growing bush
administration to African oil. China military aid to its supporters in sudan. Area of
competition -caspian sea region. Russia, china, usa. Russia seeks dominate
transportation Caspian sea. USA created BTC pipeline from Baku to Georgia.
Passes through areas of conflict. US provides military aid to Georgia and
azerbaijian. Militarty support to Georgia, spark conflict 2008 with south jaknks.
Give Russia opportunity to intervene- driven Russias determination to limit
Americas effort to control over its area. China interested to limit reliance on
perisan gulf that us control. SCO China, to central asia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan,
intervene so called peace mission.
Us dependant on Canadian tar sands oil. Us strategic advantage wont be reliant
on middle east. China more reliant. Us take advantage of chinas weakness so to
build naval power in asia. As china becomes more dependant on sea lanes.
Obama policy not fighting terrorism in the middle east, containing china in south
east asia, ocean. Strangle china at sea cut resources, strategic design of the
united statesits dangerous. South china sea with disputed territories where us
is building military strength in phillipnes, Australia, and Singapore.
Need for us to move away from oil environmental political and military reasons.
Endgame of oil, exceedingly violent. Convert away from fossil fuel. Move to
renawables that are free from contestation is essential.
Playgame in election. What positions being articulated?
The struggle over us energy future most pivotal issue in election. Us moves
backwards in time to fossil fuels. Keystone pipeline republican Romney. Decisive
elections that we all cared about.