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MKTG 1101 Consumer Behaviour Semester 2 2015

Written Assignment Part 1: Individual Case Study (20%)
Due Date: Week 4, hand in hard copy in class

Questions for Case : McDonald’s: Build your own burger- Social co-creation as
recipe for success
1. Define involvement theory. How does the ‘involvement state’ influence
consumer’s purchase decisions? Explain this in terms of the case.
2. How did regular consumers with low emotional involvement create a dilemma
for McDonalds? What strategies were used to address this?
3. What influences consumer spending? Explain your response by referring to
two internal and two external influences and specific examples from the case

The case study analysis report should be no more than 1500
words and is due in Week 4 on the day of your class. The case
analysis should cite at least five academic articles.
referencing is to be used. The use of creative thinking, current
examples and the evaluation of a variety of outcomes is actively
encouraged and will be rewarded. Penalties will be applied to
students who merely re-state the theory from the case or
course text.
The case study should include:

Introduction of case and key theory issues, including additional
Discussion of each question relating to the case
Summary of key findings, issues relevant to the case
Appropriate presentation style, proper citations, and sound logic.
Please refer to the Feedback Report
An answer to each of the three questions relating to the case.
Clearly label each question you are answering.
Summary of key findings, issues relevant to the case
Do not write in the first person. This is a Business report. Use the
third person ie “This report….”
DO NOT copy direct phrasing from the case to explain your
answers. This is NOT a comprehension exercise.

The Case Study should be written in 12-point font with 1.5 line
spacing and 3cm margins. Headings 12-14 Pt Arial or Tahoma style

– bold. Ensure the Similarity Index is BELOW 20%. contents page. tick the box and attach at the end of your report Five external academic references from appropriate journal articles to back up your argument using Harvard referencing style (see RMIT website for details) DO NOT REFERENCE THE COURSE TEXT  Attached Feedback Report ( see hub) with your name Attached Turnitin Originality Report showing :  Word Count  Similarity Index . Pages will be numbered.  Included a Cover Sheet with your FULL name and student ID . The word limit excludes title page.Please print . reference list and appendices. CHECKLIST.

Does my application of theoretical concepts show logical reasoning and understanding? Summary 1. Referencing –In text and on reference list? 4. Do I have evidence of further external research? 4. Style: mechanics. Have I provided a concise summary overview of the case study? 2. Have I clearly stated my case? 4045 4550 Comments 76- . Overall Structure: presentation layout Information Content Analysis and Evaluation of Questions 1.MKTG 1101 Consumer Behaviour FEEDBACK REPORT – Individual Case study Student Name Student ID CRITERIA Fail Pass Credit Distinction High Distinction 50-55 56-60 60-65 66-70 70-75 80 80-85 86+ Assignment Presentation Format 1. Have I identified my key findings? 2. Paragraphing: Are there logical links between paragraphs? 2. Have I integrated my external research to support and justify my line of arguments? 5. spelling? 3. Have I addressed the questions asked? 3. clear sentence structure.