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Exam 70-462

Install and configure (2025%)

Installation Decisions

Determine appropriate hardware

o Virtualize or not?
o CPU / Sockets
o Memory
o DAS vs SAN vs
o Solidate State storage (can wear out) maintenance issues
o Test I/O Load SQLIO (Disk subsystem benchmark tool /
Which windows o/s (no need to memorize all combination of o/s)
o SQL Server 2012 is supported on win core - 2012/ 2008
Which edition of sql server
Is separate instance required
o Supports 50 instances
Select collation

Browser / Full text shouldnt require domain accounts

SQL Agent Account
Plan installation

Install SQL Server and related services


Design storage for new databases

Default file locations settings

Separate Data, Log and tempdb
Consider RAID Level
Multiple filegroups
Table Partitioning
Concept of index alignment

Test connectivity; enable and disable features; install SQL Server

database engine and SSIS (not SSRS and SSAS); configure an OS

Implement a migration strategy


Evaluate installation requirements; design the installation of SQL

Server and its components (drives, service accounts, etc.); plan
scale-up vs. scale-out basics; plan for capacity, including if/when to
shrink, grow, autogrow, and monitor growth; manage the
technologies that influence SQL architecture (for example, service
broker, full text, scale out, etc.); design the storage for new
databases (drives, filegroups, partitioning); design database
infrastructure; configure a SQL Server standby database for
reporting purposes; Windows-level security and service level
security; Core mode installation; benchmark a server before using it
in a production environment (SQLIO, Tests on SQL Instance); choose
the right hardware

Restore vs detach/attach; migrate security; migrate from a

previous version; migrate to new hardware; migrate systems and
data from other sources

Configure additional SQL Server components

Plan Growth and Capacity


Setup Alerts
Collect data - Datamanagment warehouse

Set up and configure all SQL Server components (Engine, AS, RS

and SharePoint integration) in a complex and highly secure
environment; configure full-text indexing; SSIS security; filestream;

Manage SQL Server Agent

Service Account Configuration

What are Local Service, Network Service, Local System

Use different service accounts for installation
SQL Server configuration manager to change these accounts
Databases Engine basic account

Create, maintain, and monitor jobs; administer jobs and alerts;

automate (setup, maintenance, monitoring) across multiple
databases and multiple instances; send to "Manage SQL Server
Agent jobs"

Preparation resources

Understanding surface area configuration

Hardware and software requirements for installing SQL Server 2012

Quick-start installation of SQL Server 2012