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THE May 2010

Volume 1, Issue 1

Pledge to Students
Supervisor Swanson gets sworn in
at the Winnebago County Board
meeting in April 2010


College Democrats throughout state celebrate victories at the local level through hard work and the continued
support of the College Democrats.

Five College Democrats of Wisconsin difference in the lives of the people in

students were elected to public office your community”.
last month. Analiese Eicher, UW-
Madison, was elected to Dane County Gaining Momentum
Board, District 5; Ben Plunkett and
Cullen Peterson of UW-River Falls, Running for public office was no easy
were elected to the Pierce County task for these College Democrats.
Board serving Districts 4 and 6, while Travis Swanson juggled school,
Tr a v i s S w a n s o n a n d M a r i s s a working full time and running for
Reynolds, both of UW-Oshkosh, were County Supervisor for months. Travis
elected to the Winnebago County said if it wasnʼt for the support of his
Board, with Swanson serving the 13th friends and the College Democrats he
District and Reynolds elected to the doesnʼt know how he wouldʼve
16th District. Reynolds of Wausau, managed. Because of the support he
received, he was able to win a district Getting Comfy
Wisconsin said, “It was amazing being Marissa Reynolds takes her seat
officially sworn in to the Winnebago that a student hasnʼt won in years.
for the first time as Winnebago
County Board. It feels good knowing Back in Madison, Analiese Eicher had County Supervisor.
that you will be able to make a a exhausting schedule as well.
Analiese Eicher, the current College

Democrats of America Membership member running for state wide office

Director, also went to school and was this fall, Ben Plunkett (just elected
the Chair of the College Democrats of County Supervisor) will be running for
Wisconsin during her County State Assembly in District 30, in

Supervisor race. Western Wisconsin.

Fired Up and Ready to Go Plunkett plans on also using his peers

to help manage the day to day
In all 5 races, All candidates recruited operations of his campaign and use
volunteers from their College the College Democrats at UW-River
Democrats chapters to help their Falls to run a massive voter
campaigns. Not only did this make registration effort. By organizing
finding volunteers easier for the several classes to deputize students
candidates, it also fired up the College they will be able to register more
Democrats. It gave students interested students on their campus than
in the College Democrats a chance to previous elections.
get involved and see the difference
College Democrat Chapters can make In addition to being deputized, College
in their communities. Democrats throughout the state will be
well equipped to take on leadership
Democratic Party of After seeing the level of participation in roles in campaigns after receiving
Wisconsin Convention S p r i n g e l e c t i o n s , C D W C o l l e g e training at the Democratic Leadership
June 11-12 Democrats Chair, Amy Gearhart said Institute, put on by the Democratic
Marriot Madison West she “is confident that Democrats Party of Wisconsin, this April in
Middleton, WI running in Fall will have great success Merrimac, WI. in Winnebago County.”

At this time, there is at least one

College Democrat of Wisconsin

UW-Eau Claire
College Dem, Allison
Kimble, participates in the
“Do I Look Illegal
Campign” to protest the
new Arizona
immigration law

College Democrats of America

2010 Convention
July 29-August 1
Charlotte, NC

IT’S A B.F.D.!
Left: Vice President
Biden answers a
question from a
student attending the
town hall.

Below: CDW Vice-

Chair, Evan Giesemann
gets his picture
taken with Vice-
President Biden.

Vice-President Biden and Secretary Geithner visit UWM

In an effort to promote President managing the ticketing table and running the
Obamaʼs plan for wall street reform, microphone to students asking questions at the town
When reckless
Vice-President Biden and Treasury hall.
and greed on Wall
Secretary Geithner lead a Town
Street lead to a
Hall at UWM on April 27 with financial crisis, every All of the College Democrats took the day off
Congresswoman Gwen Moore and single American suffers from school to volunteer and were rewarded
Mayor Tom Barrett. the devastating when they got to take a picture with Vice-
Roughly 10 College Democrats consequences of P r e s i d e n t B i d e n . C D W Vi c e - C h a i r E v a n
at UWM members with a few that.” Giesemann traveled from Madison to help at the
members from other chapters ensured event and said “he wouldnʼt have missed the town hall
that the event went smoothly that day by for anything!”


Website Down! Up and Running Facelift, New Chapter

The CDW We hope to without the Individual
Website is have the Botox chapter
experiencing website back A new CDW site websites will
some problems up by May 29. will be be running in
and is launched in time for the
currently time for the CDA
down. DPW Convention.