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Week 5 Assignment

Outcomes-Week 5 Assignment
Leaha Moon
Professor Wardlow
March 30, 2015

Week 5 Assignment
Outcomes-Week 5 Assignment



The staff will meet all


requirements for the year.

on what is

Integrate what is


important and interesting

from the staff


to the staff.
CLASS (Classroom

The staff/personnel will be well verse on what


Assessment Scoring

CLASS is and how it works, for them to

trainers on

System), Health &

incorporate CLASS in the learning process.

the subjects

Safety, CPR

The staff/personnel will meet all state required

mandates for beginning of the year with
certificates to serve as proof of completion.

to be
for trainings

Personnel will score

Successful observations and evaluations of


the contributors on

trainers that will be effective for the

on the

how well they

staff/personnel. Creating the best learning


obtained the

environment for the students and


information and how



well composed the


contributor was.
Writing and

The trainers will be compensated through

funding for

obtaining grants

grants given, allowing staff to have the best

the training

through the year

accommodations and training conducive for

Week 5 Assignment

and managing


fundraising will
assist in the fees of

the training.
Obtain offers on

The trainers and the staff will have

e with venues

managing training

a high quality venue for the best

for the

at a venue that will

possible cost.




personnel members

Obtain the

and the presenters


Materials and equipment will be available for

materials and


consideration and experts will be on hand for


obtain any training

any inquiries, if necessary. Leading to a

necessary for

manuals that are

successful training session that will have

the training


positive results.


technology materials
necessary like
audio/video systems
etc. and proper
documentation to
provide to personnel
after training is

Week 5 Assignment


In our text, it goes over how programs are created to construct particular outcomes and a way
to evaluate and analyze the achievement of a program by observing whether the proposed
outcomes have actually developed (pg. 344, 2013). Through this statement the organization will
present the staff with the necessary training to help students prepare for their educational journey.
The organization will also present the staff will the necessary materials so that the staff will
recognize what is required of them and how they will be analyzed under the CLASS assessment
scoring system. The organization will provide the staff the opportunity to opt for additional
trainings as well as evaluate and analyze the trainers on their demonstrations or presentations. All
of these things connected, should provide the outcome of a successful and effective training
Many state standards require educational personnel to have CPR and Health & Safety
training when the school year begins. Proper documentation shall provide attendance records and
certificates obtained by personnel after training is completed. As well as the recommended
training hours from the Department of Health and infant/child/adult CPR, may count toward
achieving the required continuous educational training. All training required must have the
approval by the Department of Social Services. With a successful training session the outcome of
the staff will be that they are provided a certificate of completion for CPR and Health & Safety
and that the staff experienced the necessary methods to be to put in place if ever needed. This
will assure that the staff has the appropriate volume of necessary training for them to start off the
school year based on their states requirements and qualifications.

Week 5 Assignment

Once the additional training needs are obtained, any additional trainers will be contacted to
ask about the opportunity to provide a credentialed trainer in that particular area of interest. For
the reason that the new examinations of the classroom are now CLASS (Classroom Assessment
Scoring System), this is a required training so that educational personnel are mindful of what is
necessary of them. The reason behind this system is to present an assessment tool with vast
information on the empirical and theoretical infrastructures of the Classroom Assessment
Scoring System (CLASS) and comprehensive examples and explanation for each aspect as
examined in classrooms. It is an observation tool created to assess classroom standards.
Through this successful and effective training session the staff will be educated on all the domain
and dimensions of the CLASS scoring system and will comprehend the scoring they will receive
through their analyzations and observations. The staff will also have the ability to integrate the
CLASS scoring system in their everyday classroom environment need to construct a valued
learning environment.
By obtaining funding to pay for the training sessions, the organization will next opt for a
destination that is beneficial for learning and that will be accommodating to the amount of staff
and trainers. The organization will contact the venues to see who will have the ability to
accommodate the needs of everyone involved. Being that trainings are funded, the staff will have
the ability to provide an evaluation which helps in acquiring trainers for future training session.
By going through this procedure, the organization will develop an environment that is beneficial
of learning for the staff which will in turn provide the educational staff the necessary information
to do the same for their students.
The organization will need to recognize what information, materials and equipment is
necessary to have an effective and productive training session. This will produce evaluations and

Week 5 Assignment

observations of trainers for the staff that will help them have a hand in acquiring trainers for
future trainings, this will also them to gage how the staff had obtained the information from the
trainers. Being that each staff member will obtain a certificate upon completion of the evaluation,
they will understand that now they will be analyzed and observed based on the information and
knowledge that they gained through the training session. With all thing integrated the training
session will be successful, but only the evaluations and observations shall prove it.

Week 5 Assignment

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Week 5 Assignment