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NAME: Keith C. Quarles

Area of Focus Statement: The purpose of the study is to gain insight on the which Web 2.0 tool will
be most effective/economical/secure/ethical for training business associates. Mills (2014) states, an
area of focus identifies the purpose of your study (p.70). My last two classes involved
technological integration such as Web 2.0 tools into the classroom/office so I will focus on that
subject as my topic for research proposal because it also may solve the problem of
training/instruction over distance.
Brief Description of Intervention: Through an action research project I intend to find answers in
order to discover which Web 2.0 tool is best for solving the problem caused by the distancing of one
of our business associates and schedule conflicts with others.
What data collection tools will you use to measure the impact of your research
question(s)? How will these three (3) data collection tools help you get at the effectiveness
of your intervention?
*3 instruments TOTAL using mixed methods (quantitative/qualitative) are needed, NOT 3
per question.

Is Skype the most
Web 2,0 tool for training
business associates.
2. Is Wki the most
Web 2,0 tool for training
business associates
3. Is Facebook the most
Web 2,0 tool for training
business associates

Data Collection Tool


Interviews (Skype)
Survey Monkey

Survey Business people

who use Web 2.0 -Survey
Monkey-Survey Monkey
Survey teachers who use
web 2.0

Why this tool?

Justify its use in your study.
How does it match with what
you are attempting to find and
to measure?
Wiki pages can provide a forum
for discussion which can lead to the
discovery of useful information on
using Skype as an instructional
Skype can be used to gather
primary information in the form of
interviews. Surveys via Survey
Monkey can be administered
regarding the use of social
networks for collaboration and
Surveys can be used to gather
information from the population
sample regarding
security/effectiveness/cost issues
when using Facebook for

2. Discuss how using a mixed-methods data collection approach will lead you to understand
and explain more fully what is discovered during the research, as opposed to using one
approach over the other.
Using a combination or mixed method provide more depth to the study because qualitative data
alone may be ambiguous, biased or misinterpreted literally.


NAME: Keith C. Quarles
According to Johnson, Anthony and Onwuegbuzie (2007),
Furthermore, the mixed methods research paradigm offers an important approach for
generating important research questions and providing warranted answers to those
ques-tions. This type of research should be used when the nexus of contingencies in a
situation, in relation to ones research question(s), suggests that mixed methods
research is likely to provide superior research findings and outcomes. (p.1)
Quantitative data alone may produce numbers/data for calculation but interpretation of what the
numbers means may be risky without qualitative data gathered from secondary/primary source that
may aid in measuring basic assumptions/hypothesis translation to expected/real outcomes.
Johnson, B. R. Anthony J. Onwuegbuzie,A.J., Turner A. L. (2007). Toward a definition of mixed
methods research. Retrieved from,%20Burke%20Mixed
Mills, G. E. (2014). Action research: A guide for the teacher researcher (5th ed.). Boston, MA:
Pearson Education, Inc.