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Delta Double Jointing

Expert welding capabilities utilizing high-quality processes


Delta Double Jointing

Expert welding capabilities utilizing high-quality processes

Delta Double Jointing

Since 1942, The Bayou Companies has been providing welding
services from its New Iberia facility. Recently, Bayou announced
its new subsidiary, Delta Double Jointing (DDJ), as a dedicated unit
providing expert welding capabilities utilizing high-quality processes.
Portable racks can be set up in pipe staging area or in the
coating yard
Facing machines are static and enable higher-quality, straighter
fit-ups and double joints
Pipe rotation capability at the facing station enables orientation of
the long or spiral seam to any required position
Submerged arc process can be utilized for jointing of pipe
Fully compliant with API Standard 1104 welding requirements
Quality processes result in historical repair rates at less than 1%

Technical Specications
Single joint length

15 to 56 feet

Double joint length

50 to 85 feet


16- to 48-inches

Wall thickness

0.188- to .999 inches

Maximum grade


Step One: Pipe End Preparation
DDJ uses high speed facing
machines. These machines are
mounted in a fixed position and the
pipe is indexed to the machine.

Step Two: Pipe Preheat

The pipe must be preheated
according to project specifications
prior to welding. After it is
preheated, it is rolled in to the
fit-up station. Preheat temperature
is verified.

Step Four: Root-Pass Weld

After completion of the fit-up, the
sub-arc head is lowered on the
pipe and welding begins. The pipe
rotates while the welding head
remains fixed. The welding bead
is grinded and a good tie-in is

Step Five: Cap Weld

Pipe is then indexed to the second
welding station (capping station)
where it undergoes a welding
process very similar to the first
station, without the fit-up. A visual
inspection for obvious defects of
the cap is made during the second
welding process.

Step Six: Internal Weld

The pipe is then indexed to the next
station for ID welding. A submerged
arc welding machine, mounted on
a lance, controlled by an operator
using a camera and remote controls,
is inserted to the weld area. After
completion of the weld, the flux is cleaned with a metal chipping
hammer, swept in a pan, and removed from the pipe. A visual
inspection is again performed to identify any obvious defects.

Delta Double Jointing

Employees of DDJ are all members of both the United States and
Canada United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the
Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry or the International Union of

Step Three: Pipe Fit-Up

The line-up clamp is inserted from
the end. Once engaged, the
line-up clamp is not released until
completion of the first pass of the
pipe. The pipes are drawn together
and aligned using a hydraulic system.
The Bayou Companies, Inc.
5200 Curtis Lane, New Iberia, LA 70560 337-369-3761

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