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Read the following text carefully.

The Net Trap
Teenagers of today find that the Internet and computers are a necessity if they are
going through high school. They need the Internet and computers to do research for their
assignments. If you don’t have a computer, you will get left behind in this information age.
Internet addiction among teenagers is not specifically targeted towards the teenagers
themselves; even children in lower grades will require a computer to research their
If parents need to combat Internet computer addiction among children, how are they
going to do it without confiscating the computer and depriving their children of it? It is not
going to be possible to stop adolescents from going anywhere near a computer.
Computers are in schools, in Internet cafes and with friends. These are just some of the
challenges faced by the parents of teens who are suffering from computer and Internet
So, what sort of signs do parents of teenagers addicted to the computer have to
look out for?
Internet computer addiction ranges from being addicted to games to spending hours
and hours in chat rooms. Either way, the adolescent is living out a fantasy life. The Internet
and the computer are often an escape from reality for young people who feel they do not fit
in with the real world. Either in chat rooms or with games, teenagers can be whoever they
choose to be. All it takes is a click of the mouse and they are in their fantasy world living
out their dream life, either in the form of a hero in a game or being somebody they are not
in a chat room.

Why do teenagers become addicted to chat rooms and games? C) Find equivalents in the text for the following expressions: 1. 3. 1. B) Give a complete answer to each question. taking something away 4. Books and magazines are no longer the main means of research for teenagers doing homework or projects. 4. It is quite simple to cure a teenager of Net-addiction. homework 2. directed 3. What form does an adolescent’s Net-addiction take? 4. Why are the computers indispensable in the world of today? 2. 1. Why is it difficult to keep a teenager from accessing a computer? 3. There are no visible symptoms of Net-addiction. Teenagers can adopt an ideal personality online and live out a make-believe life. varies . 2. risks 5. symptoms 6.A) Are the following statements true (T) or false (F)? Correct the false ones.

He found the information he was looking for easily because the Internet offers endless possibilities. Adjective 2. He said… 4. A) Fill in the gaps with the corresponding verb tense. he __________________ (not / play) them all day long. Then he never socialised again. Choose ONE of the following groups . 2. 3. That’s the Internet cafe… C) Fill in the table with the missing words. “Perhaps I’ll look for more information on the Internet”. 1. 7. If teenagers _______________ (continue) doing their assignments properly. Students require a computer to do their assignments. After he had… 6. 10. He spent many hours in chat rooms. work compete 6. “Won’t you get bored at home without your computer?” His mother asked… 3. Verb Noun 1. B. He works there.Rewrite the following sentences using grammar items that you learnt and beginning them as suggested below.II. If the Internet didn’t… 5. he says. imaginative 8. 1. they __________________ (not/have) money to pay for the Internet. 5. 4. A computer… 2. dependence 9. 3. If the teenager didn’t want to get addicted to computer games. courageous III. That’s the Internet cafe. they will have a nice professional future. If parents don’t work.

You decide to take an attitude and write him / her a letter of advice. Write about 80 – 100 words on this issue. He / She no longer spends time with you or answers your SMS. What makes the cartoon so funny? Do you think computers have changed people’s lives? Comment on the cartoon: B) Imagine your best friend has become addicted to the Internet. two girls are sending e-mail messages to one another.A) In the cartoon. .