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In-flight Announcement 1

Ladies and gentlemen, this is China Airline flight 999 bound for Japan. While
you are getting comfortable in the cabin, this is a reminder that all carry-on
baggage must fit securely either in the overhead compartments or under the
seat in front of you.
The captain of this flight is Mr. Don Silver. And I am Paul Lai, the in-flight
attendant. Todays flight time to the destination will be two hours and 30
minutes. Our captain will provide you with more information after take-off.
Before our departure, please make sure that your seats are in the upright
position and tray tables are stowed. Also, please be aware that this is a nonsmoking cabin and smoking in the lavatory or any part of the cabin is strictly
prohibited. Cell phones and other electronic devices should be switched off
while landing and take-off. We advise you to remain seated and fasten your
seat belt at all times during our flight. On behalf of China Airline, we welcome
you on board and wish you a pleasant journey. Please feel free to ask any
attendant for assistance. Thank you!

In-flight announcement 2

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your head flight attendant, Paul Lai speaking.
For your comfort and safety, there are 12 flight attendants on board today. If
you need any assistance, please contact any of them. Now I would like to
announce our services today. In a few minutes, we will be serving red wine
and soft drinks, followed by lunch. Our lunch menu is in the seat pocket in
front of you. After meal, duty free service will start. Please refer to the duty
free booklet in the seat pocket as well. Our entertainment program will be 7
movies at different channels. Two hours before arrival, snacks and beverage
will be served. For further details on the service today, please refer to your inflight magazine. Any question, please let us know. Thank you for flying
Singapore Airline. We wish you a wonderful trip.

In-flight announcement 3

Captain: Hello everyone, this is the captain speaking, and I want to welcome
you to Flight 18 bound for Seattle. Our flight time today is 11 hours and 14
minutes, and we will be flying at an average altitude of 29,000 feet. The local
time in Seattle is a quarter to twelve (11:45), and the current weather is sunny,
but there is a chance of rain later in the day. We will be arriving at Gate 13,
and we will be announcing connecting flights on our approach to the Seattle

On behalf of Cathay Pacific Airlines and the crew, I want to wish you an
enjoyable stay in the Seattle area or at your final destination. Now, please sit
back and enjoy the flight.

Airport Announcement 1

Hello. Passengers flying Japan Air Flight 17 bound for Osaka, with a stop in
Tokyo. The departure gate has been changed to 30B. Also, there will be a
slight departure delay due to severe weather outside. The ground crew is in the
process of defrosting the wings in preparation for departure. It also looks like
the flight is slightly overbooked, so we are offering free round-trip tickets to a
few passengers willing to take a later flight. We should be boarding about a
quarter to the hour. Thank you for your patience.

Airport Announcement 2
All international passengers must proceed to the security check at least two hours
prior to departure. Safety check recently has increased the length of the process.
Please give yourself enough time. No priority will be given to latecomers. To speed
up the process, there are a few things you can do following arrival at the security
check. Remove all metal items from your clothing and body and take off your shoes.
Place all these items in a single plastic box. Also take any notebook computers out of
their cases. Thank you for your cooperation.