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Senior Executive Facilities Job Description


Managing on day to day basis the functions of housekeeping and engineering services in the facility


Making regular inspections to all the facilities and inspecting the facilities and provide
recommendations / suggestions as required


Planning and organizing training for all levels of engineering staff


Monitoring and following up with the labour supply contractors that staff requirements are met


Checking of Contractors invoice and ensuring that it matches the labour actually supplied to the


Holding regular meetings with Facility Heads & Department Heads to address all issues & improve the
services while minimizing the complaints


Undertaking inspections to ensure that safe and effective methods are being used by all Ancillary &
Engineering staffs


Monitoring the work schedules and duty roaster for all sections in engineering staff


Liaises with the Client regarding any areas that need structural repair, painting or preventative

10) Co-ordinating with the vendors to carryout preventative maintenances and services as per the AMC of
all electrical equipment like A/C, UPS etc.

11) Ensuring that best practices related to ISOQMS & EMS are implemented
12) Act as a Key account manager for facilities under purview
13) Other jobs as assigned from time to time
14) Reduction of breakdown of Machine and Equipment by 10% month on month and reduce loss of tools
equipment by 3% every quarter

15) Ensure positive customer Feedback.

16) Ensure 98% deployment of approved Manpower at Site/Sites per month
17) Prepare Daily documents report of machinery status.
18) Prepare Preventive maintenance schedule for all Machine and equipment at all sites

Chargeman BO Job Description

a) To perform, lead and supervise staff for preventive and predictive
maintenance, trouble shooting and corrective maintenance, work order
scheduling, planning, system operation and inspection, conducting
economic analysis and improvement especially in the electrical/electronic
b) To maintain, install and trouble-shoot of electrical systems, air-condition
system, fire system, building, plant , machinery and equipment;
c) Liaise with utilities providers such as TNB and government regulatory
bodies on utility services and compliance issues;
d) Ensure new installations and maintenance is safe, correct and legal;
e) Conduct monitoring, trending and tracking of daily power consumption as
well as, initiate preventive maintenance to prevent or minimize equipment
breakdown and power failure;
f) Operation and maintenance of 11Kv electrical system;
g) Plan and carryout building maintenance works or improvement; Handle
Electrical consultant inspection & update status on electric supply
h) To ensure building electrical is maintained effectively and comply with
Energy Commission requirement;
i) To ensure that substation equipment installations is executed in such a
manner that meets the quality specified as well as safety and health
j) Fully conversant with latest energy savings methods and requirements;
k) Assist HOD to provide reports for repair & maintenance, parts inventory,
equipment inventory and maintenance items;
l) Assist in planning and executing scheduled repair and preventive
maintenance on all systems;
m) Accept other management or immediate superiors directions.