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Dear Parent/Guardian,

May 2016
I am writing to you on behalf of the school PTFA to inform you about our 100 Plus
Club, we began this in September 2015. The funds raised from the WLDPS 100 Plus
Club will go towards the refurbishment and on-going cost of running our school
swimming pool.
A copy of the full constitution of the WLDPS 100 Plus Club is on the school website
but in short it will operate as follows:

It will be open to all parents, guardians, staff, grandparents, members of

the community and anyone who has a vested interest in the education of
our pupils.
Each member will be allocated a unique number which will cost 1.00 per
month; this will be paid annually by the 15th September each year.
Members can have as many numbers as they want.
40% of the income generated will be used to fund the refurbishing and ongoing cost for the swimming pool.
60% of the income will be disbursed in cash prizes with 3 prizes each calendar
month. Payment will be by cash or cheque monthly and winners reported
through the school newsletter and school website.
Participation shall be by subscription payable in advance by cash. (i.e. 12 per
annum per number).
Participation shall be for the minimum period of 12 months (Sept Aug).
The monthly draws will take place on the last Friday of each month by either
the Chair or Treasurer of the PTFA with an independent member of staff. If
the last Friday of the month is during the school holidays the draw will take
place on the last day of term.
All personal details will be held by the WLDPS 100 Club Administrators, the
Chair and Treasurer of the PTFA. The details shall be confidential and used
solely in connection with the draw.

Obviously, the more people who join the WLDPS 100 Plus Club and the more
numbers we can sell, the more money we can raise for our school. For example, if
there are 100 members all contributing 1 a month the total amount will be 100, the
prizes will be 25, 20 & 15. The 40% retained by the 100 Club will be 40. If
there are 300 members all contributing 1 a month the total amount will be 300, the
prizes will be 75, 60 & 45. The 40% retained by the 100 Club will be 120.
For the token sum of 1 per month, not only will members be eligible to win one or
more of the 36 cash prizes per annum but more importantly they will be contributing
to the enhancement of our school facilities that are available to all of our pupils and
the wide community.
If you still have doubts as to whether to join or not then ask yourself this what does
1 a month buy me and will I miss it from my monthly budget?

If you wish to join the WLDPS 100 Plus Club, then please complete and return the
attached application/membership form with your payment to the school office by
Monday 12th September 2016.
If you have any queries then please e-mail me at reference
100 Club.
Yours sincerely,

Abbie Middleton
PTFA Chair and 100 Club Plus Administrator