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Aveon Offshore - Services

Offshore Fabrication

Aveon Offshore is specialized in the fabrication of structures of different

categories and complexity.
Heavy Structure, Low/Medium Complexity

Aveon Offshore has the capacity to fabricate and complete jackets, flare
booms, Riser protectors for FPSOs, structural decks, Helidecks, etc.

Specialized structures, high Complexity

Aveon offshore is able and has built process skids, involving multi-disciplinary
expertise (Piping, tubing, electrical, instrumentations and mechanical) for
several projects in Nigeria.

Onshore Fabrication

Aveon Offshore has the capability to pre- fabricate with a high productivity
rate, piping spools and related structural supports for the purpose of onshore
Aveon Offshore has expertise in the welding of various steels including
carbon steel, Stainless steel and duplex using a wide range of welding
processes: SMAW, Flux core arc welding, SAW, TIG welding and orbital
For this purpose, Aveon Offshore makes sure that all approved welding
procedures are in place as per clients requirements in order to support the
described processes.
Subsea Division

Through our huge experience forged on completed projects, Aveon Offshore

is the leading local contractor in the fabrication of complex subsea structures,

more precisely subsea production and test manifolds with their respective
anchors (suction piles)
Pressure Vessels

Aveon offshore has acquired in 2010 the ASME certification allowing design,
procurement and fabrication of pressure vessels. This makes us one of the
few companies in Nigeria that specializes in this product. Our authorized
inspector, a reputable international company named TUV, ensures that each
step of the project, the work is done as per ASME specifications and
requirements. This certification comprises of three (3) categories of stamps:
U-stamp, U2- stamp and U repair and modification. Our services related to
pressure vessels, from design phase to commissioning phase is fully
performed in house.
Community Development

Aveon Offshore has a very cordial relationship with its host community built
up over the years in a responsible and trustworthy environment. We have not
experienced any lockouts, strikes or L.T.Is due to community issues since the
yard operations commenced. We take the extra step of formalizing our very
cordial relationship with the community by putting in place an MOU that
defines each parties responsibilities. Both the community and Aveon Offshore
have adhered to these MOU terms at all times. This has engineered a long
term partnership between us and our community.