FAQ - Oracle PL/SQL Below is the list of Questions related to PL/SQL.

The complexity level of these questions are intermediate. 1.What are the valid values for system variable MODE? 2.:OLD and :NEW variables cannot be applicable in which triggers? 3.When we go for Procedures and when we go for Functions 4.In sql*plus,Some update statement is given without commit i am exit the form whether the records would be updated or not(If I given Autocommit to OFF) 5.While in Enter-Query mode,which method is used to call the different form. 6.Write the query to display the max. salary of the employee who is in the department which will have max. employees. 7.In Block Level, Key-Next-Item trigger is there and in Item Level When-Validate-Item trigger is present.What will be the hierarchy of trigger firing? 8.To which clause is used in Lexical Parameter. 9.Block was created on Complex View(i.e Join more than one table).User wants to insert into two joined tables.what to do? 10.In the Form,After entering new records I am giving Exit_form with no_commit and no_rollback mode,What will happen to the new record. 11.Whether INSERT_RECORD is mandatory in KEY-INSERT Trigger? 12.Whether it is possible to pass record group to query?If yes means through which parameter we can pass.If No means why is not possible. 13.What is the use of the Stacked Canvas? 14.In reports,I want to Change the field value based on some condition? What is built in used for this purpose in SRW package? 15.What is difference between Call_Form,Open_Form and New_Form. 16.Can we have List Item or Display Item in the Tree Block? 17.How to find whether the Object is there or not.Which Built in is used. 18.Write a Query to find the dept in which minimum 5 employees has to be there.Give the efficient Query? 19.What is difference between Decode and Case Statement?

20.What is the difference between :SYSTEM.CURRENT_ITEM and :SYSTEM.CURSOR_ITEM? 21. begin select 'Oracle' into local_variable from dual 1 =2 if sql%notfound then dbms_output.put_line('in Sql not found'); end if; exception when no_data_found then dbms_output.put_line('in Exception'); end; what will be output of this query and why is it so? How to register shell script as concurrent program? Below is the step by step process of registering shell script as a host program or concurrent program in Oracle Applications. 1. Create a shell script ( say xyz) and move it to the appropriate BIN directory in Oracle Application. 2. The parameters in the shell scripts should start with $5 , $6 Onwards. 3. Rename the shell script to *.prog ( xyz.prog). 4. Change Permissions to 755 for the *.prog file. 5. Create Link to the shell Script ( ln -s $FND_TOP/bin/fndcpesr/xyz.prog) to create xyz file. 6. Now Register this executable in the application as a host executable (Using System Administrator Responsibility). While registering the shell script as a concurrent program make sure that the first parameter in the concurrent program is passed as the Fifth parameter in the shell scripts because the first four parameters are allocated to userid,request_id,resp_id,resp_appl_id.

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