2 Section A [30 mark] Answer all questions. The time suggested for this section is 45 minutes.

If you are unable to answer any question, proceed to the next question. 1. Diagram 1 shows a picture of an animal.

Diagram 1 Which of the following is the basic need of this animal?





3 2. Which of the following is not a harmful effect of smoking to the lungs? I. Cough II. High fever. III. Bad smelly breath. IV. To maintain the balance diet. A. I and II. B. II and IV. C. I, II and III. D. I, II, III and IV.

3. Diagram 2 shows a group of animals that breathe with same breathing organ.

Diagram 2 Which of these animals breathe in the same way as the animals shown in the Diagram 2? A. Cat B. Fish. C. Bird. D. Caterpillar.

4 4. The leaflets of mimosa plant closed when it is touched. To which stimulus do the leaflets respond? A. Air. B. Water. C. Touch. D. Gravity.

5. Diagram 3 shows a type of plants.

Diagram 3 How do these plants protect themselves from the enemies? A. Thorns. B. Fine hairs. C. Bad smells. D. Poisonous.

5 6. Which of these materials can be used to measure length? A. Straw, ruler and measuring tape. B. Straw, measuring tape and beaker. C. Straw, string and measuring cylinder. D. Straw, measuring tape and stopwatch.

7. Which of the following shapes has the largest area ? 2 cm A 2 cm B 2 cm D 1 cm C 1cm 3 cm 3 cm 1cm

6 8. Which of the following process repeat uniformly and can be used to measure time? I II Water dripping Ball bouncing

III Pulse IV Swinging pendulum A B C D I and II I,II and III I, III and IV I, II, III and IV

9 Which of the object float on water ? A Stone B Iron nail C Metal spoon D Wooden block

10 Which of the following are matched correctly ? Opaque Stone Tissue paper Carbon paper Mineral water bottle Translucent Transparent sheet Stone Window pane Coloured plastic


7 11 Which of the following statements is true about insulators ? A They are materials that cannot absorb water B They are materials that are good conductors of heat C They are materials that allow most light to pass through D They are materials that do not conduct electricity and heat

12 Diagram 4 The objects above have a similar property in the material used which is A it conducts electricity. B it floats on water. C it allows light to past through. D it can be stretched.

8 13. Diagram 5 shows an investigation using material Y.

Material Y Diagram 5 Which statement described material Y? A. The material allows all light to pass through it. B. The material only allows some light to pass through it. C. The material does not allow any light to pass through it. D. The material only allows the brightest light to pass through it.

14. The following ways can be used to slow down the melting of ice except A. Put some salt on ice. B. Put some sugar on ice. C. Keep the ice in sawdust. D. Keep the ice in a polystyrene box.

9 15. Diagram 6 shows an object that student use in their daily life at school.

Diagram 6 What are the materials that we use to make this object? A. Rubber and wood. B. Rubber and cotton. C. Rubber and plastic. D. Rubber and leather.

16. Why is metal used to make a kettle? A. It is flexible. B. It is strong and hard. C. It is a good heat conductor. D. It can conduct electricity.

10 17. Which of the following is a man-made object using natural materials?





18 Which of the following practices can help to conserve natural man-made materials? I. Burning the materials. II. Reusing the materials. III.Recycling the materials. IV.Reducing the use of materials. A. I and III. B. II and IV. C. I, II and IV. D. II, III and IV.

11 19. The diagram 7 below shows four objects.



chair Diagram 7


Which of these objects will rust when left in the open air for a few days? A. balloon and key. B. nail and balloon. C. nail and key. D. chair and balloon.

12 20. Diagram 8 below shows the apparatus prepared by a student to investigate the rusting of screw.

Diagram 8 The screw will not get rusty in which test tube? A. I and IV B. II and III C. I, II and IV D. I, II, III and IV

13 21. Why is it necessary to prevent rusting? i. Save cost ii. Look beautiful iii. Long life iv. Break easily A. i and ii only B. i, ii and iii C. ii, iii and iv D. i, ii, iii and iv


Below are the ways to prevent objects from rusting except A. Painting the object B. Applying grease or oil on the object C. Coating the object with plastic D. Leaving the object in the environment


Which of the following shows the ascending order of planets from the nearest to the furthest from the sun. A. Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Mars B. Venus, Mars, Saturn, Neptune C. Mars, Venus, Neptune, Saturn D. Saturn, Mars, Neptune, Venus

14 24. Which of the following statements is true? A. The moon is bigger than the earth. B. All planets are condusive for living things C. All planets in the solar system move around the sun D. There are eleven planets moving around the sun.


The figure shows the relative sizes of the earth and the moon. earth


What is the conclusion of the observation? A. The diameter of the earth is big. B. The diameter of the moon is small. C. The diameter of the earth is four times bigger than the moon. D. The diameter of the moon is four times bigger than the earth.

15 26. Why is the earth suitable for living things ? A. Because it gives out light B. Because it has air, water and suitable temperature C. Because it receives more sunlight from the sun D. Because it has more land than other planets


Humans cannot travel to far places and walk very fast. Which devices can help to overcome these problems?

I A. I and II B. I and III C. II and IV D. III and IV




16 28. Arrange these pictures to show the development in communication. J L

K A. L,M,J,K B. K,M,J,L C. L,M,K,J D. M,K,J,L



Lim’s grandmother is short sighted. She needs a ____________. A. microscope B. telescope C. pair of spectacles D. periscope


What are the disadvantages of technology to mankind? A. Global warming B. Save cost of labour C. Increase productivity D. Improve the standard life.

Section B

17 [ 20 Marks ] Answer all questions. 1. Diagram 1 shows an investigation. Two young rabbits of the same weight are kept in two cages labelled X and Y.

Diagram 1 a) What is the purpose of the investigation? ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ (1 mark ) b) In this investigation : : ____________________________________ ( 2 marks ) c) Write one observation from the investigation. ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ( 1 mark ) d) State one inference based on the observation stated in 1 ( c ). i) What to change

ii) What to keep the same : ____________________________________

18 ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ( 1 mark ) 2. Syariman sets up a simple pendulum to find out how the number of swings of the pendulum in one minute change when the length of the pendulum changes. The results of investigation are shown in the following table. Length of thread ( cm ) 5 10 15 20 Table 1 a) What is the aim of the investigation? ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ( 1 mark ) b) Based on the investigation, state the following : i) What to change ii) What to measure : ____________________________________ : ____________________________________ ( 2 marks ) c) State the pattern number of swings. ___________________________________________________________ ( 1 mark ) d) Predict the number of swings when the length of thread is 25 cm. ___________________________________________________________ ( 1 mark ) Number of swings 55 45 35 25


3. The diagram below shows the set up of an experiment carried out by a group of pupils to study the factors that caused the rusting of an iron nail.

Diagram 2 a) What is the purpose of the investigation? ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ( 2 marks ) b) State your observation based on the experiment. ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ( 1 mark ) c) ( b ). ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ( 1 mark ) d) What is the conclusion of the investigation? ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ State one inference based on the observation stated in 3

20 ( 1 mark ) 4. Diagram 3 shows the position of 5 planets to the sun in solar system

Diagram 3 Table 2 shows the distance of the planets from the sun and the number of days to complete one orbit. Planets M N O P Q Distance from the sun ( million km ) 58 108 150 228 778 Table 2 Number of days to complete one orbit 88 225 365 687 4380

a) State two informations gathered in this investigation. ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ( 2 marks ) b) Predict the position of the planet R if the planet takes 500 days to complete one orbit. ___________________________________________________________ ( 1 mark ) c) Suggest one hypothesis from the investigation.

21 ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ( 1 mark ) d) What conclusion can be made from the information in table 2? ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ( 1 mark )


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